Zero Back On The Couch (skit)

Ahhh… Zero… I didn’t expect to see you here… but it’s not a minute to soon… quickly… lay down on the couch and let’s get right to it!

I fear what I told you before has begun to happen at a rapid pace. You are all over the place fighting shadows and ghosts. And you language and stance has degenerated to it’s almost lowest levels. I mean it’s always, “fuck this and fuck that”, do you even know who to aim it all at any more?

I am very serious when I tell you, you are heading for a break and your Id and Egos will be separate for ever.

Let’s talk about the alters for a minute… you’ve always had many running around in that head of yours, right? I mean zero isn’t the name your parents gave you, most people have figured that much out.

But how many people are in there? That’s the question. There was that creepy guy who did the old “liars” Vlog… You bring him up from time to time, but I notice you haven’t got a link to that old YouTube site over with  your”My Stuff”. I don’t blame you, you should bury that guy back, deep, down where no one can see him again.

Or how bout The Stranger… there’s a disturbing creation I hope you keep control of.  There are others as well, Dharma and The D.A. Is he still in there? And those 3 stooges you created just for this blog, you Id, Ego, and Super Ego. But those are real Zero, and if you continue down this path you may find out all these others are real as well. I mean do you not see the dangers in someone like you, getting involved with these internet people who trade screen names and identities like hats… or masks.

Ah yes… you know about masks, don’t you Zero. How many Masks do you wear?  These people don’t know you Zero… but I do, don’t I? I know the types of things you are capable of. Do you really want to risk it all?

Wait, where are you going? Sit back down… we are not finished here… if you chose to ignore what I am trying to tell you, the outcome can and will be devastating… all your so-called “readers” will get a front row view of a man breaking down and loosing all touch with reality… splitting… breaking… never to be whole again…



34 thoughts on “Zero Back On The Couch (skit)

  1. Is cocaine canning working on Friday nights or just out partying with the boys??? Guy needs to lay off the booze…. Guess the stress of being an accessory to murder is finally getting to him… His wife should put a breathalyzer in his ghetto green van before he kills someone.

    • Oh and one more thing, Dorothy once told me you were molested when you were younger, of course Dorothy says this about everyone from her sisters to her ex husband… hell, she said I was a victim of child abuse etc… but when it comes to you Fluke,I have to wonder… plus I’ve heard this from others as well… so is this why you are such a socialpath??? You all need to see a real psychiatrist!

      • Again, I have heard that same comment from Dorothy. Joeys girl. Mom must be so humiliated at your latest girlfriends remarks. funny how everyone else she accuses of being molested is connected in her murder ring…But not JS, he’s the exception…yep, a true saint

      • Is that you Fluke? You sound kinda stupid… are you slow like nan nan… is that why the 2 of you are still commenting here when most of the others were smart enough to run away…

    • Wow theres an important comment if there ever was one..WHO CARES?? aren’t there some jr high kids you can gossip with?? Not to mention, you sound jealous. obsessed with everyones life…yet it seems NO ONE pays attention to YOU…let alone defends your BS….Guess thats why you resort to sockpuppets to chat with and agree with you…Like on Catching Lisk…FACT. Fake people, how embarrassing for you…wait till you’re neighbors find out you’ve been posting using them as Screen names…libel. god you’re a pathetic example of a man.
      And with that statement Z, he’ll shortly bring one here. mark my words, he’s as predictable as they come..

    • Guy needs to lay off the booze…

      Not for nothin, but there are those in your community that say you hit the bottle pretty hard yourself, act like an ahole too…those are just rumors though, right Joe??

    • ghetto green van

      Nice revealing statement huh??

      By many accounts the victims in this case were under privileged in many ways…But Joe is so concerned for these poor victims?? He would never judge them would he??..yes, im sure…They know the real you Joe. You claim to be a church going man, so you know the victims will haunt you with fury and outrage for what you’ve done. Does that haunt you when you’re all alone…Yes indeed, that must fuck with your mind…you’re a phony that would NEVER care about such women…they know Joe..THEY KNOW

      • If he pretends to be CPH in comments, I wonder what else he’s capable of?? Yeah, mr technology..mari said she got two phones calls..why does Js avoid this FACT?? Im very interested in that second call..just watched an old A&E show on you tube, and there’s the statement again clear as day…Now who is the Spoofed call expert again?? Yes….who indeed. profile states that whoever this monster is, is very familiar with technology. dont believe me, watch the show.

      • Who works in manhattan, yet is VERY familiar with Gilgo?? Yes, ALL the shows, including A&E (pretty good, btw), all state this guy knows the landscape like the back of his hand…LEs guess is that the monster grew up in the area….very familiar, physically fit, between 20-40 yrs old, extremely comfortable with technology (ips change much??) And ‘appears’ socially adept. Loves to taunt. financially secure. Every single profile, now including the Feds, support this profile…

        Sound like anyone we know??

      • Js loves to taunt…look at his comments (including the ones regarding the victims), his superiority complex (masking INCREDIBLE rage and insecurity), …put in writing “Im smart enough to be the Killer”..quote. All his “you can’t guess where i am” BS….yes, lets take a close look at this….


      • BTW. I think ‘peoples’ passports are very relevant…Yeah, whoever has one behind the gate, well….Id look into unsolved murders in those counties as well.

      • Duh…im so silly…LE is aware of this blog…Better leave the investigation to them.
        Yes. They’re aware now for sure. They owe me a black ink cartridge.

    • May 3, 2014 at 3:08 pm
      Guy needs to lay off the booze…

      Not for nothin, but there are those in your community that say you hit the bottle pretty hard yourself, act like an ahole too…those are just rumors though, right Joe??
      To my baby joey, they don’t understand you like me!!…. love mommy.
      Don’t get angry..
      They don’t know you like mommy does, just PLEASE, stop letting them get to you. SSSHHH, don’t comments on blogs anymore, my baby…

  2. Listen Mama’s boy, with all the differnt IP addresses coming from all over the place… as I told one of your hens, nan nan, it’s not wise to be posting games and agenda in the comments right now… but since you want to continue to test the waters… let me just say… little Joey Flukeyou is much like his hens in that he is an obbsesed little crazy person… but does it go deeper… does his compulsions run darker? Buying wives and attacking neighbors… creating screen names to tell people how good of a mom he has… oh mama Scalice, you have raised a little psycho path. But his compulsions are now eating away at him and he is unraveling like a poorly made sweater… How long Joey, before you stand before us naked and the whole world sees you for the horrible monster you are???

    • Zero, he already is naked and exposed….its truly pathetic, and quite scary. he simply can’t help…CANT, compulsion indeed….just can’t hide what he’s made of, and they’ve know him his whole life!!…Well, soon his neighbors can read over all those fake comments he made…he’ll be joked about, while everyone continues with their lives…Hope those comments don’t make their way into the civil trail…yeah, hope not

      • well I told you how i heard his mom had to constantly correct him and tell him to calm down when he get’s to obssesive… this is a 40 year old man!

      • Yes i’ve heard the same thing. Numerous times….of course its also written in Lost girls…As you know ive met and spoken to a few different people…Everyone claiming the same thing…manic, hyper and pushing agenda…without fail, this has been the most consistent comment regarding Js…But not the WORST

  3. I wonder if his mother even knows he’s responsible for having her affair go public!! can you imagine the pain and humiliation brought about by one’s ‘adult’ son??? They must be nervous wrecks inside, wondering when the next axe is gonna drop…

    • from all i have read, joey made everyones dirty laundry public, but none of it leads back to the things Joey would want yoy to think they do… in fact they all come back to joey being a very obsessive person. Scary indeed.

      • All gossip and dirt, but avoids any questions regarding the relevancy…He actually believes he can throw words out like ‘killing club’, without making ONE connection…He’ll go on for days about dirt, then just throws out killing club….Worse than a child…I dont mean to sound repetitive, but ill never let him forget, that with his hundreds of endless, lengthy comments…he’s never made one connection, let alone giving any facts about the night shannon went missing. He has NEVER discussed what he “knows” happened that night. he never will.

    • Nope. according to you those people are sloppy, broke dirbags?? CPH is socially awkward, disabled, too old, bankrupt?? Nope. These people dont fit the profile. totally the opposite ..FACT, according to you…

      Why did you pretend to be your neighbors on Mm7s blog?? So positive with facts, yet playing make believe…Doesnt sound like your too confident. Pathetic…what else have you pretended to do using their names??

      • Quiet now huh Joe, never have answers do ya, just more stupid questions??…typical, YES, EVERYONE SEES IT. Don’t worry ill flood the damn blog so no one EVER forgets what you’re made of…Muah!!`
        You IDIOT!! I’ll haunt you coward 🙂

        You fit the FBI profile to a “T”..not some 20yrd old “gaukey” kid…

  4. wasn’t it YOU that educated your dopey ladies about spoofed calls..they claim as much…more rumors joe.??..from your ass kissers that went by the wayside/?? yeah, when its about you, its all rumors im sure..not fact right??

      • Wonder who else he Spoofed?? apparently he gets twisted pleasure by scaring people. nice guy. point is, he’s the expert on hiding behind fake SN, changing IPs and spoofed calls. What does that say about a person, particularly during a serial killer investigation?? One where LE is positive this guy knows how to use technology to his advantage.

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