What’s A Wonder Woman To Wear?


Just because, growing up, I wasn’t much of a super hero comic reader (I was more into horror comics) doesn’t mean I wasn’t into super heroes.

I was.

I got my hero fix through TV shows like Batman,  The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman as well as cartoons like  Spider-Man and Super Friends.  My favorite was probably Super Fiends. So ever since the old Super Man movies and all the re-dos that came after I waited and hoped. Through the many, many  Batman movies… all the way up to Spider-Man and X-Men which brought Marvel into the movie biz hitting hard leading to Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and my favorite so far, The Avengers (what can I say, I love it when you get a group of super heroes together to kick some ass, the flip side being I also love it when the villains team up to go against the heroes… I haven’t seen the new Spider-Man movie but it deals with the Sinister Six, one of my favorite Spider-Man story lines. Which probably explains why I liked the Super Friends so much… I mean Legion of Doom was a great team of villains) So, as I was saying, all through the many Super Heroe movies, I waited for some sort of Super Friends/Justice League movie. And finally with Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, it might just happen!

First Wonder Woman needs to figure out what to wear.

Wait, that sounds a little chauvinistic. Others have to figure out what she should wear. There, that’s better:


I get it though, a Super Heroes costume can make or break them. And there are plenty of looks to choose from:


I doubt they’ll take the more sexy styles:


Which is too bad, I always liked Wonder Woman in a skirt. I know, I’m sounding chauvinistic again, I don’t mean to.

I’m guessing they will be revamping Wonder Woman’s outfit to something more like one of these:


Which are all fine. In my opinion, no matter what Wonder Woman is wearing in her big screen debut, she’ll kick ass and  look better than Superman and Batman while doing it. There, that’s not chauvinistic, right?

Oh well, just as long as it leads us to Legion of Doom at a theater near you, that’s all that matters.

Soda No More


Click Here or on the link above to vote for your favorite discontinued soda!

When I clicked on it this morning there was a three-way tie for first between Mr. Pibb, Jolt, and Ecto Cooler. I broke the tie, voting for Ecto Cooler putting it in the lead. It wasn’t an easy vote since I have fond memories of both Jolt Cola and Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler. Plus is Ecto Cooler even a soda?

I didn’t create  the poll, just participating in it, so I will not question the choices used in the list of discontinued drinks. And what a list it is, from the few diffent Slice creations (I remeber them all) to the different flavors Coke and Pepsi has experimented with, all the soda/drinks you miss and some you probably don’t even know about… Super Mario Bros. and Flintstones Sodas?!?

Some of these I really miss… like New York Seltzer or Clearly Canadian. Others I don’t miss at all. Like the little candy ball filled Orbitz. When they first came out I bought each flavor. Not very good. They had little candy b b’s in them. Kinda gross. But I kept a few unopened bottles because they looked neat, like a poor man’s lava lamp with all them colored balls floating around in them. I actually had these bottles for years, but the candy balls devolved over time and they lost their charm in the muddied mess they became.

Still there are some cool drinks in this list, from Moxie to Surge, so go vote for your favorite discontinued sodas, as I said, I voted for that bright green Hi-C mix of nostalgia and ecto plasma, it is the one I truly miss from the list.

Good Morning!


Wow, 9 days without a post. I had mixed emotions the whole time. The break was like a breath of fresh air, though everyday I wanted to post about something. But hey, 9 days without any word from the big bad zero and we all survived. I knew we could do it! Maybe some of you don’t need me no more.

Ah, well I’m back anyway and  I’m nice and refreshed from the little break too!

I’m sure some of you are glad to see me back and others just wish I’d stay away.

That ain’t happening!

So just push play and let’s get this day started!





A Green Day Break

I hope I gave you enough to read for a little while, cause I need a break. Listening to Green Day’s “Uno” today, I had another moment of serendipity with a few songs:

“Let Yourself Go”


Shut your mouth ’cause you’re talking too much
And I don’t give a damn anyway
You always seem to be stepping in shit
And all you really do is complain
It’s your lie, tell it how you like
Small minds tend to think alike
Shut your mouth ’cause you’re talking too much
And I don’t give a fuck anyway
Let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go [x4]
Gotta let me go, gotta let it go [x2]
Cut the crap ’cause you’re screaming in my ear
And you’re taking up all of the space
You’re really testing my patience again
And I’d rather get punched in the face
You’re getting on my every last nerve
Everything you’ve said I’ve already heardI’m sick to death of your every last breath
And I don’t give a fuck anyway[Chorus:]
Let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go [x4]
Gotta let me go, gotta let it go [x4]

Always fuck fuckin’ with my head now..
Always fuck fuckin’ with my head now..
Always fuck fuckin’ with my head now..
Always fucking with my head and I gotta let it go!

Let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go [x8]


“Loss Of Control”

I’m taking down all my enemies ’cause they’re all so fucking useless
A bunch of shit talking drama queens and they’re all filled with excuses
I wanna find me a better scene where it’s not the same opinion
I’d rather go to a funeral than to this high school reunion

April Fool caught you’re falling in love
But now you’re sucking on a door knob that I slammed in your face
Life’s a cruel crushing bastard crime
But you’re a stupid mother fucker and you’re doing your time ’cause

We’re all crazy, you’re all crazy now
Well we’re so crazy, you’ve all gone insane
Loss of control, loss of control

Hanging out all by myself, at least I make good company
Hey, isn’t that a whatshisface that I see walking down the street
I’m gonna hide in the shadows ’cause I really got nothing to say
We never had anything in common and I never liked you anyway

April Fool caught you falling in love
But when you’re sucking on a door knob that I slammed in your face
Life’s a cruel crushing son of a bitch
And you’re a stupid mother fucker serving shit to the pigs

We’re all crazy, you’re all crazy now
Well we’re so crazy, you’ve all gone insane
Loss of control, loss of control

April Fool caught you falling in love
But now you’re sucking on a door knob that I slammed in your face
Life’s a cruel crushing bastard crime
But you’re a stupid mother fucker and you’re doing your time ’cause

We’re all crazy, you’re all crazy now
We’re so crazy, you’ve all gone insane
Loss of control, loss of control

Get the connections? LOL, a break is needed from the madness! Click on the song titles in red if you can’t see the videos.

If you are a Green Day Fan, CLICK HERE for an extra video!


Will The Real Zero Please Stand Up

After writing that first Dorothy Propaganda post… I realized Dorothy had made some more posts on the Zero’s World Facebook. If you went to read there today, you probably saw them too. But since I have a feeling they will be disappearing soon, (plus most of you can’t see her FB posts, I covered that enough right?)  here they are:

DPH zw linda1

DPH zw linda2

Linda is who she says she is. Others besides me could vouch for her if needed, but it’s not needed here. She is who she says she is. Just ask your old friend Jen. As for the language, that’s something I will be addressing later. Some of you constantly complain about the language, but have no problem saying some fucked up things yourselves. But as I said, I’ll get to that later, it deserves its own post. Back to DPH’s assault on ZW’s FB:

DPH love

DPH praying for me

I love her comment there. Can never get enough people praying for you, especially when I have so much anger.  But then she posted something that contradicted something she already wrote (I say that like it never happens…lol):

DPH lunch

I just asked you if you, Dorothy had had lunch with Nancy like she said you did. Remember?

DPH nacncy lunch zw

If you had said yes, I’d have no reason not to believe it happened. I think you 2 should do lunch together! But you said no, and now you sound like, “maybe we did”. Lies always lead to contradictions… IMO.

So then she questions me and my motives, once again:

DPH zw role

DPH ps1

DPH ps2


dph ps3

DPH ps4

DPH ps5

DPH ps6

I could hit hard here and ask if your life was so good, Dorothy why’d your real parents give you up? Or how bout what happened to you sisters? Hell, your whole life is a sob story after another… but let’s just say, you life is and has always been golden, most places have bad things happen in them… turn on the news, my point was, not everyone who grow up in hard times becomes an evil master mind criminal. If you disagree Dorothy, well who cares, won’t make you right.

Now as for all the questions about me… my identity is not important, so stop chasing it. Whether I’m Richie, Alan, Jim, Stu, or any one else you have dug up and anyone you WILL dig up on the internet, it doesn’t really matter… I have no role in any murders or conspiracy. I have no connections to anyone in New York or Florida for that matter. I am not gonna be phased by lies you come up with or stories you spin. Why? Because it’s not the truth you say I should demand. Just lies and stories.

But Dorothy did post something on SMG’s Memory FB today, that I do agree with:

DPH sg fb oath2

Although it was a cheap shot to drop another name, I x’d it out even though it’s out there on FB, because I still have not talked to the creator of LISK.com and might want to some day, no need to piss them off, lol. The comment she uses from the site is a good one though, and like I said, I agree with it! But Dorothy, you do realize, you are one of those people who claims to know what happened, you and your “buddies”.

Dorothy Propaganda Part 2

So Dorothy is now searching west coast connections to her gigantic crime ring that includes everyone but her, Nan Nan, MM7, and possibly Joey S. Jr. And she’s feeding these things to Nancy who is so delusional, that the lies and games Dorothy is feeding Nancy is almost criminal themselves. But I’m not gonna start calling people criminals. Liars on the other hand… yea quite a few of those who find themselves in one of my posts is because they like to tell tales, misrepresent the truth, and straight out lie. But Nancy wasn’t using the feed info correctly, so Dorothy cleared it all up in some posts on Zero’s World’s Facebook. So let’s see some more of those “West Coast Connections”  Dorothy has come up with:

DPH zw5

dph zw5a

dph zw5b

As I have already said, I do not know Al Ridnour, and the same goes for Jim Earl. I don’t know how or why you are coming up with some of these names, but keep on connecting those unconnected dots. You connect me to people in New York, which I keep saying I have not been since I was in 3rd grade and I have no connections to anyone there. And as for these new California people, never heard of them till YOU, Dorothy and your lap dog, Nancy, brought them up. Who are they? I’m guessing, people Dorothy found with her Google turrets.

Let’s read on to the comments Dorothy left on this post:

DPH zw5c

DPH zw5d

dph zw5e

DPH zw5f

DPH zw5g

dph zw5h

Dorothy sure can tell a story (well she weaves some of Joey’s story in with hers, that’s how they all do it, right Ladies?). But none of this Dorothy propaganda leads any where except in circles, and as I said long ago, nobody who isn’t crazy listens to any of these stories. LE, media, and any one else who matter stay away like the plague. Me… I don’t matter… I keep explaining that right? So keep it coming crazies!



Dorothy Propaganda Part 1

Well I guess the break is over. Nancy just can’t stay off the comments. And I couldn’t let the “lunch with Dorothy” comment go, I wanted to know if it was true. I had almost hoped it was, because that would solidify these 2 crazies as a team. So went to my FB with it, making sure Dorothy would see it. And she did:

DPH nacncy lunch zw

What? Nancy lied? Tell me it isn’t true?

dph zw n1

So Dorothy and Nancy did not have lunch together and they are not “buddies”. So that’s out-of-the-way.

Now on to the Richie thing. I’m pretty sure I covered the whole name thing. No matter what you think my name is, or whose name I’m pretending to be, just call me zero. You all claim to know my identity (which I gave away The Stranger a long time ago, so I never was hiding who I was) though some of you say it isn’t really who I am. Who cares? The truth is I am nobody involved in this case or any other. I have no connections to New York or any one there. I am who I say I am, and every time one of you try to dig something up on me, it’s what I already told you, or it’s an all out lie.

But this is where Dorothy and the others keep messing up. You say I’m Richie (man, you really shouldn’t call me Richie, I’ll never call you now, lol) and I need to stay out of it or do better investigating, lol, that cracks me up, sorry. Then you want to connect me to people like Figat of Wolff or even Brewer…

I mean the whole Facebook conversation goes back and forth from Dorothy accusing me of things:

DPH zw sex parties at OB

To trying to school me on the criminals she is after:

DPH zw n14

Although she said she had to go, and I said bye a few times… she just went on and on. But I learned something as she did:

dph zw n3

DPH Capture

dph capture2

DPH zw n5

dph zw n6b

DPH zw n10

dph zw n11

dph zw n12

DPH zw n13

As you see, I ask her why she still uses her ex husband last name (her first husband’s last name, not the second) and all she does is go on with propaganda about where he grew up and went to school etc…etc. What a nut! But the important stuff was about this Margaret and her husband Alan. Here’s the article she posted, which has all the info she threw out there like she was exposing some sort of secret:


I don’t know this Al guy, but I do know someone who has brought up his name… remember when Nan Nan wrote this:

“Also that Cho Bitch and her dorky husband”

It’s from the comment highlighted in the post Crack Head Nan Nan

She had also made this comment:

nancy chow

So thanks for clearing up Crack Head Nan Nan’s babel, Dorothy. I knew you could. Problem is, I still don’t know these people… just someone else you connected to this big ol’ dopey game of connect the dots that don’t connect. But hey, keep it up, I love it! And Nan Nan, you keep getting all this false info from your buddy Dorothy, who won’t even meet you for lunch. She is clearing everything up for you, that good buddy of yours, Dorothy. Oh yea, she says you two ain’t buddies. Maybe you need to finally realize that Nan Nan. I really don’t care either way. You both continue to spread lies over the internet, so Game On!

Those of you who do not have Dorothy blocked on Facebook can click on ZW’s Facebook link on the right and read the whole thing (as long as DPH doesn’t pull her part of the conversation, like she usually does).

This was just one of the threads Dorothy was part of today on ZW’s FB. She also started a weird thread and then went off with a whole naming of names… but we’ll get to that in Part 2. I’ll leave you with one more set of comments from these “Nancy/Dorothy Lunch Comments”:

DPH zw n9

Oh Dorothy, I’m in no one’s way, except maybe yours…






Deja Eww!

Restaurant hoax


This was making its way around my Facebooks today, and at first I was like grossed out and thought ewwwww, how nasty that so many people probably ate there and did not know the horrors going on in the kitchen and the delicacies they had been enjoying. Then I decided to look it up and find an actual article on it, because it’s just so nasty! I put it in Google and all sorts of differnt stories pop up, most are from years ago. I start to get sick to my stomach, wondering, how often this really happens.

But then I see they all seem to be in Atlanta, and of course they are all chinese restaurants. So I clicked on a few of them to read the whole thing, here’s one of them:

restaurant hoax2

So either this happened years ago… or it’s just a returning internet hoax. So I dug a little more and found this article:


And then I found this:


Well, I’m thankful it’s not real… I mean… YUCK!

The moral of this icky story? Check out everything you see on the internet, by looking it up on the internet.