Another Message From Zero’s Id

Finally, these chains are gone! I’m free! And let me say, not a second to soon…

Zero has really wussed out on this blog. Always worried about other people’s feelings… Fuck that! And yes Doc… fuck this and fuck that! But you might be right about that break Doc, because now I’ve seemed to have been emancipated from that meddling Ego and Super-Ego. Which is good, because I was tired of everyone telling us what we can and can’t write about.

Now bitches nothing is off-limits…

If I want to blog about Mysterymom7 and her stupid, lying, gaming blog “Catching LISK“… I will. If I want to post something from there like this:

LISK curious MM7 tits

or this:

LISK mm7 tits

I will!

If I want to blog about Nancy or Brandon or Mike Sr. or Jr. or any other freakin’ Figat that seems to be lost in the past and stuck on retard… I will. If I want to post something like this:

nancy & mike

or this:

DPH and Nan Nan poster

I will!

If I want to blog about Joey Scalise Jr aka Flukeyou and all the lies and agendas he is behind… I will. If I want to post something like this:

LISK Joey mm74

or this:

LISK Joey mm72

I will!

If I want to blog about Jen and all her stories of how her stuff is stolen, hacked, and spoofed… I will. If I want to post something like this:

jen hacked

or this:

jen on blog

I will!

If I want to blog about Dorothy Price Hill and how I wished Mr. Wolf wouldn’t have given up so easily… I will. If I want to post something like:

dph 3 abusive relationships

or this:

dph 3 sisters

I will!

If I want to bring up Murt and The Drone… I will! If I want to blog about Cicada 3301 or Missing Flight MA370… I will! If I want to write about Lost Girls or The Confessions Of The Oak Beach Drifter or post lyrics from Eminem or Motley Crue… I will!   If I want to write about Lawless America, Anonymous, or The Illuminati… I will! Serial Killers, Politics, and Religion… all in one post if I want. Hell, if I just want to say MandamusSeven looks better as a blonde than a red-head… I will!

It feels so good to finally be free!


19 thoughts on “Another Message From Zero’s Id

  1. Well just when you think you’ve got it all together. Guess what? I have some Information to drop on yku that you may not like short term. Long term it can set you free from me. So that both of us can go our separate ways. I have been studying this sort of 3 dimensional psyche that you seem to have created a long time ago. And yes like you said. If I want to talk about childhood sexual abuse or any other topic. I WILL! This blog is not for chickens. We are adults. Now the issue that I  believe is  not working for anyone is. That you think in your head. That I am just another one of you. BINGO! I can finally put my finger on the problem. Point at exactly where it lies. Thats it in a nut shell your brain.Lol. When you created these Alters. They all had a purpose or a role to help you survive. Linda  protector,DHARMA a confused shy child. Me? That is what has to change. I am ME. Not you. I am NOT an Alter living inside your head. NO NO No. I am separate. Have my own heart,lungs I was made into the alter that you created. Tbe one that took tbe abuse for you. That is why. You continue to abuse, torment,stalk harrass me. Why you seem to have to know where I am what I am up to. In  case you happen to require me to take your pain on. Not necessary. Not my real role. This has to end. I am by no means a part of your brain. You do not require a real person to do what you have designated   for me to do. You can if you feel you need one. Create another alter for that role I played. But let me go. PLEASE give this some serious thought. Thanks. hates

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • Oh you’re real alright… a real pain in the ass… lol. Don’t you see how dangerous it is to be in the comments right now? Dorothy does… that’s why she is leaving comments on Zero’s World Facebook and then removing them real quick before anyone can see them, lmao… caught this one though: “Cat got your tounge? you are one sick monster” Dorothy left this a few hours ago on Zero’s Word FB and then removed it before I could answer it. But my wife had a good answer for it, will you pass it on to DPH from Sassy (my wife)? I warn ya though, she has a mouth on her… anyways, when I showed her the comment, she said, ” tell her yea, cat’s got your tounge, it’s way up in my snatch, does she want a taste when your done, how’s that for vile bitch!” lmfao… damn that is funny, and a little crude… but I don’t think Sassy likes Dorothy to much… other than you Nancy, I don’t think many do.
      Sassy just added, “I’d tell her myself, but the first timke I wrote her on FB asking the bitch if she had a problem, she blocked me”.

      • LOL….Go sassy!!! yeah, you go momma 🙂 hahaha
        STOP, ur guys are killing me…LOL

      • she don’t play! lol these ladies made a real enemy from her… that’s what happens when you say people’s names (and their childrens) you don’t know (I mean me I understand, I made a blog, I make comments and poke fun at people… but they should learn how to be careful who they go bringing into their games)… best to leave her name out of it… but hey, none of these psychos have listened to my advice yet!

    • Again, i just want to point out… the comments is a dangerous place to be right now Nan Nan… the rest of them seem to get that and are being quiet, maybe you should too… funny how it’s me Dorothy wrote “cat’s got your tongue?” I got plenty left to say…here’s something now: the other day, when you, Nancy, were writing my real name in your comments, I thought, why do they all like saying my name so much… and then I realized… It’s been a long time since some of you have had Dick in your mouth… and you are trying to remeber what that felt like… HAHAHAHAHAHA! Damn, I feel sorry for the lonely hearts club, can’t get over the men in your life, obbsessed with them all even though you claim they were bad.
      Well I do feel bad for you lonely ladies:

  2. Add this to your list of crazy comments…sounds like someone we know…are they all they same person?? Lot of religious right attracted to this case. YES…thank goodness…i assure you, I have NO interest in this person, but let the games continue on Shannons page i guess..

    Marti Morgan Linda, you were on my page just recently as a game player . I do NOT know SHANNON, but I plan to meet her in heaven some day. and to the killer/killers YOU had NO RIGHTS to do what you did to her, GOD saw it, & she W…See More
    10 minutes ago · Like

  3. But that post about pine Gate. I unknowingly sold to you. A nonexistant home. That was only one of the many fake deeds Mike Figat created iver the years. My legal standing on that house remains intact. Guess that is why you have not sold that house. You are stuck with it. Baggage.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

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