“Cat Got Your Tongue?”


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You took it away before I could answer… so maybe it is your tongue the cat has gotten… though it would have to get your fingers as well to do any good… but I have my prayers in, so…

As for me my tongue and fingers are fine and very active! Damn, so much innuendo, I love it!

Tongues, fingers, and Kitty Cats… not you Nan Nan.  Look, if you want me to continue, I can and will. But isn’t it wiser to just shhh right now… I mean a “sick monster” is on the loose and you are only egging it on.


21 thoughts on ““Cat Got Your Tongue?”

  1. Shhh ! My Ass. Shh is what got you where you are. Remember the definition of insanity. Time for a change. You knew it. That you had this problem way back.I know too. I lined up those dots. 1) You once told me on the phone 1976ish. That your doctor told you to READ SYBYL. Now why was that? Hmmm. 2) One time you asked me to never consult Dr.Latt. I didn’t. But even though he could not have told me. Now 7 know why it was. You did not want me to speak to him. What you resist will persist. So you have done it YOUR way. By hiding those others in your head for years. Guess thats why you didnt require friends. Had your own self contained friendship circle. But I am NOT one of your Alters. Dont group ME with Dorothy. I am not in any way a part of you. Our kids? No. They arevalso real people who deserve a life of tgeir own. They are not alters either. This explains the impulsivity. The sudden swiching to ANGER mode. The protector would slip into position. But what was the need for a killer? Seriously. Do you even remember? One of you does.  Are you the biological son of yiur Mothers husband? You nor Ronnie do not look like Pete Sr.  Is that why he abused you? Honestly. I havd a hunch Pete Sr. Was bi sexual or even GAY .  I have always known he sexually abused you. Joyce too said she was raped. Did she get pregnant at about 17? Go away to give birth? She didn’t join the Peace Corp. Dots dots and more dots. The truth will set you free. I got strong. Enough to deal with any truth. No more lies.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • shhh…it!
      Damn, you are one entertaining nutball!
      No more lies?
      Your whole view of reality is one big lie…
      but if you keep this up, you will end up on the couch where you can get to the bottom of these deep seeded illusions… or is it delusions?

      • haven’t used this IP in a while… not since 2/7/14 when you wrote: Are you ZERO due to being cold?… which of course has nothing to do with my screen name… my point is though… some of you change your IP’s alot… and I like that you are going with Nannan… but with all the IP changes, the email from you today, and the other players… I just don’t know if some of you are still getting together like it D&D night and continueing the game… maybe I just had a little to much wine at dinner tonight… don’t worry Jen, I wasn’t driving… but I’m starting to wonder who is still in contact with each other… how mucg is being discused behind the scenes before you come here and play it all out…

  2. Justin Canning, 20, who lives in the area, also recalled the last time he saw the woman.

    “That was the last time she was seen. We saw her footprints in the sand. She was in a panic. We thought she was on drugs.”

    • So this new site, will it have all your old crap like this on it? if so, don’t bother. From what I have been told and form what I have read myself, when all this began, there was a lot of “I heard this” and “I heard that” and sometimes blogs, sites, and articles printed things that no one can colaborate was said, other that “I heard someone say tha some one said”, type stuff. But Joey and his hens loved to put it all out there as if it was FACT… and look he still is… same old bullshit, but no one to say yea, “I said that”, or “yea I saw that”, just all Joey… ALL JOEY!

      • Justin 20yrs old. did i read that right?? With ALL of LE agreeing its been one guy from 1996?? Joe!! save it…tell THAT ONE TO THE FEDS…they’re comin…why’s your bitch so quiet? Funny how Chris W has an OOP against her…Are you changing LISK=CPH to Canning=CPH?? you got some splaining to do Lucy..

        BTW, one of the more popular shows on LISK is called “Footprints in The Sand”…DOPE…and……YOU grew up there Joe…Yep, brag about how smart you are…Lifeguard? yeah, tell it to feds..You’re a scary motha fucka…creepy fuck..LE was like..WTF?? keep talkin

    • I couldnt agree more!! What worries me is that LI beaches are flooded with tourists, meaning $$$$. One can only hope lives are more important than money. Camera’s should be everywhere!! One can only hope..

  3. I would hope that the public is ultra aware now…

    Me too..But.people tend to forget, particularly when they believe it could NEVER involve their own, just like our heroin problem. Nobody notices till rich white kids die, unfortunate but true.JMO

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