100th Post! (a message from zero’s ego)

zw 100 posts

One hundred posts already?!? WOW BOB WOW!

And we are just getting started here…

But before we go on, I just want to once again take the time to thank all my readers. I really do appreciate EVERYONE who comes to read at any of my blogs.

And if you have ventured through all the blogs and sites over in the “My Stuff” to the right, and still continue to come into my world and struggle through the sporadic sprays of words both making sense and confusing it all in the contradicting love affair that is real life and  internet life, well “God bless you”!

I know it’s not always easy to understand what is going on in this blog. But most things are clear to those who don’t mind reading it all.

For my commenters, know that I also appreciate the 1000’s of comments over the last 15 months or so. I know  it’s not safe  at the moment to comment with Id running around unleashed, but the comments have been a big part of these blogs, and I hope they continue to be a big part of this blog in the future.

Sure commenters like Flukeyou and Dorothy make most of us ill and Nancy’s babel numbs the soul after a while… but I learned a lot about all my commenters by what they write, I hope you learned a lot about me… I know some of you did your best to learn all you could about me. Which inspired me to learn even more about all of you.  Is that a catch 22? Or a what came first type question? Egg, chicken? I don’t know, but it does feel like being stuck in a paradox sometimes. Or a riddle wrapped in an enigma. All of us a layer of life’s crazy onion. Some of you have a much crazier layer than others. But I’m not judging… at least not in this post.

To all the readers and commenters old and new…THANK YOU! You are the reason I continue!

And don’t worry, I’m sure this break is temporary… we’ll get it all back together.


36 thoughts on “100th Post! (a message from zero’s ego)

  1. How nice of you!! Of course we really need to thank you, for everything, which has all been so well intentioned!! How you ever put this ‘all’ in a coherent fashion is mind boggling to me.

    I personally have no regrets…although the journey has been emotional in many ways, i know for a fact a few people have truly been comforted, given a voice, and feel a bit of vindication, from what you’ve done. People directly effected by this case.. The case is so tragic, but your blog lets people feel like they can make a difference, if only a small one..And thats HUGE!!!!

    I’m especially grateful you came to believe in me, it was so frustrating to feel so misunderstood, to be accused of horrible things i had no way to defend against 🙂

    Thanks for all your time, effort, seemingly endless patience, and the laughs. From “us”, both commenters and readers!!

    Peace to all of you ❤

  2. This blog’s done nothing but expose Linda to be a zero ass licker… The truth is the truth. CPH=LISK
    Facts are facts… Justin and Tom should’ve kept their mouths shut….. Flukeyou lisk!!!SG found sitting up…..murdered!

    • Let’s get real for just one moment… most people who like this bolg don’t like you Fluke. Now those like Linda and Too Close are very outspoken on the blog, but there are quite a few others who’s comments and beliefs about you have been kept in emails etc. But trust me, lot’s of people don’t like you, and a few of them question your involvement in the LISK case just as you question others. That’s just the Truth of the matter or FACTS (the term you like to use so loosely).

      • Now to what it is about Linda that bothers you so much, for one, she has you pegged as well, has for a long time and like Too Close, PS149, myself and a few others over the years from what I can see, is not afraid to call you out. She’s not like other women you prey on, (take that how you want) she is not weak minded. Number Two, she floods the blog with the oppisite views then that of your hen house… meaning she does the oppisite of your chattering hens. She is an anti hen…lol. Which brings us to #3… you don’t have those ass kissers speaking so loudly now… the Catching LISK blog was a flop and MM7 is not here to defend you in comment or blog form… Nancy dosen’t even know who you are, Dorothy while she does you bidding… she’s working for her agenda and not yours… so she isn’t helping you really. And Jen… well, if she is still one of your hens she hasn’t made her move yet and if she is a hen turned scared for her life, like she constantly tells me, well it only fits others who think you are a scary person Joey.
        All your ass kissing hens seem to have flown your coop, and that bothers you to read here, in my world where it is blasted everywhere just how messed up your world is! And how all your ass kissers are gone.
        You are a sad little boy Joey. Beaten and now very desperate.

    • MM7s blog was pretty revealing too Joey 🙂 Keep pretending to be hackett, his wife and all your neighbors…thats a big help, quiet revealing. And thanks Fla for exposing Joe!! took guts!! JMO

    • This blog’s done nothing but expose Linda to be a zero ass licker…

      Lets not forget Zero exposed you!! Totally worth it!! And by your comments, you have NO CLUE who’s commenting or reading here, and that brings me immense joy!! Keep scratching your head jS, the jokes on you

  3. linda is an ass licker? see, now I didn’t get that from this blog. care to explain where and how this was exposed? and what should tom and Justin keep their mouths shut about? and exactly how do you know the position of shannans remains? hmmm? you and your cryptic little comments. taunting… but hey, keep it coming… and do please show where linda was exposed as an ass licker, I usually don’t miss these things….

    • Guys…peeps?? Don’t waste your energy…You guys got JS…How did I KNOW he’d be jealous of my deceased best friend?? Its JS…same guy we’ve seen in comments for years..i appreciate you all so much!! But don’t waste your time…don’t

      Just let him talk. This is a good thing.
      Peace ❤

  4. sorry linda, I couldn’t help calling him out yet again. he’s really been on a bender lately and im guessing the clock is ticking on his free time; that scares the crap out of me. time on his hands and the house to himself. creepy fuck.
    hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband.

  5. TCTH…do what you gotta do..i hear ya…just don’t feel bad for me, im fuckin ecstatic with what we got..bittersweet though

  6. he scares me too..BIGTIME…but he’s busted now…I got you and, well, ect… i got you…did what i can

  7. Are you talking about CPH or white powder boy???? What is the purpose of this site again??? The last people known to have seen SG alive were Peter, Tom and Justin… Or maybe the group can’t read…..”Gilbert from Jersey City, was last seen in May by Long Island doctor Peter Hackett, who said he saw Gilbert running at night near Oak Beach, looking both sick and distressed.”. The only OB resident to call Mari before she personally knew her daughter was missing. The church going self appointed OB tactical strike force frog man erased the security video knowing a woman had vanished from one of the most remote neighborhoods on LI. He denied calling MG to his wife, oiba board and membership up until 48 hours was about to expose the truth…..CPH = LISK. Flukeyou…..my neighbors love me! If Lisa Newman wants to sell some houses she should come clean about everything she knows about CPH and his family- insurance fraud, drug dealing, murder, embezzlement ……Karma Lisa, karma. You guys are going to love the new site going up the beginning of the summer…enjoy the spring, things are about to heat up!

    • NEW SITE?!? I almost wasn’t gonna let this through, like the comment after it, it’s all old stuff that no one has been able to do anything with, or it’s just trash about his neighbors he hates and even if true usually have nothing to do with LISK or any thing else this blog is about, just trash and lies joey throws out there… but here is the talk of a new site! Who you working with Joey? You can’t do something by yourself…

    • Talking about you Joe, yes, this is YOUR rep. but keep playin games as i record it all. You’ve been soo helpful, thanks boo!!

    • LOL…exactly which neighbors love you?? This i’d love to know…hmmmm??? No lyin, as i may have spoken to them 😉
      Not made up ones, like on Catching LISK…yeah, who LOVES being Joe S Jr’s neighbor, your own PARENTS have never publicly supported you..NO SOCKPUPPETS now, or zero will have to shred you…lol

      And speaking of the 48hr special, you do REALIZE you looked like an out of control dickhead, right?? Right?? dear lord you’re delusional. Think the show, or book for that matter, made you look good?? that must be some ganja…or you on something else??…he who speaks LOUDEST, and all that…

      • i don’t know if i have seen that 48 hours you talk about, so far i have seen a clip of Joey getting out of his vehicle behind a news conference. Would love to see more clips with our Fluke Boy in them… anyone out there goy some links? post em or just email me… most of you have my email, right?

      • The scene im referring to: Joe screams at GC from his car, “Why did you erase the tape!!!!”…it was from the updated special i believe.

    • sounds like you’re threatening Ms. Newman, blackmail??…Wonder if she knows. by the way, no one will ever move to gilgo till the case is solved…your property value has taken a permanent plummet, as you know. Nice work, i’m sure your parents worked hard for that, and baby Joey fucked it all up. But i bet thats the least of their heartbreak…what have you done…

    • Why don’t you send me a pic , so i can see the real you…if not, your gravitar is cute!! Still no email, i feel quite neglected 😦

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