Getting It Back Together

Well, that Id of mine really put me in a spot now… but can I just say WTF? Why do so many of you who were a part of and Websleuth have such contradicting stories about each other. And why do you blame me when I don’t pick a side… no one has any proof, just stories. So don’t get mad that I don’t believe the stories and call them all out… go back and read, that’s what I do.

So sue me, call the police on me, report my blog to the FBI (though you might want to start with WordPress first), I don’t care… I’ve done nothing wrong but expose how wrong some of you are. And yes, you don’t like it… should have thought about that when the games were being played.

But I am at a place where I’d like to move on for a while, take a breather from some of you psychos and write about other psychos, like that racist, jackass Bundy here in Nevada and his group of militia men… what a joke! In fact it’s hard to believe I haven’t written about this yet. I have lots to say about it. And I will  if some of you can just stop with your  babels and threats long enough for me to catch my breath and move on to something else. Trust me, Long Island and Florida aren’t the only places with crazy people.

So sit back and relax and let me put some others in the hot seat for a while… it’s up to you!

And Joey, I’ll see you this Summer!

18 thoughts on “Getting It Back Together

  1. It seems to me that you do a whole lot of bullshiting. Never find any answers. Me? I don’t always have a whole lot to say. I tend to listen for a while before interject. Zero if you really want answers as to what’s what. How it got the way it did. I have those.. They are not for sale either. They are FREE for the asking. Pot and the cover theory. I have what you are searching for. Answers.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • They are FREE for the asking. one askin…You can’t sell what NO ONE wants to buy…get with it already..jeezuz

  2. Oh Z, I may have scoop up TCTH and take you and the Mrs out for a loooooong, lost weekend…holy crap…Go see a festival with wookie, or some shit??

    Nan,,,”Get It Together”!! Just ONCE can you stay on topic…Ever notice not ONE post has been about you or your ex, or whatever the fuck is eatin at you, EVER?? Notice Zero has never contacted YOU without provocation (even was nice enough to call you and well, try to help you), YET YOU STILL CLAIM HE’S YOUR STALKER?? EVER?? Has he EVER asked or solicited your “help”?? If you stop commenting, do you really believe you’d EVER hear from him again?? hello my dear?? earth to NAN!! Did you even READ the above post and see that Zero is tryin to bring up a current news event?? No?? No…

    Ahhh crap..YOU DONT CARE…lol…GOT THAT??? No, you don’t…or you DO, but simply cant accept it…either way..coo coo…and you know it deep down my love…

    God can’t be real, wouldn’t he/she like help my nannan?? SIGH

    • I appreciate the thanks, but honestly, those who like this blog or thank me for what I have tried to expose don’t need to thank me, thank yourselves, you were on the right side of the games, other wise you’d hate me with the rest, lol. Some of you have been through a lot at the hands of the trolls and sock puppets, so thank you for you honestly and guidance in this sea of madness!

  3. Clearly none of you have any lives. This blog is funny amd no one takes ANY OF YOU YOU seriously. …seriously.

    • Yet here you are?? Yet again…Wish I had a dollar for everyone that ain’t interested in…
      You should start charging Z 🙂 Continue to read and enjoy us Ms uninterested…hee…You’ll NEVER stop reading, will ya?
      You know you’re jealous, awww 😦 Don’t worry, you’ll get the attention you crave…hurry up now, go live your ‘Life’……haha

    • Parody is supposed to funny sometimes…DEEP, we know 🙂 I’m hoping to be a great investigator like you haters and games players one day…K??

      We have some nerve huh?? Yeah, we openly admit we can’t solve the case like you geniuses…thanks for stoppin by again…you’ll be back…Keep reading!!

      Im so upset no one takes us seriously 😦

      All i know is, YOU CANT RESIST CAN YA? hahaha

      • so i was writing a post about this and you hit some of the things i was gonna say about this comment, Linda. No surprise of course. Will try to finish and post later… damn and I so want to write about Mr. Bundy and his Militia Men, and there’s still that Anonymous Vs. The Iluminati post just sitting in my unfinished graveyard of posts. By the time I get to them they will be obsolete! UMAW must be very happy to become one of thos comments that changes the blog’s direction…

  4. I’m a longtime WS member, found your blogs through that – and although I’m somewhat lost…mainly as to the MM7 thing, because I’ve never seen that blog – I’m still interested by this LISK subculture. Kudos on your attempts to untangle the webs of b.s.!

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