Jumping The Shark

So this is where I probably make more enemies. It’s just unavoidable at this time. I have been warned about Candyce and I had stayed away as long as I could, not because of the warnings, but because Candyce seemed to no longer be a part of the LISK Games. But with the new comments on the blog, I had to go digging.

I found Candyce yesterday and sent her an IM and she got back to me pretty quick, which is cool because a lot of people I have tried to contact lately aren’t so quick to talk to me…

Everything was fine while I explained the reason I contacted her, (explained about my blog,  the emails etc) and she came back saying Hmmm…. was the one who stalked her and that she had to go to LE to get it to stop. Once again we have 2 people both accusing the other of stalking and other bad behavior. Many of you “constant readers” know just how often this happens with those who got themselves involved in this.

CB 15

This does somewhat coincide with Gino’s story somewhat, though the choking part is new… at least to this story.

CB 14

These 2 have quite the stories about each other!

Anyways, Candyce went  and found my blog as we were sharing IM’s and she did not want her name on it. Here I have to explain something, many people don’t want me to mention them in my blogs, some are nice about it and say things like “I hope you can keep me out of this…” and then give me their reasons, almost all are afraid to be involved with all the “crazies” again, and again, I get it, and oblige to most. But then there are those who threaten me or tell me I can’t write about certain things they say… I think we have seen how well that way works. Take a guess which way Candyce went…

Like with some of the others, after I do my best to explain it all (something I don’t have to do) she threatens not to talk to me if I mention anything publicly… oops:

CB 1

Now it’s not that I’m such an asshole or that I don’t care if she is really afraid of Hmmm…. it’s just I hear this a lot. Everyone thinks someone else is a killer or stalker on here, something so far, I have seen no proof of, just a bunch of busy bodies who got into a game and then it all went to hell. All of it.

And there was more:

cb 2

Now here, all I meant was, if you aren’t playing games, I have no reason to blog about you, my blog is about game players… but she twisted it and well, things went downhill from there:

CB 3

cb 4

Two things… I like how she tells me how a blog should be handled… lmao… second… “I’m Shady!”

cb 5

Not what I was saying at all, funny how this CB sounds like another CB… but really I don’t work like that…  I’m not wasting time here explaining my actions though, you get them or you don’t. I don’t think some of you get it:

cb 6

cb 7

cb 8

cb 10

That should have been the end of it, in fact, if it had been, none of this would have been posted today, but Candyce just couldn’t stop herself… and well, now neither can I:

cb 11

Wow, I’m a tough guy, lol. No scratch that, I just have a tough guy persona… lmfao. Part of this seems kinda like a threat, one I’ve heard before, and we’ll have to see where it leads, but I have to say, the whole “I have a life” never get’s old when it’s from people who have had such a big part in all of this.

cb 12

So once again, someone is going to report my blog to the police… according to Dorothy, FBI is all over this blog, so no need.

All of that and then finally:

cb 13

And with that I was blocked! LMFAO… I have met so many funny people since starting Zero’s World, and Candyce is right up there. I need a life??? Yea, I  got one, a real busy one, but I will still make time for the blog, don’t worry. And yes I remember posting the “I will exploit all who come here attaching me to their madness” and I applaud Candyce for trying to use my own words against me… how did it work out for ya?

Yes here, I have probably jumped the shark… and I doubt many will be happy that I brought the candy girl back into all this… this blog should become a ghost town now… especially when I tell you that, Candyce is just one of the people I contacted yesterday… Susie has yet to reply and probably won’t, but we shall see.

So yes the Big Bad Id has fucked it all up! Run for cover kiddies!

19 thoughts on “Jumping The Shark

  1. Ahh it’s all how you approach people and present yourself. Most people are reasonable and don’t like to fight. Who the hell likes conflict? I get enough of that at work.
    Keep the light on this case in a positive manner.

  2. If this woman was threatened, YOU know how LE would have handled it by MY EXPERIENCE with DPH…just dont work that way, trust me…go away if you don’t want to be exposed..FOR REALS LIKE…LOL…LE IS reading here, and can verify ALL of the BS…Stalk men much?? Where’s a copy of your OOP?? good lord, THE GAMES AND LIES

    • It’s all I see anymore… so many pointing the finger at the other when each of them is lying… well here’s 2 people Gino and Candyce, both with stories of how the other one plays games and worse… one of them should have a court order against the other, right? yea, I have heard all way to many times now.

      • If you get strangled, the dude gets locked up…I dont know what else to tell you?? For real…Im speachless

      • Yeah, OK, anyone from LI will tell you THATS BS!! can’t jaywalk in this town…cry me a freakin river…i gave you my attorneys number, ask him how it all works..shit…yeah JUST SHIT

      • I remember the days when there were no OOPs…now bitches claim they got strangled and the cops didn’t do shit??!! its BS!! soon as the law changed mine went straight to PRISON, any many other women did it to him too…we all got beat for this shit?? WOW…spoiled kids today…get a fuckin life!! they even grandfathered a law so someone could have their face restored..i missed it by two years…we fought for this?? WOW…IGNORANCE..get off the XBOX, I PHONE, INTERENET ect…and get a job or two…won’t have so much time too fuck idiots…christ what a joke

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