The Big Bad Id

So once again things seem to be heating up behind the scenes. Did I do that?

Joey is threatening a new site this summer that he promises will blow us all away…  you know I’m a betting man Joey, and I’m betting it will be a big disappointment and won’t live up to the hype. But we’ve got all spring to talk about Joey’s upcoming site, there’s some new people to piss off right now… so here we go…

any one remember Hmmmm…. ?


They came on here last month looking for someone called “Imput Required”. They explained they had just found my blog and was wanting to see if some of the people he chatted with on where on here. I didn’t recognize the screen names Hmmmm…. or Imput Required and no one else seemed to either, but he said he only used the LISK Chat, which my constant readers know I brought up the LISK Chat site a while back, something I had never seen and not to many people had any input on it other than it was a haven for trolls. And just as he is explaining all of this another new reader found my blog and wrote:

Michaelgirl 1a

What?!? Two different people from LISK Chat find my blog over a year after it has been up (they both claim to just be Googling and saw my blog) and they remember each other?!? And who is this girlfriend Michael speaks of?

We didn’t have to wait long for that answer… because Hmmmm…. came right back with a reply:


WTF?!? Now there’s a name I had heard before… and yes these 2 new commenters got my attention… Anyone reading here saw the exchange between them, but what you didn’t see was the emails I shared with each of them… until now that is.

Let’s start with the Michael screen name, which was a very confusing screen name to choose to comment under on this blog… with Micheal Waxman, Michael Nucci, and 2 Michael Figats already involved somewhat. And though the email was under the name Michaellkwaku they told me that was not their real name nor the screen name used on They asked what my reason for blogging about all this was and I explained quite a bit in which they replied:

I understand it a bit better now, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to explain all that to me. Like I said multiple times already, -and I promise this is the last time I will lol- I have nothing to do with the games, Flukeyou, MM7, Dorothy and everything else. I’ve only been somewhat active in the chat on and been lurking here and there. I can’t be of much interest or help to you and your blog unless it would have something to do with the chat and the people who frequented it, so again, if you ever have a question regarding that- feel free to ask. I know you’re very into knowing who- who is and what they’re about so I’m sorry for not being open about my identity and having used a false one in my comment and contact towards you. The only reason for me to do so is to not become a target for whoever. It’s too bad there’s no good place to discuss the case besides websleuths anymore.

In fact our emails went well through the most part… here is what they had to say about the chat room:

Hmmmm… would be in the chat under the name Hmmmm… 

Missy would sometimes join the chat under the name ‘foreal’. ‘Flukeyou’ would occasionally join the chat as well. There indeed was a user by the name of ‘imput_required’ who I remember would always take Flukeyou on whenever he joined. If Flukeyou wasn’t there imput_required would still be fixated on Flukeyou. I don’t know who imput_required is/was. I also don’t know as to how far Hmmmm…’s friendship with this person goes.. Or went.. Because he mentioned he was looking for him on your blog? 
This fit things I already knew and things that were said. Hmmmm… had explained to me the whole reason he posted on my blog on a page about Joey/Flukeyou was because his friend “Imput” was not a fan of Fluke and thought they might read there. Michael went on:
I’ve been following this case eversince it came to light. Pretty much always lurking on Websleuths and So I’ve seen the e-mail section and I remember some of the names you mention. I was aware that people were ‘fighting’ each other and that there were games being played. I’ve seen peoples personal information being thrown around. In the chat it was pretty much the same way. I didn’t go in there under my real name either by the way. Because I didn’t know who the people in there actually were, they could have been the people who were ‘playing with each other’ in the e-mail section.. I didn’t want to become a target for these people and become slandered for their wicked personal satisfaction, especially since I was there with nothing but good intentions myself. The few good people that were there had it happen to them too, their real names and information they once shared in trust were made public and used against them. This is the reason why I don’t use my real name and have never actively joined the discussions ( apart from the chat for a bit ). 
So I’m just a person with the best of intentions. I was hooked to this case because it’s a case that’s close to home and a case with victims I can very much relate to. 
As with most people who I have chatted with on this subject it’s hard to tell just how big of a part this Michael person played online, but they seem to be saying they were there through it all, again makes it so weird that both of these people took so long to find my blogs and then found it at the same time… but I’m not saying either of them are dishonest… but well… anyways during this email excahnge I got the feeling Michael was a female and that she was implying she had the same ocupation as the victims in the LISK case. So I asked and was given an honest answer… yes to both. So maybe this Michael Girl was a new honest person to get back involved in all this and clear up some of the games. They had more to say about Hmmmm…. and Candyce:
At some point Candyce and Hmmmm… made it obvious that they were in contact with one other. Through social media and more. There was a lot of talk about a meeting that later on must have actually occured, so that put Hmmmm… very close to this Candyce who was known to have harrassed family of the victims, impersonating users.. Come up with all sorts of fake stories and lies. Who I’ve also read countless posts in about having caused nothing but trouble
I also should point out that I was sharing emails with Hmmmm…. at the same time who also seemed to be very candid with what he was saying, but we’ll get to that. I guess Michael Girl did not  like some of the posts and coments made on the blog because this was the last I head from them:
Sorry I’m asking but is your blog(s) really an attempt to  stop the lies/games? You and ‘linda’ are fighting a person who might not even be the real flukeyou. And it’s just another platform for going at each other. Is there a place where people go and discuss this case besides websleuths? Is there a facebook group or something?

First off, yes it was the real Flukeyou, second I guess Michael Girl went from understanding and thanking me for explaining to “you are one of the players and are making it worse” a constant theme from those who have things to hide or have played a game or 2 in this… but hey maybe Michael Girl was just someone who really wants to get at the truth and was misunderstanding my intentions…. I should point out though they use a proxy IP and therefore could be anyone. Also they had asked a few times if there was a more anonymous place to talk about the LISK stuff:

By the way, is there no other way of -more direct- ‘anonymous’ communication? Is there not chat up about this anywhere anymore?


It seems some people don’t mind talking about all this as long as no one knows who they are. And I get that, I do, I have respected many people’s request to not mention their names. But I have to go back to the idea, that anyone coming to my blog to speak up, knows things, but isn’t a part of it, and still hide with proxys and fake screen names, well, they could be anyone and I just can’t hold them to high on the truth… nothing personal.

Well Michael Girl left… but soon after there were a few more comments from proxys that seemed to be a part of this Michael conversation. 1996 and 2000 were 2 screen names that wrote on the blog right after my last email exchange with Michael Girl. Remember them?



At first I thought these were from Michael Girl… the IP is a proxy of some sort which is why I didn’t bother to remove it from the snip. Also note the fake emails, lol. But on second reading, these sound more like Flukeyou… and I know 1996 is a part of Flukeyou story time, so… I don’t know. But I obviously have some people out there who claim I am the reason for all this crap… man that’s just as crazy as they get, ain’t it?

We had one more comment on all this which was this:


Now who was this? They were thanking Michael… but for why? And what’s with the fake email address saying “you already know”… because I don’t. One day I will have to post some of the crazy email addresses that people have chosen to use in the comments, some are quite funny, others quite telling.

But anyways… who is Michael Girl? Did she really just “stumble” onto my blog at the same time Hmmmm…. stumbled on to it? I don’t know, but I don’t think they like me to much, and I’m not sure why. We had some good email exchanges and then nothing… so I’m left in the air on my interactions with Michael Girl… I wish them well if they are indeed not a game player and if they are, well we know what I wish them. I’ll leave it with the same word Michael Girl ended most of her emails: Greets.

Now lets’ move on to Hmmmm…. and get myself in to some more deep water, shall we?

So Hmmmm… who’s email said he was Gino Fiorelli…which I hear is close to his real name, right Eugieno? Well he had a lot to say, so let’s get right to it:

Well, if you don’t believe that I am who I am then you probably wouldn’t believe my version of what happened, but I’ll try to give you the cliff notes version:

Candyce and I (along with one or two other girls in the LISK chat) would flirt around. We (Candyce & I) started chatting in private, we exchanged numbers, then we arranged to meet up somewhere to hang out later with some of her friends but she didn’t show and offered a poor excuse as to why.

She then began calling my cell phone from fake numbers saying that she’s outside my house and stuff (stalking). At first I played along because I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of seeing me upset but then one night I got annoyed and basically told her to buzz off.

Mind you, other girls in the chat warned me that she was crazy and that she might’ve been behind some bizarre stuff regarding the roadside memorials for the victims.

Anyway, for whatever reason, that convo led to her telling me that she wanted to try to meet up again. I agreed on the basis that she would come to me and not me to her. I gave her an address near my residence at the time and there she was.

We “hung out” at my place and then she offered to go back to hers, which we did.

We continued “hanging out” at her place and talking on the phone for maybe a couple of weeks and she had posted pics of us kissing on her Facebook and all seemed to be going well until one night she started acting very strange and aggressive towards me (not in a good way, either).

She then wanted to go to bed and while I was lying there I told her that I couldn’t sleep and was going to the store to grab some more drinks. She warned me that she would lock me out if I did that and I didn’t buy it that she would so I went anyway and she did lock me out.

So then that was it. I went back home afterwards and later discovered that she had been logging into the chat and spamming the chat with junk about me. She continued doing that for I dunno how long and later the chat eventually closed down.

Hopefully that clears some stuff up for you


We shared a few emails, but that one has the Peyton Place appeal that we’ve all come to enjoy so much.

After 2282 words, I really should stop… but I can’t… I’m the Big Bad Id! Hmmmm…. also had this to say about Candyce:

She is definitely one of the main trolls. She used to constantly use different names to “hide” under while spamming the chat room with useless junk.

There were a couple of others as well. She wasn’t the only one. I wouldn’t doubt that this Michael person is just another of her aliases.

She’s a pretty disturbed person and for whatever reason she has latched onto this case. She has stated under one of those sock puppet accounts that she knew Amber Costello and made disparaging comments about her.

Candyce has no filter; she will say and do anything to keep the attention on her. That is why I immediately suspected that this Michael is her, because it is just like her to take advantage of an opportunity to draw attention to herself.


So all of that was about a month ago… and the PTB‘s in Zero’s head was unsure of how to deal with it, if at all. We have been warned to stay away from the likes of Candyce… and untill now we had… but now with this break and me (Id)  being in charge for the moment, I decided to take a closer look at all of this. So I went straight to Candyce… really just to get her side of it before posting about any of it. Believe me when I say even the Id could have good intentions…

And at first it went well, but like with all the others who just want me to shut up, it turned ugly.

And that’s where we must stop for now…

To be continued…

6 thoughts on “The Big Bad Id

  1. Do i really have to say: LADIES, you prob should fuck a guy you met on a LISK blog?? whatever…Smart move..then stalk the guy?? yeah that works…genius…as most men NEVER…embarrassing or what? wow

  2. correction: shouldn’t fuck a guy you met on a serial killer chat….oh man, whatever, i give

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