So You Wanna Be A Cowboy… (The Bundy Saga Continues)

So what is going to happen with our Cowboy Bundy and his band of outlaws? Well that’s hard to say, because everything continues to play out:

And it’s unclear if Clive is now going to sue the FEDs or not:

Here’s Cowboy Bundy’s statement:

Bundy note'

So, is CB waiting on a message from God or a good lawyer?

Will these so-called cowboys  “Stick to their Guns“?  And if so, will the shoot out be in court? Or will we be having a real shoot out at someone’s corral?

(if you can’t see video, click on red “Stick to their Guns” above)





2 thoughts on “So You Wanna Be A Cowboy… (The Bundy Saga Continues)

  1. Thank Zero, I get the situation much better now. Couple of thoughts:

    1. This Bundy is CLEARLY dangerous,insane and a FRAUD. I say drone his ass if necessary. Local terrorist?? really..
    2. The Indian tribe has the best case, IMO, and probably the best representation. If this goes to court, so will they. Good.
    3. “This is a symptom of a much bigger problem”. Agreed. But violence is never the answer. Thats what this sicko is praying for…ask and ye shall receive . DOPE

    • yea, people are blurring lines out there. It’s hard to know who is doing things for the right reasons now a days. good guys, bad guys, or just attention seekers and people with hiden agendas. RL and IL… Let’s see who else is out there blurring lines!

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