The Bundy Saga

Bundy wiki

So that’s how Wikipedia describes the whole Bundy Standoff here in Nevada. Click here to read entire page.

I have been following the story and well, I just don’t get it. Why is this allowed to go on for so long? I mean, if someone got their car confiscated by police because they had drugs on them when pulled over, they wouldn’t go gather up a bunch of drug dealers and storm the impound with guns to get their vehicle back. You could bet if they did they’d all be dead or in jail.

But I guess that’s all in what you see as criminal, and there are those who don’t see Bundy’s action as criminal, in fact they see the government at the criminals here (hey who doesn’t see the government as criminals these days).  In fact many were willing to help the Bundy cause and saddled up to play cowboy.

You know like back in the days of Billy the Kid and Jesse James when the lines were so blurred it was impossible to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Just think of it as the internet with guns and cowboy hats.

Like this guy:


Richard Mack (where’s his cowboy hat?) a retired Arizona sheriff, who had this to say on Fox News: “We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front. If [the feds] are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.”

CLICK HERE to see the video.

Damn, now that’s a “Dick Move”, but hey, all insinuated in the name, right?

Good thing LE caved I guess… but I thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorist? Again all in perception, right?

Like the racist comments made by Bundy:

Bundy negro

Ok, first off, Bundy needs to be added to the #2014Fuckyoutour… and anyone who still supports this asshole as well. The whole statement is ridicules. Some of the dumb highlights are explaining that abortion is the result of government subsidy, I mean that’s dumber than most racist, who could tell you government subsidies cause them to keep having babies and ripping off the taxpayer. Also the statement “They put their young men in jail”… I don’t even have to explain how dumb that sentence is, right?  But the whole notion that it all could have been avoided if “they” just learned to pick cotton, it’s almost too outrageous to even get you head around.

Yea, perception or not, these assholes playing cowboys are just that, assholes playing cowboys. And now it will probably drag back on in the courts…  see no cowboys, just assholes. It’s probably a good thing for these assholes that the rest of the world ain’t playing cowboy… I’ll leave it at that.

CLICK HERE if you can’t see video.


14 thoughts on “The Bundy Saga

  1. Dick “dastardly” Mack & Clive “cotton pickin'” Bundy. Sounds like two wanna-be outlaws to me! hahahahah!

  2. Can’t/won’t entertain the Bundy comment on race….Dick INDEED!!! I believe those Racist views just fucked him up…GOOD. Fox News won’t even support him!!?? Good!!

    However, not a big fan of the Govt…i know a lot of farmers have been screwed by Big Business, know nothin about cattle grazing…
    Im smelling Waco all over again…Gotta admit though Z, he’s acting EXACTLY as a terrorist!!

    This ain’t gonna end well, smell it??? Govt’s gonna look ‘Bad’ either way…No ONE IS ready for total anarchy…NOPE.

    BTW, most of us can and would be in jail for far less….Action and an example must be set. ….not good, completely scary stuff..And its not gonna just “Go away”…no way

  3. Well no more meek Mrs /Miss Guy or girl.Trying to pretend you are normal.Writing about regular people and topics.
    Off fucking dumb topic DOPE.
    Wtf were you thinking? Queer, Sissy, Freak Wierdo.A families WORST nightmare. A f..kin he/ she, Grooooosssss.
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    • Oh yea. here we go.
      First, I just want to say Fuck You (again) to Nancy for her obvious homophobic views. We all knew she was a racist, homophobe, with all sorts of delusions and hyprocotic beliefs. But she tried to hide them here, tried to get in with the “cool kids”. But no one here bought it, in fact, show of hands, how many people here just want me to stop letting her through? Just kidding, (don’t raise your hand Nancy, I can’t really see it)
      Let’s tackle this madness in a comment.
      I am part of a Freak Show already… trust me, eventually, you will probably hear from quite a few freaks if you continue to remain in my world. Not a threat, just a guess. Also… I know how to do exorcims, so when you realize it is you who needs one, and going to church ain’t gonna help you, let me know, we will get started on removing your demons.
      Now as for your “Grooooosssss” comment. Please, are there any mirrors left in your home you haven’t broken yet? Take a look into it, then say a few words, you know with that way you clear your throat, that disgusting sound of phlegm being sucked back up over and over again (yea, our phone call was very hard to get through, and that was only one of the reasons)…. talk about gross! I’m not gay, but I’d still take a good looking tranny over a disgusting troll of a cow like you. Damn am I being too to harsh? I hope so.
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      And as for it being genetic, Jr. has already answered that question. Tax fraud and stollen identities, chip off the old block, right? To bad you couldn’t have just ditched the dad and taken Jr. as your husband, but I really don’t want to open that can of worms. And I wonder how many screen names Brandon has been behind in these blogs. Yea, I’m guessing it’s genetic. And with you 2 as the parents, those kids didn’t have a chance. Again, too harsh? Well that’s how queer, sissy, freak, wierdos roll.
      But what we all can continuely learn from a comment like this, is just how much some of you love me blogging about you. You don’t want me to move on to anything that don’t include your sad ass lives in it. Which is exactly why I’m moving on. LMAO at ya!

      • talk about gross! I’m not gay, but I’d still take a good looking tranny over a disgusting troll of a cow like you. Damn am I being too to harsh? I hope so.

        Agreed!! Yes. Bring on the trannies, just not Nan the racist, homophobic, bitter crow


      • She actually managed to stay on topic if you feel me, she just happens to be one of Bundys own…WOW

      • Not for nothing i guarantee Nan has a foot long black dildo/vagina under her i right boo??

    • Why you all stressed out today Nan??

      Look baby, im not gay either, I believe the term is bi curious. Although you ARE DEFINITELY ON THE BUTCH SIDE (MY TYPE), I must rescind my offer too have you cook and clean. You are clearly way too uptight, and MEAN as shit..

      Sorry girl..xo

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