Crack Head Nan Nan

So it’s hard for some of you to move on… I get it, I do. But I am moving on for now. Besides, Nancy is the only one dumb enough to still be posting comments with any  type of agenda at the moment… and due to her crack head like mentality,  I just can’t understand what that agenda is any more. I mean does anyone know what Nan Nan is saying half the time?

crack head nan nan

She’s going off about my red shoes again… which we all know comes from Dorothy, she was the one who noticed them in the Valentines Day Video. I have worn the shoes 2 more times, and there are pictures and video of both occasions I wore them at, so maybe Nan Nan is trying to point something out  here, like maybe she has seen me in these red shoes again, (though she said she never saw the Valentines Video, so she never saw the shoes, right? Maybe she has seen the video now, or maybe it’s all just a message from Dorothy, hard to tell with only Nan Nan’s ramblings to go by. I mean who is the Chow Bitch and her dorky husband?) Yes I hang out with  creepy clowns, but still this is all so vague and confused, just like our gal Nancy. She reminds me of someone…

Yes, that’s it, Nan Nan reminds me of Crack Head Bob from the Howard Stern Show!

So if this is who the rest of you are hoping will put me in my place… well… good luck to ya all. Because Crack Head Nan Nan can’t put it all together in a coherent form so that the readers and I might understand… I mean maybe she has me here with this comment, maybe she put me right in my place or exposed something about me… who would know?

I guess it’s back to the drawing board for the likes of Dorothy and Joey… because the shit you are feeding CHNN (Crack Head Nan Nan), which is already diluted with crap when you give it to her, I’m sure, is just lost in her crack head. And when it finally comes out it looks like… well like the comment above.

“20 years ago when you left me”… in my red shoes right?



37 thoughts on “Crack Head Nan Nan

  1. I mean does anyone know what Nan Nan is saying half the time?

    Think its a simple as this: Selfish, self centered, Dope…Timeout maybe?? Hee

  2. I recall you once wearing WHITE SHOES. When you were a youngster wanna be Golfpro. You told me that someone stepped on them on purpose. So now. You think you have power. Turned the table on the bullies. Became the BULLY yourself. Gee that’s real cool. Creepy Clown must have stolen your RED SHOES. I hate CLOWNS you BOZO.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • wait… WTF? you had lunch with Dorothy… you actually met her? Or is this more lies. Like that Boyfriend one… I’m still laughing at that one.

    • You didnt have lunch with Dorothy..haha…she thinks your an idiot, and much better than the likes of you, but you already know that deep down right phlegm ball??

  3. Haha. I could be married Asshole. But I can’t MOVE ON. Getting rid of that dumb Figat name. I will go to every Soc.Sec. office until they change it back ti my REAL name EVANS. My boys should do the same. Kelly got a MAFIA name and MAFIA husband. With a big mouth, small heart and no soul. In love for certain. Preening in FB. Loves himself. DOPE!

  4. Your ASS is on the West Coast. In your dreams.Chickenshit couldn’t do it alone.Scared of the dark. Might have to take responsibility for your fuck ups.
    BTW Did Kelly give you her hair for the Red Skelton get up?

  5. I truly have to thank “Crackhead Nan Nan” for allowing me the opportunity to literally laugh out loud! You and your tranny sex slave DPH are really talking about bullying huh? What exactly is YOUR, not Dorthys (im already onto that bitch), but YOUR obsession with MY husband? It does offend me slightly that you think MY man would ever be into bestiality (meaning YOU), you nasty walking phlegm ball, you fuckin wish someone would touch you…..I love clowns, whats that song? Send in the Clowns…..again lmfao wanna be golfer pro?!?!??! Your a complete disgusting fucking nasty idiot, in MY opinion!!!! Now go tell your man hatin, dick sucking friend about my vile comment and lemme know if you’d like me to go on, hun 😉 ~kisses

  6. Cho Bitch is married to her Dorky self YOU…DOPE. Sensuous Woman!! My life is never without surprizes. What’s next? Are you an animal too.A dog, wish you had horses DICK. Then you would never have to look for sex again.

  7. Yes we met. Enjoyed a nice Italian lunch today. Ask her. Why is Linda scared of me? I am a very nice person..the best you will ever come across. You know that.
    That is why Dorothy protects ME.

  8. I trash anyone who behaves beneath their ability.Yes that includes FAMILY. Former family. You were the Litmus test for loyalty..Good that you outed the bad ones. Before I strike it RICH.

    • yea, yea, i don’t care about Figat shit, tell me more about your lunch with Dorothy… so she is who her picture shows? You now know she is real? Remember, in our phone call, you said she was fake and used a fake picture… so, is she real?

      • She is as real as you are FAKE. Do you want to know what we ordered for lunch? Certainly NOT Rats or Mice. Mickey Mouse.She doesn’t like your SORRY ASS.Said you are a Necropheliac. Did I spell that right? Thank the Lord above. I have not slept w you since 1999. Creepy stuff you didvwith that little penis.

      • yea… no lunch happened according to Dorothy… she says you are not ner “buddy”… go check it all out on my FB… or wait for the post. I will get to it eventually. Just so many comments to read through first.

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