Deja Eww!

Restaurant hoax


This was making its way around my Facebooks today, and at first I was like grossed out and thought ewwwww, how nasty that so many people probably ate there and did not know the horrors going on in the kitchen and the delicacies they had been enjoying. Then I decided to look it up and find an actual article on it, because it’s just so nasty! I put it in Google and all sorts of differnt stories pop up, most are from years ago. I start to get sick to my stomach, wondering, how often this really happens.

But then I see they all seem to be in Atlanta, and of course they are all chinese restaurants. So I clicked on a few of them to read the whole thing, here’s one of them:

restaurant hoax2

So either this happened years ago… or it’s just a returning internet hoax. So I dug a little more and found this article:

And then I found this:

Well, I’m thankful it’s not real… I mean… YUCK!

The moral of this icky story? Check out everything you see on the internet, by looking it up on the internet.




6 thoughts on “Deja Eww!

  1. Of course my comment awaits moderation. You don’t know what I am going to say NEXT. Funny I got the goods on YOU. Lead me right to them.
    OH Yeah. What’s this dumb code I am supposed to crack according to Dorothy?

    • Just got to get to each of them, give me a chance. lol. i don’t know what code you speak of, but i have already explained how dorothy’s relying on you for anything is preposterous! But please use those goods. Solve it all for us!

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