Zero’s World Forgotten Posts

lost blogs zw

So, there’s the list of posts still sitting in the unpublished pile. Some don’t have much more than a title. Some will probably never be finished or posted, but a few of them may make their way through, eventually. In fact, let’s post one right now and make that list one less forgotten post.

18 thoughts on “Zero’s World Forgotten Posts

  1. Don’t think that you are either a man or a woman. Just some very sick,scrambled unloved unhealed. Just plain choice.  If you had a dick you would probably get a lot of pleasure if you stuck your head between your legs pulled it as far as you could. Put THAT dirty,disgusting disease ridden THING .In your OWN MOUTH. PIG!!! Let’s see if you have the balls to let this one through. Tough guy?Chicken Shit Bully.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • lmfao Crack Head Nan Nan… Of course I have the balls to let this through… this comment is great! True Nan Nan form! Love it, you big ol’ crack head!

      • Better one head. Than none. How many in yours? Wanna be hung like a race horse. Haha Joke. Wtf would you DO with a BIG DICK? Strangle a Prostitute with it? About all you know how to do.

      • yea, I got some sad news for you Crack Head Nan Nan… Dorothy says you lied about the lunch… go check out our conversation on FB if you don’t believe me, and for those of you who have DPH blocked and can’t see all the stuff she wrote today… a post is coming!

  2. Damn. My poor kids.When the realize THIS was MORE important than being a husband a father a parent. Gross disgusting hookers,crimes,torure,murder YES MURDER. Ugh gag! To think that you touched me,held my baby Brandon. AFTER cutting up human beings. Like some Crazed Savage. Put this one through. Can YOU define muktiplicity? Dorothy hurry up. Get your teams together.Stop this barf.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • Dorothy is as lost as you… I’m sorry but the team of Nancy and Dorothy is a joke, we’ll get to it all in a post, just wait for it, it’s coming…

  3. Better one head. Than none. How many in yours? Wanna be hung like a race horse. Haha Joke. Wtf would you DO with a BIG DICK? Strangle a Prostitute with it? About all you know how to do.
    Wtf is Sassy? Another wife? GF. Does each one have a mate? In your head of course.
    Btw Did you always have that scar on your chin? Looks like ya got bitten. By the Devil. Never noticed it before. I now have a diagram of your face. Locations of scars. Shape of nose eyes chin. Oh Ch has a fat neck.

    • Go ask Dorothy to explain things… seems she already has… and i will get to all the lies being sprad about me soon enough… you just have to be patient!

  4. Asked Kelly if Cho was why you made notes about Botox and Silicon implants. Man you never told me. You wanted to be a girl. Dorothy has a big dress for Jonathan. Hamburger Helper I think.

  5. Last night I was up until 3 a.m. Looking at pictures and artwork posted on various blogs belonging to your FAMILY. For want of a better word. One was on Ridenours’Facebook. Of a little boy.Looked like his head was swathed in bandages.Sad eyes. Was that blood running out of the corner of his eye..or a tear? I felt heartbroken for I believe that pic. Is a descriptionof how your mind percieved what happened to you at 5 years old. I want you to know. I have soo much compassion fkr that little child. I am sorry beyond words that ylu wete hurt so young. In an unsupportive enviornment. Perhaps now is the time to remember. To feel and to heal. You are far away from those days and those people who hurt you. I am praying for you. That God sees fit to forgive you for acts committed by entities that have taken over..robbed your mind. While you were so vulnerable. It also dawned on me. That if you were 5 at the time that you were hit with the record. It was 1959. The same year I was only 4. When I fell off of a bicycle being ridden by my sister Virginia. Qukte a fall. Closed head injury. Puking dizzy puked on the doctirs white shirt. Sent to the hospital overnight. Maybe that was what brought our spirits together. Aug.of 59. You can joke about this call me a crackhead. If that is what you feel a need to do. But… my opinion only. YOU NEED TO HEAL. I am willing to help you to heal. I have the experience as I have healed. Traveled waters. Laugh if you want. “EVERYBODY LOVES A CLOWN” Another great oldie. My best and Godspeed to your healing. You have to WANT help. You are correct.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Not fucking off. Your choice of what you choose to believe. I have that precious authenticity card right in MY pocket.
        What is the problem with my having lunch with Dorothy? Did that bring back forgotten past too? When WE met for lunch almost every day at Georges Teddys or Petes’Lunch.As Brian called it. He loved that buttered toast. Didn’t he?
        Your defenses are no longer the right tool today. You are running off the strong, the streadfast, the loyal ones. The people who stood by you. Only because they loved and they cared about you.
        The one who would say to an enemy.”Fuck Off! If they so much as tried to buy or sway my loyalty to you.
        Please you are not offending ME. By your words. Talk is very cheap.
        Words no longer hurt ME. I know my truth.
        What your words reveal to me. Is YOUR pain.
        Pain that after all the harm you have caused. That harm has made me who I am today.
        Strong enough to carry and heal my own wounds.
        Strong enough to offer both support and encouragement. Not from niaveity or stupidity. From a much higher place.
        You are lashing out. Like a wounded animal lying in the road does. Bites the guy who picks him up. Takes him out of harms way. Gets him Medical Care. With understanding of where that primitive bite came from.
        So lash out. BITE ME. You won’t hurt me anymore. Risen above the experience of misdirected anger.aka Evolved into a better me.
        God Bless and heal you in the name of Jesus Christ. Your savior. Who gave his life for sinners.
        Lighting a candle for you right now. Sprinkling it with some blessed Healing Oil. By a Special Catholic Priest Father Joe Whalen.
        Archangel St.Rapheal Holy Healing oil.
        My last few drops burned for your healing.
        Good day.

  6. You love that candle that I lit for you. One of the few things you get these days. Without strings.Given from a pure heart, a peaceful Soul. No agenda but to spread healing and good will.
    The best things in life are still FREE.

    Stay away from evil doers.

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