Dorothy Propaganda Part 1

Well I guess the break is over. Nancy just can’t stay off the comments. And I couldn’t let the “lunch with Dorothy” comment go, I wanted to know if it was true. I had almost hoped it was, because that would solidify these 2 crazies as a team. So went to my FB with it, making sure Dorothy would see it. And she did:

DPH nacncy lunch zw

What? Nancy lied? Tell me it isn’t true?

dph zw n1

So Dorothy and Nancy did not have lunch together and they are not “buddies”. So that’s out-of-the-way.

Now on to the Richie thing. I’m pretty sure I covered the whole name thing. No matter what you think my name is, or whose name I’m pretending to be, just call me zero. You all claim to know my identity (which I gave away The Stranger a long time ago, so I never was hiding who I was) though some of you say it isn’t really who I am. Who cares? The truth is I am nobody involved in this case or any other. I have no connections to New York or any one there. I am who I say I am, and every time one of you try to dig something up on me, it’s what I already told you, or it’s an all out lie.

But this is where Dorothy and the others keep messing up. You say I’m Richie (man, you really shouldn’t call me Richie, I’ll never call you now, lol) and I need to stay out of it or do better investigating, lol, that cracks me up, sorry. Then you want to connect me to people like Figat of Wolff or even Brewer…

I mean the whole Facebook conversation goes back and forth from Dorothy accusing me of things:

DPH zw sex parties at OB

To trying to school me on the criminals she is after:

DPH zw n14

Although she said she had to go, and I said bye a few times… she just went on and on. But I learned something as she did:

dph zw n3

DPH Capture

dph capture2

DPH zw n5

dph zw n6b

DPH zw n10

dph zw n11

dph zw n12

DPH zw n13

As you see, I ask her why she still uses her ex husband last name (her first husband’s last name, not the second) and all she does is go on with propaganda about where he grew up and went to school etc…etc. What a nut! But the important stuff was about this Margaret and her husband Alan. Here’s the article she posted, which has all the info she threw out there like she was exposing some sort of secret:

I don’t know this Al guy, but I do know someone who has brought up his name… remember when Nan Nan wrote this:

“Also that Cho Bitch and her dorky husband”

It’s from the comment highlighted in the post Crack Head Nan Nan

She had also made this comment:

nancy chow

So thanks for clearing up Crack Head Nan Nan’s babel, Dorothy. I knew you could. Problem is, I still don’t know these people… just someone else you connected to this big ol’ dopey game of connect the dots that don’t connect. But hey, keep it up, I love it! And Nan Nan, you keep getting all this false info from your buddy Dorothy, who won’t even meet you for lunch. She is clearing everything up for you, that good buddy of yours, Dorothy. Oh yea, she says you two ain’t buddies. Maybe you need to finally realize that Nan Nan. I really don’t care either way. You both continue to spread lies over the internet, so Game On!

Those of you who do not have Dorothy blocked on Facebook can click on ZW’s Facebook link on the right and read the whole thing (as long as DPH doesn’t pull her part of the conversation, like she usually does).

This was just one of the threads Dorothy was part of today on ZW’s FB. She also started a weird thread and then went off with a whole naming of names… but we’ll get to that in Part 2. I’ll leave you with one more set of comments from these “Nancy/Dorothy Lunch Comments”:

DPH zw n9

Oh Dorothy, I’m in no one’s way, except maybe yours…






25 thoughts on “Dorothy Propaganda Part 1

  1. Oh yes. That head of Cacosphony lol. Reeks of Mike Figat. Right down to the replica of The Disney Dolls. Never quite understood why Mike lived those doll at Disney World. They were cute but thats it. NOW I get it I think. All those dolls.All different looking.Male female,young old Asian,black,Dutch etc.Twirling and spinning round and round. Who  would have thought..not I. That that Dolls exhibit. Was familiar to what my poor hubby had going on inside of his head. All those different people. It is truly sad that he did not share this with me. Maybe I could have found him help. Maybe he has seizures from brain injury. Quite common.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

  2. YIKES!! Collects mumified remains.Holy Shit.Body parts. Direct link to Gilgo Long Island bodies found. Missing body parts. More dots for you Dorothy.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

  3. BTW I just happened to be browsing The Burning Man 1999. Remember 1999? Anyway A new twist jumped out at me. Wtf it was YOUR nude ass legs. But..they were on Walt Disney…or was that also YOU. Lie all you guys want to. I know who owns what pair of legs..hahaha. Got those bumps and the knee injury from H.S. Was it Soccor or football? Whatever I have my eye on it. You once said to me that Andrea told you. “Man makes plans…, God laughs” Has she seen these? Is she part of your weirdo jester socophony Society too.? If she is in the dark. She wont be laughing for long. Drop your drawers on the internet…and you say I am CRAZY? Why thank you.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

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