Dorothy Propaganda Part 2

So Dorothy is now searching west coast connections to her gigantic crime ring that includes everyone but her, Nan Nan, MM7, and possibly Joey S. Jr. And she’s feeding these things to Nancy who is so delusional, that the lies and games Dorothy is feeding Nancy is almost criminal themselves. But I’m not gonna start calling people criminals. Liars on the other hand… yea quite a few of those who find themselves in one of my posts is because they like to tell tales, misrepresent the truth, and straight out lie. But Nancy wasn’t using the feed info correctly, so Dorothy cleared it all up in some posts on Zero’s World’s Facebook. So let’s see some more of those “West Coast Connections”  Dorothy has come up with:

DPH zw5

dph zw5a

dph zw5b

As I have already said, I do not know Al Ridnour, and the same goes for Jim Earl. I don’t know how or why you are coming up with some of these names, but keep on connecting those unconnected dots. You connect me to people in New York, which I keep saying I have not been since I was in 3rd grade and I have no connections to anyone there. And as for these new California people, never heard of them till YOU, Dorothy and your lap dog, Nancy, brought them up. Who are they? I’m guessing, people Dorothy found with her Google turrets.

Let’s read on to the comments Dorothy left on this post:

DPH zw5c

DPH zw5d

dph zw5e

DPH zw5f

DPH zw5g

dph zw5h

Dorothy sure can tell a story (well she weaves some of Joey’s story in with hers, that’s how they all do it, right Ladies?). But none of this Dorothy propaganda leads any where except in circles, and as I said long ago, nobody who isn’t crazy listens to any of these stories. LE, media, and any one else who matter stay away like the plague. Me… I don’t matter… I keep explaining that right? So keep it coming crazies!



9 thoughts on “Dorothy Propaganda Part 2

  1. hold up brotha, clarification needed…Are you and DPH BFFs?? doesn’t she have a friend in the entire universe but you, who she claims to depise?? Why doesnt she comment ANYWHERE else?? Are you punkin us?? Im all messed up?? Mommy, is that u?? WTF??

  2. Hey. Zero I just want to know if the candle worked yet? Are you healed? Many testimonies swear by this Father Raphael.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • I’m kinda bored with all this… the Lake City Quiet Pills was much more interesting then you and dorothy’s delusions. I’d make those next comments good if you want me to continue… heh heh heh

  3. Here’s the site to read. Crime Library- What makes Serial Killers Tick. Shut up. Read this. Explains it all. The Amnesia,uncontrolled agression,predatory,intermitant explosive disorder. Temporal lobe Epilepsy. There is your answer. In a nutshell. That is WHY you do the things you do. Disinhibition lack of control. Give me a problem. I will search until I find the answer. I can only accept what I am able to understand.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • “I can only accept what I am able to understand.”
      That says it all.
      Last one? good.
      There are a couple new Flukeyou comments from a couple days ago… the same old Joey “sound bites” nothing new. I’ll put them through… but first i want to address these 3 that just wont go away… starting now, post when done.

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