13 thoughts on “In The Meantime

      • Everybody loves a Clown….Guess you’re wondering why This CLOWN is Crying take a look around..sigh on sighing. So sure I did the right thing . Don’ t have to slide closet doors that have been punched by fists of rage . Two year olds rage in a 60 year old body. Tantrums. Perhaps another candle is needed. To rid you of the Demons within.

    • yes, here watch this little clip… http://youtu.be/N2zUR8K3ITA
      And this year is gonna be epic (I say that every year, but i’m always right, lol) I know vegas is far from New York. But if you or TCTH made it out here in October, i’d make sure you had the time of your lives. Also, and this is very secret information, but I’m in the know about some of the BIG surprises planned for this season, and let’s just say, you might not have to travel so far to get a taste of Fright Dome this year!

      • Looks crazy good Z man!! You look awesome!! That guy from the Rob Zombie movie has always been a creepy, bugged out out favorite of mine 🙂

      • thanks… The Stranger was made in honor of a few characters… Otis B. Driftwood is the main one! (that’s the guy from the Rob Zombie Movies, lol) There are a few others, and i will be getting into the Stranger very soon… as well as Fright Dome! Those of you who read Zero’s World on Facebook might already know this, sincce i just posted a new article about how we are expanding this year… Hong Kong is the big news… but for me, and some of ypou as well, the news that we are also moving to BOSTON is just as big… yes more on all that later.

  1. Are you tryin to say Eminem is playin jason in NYC?? ZERO, i KNEW you could do it!! lol.. Look TCTH, im headed west..i AM…you best get to know me, cause im dyin to scoop you up 🙂 You come highly recommended!!

    I mean this in no creepy, stalking or mentally ill way 🙂

    and if I never meet you, its been ENTIRELY worth the trip, and my privilege!!

  2. The West has been calling me my whole darn life..Carpe Diem !!!! With an awesome haunted attraction no less?? I mustve died and went to heaven!!!

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