Will The Real Zero Please Stand Up

After writing that first Dorothy Propaganda post… I realized Dorothy had made some more posts on the Zero’s World Facebook. If you went to read there today, you probably saw them too. But since I have a feeling they will be disappearing soon, (plus most of you can’t see her FB posts, I covered that enough right?)  here they are:

DPH zw linda1

DPH zw linda2

Linda is who she says she is. Others besides me could vouch for her if needed, but it’s not needed here. She is who she says she is. Just ask your old friend Jen. As for the language, that’s something I will be addressing later. Some of you constantly complain about the language, but have no problem saying some fucked up things yourselves. But as I said, I’ll get to that later, it deserves its own post. Back to DPH’s assault on ZW’s FB:

DPH love

DPH praying for me

I love her comment there. Can never get enough people praying for you, especially when I have so much anger.  But then she posted something that contradicted something she already wrote (I say that like it never happens…lol):

DPH lunch

I just asked you if you, Dorothy had had lunch with Nancy like she said you did. Remember?

DPH nacncy lunch zw

If you had said yes, I’d have no reason not to believe it happened. I think you 2 should do lunch together! But you said no, and now you sound like, “maybe we did”. Lies always lead to contradictions… IMO.

So then she questions me and my motives, once again:

DPH zw role

DPH ps1

DPH ps2


dph ps3

DPH ps4

DPH ps5

DPH ps6

I could hit hard here and ask if your life was so good, Dorothy why’d your real parents give you up? Or how bout what happened to you sisters? Hell, your whole life is a sob story after another… but let’s just say, you life is and has always been golden, most places have bad things happen in them… turn on the news, my point was, not everyone who grow up in hard times becomes an evil master mind criminal. If you disagree Dorothy, well who cares, won’t make you right.

Now as for all the questions about me… my identity is not important, so stop chasing it. Whether I’m Richie, Alan, Jim, Stu, or any one else you have dug up and anyone you WILL dig up on the internet, it doesn’t really matter… I have no role in any murders or conspiracy. I have no connections to anyone in New York or Florida for that matter. I am not gonna be phased by lies you come up with or stories you spin. Why? Because it’s not the truth you say I should demand. Just lies and stories.

But Dorothy did post something on SMG’s Memory FB today, that I do agree with:

DPH sg fb oath2

Although it was a cheap shot to drop another name, I x’d it out even though it’s out there on FB, because I still have not talked to the creator of LISK.com and might want to some day, no need to piss them off, lol. The comment she uses from the site is a good one though, and like I said, I agree with it! But Dorothy, you do realize, you are one of those people who claims to know what happened, you and your “buddies”.

16 thoughts on “Will The Real Zero Please Stand Up

  1. Wow, and I thought i comment too much. Im not gonna bother to point out DPH just cant keep her own lies straight. She become a desperate contradiction. maybe a compilation one day. maybe not..lol

    All the questions to you about “why dont YOU do this or that”…Why dont she?? Yes, start you very own blog, like CHNN. What an attention whore…She likes you Zman!! Smitten, rather, obsessed. Normally dont you just ignore people you dont care for?? Yeah..Just oozes with grandiosity, full of herself, rather, full of shit.

    When I am i gonna see a quote by ANYONE on her team besides crackhead NAN? Dopey name dropper…every name and bit of info she has, came from someone else’s research. Not only that, its all such OLD info…Duh

    As far as this ‘perfect’ life crap, you dont have to be a genius to know its all a fantasy. She’s a lonely, damaged woman, who clearly needs to invent a life, as well as meaning and importance to it. Sick, sad for the kids.

    Bad language??!! what the FUCK?? Hee….every word she spits are disgusting, offensive, hurtful, MIS -TRUTHS..she’s been talking about me for years, and I had NO CLUE SHE EXISTED, thanks Jen, whoops I mean ps149 #3. Wonder what message she was trying to convey by posting my dads obituary?? sweet girl?? I find it threatening, distasteful and evil. He was all I had. The cops agree. Jealous. thats why she keeps calling me a man as well. MUAH 🙂 Yeah, wonder why she felt the need to list all the childrens first and last names in my family, mainly women now?? During a serial killer investigation…Yes, vile indeed, and the MISS FUCK YOU of the year..Congrats…Scary person man, not a loving kind bone in her body..EVIL

    Get Sassy on Zeros FB!! Watch Dorothy run!! Oh yeah, she blocked a smart, sexy, strong woman…Stick with Crackheads…BTW LI is a sewer of crime, aint that where she lives?? I mean the house in in forecloser, but im not gonna split hairs…

    I really dont have to tell you guys, this angry shady side of me is mostly a persona, RIGHT?? Im a pussycat if I like you…hee


  2. Dorothy you are sooo right about the D.I.D. behaviors. Mike Figat would go from.”Let’s go out to dinner. Maybe spend the wknd in the Poconos blahblahblah Sweet nothings cause that’s what they were nothings. Then The Stranger Came Out. Like a Sleeping Beast. Beastlike eyes turned yellow. They glowed in the dark. Lunged at me too. While I was in bed in the kitchen. You never forget the trauma memories. Then he would make this real beastly G   R  O  W E L. Like a beastly inhuman Demonlike growl. Fire like breath. Grabbed me by my neck (like he knew what he was doing from practice). Bellowed at me. “I’ll Fucking Kill You”. THE PRIMAL RAGE. LIKE A MONSTER COMES OUT. I don’t even know what brought the killer out those three maybe four times. The punching of the doorframes on our closets. Yikes! We never had closets that had doors that slid the way they should slide. Always off the tracks. Creepy reminder of the Stranger that lurks. Everyday when I would go to slide the closet door. Ugh! Never would I tolerate that shit again. Now Kelly has her OWN Monster.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • how come so many of you are so taken by these monsters? says a lot more about the little group of ex wives club here than the ex husbands you all continue to obsesse over, right? but go on, keep connecting the dots… the world is waiting… well zero’s world atleast.

      • Notice how CHNN’s hubby sounds more like Chris W with each new comment?? Yes, TAKE NOTE peeps …..

    • Hey crackhead Nan and DPH, have either of you researched how TRULY RARE D.I.D is?? Nah, that would be too freakin easy..much better to believe BOTH your ex’s have this disorder, and are involved in LISK..RIGHT?? RIGHT!
      dopey, bitter stalkers!!!
      No wonder LE laughs at you…kinda..

  3. Before I do anything else. I have to tell you that I found your godzilla blog this morning. Wow Bob Wow. That picture of the little boy w the green face sad eyes. Sweet little face. About 5 yrs old. Your sunconscious it knows exactly what has to be addressed. The pic it even has a keyhole. That unlocks the answer. The exact location,size everything right there. Even the Demon in the background. What I think? There very well may be particles left behind in your head long ago. That Dr.Muth did not get out. Modern catscans etc ultrasound etc. You were not hospitalized or followed up afterwards. That was some severe injury. I did not know the exact size of it. That the record sliced into your forehead penetrating frontal lobes. Possibly severing the two left and right hemisphers in your brain. Causing difficulty in follow through in some areas. They usually work together left and right. Are you even aware that a lot of what you experience. Time loss. Unaware of things you have done. Could be related directly to Seizures? Including the uncontrolable rage episodes. May be resulting from seizures you are unaware of. You absolutely MUST go to the very best Neurologist today if possible. Get that checked out. You are in extreme danger with this. Your subconcious it knows the whole deal. Put the key in that keyhole right where it is located. Lies the problem. To s new man. A new life. Unless you like Demons,misery and confusion. The rest is up to you. Do you want me to find a Neurologist? Google search. Maybe NYC. Has to be done. The message clear asva bell. Get going. Don’t be a DOPE. See that. Candle worked found the answer to healing.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • When I first read this, I went looking at blogs about Godzilla to see if i could make any sense of the nan nan babel (I know, i’m a dork) I didn’t find anythging like she described here, and of course have no idea what she is going on about. On a side note though, I did see the new Godzilla Movie and it was really good, I plan to blog about it if i get the chance.

      • THIS is NOT NAN writing..doesn’t know the difference between a frontal lobe or a Depends..trust me Z!! DPH is obsessed with you..Trust

      • Damnit!! the guy I buy bootleg CD’s from didn’t have Godzilla, but said he heard it sucked!!

      • I like everything…lol. I liked the other Godzilla movie though i know deep down it was crap. I also feel movies like this need the big screen or they loose translation. I did not think Jurasic Park was that great when i frist saw it. but that’s cause i saw it on a 32 inch tv screen. You need the size of it in front of you. And since we were late to the screening of the new Godzilla movie we had to sit in the front row. So Godzilla was huge. lol. I will write a short p[ost about it soon… gotta finish with the 3 headed beast first.

    • Wow Crack head Nan, Dorothy got u all fucked up..hee..And Dorothy, your PATHETIC attempt to ‘write’ like nan really shows your desperation..and DETERIORATION..get help before something bad happens..Your delusions can’t leave much time for conscience parenting, let alone work..sad creature you are!

      see you on the dark side of the moon..


  4. doesn’t like the language? fuck you evil cunt, go suck joes dick. hee hee.

    Dorothy, you are very clearly out of your fucking mind. seek help, commit yourself, its your only hope.

    holy shit zero!

    linda, im so very sorry for the loss of your father,sincerely. Dorothy’s post was below the belt. but karma…..it will get her. and I “pray” someone is taking all this to whatever custody hearings there may be. she is fucking zonkers!

    CHNN is just a toad. a croaking toad.

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