Good Morning!


Wow, 9 days without a post. I had mixed emotions the whole time. The break was like a breath of fresh air, though everyday I wanted to post about something. But hey, 9 days without any word from the big bad zero and we all survived. I knew we could do it! Maybe some of you don’t need me no more.

Ah, well I’m back anyway and  I’m nice and refreshed from the little break too!

I’m sure some of you are glad to see me back and others just wish I’d stay away.

That ain’t happening!

So just push play and let’s get this day started!





18 thoughts on “Good Morning!

    • so here’s the thing on the crack head stuff… I was reading some of Nancy’s comments to my wife and she said I needed to post a clip from crack head bob on the Stern Show (whole family of stern fans here) in response to nancy’s comments, because to her, that’s what they reminded her of. I emediately said “Crack Head Nan Nan”… and knew I had to make the post. I still like Nan Nan the Hun which played on the whole Hon/Hun thing… but Crack Head Nan Nan just seemed to fit beter. Plus any chance i get to put Howard Stern in the tags and pull in some readers is a plus!

  1. Justin Canning, 20, who lives in the area, also recalled the last time he saw the woman.

    “That was the last time she was seen. We saw her footprints in the sand. She was in a panic. We thought she was on drugs.”

  2. “We hope that she is still alive. But it has also brought up this whole investigation which I think, in my opinion, has been happening for years now, and might not have been ever looked into,” Karen Gambino said.

  3. The last reported sighting of Gilbert was closer to the inlet near the home of another neighbor, Barbara Brennan, who called police at 5:22 a.m. Police came within 10 minutes of the call, but could not find her

    • wait now flukey baby. first you say Justin canning was the last to see her “enter the marsh” now you are saying that Barbara brennan was the last sighting…you can’t even keep your lies straight.

      and im not tom canning…so find another dead horse to beat

      • If you put all the comments from Fluke recently together it seems like Joey is trying to say Justin is Fluke’s inside info, remember, a son of a neighbor who was at the party. But then Fluke changes his story a lot to include the cannings in any way. Been on them lately more than The Doc, so it all comes off as made up BS. And those who actually listened to him or Dorothy at some point get what they get. But anyone still listening to these sad made up stories and helping to spread them as fact… well, everyone keeps telling all of you, you will reap… and you will… just go ask that mystery mom who high tailed it out of here. I was pretty sure she once wrote she would stand by her “joey agenda” blog. we all know how that ended up. well I do at least. If Fluke, Dorothy, and Nan Nan could come up with one brain between the 3, they would see, that it’s best to just stop and shhh now. But if not, I have plenty of ideas running around in my head on where to go with this 3-headed beast. Still I stongly suggest they follow suit with all the other crazies.

      • TCTH, its brings me joy however, picturing Joe trying to figure you out all these years..

  4. At best, these are sound bites taken out of context (although even by themselves prove nothing??!)…good lordy the stupidity!! No wonder only a scant few ignoramuses buy this hit…ughhh!

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