Soda No More

Click Here or on the link above to vote for your favorite discontinued soda!

When I clicked on it this morning there was a three-way tie for first between Mr. Pibb, Jolt, and Ecto Cooler. I broke the tie, voting for Ecto Cooler putting it in the lead. It wasn’t an easy vote since I have fond memories of both Jolt Cola and Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler. Plus is Ecto Cooler even a soda?

I didn’t create  the poll, just participating in it, so I will not question the choices used in the list of discontinued drinks. And what a list it is, from the few diffent Slice creations (I remeber them all) to the different flavors Coke and Pepsi has experimented with, all the soda/drinks you miss and some you probably don’t even know about… Super Mario Bros. and Flintstones Sodas?!?

Some of these I really miss… like New York Seltzer or Clearly Canadian. Others I don’t miss at all. Like the little candy ball filled Orbitz. When they first came out I bought each flavor. Not very good. They had little candy b b’s in them. Kinda gross. But I kept a few unopened bottles because they looked neat, like a poor man’s lava lamp with all them colored balls floating around in them. I actually had these bottles for years, but the candy balls devolved over time and they lost their charm in the muddied mess they became.

Still there are some cool drinks in this list, from Moxie to Surge, so go vote for your favorite discontinued sodas, as I said, I voted for that bright green Hi-C mix of nostalgia and ecto plasma, it is the one I truly miss from the list.

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