MM7’s Reaction

And more posts on ZW’s FB from Mysterymom7 or CK without the B as I now call her. The more they post stuff on my FB or send emails or IMs and PMs telling me what I can and can not blog about only makes these posts go on explaining what I’m going through… how can she not have learned that by now. I was happy with my nonsense debates with Nancy. Geez… when will some of you get that you are somewhat in charge of what I blog about.

So here’s the lattest from Cristin:

ckb c&d

CKB LS threat

She truly goes through life thinking it doesn’t matter what she says and does, only what others say a do, an opinion of course, but one with lots to back it up. It’s kind of crazy that these nuts all hooked up, I mean they all seem to feel that way… everyone around them is wrong for what they say and do… but they can’t see their problems… their drama… their gossip… is directly related to what they say and do.

Look I have many other things I can be blogging about… how many posts do you want me to go on about this?

Share And Share Alike

I wanted to get to that post I am working on dealing with FOTM blog moving on to Nancy’s epic bed time story that Dorothy so encouraged her to tell, but I had to go and hit “SHARE” on a few Facebook postings and now I’m getting threats from Florida agin.

Let me point out 2 things. First, Facebook has a “SHARE” button so other people can “share” your posts. If you don’t want others to share it, there are ways to set it up so they can’t. Or you can just not post anything you don’t want others to see or share… I know everyone thinks they each have a personal internet and everything they put out there belongs to them. But in reality, the whole internet is set up to share what you put out there with EVERYONE… again one of the main points of all my blogs.

Second, the other day when I decided to “Share” some of the stuff people I have encountered on this blog, I “shared”  quite a few people’s post. Nancy’s, Jen’s a whole bunch of those racist assholes from the “White Pride” Facebook page, even something from Sussie S… and MM7 was the only one who decided to comment on them… and lots of comments. You saw some of them in the 2 posts before this one… here’s the others:


ckb zw fb0 blog

ckb zw fb rachel1

ckb zw fb rachel2

As you can see, my wife got sick of seeing crazy women attack her husband and got into the conversation. (go to ZW’s FB to see the whole exchange, but if you are gonna read there please LIKE it! I have to get to my next FB goal 100 likes! lol)

Cristin had a little more to write:

ckb zw fb3

Wow, do I really need to address any of this again? Good luck with my mess? Not my mess, but yes I have become the center of all your messes… better me then people going through hardships in life that don’t need all you nut cases commenting and emailing about them. I am the villain. Yes we covered all that.

I think you can all go back and see where I say many times I don’t think there was some big conspiracy… just a bunch of busy body crazies with a lot of problems in their own lives, most with severe relationship problems, who got together to “HELP” with real open murder cases. They all quickly became the victims of the case, either their ex husbands were the killer or the killer was stalking them for their internet sleuthing.

My opinion of course, but most people out there have agreed with it. Well everyone but Joey, Dorothy, Cristin, Jen, and Nancy. They still insist what they know is truth no matter how many times it is shown to be lies, they insist that everyone who disagrees with them is trying to misrepresent the truth even though most of us are just saying we don’t buy their crap, I have never said I have any idea who (if anyone) involved in the blogs, sites, and general chatter was a killer or stalker or a victim of childhood molestation. I’ve mainly just put out what I have read… and I think I covered everything with where I read it. But I’m really tired of explaining myself or defending this blog. It’s not going anywhere.

I don’t mind threats of lawsuits… but seriously, you need to look into it. Your emails, FB comments, etc. are not private, and if you email me or post something on my FB, I can do with it what I want. But again, I only use the ones that apply. I’m not posting every email or FB comment… lol. Just those that need to be focused on. Damn it, I need to stop writing these explanations and apologies…

Cristin, your blog and emails are the whole reason I got involved with this… you worked with Dorothy… you said that time and time again, so to deny it now is just another lie among all the other lies linked to Dorothy. I never looked into anyone’s personal info, I said it was not what my blogs were about… I just wanted to know who was behind what comments on the blogs… people volunteered tons of personal stuff, and people like you, Dorothy, and Nancy, have no problem putting all your personal stuff out there. Again though, I did not do background checks or try to get dirt on anyone… just tried to figure out what I was reading, what was real and what was being manipulated.

But you Cristin and your buddy Cara…(is that a no-no?) decided to look up my personal info… then you used it to constantly threaten to sue me, your friend called me and let me know that info was gonna be used to mess with me, but she talked you out of it… don’t worry I have proof to back this all up. Hell, you even half way admitted it, though she says she talked you out of it and you say you were only thinking about it, never planned to go through with it. Which is true? Because she insisted it was her that stopped my info from being misused, it was one of the main reasons she called me. She made it sound like if she hadn’t been there to talk you out of it you would have put up fake stuff about me and the hooror movie industry (funny, because that’s exactly what Dorothy did with my info once she got it). I told you buddy Cara (MandamusSeven, for those who don’t know, which I’m guessing is almost all of you, because I was nicer with people’s identities then they were with mine.) that I wished she’d hadn’t talked you out of spreading lies about me (again, the same type of lies Dorothy would eventually spread… go figure) that I was fine with people making things up about me… I don’t need to make anything up, everything I wrote about was from what was written on the internet for everyone to see.

So you and you buddy got my info, you say to sue me, she says you were gonna use it to make fake blog about me, but all you did  was threaten me with it:

It took me 2 hours to find out your real name once I decided I was going to sue you. I had never bothered to look into you, your family, your work, your children, or anything about you until you left me no other choice. I didn’t get any info from anyone else. Since I have your real name and address, it will take a lot less time to bring a lawsuit to court. I don’t have to jump through any hoops.

You know your information could be twisted far worse than mine, and would be in the wrong hands. Sit with that feeling (and add Rachel into that feeling) like I have for the past year. You have no connection to the LISK case other than curiosity. The same as myself. You’re still sitting with your anonymity online. I’m not. You have the power to stop the name dropping, but you’re making the choice to keep it going for your own entertainment.

This is from an email Cristin sent me back in January. She says she got my info to sue me, but never does… instead she gave it to her friend who then called me to warn me, or so this friend said. Yea, courts gonna love that. Then Cristin sends out stuff like this, telling me how my info could be twisted and how I can add Rachel to that feeling as well. Yea, I got lots of stuff like this… empty threats of an even emptier lawsuit.

Again, if anyone would like to give me the name and number of their attorney, I’d love to talk to them!

NOTE: This post has been changed from it’s original form.

Welcome Back MM7… Again!

Alright, gonna get to all that nasty misleading gossip Nancy and Dorothy put out there the last couple days. It’s really quite compelling when you put it together.

But first, more reaction from the one who got this all started for me… Mysterymom7.

I know she’s probably baiting me just so I’ll mention her more often and then she can try to sue me again, but I just can’t resist the one who showed me ALL of this! Here’s her latest comments on ZW’s FB along with my answer:

CKB zw fb

All this is over a comment I recently made where I said MM7 was in the New York area. Now as I explained in my comment, no one gave me any gossip on MM7, but MM7 had been using her phone to read and comment here on occasion, and since it is a mobile device it changes its last 2 sets of numbers every time she comes on. But I watched the first 2 IP numbers closely (if this is confusing, don’t worry about it, the whole IP discussion is tired and really isn’t important any more with so many using mobile and proxy servers) Still using the Sta Counter that MM7 herself showed me how to use those first 2 IP numbers using the same mobile phone company popped up from time to time. Florida and then Massachusetts. But a few times it popped up in Bronx New York. Here’s an example of what I mean:

mm7 bronx

MM7 bronx2

I bet this brings back memories Cristin! I need to point out… the MM7 next to the IP was written by me… I enter a name next to an IP when I have made a good guess who it is. You do this mainly by connecting IPs from this counter to those who made comments on the blog. In this case there a 3 comments on my blog from Cristin with this IP:

ckb nancy

I chose this one because she was trying to warn Nan Nan about us… lmao.

This was how MM7 kept track of who was who on her old blog “Catching LISK”, and in fact it was her who kept insisting I do so on my blog. Well I did, and from what I can see it looks like MM7 was in The Bronx, New York.

Now back in the day of “Catching LISK” and “” this would have been enough for Cristin or Dorothy to have used against someone else that they claimed were stalkers and serial killers. But with mobile devices and proxy servers, IPs aren’t always traced appropriately, and because of this I never mentioned the MM7 IP that looked to be coming from the Bronx, until now.

I did however, recently, mention MM7 being in the New York area, which I thought was fair, because she was in Massachusetts by her own admission.

There did I clear up the drama?

Look if MM7 says she is back in Florida, I believe her. If she says she wasn’t in New York, that’s fine too. All I said was New York area. I really don’t care where she is.

The main point of my question was whether are not she is still in contact with any of these people… which, I’d love to believe her when she says she isn’t. But her public comments always sound like she hardly had any contact with any of these people or worked with them on things she wrote in her blog or posted on the internet… and that’s just not true and she knows it:

ckb dorthy1

This was about the whole Newman card player thing which she blames here on Dorothy, but I remember plenty of posts and comments from Cristin questioning CPH in Newman’s death and even as so far as to say CPH was posing as his dead friend playing poker… we all remember how that theory turned up right? PS149 ended all that quickly (PS149, why won’t you talk with me?!? lol). And there is so much more of these people working together. I’ve posted tons of it and have tons more to prove it. If I have to, which I guess I do. One of Cristin’s first emails to me mentioned  Dorothy, when I asked her who Dorothy was. I was confused by some of the things I was finding on DPH (the name had just recently been brought up when PS149 on had wrote that Cristin’s Fieldnotes interview was a fake and that someone had called though saying they were Dorothy Price Hill and they were the real MM7, games and BS probably done by Dorothy herself, or maybe Jen, not important to where I’m going with all this though) anyways, here’s is what Cristin first told me about Dorothy:

I’ve never heard of a political figure named Dorothy Hill, but I don’t think she’s that? Lol I have been speaking with her, though, although only one person knows that and it’s NOT Joe Scalise. So SHHHHH! lol We’re putting our heads and resources together.


Yea, they pulled their resources together alright. MM7 helped Dorothy with all her delusions… Dorothy in return helped Nancy with all hers.

How’s that. Am I gossiping, making anything up, lying? We know I’m not because it is ALL in ALL of your OWN words…

I guess it’s time for you all to start hating me again.







Gossip Blog

I guess I need to start spending some more time on this blog. So many posts are left unfinished, and so many more get added to the list in my head daily. And Nancy and Dorothy had kept me busy enough that when I do get to a post, it’s trying to make sense of their… oh, what’s the word I’m looking for… GOSSIP. There, that’s the perfect word for it… I got it from our old friend MM7 (Cristin).

Let me back track a little bit.

For a little while now, I have been struggling on whether to continue blogging about Dorothy and all the stuff that goes with her. Because it’s imposible to continue blogging about Dorothy without once again questioning everyone who was, is, or might be part of this team she always talks about. And to be honest most around her have gotten pretty quiet. No repetitive comments from Fluekeyou (Joey). And the all telling blog he promised would be here this summer, seems to not have materialized. No comments here from any of them but Nancy in a long time actually. And even Nancy has not commented lately. Jen went quiet a long time ago, at least publicly, to semi-quote her, “I don’t know WHO, she’s said WHAT to.”

But still the point is, other than Nancy and Dorothy, the rest of them have stopped making their lies and… again gonna go with MM7’s word, gossip, public. And that’s a great thing. Plus Nancy’s public comments have sunk down to just her own family and already convicted people (don’t let that go unnoticed, neat little trick, but the way it’s being used is more far fetch and unbelievable than any hollywood movie) so other than entertainment, (the same way the Titanic is entertaining) her stuff is harmless (unless your last name happens to be Figat).

So that leaves Dorothy with her comments on SG’s FB page:

And yes, they are lies and are hurtful to those she mentions and the actual cases she implicates in them, but if anyone reading there buys her crap… well they need to do some more googling. The good thing is she has stopped posting there as much. The even better news is most people have blocked Dorothy on Facebook. Still once again you have to wonder about her friends and family that see her numerous Facebook posts over the years and still not try to get her help. At the very least they should do it for her children.

Yes… more gossipy stuff. All Dorothy’s and Nancy’s though… I just read what they wrote.

So you see, as many times before now, what to blog about has been in balance here and the blog was getting left behind with no decisions to be made.

I kept saying I was going to just keep blogging about what ever I wanted in true “Zero’s World” style, but really I was letting a lot wait around and some things get totally left behind (like the Illuminati/Anonymous post, which is now a little out dated). And it was mainly due to not knowing how to continue with LISK related stuff and more so Dorothy’s Team.

But looking over everyone’s social media the other day made me realize just how RIGHT I have been about those I mentioned in this blog. From Nancy to Racist Willy (who recently made a post on his FB saying in all honesty he was a racist, which makes all my posts about him not only accurate, but also necessary) and everyone in between, they are what they are, and my opinion on them continues to hold up. I’m sure they think the same about me, which is why I must continue… I have to get it all out there to further defend my opinions.

Ok that’s crap, well not totally, it’s shtick, satire. Truth is I can give a shit less what most people think about my opinions… I continue for lots  of reasons… and I think I’ve covered all of that before.

So to get back to the gossip comment MM7 left today and move on to many, many more posts. Let’s look at one of the things I found trolling social media… if you follow ZW’s FB you already seen this, and all the others I shared on there the other day.

Anyways, one of the many things I shared, (by shared, I mean hit the “SHARE’ Button on it, after all that’s what that “SHARE” button is for) was from  MM7’s FB:

mm7 meme

Very appropriate, I thought. MM7 did as well and left a comment:

mm7 zw fb

Now fine, my blog is a gossip blog, but as I explained above, whose fault is that? MM7, Jen, Dorothy, and Joey are the reasons so much gossip was out there for me to read. Then we have the queen of gossip, Nancy, giving me so much more to read. And if I read it, it becomes part of my world and therefore could end up in a post. Perfectly clear, yes? Anyone who reads here but Nancy has come to understand that, right?

But I don’t drop MM7’s name (in fact I very rarely use Cristin at all, she uses it now so therefore I guess it’s alright, as many of you have read, I prefer to be called zero out here on the internet, just because that is the name I chose for the internet and that’s the name I use on the internet, since she created MM7, I try to use it, but again, she killed that screen name and now uses Cristin so maybe me still using MM7 only adds to confusion… but it is also easier to type, so… STOP RAMBLING THE PARENTHESES!) Sorry about that, where was I, oh yea, I don’t bring up MM7 too much and when I do it’s usually to point out she worked with Joey, Dorothy, and Jen on all this. This is not gossip, its FACT (remember that?), it happened. I can never be sure who is still working together, but they did work together and is the reason it’s still going on. I said it before and I’ll say it again…  if my blogs didn’t come around, most of this would still be going on, and even if I now stopped blogging about it, things would start to pop up in places again. They do now.

Cristin’s comment seems to show that she still doesn’t see that. I’m not the bad guy. I’m not the gossip monger. I’m just someone who is reading it and doing something with it all. And I do mean ALL of it, not just Dorothy and Joey’s side like Cristin did when she created her own gossip blog, “Catching LISK”,  not so long ago.

So back to the gossip. OPG that is (other people’s gossip, in case Nan Nan couldn’t figure it out) but if all you get out of my blog is OPG, then you are not reading it all. And if you are one of the delusionals that thinks this is my gossip, I leave you this other post I shared on FB the other day. This one was from Jen’s FB:

jen meme



Before I get into what I hope will be a long, blog friendship with those over at fellowship of the minds, I need to address something. Many people seem to think I’m a narcissist. Let’s take a look at what that means:

Yes, I do stop and admire myself in the clear pools of water whenever I can… what can I say, I like myself. But narcissism and what some people call alpha male personalities… while have their use in psychology, let’s not get things to confused here. These types of qualities are in us all… it’s what gave human beings the drive to survive… yes compulsions was once a good thing. If man wasn’t always thinking about sex, we probably wouldn’t have made it. (I know, I’m pissing off the Bible thumpers, but hey, God could have put the narcissistic will to survive in us, so you can still have your beliefs)

Still…  life has evolved and we need to as well… but the need to like or in my case love yourself is STILL not a bad thing. And let’s be honest, just about everyone I deal with here on this blog is quite the narcissist themselves.

It’s actually a very good thing. In this world to many people don’t like themselves and others take advantage of that. I’d rather be a narcissist, than suffer from low self-esteem. And I’d could never be someone who takes advantage of those with weak self images…  there’s your true bad guys.

Nope I’m just a guy who thinks he’s pretty cool.

And if you hate me for that… maybe your jealous… or maybe you are just upset that your own narcissistic ass can’t take advantage of me.

Pulling Back The Curtain (For Just A Moment)

So I have been playing the Shtick pretty hard lately, just call me Benji Bronk!

Let’s pull that curtain back for a minute and take a breath.

I was pretty certain Nancy would not know how to get back to her Rip Off Post from over a month ago. So I thought I’d play a little with it. The threats of bad things coming, was sort of joke. see the bad things are coming for some of you whether or not Nancy removed the Rip Off Post, in fact those bad things are coming for you whether or not I blog or not. Karma, reaping, sowing… those of you at the core of all the BS and games… yea, it’s coming for you, and it’s all bad. Of course I do plan on helping in any way… you’ve all motivated me in that direction, so you know that already.

Dorothy, you nut you. Still posting stuff about me and this blog on the SG FB. “Zero’s attacking everyone.” LMAO! And I mean that, LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! And you keep sending Nancy here to post for you ’cause you are too scared to post here anymore (again, I want to point out, I have blocked no one from commenting on this blog). I mean she left so many posts over the last few days and I see you 2 chatting it up on her FB, you telling her how brave she is… whata bitch you are. I really want to say witch and keep the whole “Oz” theme going, but really, you are a bitch. The cuntiest of cunts… I know, harsh, and only helps them with their “zero hates women” rants, but I mean it Dorothy, you are a stupid cunt. (Damn am I asking to be reported or what?) I put stupid in bold, because you are just so damn stupid. I was just about to go off on you so-called enemy Jen. She had really irked me commenting and PMing me on Websleuths saying I can’t use anything she says there, here (which I don’t need to, I have plenty of correspondence with Jen that has nothing to do with Websleuths). Point is you and nancy could have shut up for a moment and let me expose Jen and her games, but you are so fixated on me, you can’t shut up about me. But don’t worry, I’m now looking into you and Jens relationship even closer… so there is bound to be more about both of you in posta to come.

Nancy… you can’t even find your way off a post… like some kind of blog tweaker… you get stuck! I waited and waited for you find a new post and continue, but I see you found your way to another blog instead… more about that in the next post. Nancy, I know Dorothy got you to put my brother’s name up on the internet, I’m sure you don’t have a clue to how fucked up that is, and I will hold Dorothy primarily responsible, but you can not get a pass just because you are touched in the head more that the average crazy here. You let Dorothy leed you around like a dog, which is why I posted that picture of Dorothy holding you as ToTo. You do her biding even though you claim she is in cahoots with your ex husband. Who you claim manipulated and used you quite a bit, so why you would (in your head at least, cause I’m still not convinced he has anything to do with this, but not the point here) continue to let him manipulate you and lead you around like a dog? You may think you are a good person, who has been hurt by those around you… but there’s nothing good about you, you trash your kids and their father all over the internet, you leach on to people’s blogs just to have some company and feel someone is still thinking about you. As sad as it is, I can have no sympathy for you.

Look, nobody is buying this whole, “Zero is attacking people who know the truth about LISK”. Joey, Cristin, Nancy, Jen, Dorothy… you have all worked together at some point, passing around misinformation to each other playing a really messed up game with other people’s tragedies. I said this, I’ve shown this, and if I need to, I can continue showing it. But no where, NO WHERE can you connect me to any of it, other than in your delusions that each of you fed into. Keep trying though… it’s all the motivation I need.

Oh, and don’t think I haven’t notice all the weird “Friend Requests” on my Facebook. Just because I accept you don’t mean I don’t know you are fake and probably belong to one of my haters here. And yes I keep an eye on all the suspicious “Facebook Friends”.

Damn… I ain’t even begun…  I will convert you haters into loving me!

Well not all of you, because some of you are gonna be exposed, and feel the need to hide your naked selves (some of you already have).

Anyone wanting to get a head start on my next post:

This is where Nancy is getting her Michelle Obama is a transvestite stuff. Check out the crazies in the comments…  and Nancy was still to nutty for them… you know I got some things to say about this new little looney toon blog.

In the words of that child endangering Murt (damn I’m a trouble maker)…

Stay Tooned….  (yea, I changed it to fit better)






O.K. Maybe Not So Empty After All

As with the post before this, it is returning with some explanation. It was origibnally titled “Another Threat”. It was once again used to poke at myself and the fact that Nancy was posting my personal stuff out there when she didn’t even know what it is ahe writes. Though when i talk of things comming for them, I wasn’t just bluffing, I was thinking about starting a whole new blog starting again and trying to unravel the web each of these crazies have left behind them. Showing all that’s been said and all the connections between the whole nasty group. And I still might, or I may just keep making post here from time to time. Plus something is coming for all them… you can feel it, can’t you?

Here’s the post, but again, remember, I never expected Nancy to remove anything, I was playing along! Get it?

Still, I wouldn’t want to lose any comments, so it’s back up!


Alright Nancy… keep my name in your mouth like the “Dick” you wish it was. But you really should think about it first. Remember, leaving that post up with my brother’s name does not just affect me, but it affects my brother and his friends, our family, as well as all those who are looking for answers in the cases you mix it all up in. Think about all the real cases of abuse that you and Dorothy are mocking with your lies and games.

Most importantly, think about Dorothy, Joey, Jen. MM7, and anyone else who is connected to this charade of shenanigans…

Because if the post with my brother’s name isn’t pulled down by the end of the day… those bad things I spoke of… will be here.

No Threats Here

So, this was originally called “How To Make A Threat”. I was poking fun at how others keep threatening me to remove my blog or posts or comments. I was also getting at Nancy for one of her Rip Off Reports, but it was all in jest. I of course knew nancy would not know how to remove one of her old internet rants of lies. I was just toying with everyone. Just having some fun at my own expense.

The only reason I bring this post back up is for the comments that are in it. I would hate to lose any good comments. So here below is the original post, but remember as you read or reread it… it was just a joke. A joke about empty threats using empty threats.

Get it?



Hints of things from all of us on here as we go back n forth with each other can sometimes seem like threats. But most have been empty. No lawsuits, no outpour of outcries on my Facebook, not even a new blog that Flukeyou tried to scare everyone with. Yes, lots of empty threats and promises.

But I’m gonna change all that right now.

Last month Nancy made a report on her ex husband (as you know she makes lots of those). I just came across it today. It is the same old crap as usual, but in the middle of it decided to mention me and this blog. She goes on to write my full name or at least the one someone has given her, since she says it is really her ex who is pretending to be me. Then she mentions Fright Dome and then for some reason puts my brother’s name in there. Why it’s important to include the name of a brother of someone you think’s identity was stolen by your ex-husband is beyond me. There’s no way even you can make sense of that, Nancy.

So no more empty promises of threats. Here’s a real one:

Take it down Nancy, and quickly. If not bad things are coming for all of you.




TGI Friday The 13th


Friday the 13th has always been one of my favorite days. When I was a little kid I used to hear bigger kids talk about how unlucky the day was and then in 1980 a movie about some camp counselors being murdered in the woods showed just how unlucky that day really was. I was in fourth grade and was not allowed to see the movie but lots of kids I knew had seen it and couldn’t stop talking about it, that and another movie called Halloween, but we got a few months before we need to talk about that movie.

A year and a half later and we had cable. Which meant I got to see these movies and a lot more. I had heard so many kids talking about different horror movies over the years and I wanted to see them all. I became a horror movie junkie, watching everyone that came on. I finally got to see Friday the 13th, and it did not disappoint!

In sixth grade I made a cake and took it to school on Friday the 13th. Throughout the years and all the movie sequels (even Jason Takes Manhattan, though I would agree that it is almost unwatchable) the day was just as special to me as my own birthday.

Back when my wife and I started working at Fright Dome we wanted to have some get-togethers with the new people we met working there. So we had a bunch of Friday the 13th parties. Some of them were small gatherings, while one got to over 200 people in our home, and our house isn’t that big, it was packed. The parties were fun, but they could get out of hand. There was a watermelon massacre at one of them and at another our bathroom and most of the hallway to it was flooded due to some one “taking a bath”. Still, they were fun, but all good things must come to an end. Our neighbors thank us.

It’s been years since our Friday the 13th parties, and I miss them. Lately though, we have been getting together with our good friend, Happi the Cannibal, at a top-secret place in Las Vegas called “The Bat Sanctuary” for some good times with good friends (I might blog more about Happi and The Bat Sanctuary at a later date). And thanks to Happi, The  Friday the 13th Parties will live on! There’s no beter place for it than the Bat Santcuary either. Plus there’s gonna be a full moon tonight! A full moon on Friday the 13th?!? That’s pretty rare.


Yes, a party is a must!

So I hope you all are enjoying your Friday the 13th, be careful of that full moon though.

Well, jello-shot cupcakes are calling.

Happy Friday The 13th!

And Then…

About a month ago this was posted on the “Praying for Shannan Maria Gilbert” Facebook Page:

 There are some sick people in this world and their intentions are not to find justice for Shannan but to exploit our family. It’s purely disgusting.

When I read this, I wondered if it was meant for me in any way. I hoped not, but knew it very well at least could include me as well as others. I wanted to comment on it about letting Dorothy constantly post comments including people’s names and their friends and family as well and lies about them which include criminal activity and connections to the LISK case and POIs was  letting sick people get away with their intentions that had nothing to do with Justice for Shannan or any one else.

But I did not write this comment. I do not think that page is the place for me to make such statements. I wish I didn’t have to bring this up at all, but right after I posted the last post dealing with Jen and her how I believe she is still trying to confuse my Websleuths involvement (which there is not much of, no one there really wants to talk to me, other than Jen of course, lol) I clicked over to see if Dorothy has made any new comments on the SG FB and I see this:

DPH SG FB zero Psycho

So, let’s just do this then. Let’s once again, try to get to the TRUTH.

I keep promising to become the villain and then back off each of you because I can’t help but feel sorry for all of you.

But no backing off this time… just me putting what was giving to me and what I found out there for all of you who are interested to decide for yourself.