The Three-Headed Beast

No matter what subject I write about there are 3 of you out there that just won’t move on.

I don’t know why these 3 continue, when all the rest of the many crazies I’ve encountered on this blog have dropped out of sight.

If you go back a year ago, there were plenty of comments and commenters… and we all know how much was said on sites like and Catching LISK. I mean so many, had so much to say, for years. Where did it all lead? Well if you ask me, or even if you don’t, I think it led to the discredit of a lot of looneys, including the stupid, stubborn three that still won’t stop even though all those around them have scattered.

I have realized we are dealing with a three-headed beast! And although it is wounded and weakened….  Although most of its worshipers and helpers have run away in shame and cowardice…  Although this beast is powerless to those who dare to stand up to it… This three-headed beast continues to lash out.

Nancy aka Crack Head Nan Nan or CCNN  is Dorothy’s lap dog, plain and simple… Dorothy doesn’t comment here any more, I have a few guesses to why that is, so she gives her lap dog info to post here. Unfortunately for Dorothy, and entertaining for me, Nancy just takes it all in and confuses it all up into a mess of crap that can’t be understood no matter how much you try.

Dorothy or DPH used to comment here, she also use to send me e-mails, but now she only occasionally posts on the Zero’s World Facebook. I have once again banned her from there, though, she called me Richie again and said something bad about Pee Wee Herman. She still posts her garbage in her favorite posting place:

And if not there she would find some other place I’m sure. It’s just sad, because she goes pretty much unchallenged anywhere but on my stuff. I know, as I have stated before, most have blocked her on FB so they don’t see when she posts. But the fact that it just goes on week after week, month after month, year after year, with no end in sight and not enough standing up to her anymore due to her bully tactics and evil way of carelessly putting lies and slander out about anyone who crosses her. One day I will make a posts of most (I will try for all, but there are so many and they grow every week) of all DPH’s Facebook postings and comments that I have collected. It will be a monster of a post. Unlike Nancy’s unintelligible babel in the comments on the blog you are currently reading, Dorothy has venom in her strikes. She’s just as crazy and off based as Nancy, but she is much more dangerous.

So we have 2 heads of the same beast. The crazy, wild striking, venomous, head called Dorothy and it’s sad, dimwitted, venomless head called Nancy. The Nancy head tries to follow the Dorothy head’s lead, but only turns out a comical shadow of the destruction created  by the Dorothy head strikes.

Now, this post is titled “The Three-Headed Beast”, so you know I’m about to talk about a third head, some of you probably even know the name I’m about to write…

Joey aka Flukeyou or as I like to call him, Junior, is the third more fixated head. This head has its sights on who the beast is striking at. Unlike the seemingly random strikes of the other two heads, this one is calculated in its strikes and repeats them over and over again.

This head is the deadliest of the 3. This is mainly due to the fact it is the one that causes the most serious damage with its repetative strikes. Plus it is the head that convinces the beast’s worshipers to follow it even though it has those other 2 dumb heads attached to it.

The Dorothy head knows this and therefore will also strike with The Joey head pretending to care about what the main head wants, which is to destroy its selected prey. The Dorothy head of course has its own main prey as well, but as I stated, sees everyone as prey, and will strike at anyone. So going after the main head’s selected prey is just more for the Dorothy head to strike at. Which means the Joey head get’s maximum strike against its prey, Dorothy obedient to the master head, striking with it, and the impotent Nancy head blindly following both heads because it’s just a retarded head and that’s what retarded heads do. (that should go over well)

I know that most of my readers will get and enjoy this little analogy and have seen what I have described for themselfs over and over.

I will continue to battle this three-headed beast when needed, but in giving them another place to strike, well, it gives them another place to strike. And with all their followers running scared, they have much fewer places to strike these days. Still, they can’t go unchallenged… I just can’t let the beast go unchallenged. Need a recent example? Here ya go:

Fluke JC2


These are comments left a few days ago by the Joey head. I did not let them through for a few reasons. I was on a break from the beast and its agendas. But even more so, I’m just tired of the Joey head using old Joey sound bites over and over. I mean if any of the Oak Beach neighbors want to come forward with any reliable info or confirm things they said or heard, then they should. But they don’t. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year… all we get is what the Joey head say’s others said and saw. And after all these years, if LE, the media, and others trying to solve this case haven’t been able to get anyone to confirm any of the Joey head’s accusations, then it’s long past time letting the Joey head continue to repeat his crap as if it is fact.

So I didn’t let it through, but the Dorothy head just repeats the strike on the SMG Facebook page.


So we have strikes from 2 heads, same day, different places, same target. One of the Joey head’s favorite targets. So even if I don’t let the Joey head’s comments through, the Dorothy head knows a place it will always get its strikes through.

I am not gonna lie… this three-headed beast is not an easy battle. And I constantly question what I should and shouldn’t be doing when dealing with the beast. It obviously can’t hurt me, but I don’t want to be the one provoking it to hurt others. So I am patient with the beast. Not trying to back it into a corner. That could become dangerous… or humorous, I’m just not willing to take that chance on which… yet.

I should point out, though this beast is relentless, I am 99% sure this beast will not win. As I said, it has been badly weakened by my blogs, and the countless others who have stood up against the beast over the years (ok, you could probably count them if you want to, but I’m not going to. But this battle couldn’t have been fought without them). Most of the the three-headed beast’s followers are in hiding or have deserted it all together. Without followers or believers it’s defeat surely must be eventual.

For now though… the battle wages on…











And Goonies Never Say Die!








11 thoughts on “The Three-Headed Beast

  1. God Bless all of you in Jesus name. I will go light another candle for you. Bless it with  Holy Oil. Jesus Loves You!

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • Don’t burn the house down praying for us sinners, besides, your righteous friend Dorothy is who you should be praying for. It’s always the righteous that need praying for. Jesus loves the sinners… not so fond of the righteous… give it time Nan Nan and this blog will get around to scripture and your Son of God, in the meantime don’t forget, I am an ordained minister, so if you need anything or anyone blessed, just ask.

      • Nothing but gratitude for your efforts Zero, you made a huge difference, the beast is weak and pathetic. No one, INCLUDING LE, gives the evil, slanderous creature a second thought..Although they most Certainty have brought attention to themselves..GOOD

        I can’t help but feel profoundly sad however. Although I have no clue what its like to lose a child you raised and loved its whole life, You could be CERTAIN i would NEVER let the likes of Dorothy litter a memorial page for my deceased daughter. It seems the families of the “Gilgo Four” feel the same..No words can adequately describe my feelings in regards to this, None. And as you are well aware, I am not alone with these feelings. You, your blog and a handful of others have helped me personally come to terms with this ‘issue’ issue that sickens, confuses and depresses me all at once..

        Again my friend, thank you for all you have done and invested in doing the right thing!

        Peace my friends

  2. Ok. Now calm down. The candle is lit in Jesus Christs’name. I asked him to bless all of you. To heal and remove any and all evil Spirits that surround you. To deactivate entirely that Chip inserted into your brain. To undo any and all evil programing done without your knowledge. To forgive you for acts done that were not of your will. That you were helpless over. Jesus has been asked to silence all voices. Except that of your true authentic soul. Give you back free will over your thoughts and your acts at all times. Amen I have lit another Tuesday morning.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • fine, keep lighting them… burn your house down. but know what you are doing right now could be considered blasphemy and may extend your time in purgatory, where you will have nothing but time to think about using the Lord in your dishonest games.

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