And Then…

About a month ago this was posted on the “Praying for Shannan Maria Gilbert” Facebook Page:

 There are some sick people in this world and their intentions are not to find justice for Shannan but to exploit our family. It’s purely disgusting.

When I read this, I wondered if it was meant for me in any way. I hoped not, but knew it very well at least could include me as well as others. I wanted to comment on it about letting Dorothy constantly post comments including people’s names and their friends and family as well and lies about them which include criminal activity and connections to the LISK case and POIs was  letting sick people get away with their intentions that had nothing to do with Justice for Shannan or any one else.

But I did not write this comment. I do not think that page is the place for me to make such statements. I wish I didn’t have to bring this up at all, but right after I posted the last post dealing with Jen and her how I believe she is still trying to confuse my Websleuths involvement (which there is not much of, no one there really wants to talk to me, other than Jen of course, lol) I clicked over to see if Dorothy has made any new comments on the SG FB and I see this:

DPH SG FB zero Psycho

So, let’s just do this then. Let’s once again, try to get to the TRUTH.

I keep promising to become the villain and then back off each of you because I can’t help but feel sorry for all of you.

But no backing off this time… just me putting what was giving to me and what I found out there for all of you who are interested to decide for yourself.





8 thoughts on “And Then…

  1. FREAKIN SIGH!! i HAVE BEEN (NOT SO SUBTLY) trying to communicate MY feelings towards Shannons family, and the things that only they tolerate on the pages dedicated to their deceased daughter/sister..The families and loved ones of the ‘Gilgo four” have NOTHING to do with such filthy lies, and the memorial pages have such a different ‘flavor’ if u will. Not to mention, all that has been ‘shared’ from Maris ‘secret page’!! SPEECHLESS, and her attorney should be fired and sued!!..I also refer to the ‘Blog” which Mari claimed to take over, the one with a check list of who you should vote for as Shannon’s killer!! Unreal to say the least!!

    Zero, OUR friend: don’t hold back, as the people that support and respect you, HAVE YOUR BACK. This respectfully includes any unnamed family members of the victims that read and find comfort here..

    There are MANY victims of LISK..As you know Z, you represent quite a few of those family members…be brave Z…you simply Cant PLEASE EVERYONE..DO AND WRITE WHAT YOUR GUT TELLS YOU IS RIGHT!! YOU ARE NOT CLOSE TO BEING ALONE, as you know..

    Gratitude: From ‘US’

    • TY… I loved this comment! And as for the Blog you spoke of… one of the last posts on ity was about that wierdo in Florida, Murt, which i agree is a wierd guy, but has nothing to do with LISK, just more of how those playing games have twisted everyones involvement in this.

      • Mike D was also on this list, which I personally find reprehensible!! How can anyone accuse more than one person (listing hid full name, and current employer0 of serial murder , and lie shamelessly about them, without an iota of evidence , motive or conscience??!!..when my questions on this topic where repeatedly ignored and moderated, I BECAME QUITE DISGUSTED AND NEVER RETURNED…although i did take screenshots of the moderated questions.

        They were straight forward, LOGICAL follow up questions??

  2. Speaking of JG and WBs: She’s wanted and asked most of us to join there!!??…PLEASE, get freakin real!!!!!!!!!..shame on those of you that have contributed to the pain and confusion surrounding these horrific crimes.. No matter what, you are GUILTY OF ATROCIOUS games…UGH!!! Unforgivable, yeah..its OBSCENE , given the circumstances..

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