Haters & Crybabies

Zero’s World has not been around very long, but I seem to be making friends everywhere I go.

Let’s see, I’ve been threatened with lawsuits several times. This blog has been “reported”,  Twitter’s been “reported”, Facebook’s been reported, everywhere I could be “reported” I have been. I’ve been told by many that I have even been reported to LE including the FBI. I’ve been side handedly “reminded” to be careful or I could be banned from Websleuths. I’ve been called narcissistic, evil, smitten, mean, stupid, gay, obsessed, Mike, two-faced, delusional, both dominate and abusive against women as well as submissive and abused myself…  a bully, a liar, a criminal, a child pornographer, a devil worshiper, with links to everyone’s number one bad guy (everyone has a different one).

I’m still here though.

Besides, I know there are others out there, those who aren’t haters & crybabies, and you are all very encouraging amongst the um… haters & crybabies. Not that I wouldn’t continue even if all the responses were from haters & crybabies, I would.

Like I’ve said before, we are just getting started here.

I can’t wait to see what kind of new friends are out there. And I’ll do my best not to lose touch with any of you. Not that you would let me.  In fact Jen has reached out to me again recently, on Websleuths, and I’m not suppose to blog about Websleuths stuff so I won’t, although that is what she contacted me about,  not blogging about Websleuths stuff, so I guess I did. Really?!? REALLY!?!

I mean Jen has been playing a game since the begining with how she contacts everyone telling them “secrets” and then telling them they can’t tell anyone else… yea, how many reading here know exactly what I’m talking about?

So… I’m guessing we need to kick it up a notch… something new to get us out of the rut some of you want to stay in. Something that will free this place up for other things. A new blog, maybe?

There’s something for us all to think about this weekend!

282 thoughts on “Haters & Crybabies

  1. i know where you came from. That where that was. Had ZERO to do with ME. Time to ingest some of the medicine. That you have been sadistically (like your MOTHER) dishing out. Using the EXPLOSIVE temper.(derived from your Father). Again. NOT DOLED OUT BY ME.

      • LET IT BURN. lLike the fires in the Crematories in Auschwitz burnt. Why should YOU .Not be subjected to suffering? You have certainly caused/sown plenty. In your many years of living and lieing.

      • Yeah that’s it. Cry Baby call Linda. Think about Lindas’ job. Are you ever there to step up for Linda? Two way Street.Ask Linda if she would appreciate some consideration herself. Going to burn her out.

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      • REALLY?!? Hey if everyone is willing to just say none of us have anything important to say, I’ll stop blogging right now… but everyone has to say it…

      • see… and then i feel bad for you. I have to think about how I would feel if people were taking advantage of my grandma. Where is your loved ones to step in and save you from the likes of duh duh dorothy?

      • My loved ones God bless and keep them. Have fallen under the evil spell of theIlluminatii. JESUS he is working on a so, ution right now. For you? I lit another candled.Blessed it with Holy Water this time. From A Basilica. Jesus loves you.Can forgive your sins. I asked Jesus to CRUSH all Evil including the evil spell of NAZIS in disguise.

      • Certainly appears that you THINK .You are a SMART ASS. While I am the only one that really KNOWS. That YOU are REALLY. Only half of THAT.

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      • truth is nan nan, I’m just entertaining myself with a bunch of lonney tunes who have hurt quite a few people over the years with their games and lies. This is my sin… but it is also my atonement. You all hit a wall with me. I’m not rattled by the lies about me or the bully tactics used by some of you. Most of you don’t know if I’m a genious or as mentaly fu*ked up as Dorothy. The stuff you dig up on me is just the stuff I put out there and mixed with things I truly have nothing to do with other than in the comments of the crazy, lonely, ex wives club, really does nothing to me but make me laugh. Frustrating, I know.
        I’m explaining way to much to you again, Nan Nan… is it possible I’m all 3? Maybe I’m smart and an ass… which makes me on occasion act like a smart ass.

      • It is unforunate that there is no. Being nice to the likes of beings such as your CLAN. I don’t even LIKE using the words that I selected last night.  I am a refined,ethical,Christian. Who l Ioves my family and my country. I do my best to behave as an example of what America respresents. Come to the understanding. That with you NAZIS. You do not understand MY language. So I had to go down to the swamp with you. Speak using the foul vile type of speach. That is spoken by and undetstood by Swine.

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      • LMAO… you are the swine who’s speach can’t be understood… I was showing everyone I know your ripoff report and I had to interpertate it for them. Seems i have been reading your comments for so long, I speak Nan Nan…lol. Out of all of it though, the periods in the middle of a sentences has got to be the buggiest part of your Swine Speak… is that what you call it?

      • No it is not. I happen to know. That I articulate very well.

        IDIOT had nothing better to do. Than write blogs and send letters to Newspapers. A signature huh?

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      • Btw . Dorothy was correct about those storage lockers. In the future. Pay your storage bill or pick up your skulls and bones.  Photographs and videos. Now being distributed all over the place I hear.

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      • see what i mean, this is just funny to me… am I suppose to worry that I might be wrong about who I am, and where I live, are the police really closing in on me…lol. yep, just funny to me.

      • Has nothing to do with human police. Its your inner Police aka conscience. That if your brain,heart and soul were human. They would have closed in on you   Yourself before you even thought about killing anyone. Or lying. Getting married under a fake name. I am forgetting the old Divorce that never settled. I want that fake marriage annulled Based on FRAUD. Like it never happened. Keep everything. Forget ME.

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      • so many comments between last night and this morning… starting with these still going on about your divorce to a fucktard that none of care about. I say fuck all Figats, they seem to be messed up group of people who don’t know the meaning of the word Family. That’s why you and Dorothy get along so well.

      • Nan, I gotta tell ya, Zeros done plenty for me…Let’s just say I can be ‘high maintenance”…lol

      • Why are you so judgemental Linda?

        Hee, hee…me huh NAN?? read on, its from your favorite book….please..

        Matthew 7:1-6 ESV / 164 helpful votes

        “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

        Romans 14:4 ESV / 91 helpful votes

        Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls. And he will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make him stand.

        Matthew 7:2 ESV / 69 helpful votes

        For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

        Helpful Not Helpful
        Matthew 7:1 ESV / 61 helpful votes

        “Judge not, that you be not judged.

        John 8:7 ESV / 50 helpful votes

        And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

      • Though Shalt Not Kill. We were given 10 Simple Commandments to obey.  There is no excuse for ignoring every single one of them. No remorse. Over and I over again. Satan found ME.

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      • more about Mikey Figat… guys a coward too. Letting everyone out here have to deal with the mess he created. Figats & Evans clan… all of ya, you should get this lady some help and stop letting her internet rants go without speaking up and pulling the wind out of them. But that ain’t happening, instead, Dorothy and whoever else is using it to their advantage…

      • Pay your storage bill or pick up your skulls and bones.

        Not a clue what this means, but i find it quite hysterical!! this coming from a lazy pig that cant afford her cable bill. Wow hypocrite, you’re oozing with good material for me today..Thanks hun, i needed a good laugh!!

      • ohhh I like cuntface… that’s another good one… but ypou are projecting again… no one here has done anything to your family… well other than you of course…

      • NEVER PROJECTED? You take your marriage problems from 14 years ago and make everyone ypou encounter online part of them. Everyone is you ex husband still messing up your life… you all project your problems and sad lives onto others. Including projecting it into crime cases and tragedies of others… Though I will by the second part, you are firmly grounded in YOUR own reality.

      • Guess what? Look down at your feet. Are you standing? Yes? You are no trinity. Mere Mortal like the rest of us. Wake up. Allign head with feet.You are one of us. Until you can prove otherwise. Btw do yourself and the world a big favor. Have whatever was placed in your brain removed right away. Do you truly wish to be remote contolled? Not I. I want the Free Will God gave me.

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      • and yet you are remote controlled (I like that) by everyone around you nan nan, exspecially Dorothy! But hey, we’ve been through this game of ring around the rosies enough and i’m getting a little dizzy.

      • I sat here and really thought about this… because quite a few people have said this to me since I started blogging about this nutty candy bar. I’m always wrong… I’m wrong about the wizard of Oz, I’m wrong about thinking some of you played/play games and make up things about people who see through the games, I’m wrong in thinking Joey has any type of agenda at all, I’m wrong about you all being crazy, lonely busy bodies who are using a open murder case to both get some sort of notoriety for yourselves, while also getting even at those you feel have hurt you, I’m wrong about all of you working together, hell I’m even wrong about who I am… I’m Mike or Chris… or maybe I’m Doc Hacket.

      • Your opinion not mine. You are wrong.

        Listen dingbat, this ain’t opinion, its FACT..lol Dorothy is a COMPLETE stranger to you, yet you quote her RIDICULOUS, mentally ill bullshit whenever you’re backed into a corner..Shit, you’re not even embarrassed when she blatantly distances herself with every comment regarding you…not even ashamed that you lied about having lunch with her!!?? No self respect. NONE. Lol, she threw you under the bus no less, PUBLICLY, on FB, and you don’t even have the courage to face it. IT, MEANING REALITY. She’s using you, you are LITERATELY the only person that gives her a voice, except Zero, when he allows it..haha. She’s banned from more sites than even you..But you both will come back time after time after time, no matter how many time-outs Zero enforces..Never get it twisted ladies, IT IS ZERO WHO RUNS THE SHOW, quite well i might add. Yes, he controls when your comments will be posted, and you take it like the low self esteem slags you are. Now be a good girl before you get blocked again..lol. Oh yeah, you’ll NEVER leave..where else ya gonna go?? PATHETIC

        Good luck HUN, you seriously need to get it together.

      • So I just found a report about me on Ripoff Report… lmao… they just keep trying to push my buttons… this one mentioned my brother as well. nancy may have just warn out her welcome here.

      • Yeah. Can dish shit out with a shovel. Cant take a small bite yorself. Well the times a come. For your turn. To hear what I think of YOU. Rip off report. On who? Who the fuck is Mike Figat. Anyway? A brother? How many fake names does your family have anyway? Why? Hiding?? Not shame of course. Just deleting this individuals. That you feel are inferior to your scared selves. What shit. The inferior people are YOU. You are not HUMAN. Frankensteins Lab. No surprize how fucked up you are.Had it coming at you in every direction. I dont feel sorry for you.  Anymore. Just plain EVIL. SEXUAL SADIST? Is that learned or in your genes. Or both? Your Mom got sexually excited watching human beings suffer?? Boy. Does THAT sound familiar. Always knew something was not what it should be with you. Sick sexuality. Like your Mom. The Evil Witch. That makes you an Evil Witch also. And she acted like she thought she was human. NAZI BITCH and NAZI BASTARD. It was good Old George who was involved somehow. I bet. Hate Traiters. Ida and Josef you too. Should get on af..ing UBOAT. Go back where you deviants came from. Embarrassed of  my connection to Germany now. Killers!

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      • Sounds like the voice of The Beast. Shut the fuck up. I dispise those that thInk and act..As if. The rules were meant for others. Not them. Still thinking God made you special. Better than others huh? Well he didn’t. Take the LOG out of your own eyeball. Been hiding that log under those shades for decades. You would not know real truth. If you tripped over it.

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      • Oh, go read your Bible. All you crazies are gonna get that book banned one day. Now don’t get confused and pick up the Zodiac book, thinking you are reading the bible… that would be funny though. Was the Bible another book left at your house?

      • No I have a Bible already. Would like to know who is leaving these suspicious books. Intetesting reads. Just take a lot of time.

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      • damn… Mike, she’s talking about you, she keeps saying you have a small penis… in fact i believe she once commented that your son’s dick was much larger… how can you let this lady get away with all these things she says about you? I mean accusing you of being a bad dad and husband is one thing, saying you are a criminal who may be a serial killer or in cohoots with a serial killer may even be able to be ignored, but saying you have a little elf dick?!? you can’t let that go!

      • Fake,Fraud,Inferior,Deviant,Transvestite,Queer,CockSucker,Dummy.Reptile.Snake,Rat.Wierd.Clownface,Mommys Boy.bad Mommy too.Old man,LIAR. Horrible parent even worse spouse.Loser. Cant make it on his own. Thief gay,Con man.Fantasizes about sexually deviant acts with young male Cops. NAZI , Hitler was QUEER too. Your Mother wears S.S. boots and carries a whip. Did she whip your dad? How abo ut You?  NAZI GO HOME. You are an illegal here. Not a citizen.Offshoot of killers.Wanted Criminals.Spies.

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      • so much good stuff here, but my favorite is, “Your Mother wears S.S. boots and carries a whip.” LMFAO, we are down to “your mamma jokes” I got one for ya, Dorothy’s mamma so smart, she gave Dorothy up for adoption. Oh that is fun… i bet i could make up some more…. Joey’s mamma is so big that she sat on joey’s first mail order bride and no one has seen her since… ahh the power of laughter… shall i go on… I’m sure most of you have some mommy issues we can make fun of… wait this is Father’s Day, so let’s lay off the moms.

      • damn, is your Mikey a mommas boy like Joey? You keep going off on his mom (the nazi) as if it will bother him. he must be a momma’s boy. Not me, love my mom, but i like being my own man…

      • He is a Mommas’ Boy. Always let her advise him. Even though he knew I was a smarter better woman. Momma won. Could be be was afraid of getting the BOOT. SS Boot in the ass. If he did not do her bidding. Is that why I hear he likes to be whipped by women? Not by me.Not into that sick perverted deviant stuff.

        NEVANS nefigat@aol.com

      • So I just found a report about me on Ripoff Report

        Slimy SNAKE!! You come here (when allowed), pretending to have a pure heart..you call Zero a coward!!?? Sneaky cunt…and DUMB too. You cant even do a google search, let alone hide your filthy, CVOWARDLY ways from zero..Ha!! you just lost you last friend kiddo..stick to stuffing you’re face with burritos..What a sneak!!
        KARMA HUN!! toasty time!! GOOD

      • my thoughts exactly… she mentions my name, my brothers name, Fright Dome, then says it’s all her ex pretending, all in a report about the water authority, what a dope. But it backs me in a corner, and that means it’s about to get interesting in here again…

      • Lets see. When you get finished. Undoing the damage that you have caused not only my family. Society itself. At that time. When you are finished cleaning up that mess. I might take my factual post down. Loeks too. I dont know Loeks. Is he another you? You think twisted. For one so inferior. You expect respect. Reeping time. The pendulem had swung. At long last. My turn. Just go back to Germany. To that town that starts with W some dumb name. Wear your NAZI signs. Be an Asshole. In your own native country…Not in mine.

        Whoever let you guys into the U.S. Will rot in Hell alongside YOU.

        Sent from Samsung tabl

      • Your post is not factual, it’s as far away from facts as it can get… but we’ll get to the post… you keep going off about your ex husband and throwing the Loeks name in to it. LMAO Nazis, Illuminatti, and Big Foot. And it’s all coming from Nevada right?

      • Me or your ex Mike. Because your ex has been your ex for 14 years… so if there was nothing interesting about him, why do you still obsesse on him so much. As for me, you can’t get enough of me… you just wrote comment after comment without even a response from me needed… lol. Face it you are the uninteresting one, and you are using the help of your friend Dorothy to make things more interesting, right? And you need me now, because no one else is interested? Interesting…

      • Nothing interesting about a Domestic Terrorist. I know a very nice Rabbi. Maybe he can counsel me. As I am very upset   shaken. About the awful truth. Keeps on coming like vomit. No end.  Those Rip Off reports are small fry.Compared to the stuff I have yet to say. YOUR TURN .We reap what we have sown I hear.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • this can get tricky… who is it that you are connecting to the zodiac… me? i hope so. Are you actually finding stuff on me or someone you think is me? This is gonna get messy. I hope some will be able to keep up….

      • You put it all on the internet Dummy. Again that penstroje of yours speaks to me. Btw your father had similar penstroke. Creepy! Ohnyeah. You once told me thatmyour first car  was a VW. Was it by any chance GREEN?

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      • Who… me richard loeks or me Mike Figat… or am i hackett or brewer… maybe I’m Joey (not the dead one, the fish boy one) wait, I thought you once said i was Dorothy… If I’m not a guy named Richard who goes by zero and sometimes Stranger, who lives in Las Vegas, works at (NOT OWNS) a local haunt who just decided to blog about a bunch og crazy people one day… then why bring up the name of who you think is that person’s brother? Did you get that, reread it if you need to. And the name michael? isn’t there enough Michael’s mentioned here already, your just gonna confuse yourself.

      • ahh… zodiac wrote a book?
        days almost over Nan Nan. and as for me contactingt Mike Figat before you remove the post, i can’t. I don’t know him. I have sent messages to the Facebook account in his name, but have got no repply. So sorry, can’t contact him for you. If Dorothy is talking to Andrea, can’t she get ahold of him for you. We can both continue to assume Mike reads here and therefore sees everything you post, but then I haven’t let that comment through, like so many others today. Go… take down the post.

      • You are full of SHIT. Guess you dont really mind if it stays on RIP Off. Besides its been up for 2 months. Figat fits the ZODIAC to a T.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • I’m happy to discuss whether your ex is Zodiac or not, I have studied the Zodiac quite a bit. but first, take the part about Mike being zero dinh or all the things you say i mention in my blog that i don’t, and of course my brothers name… in fact that whole paragraph (as badly written as it is) should go…

      • I will ask your brother if he has a problem with my post. He would not mind an inquiry. Be right back going to search for him.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • damn Nancy… messing withy someones employment again. You all say you have spoken to lawyers… good, someday you may need them. You are about to see how not afraid of any of you I really am!

      • Did ya? How bout my brother? Did you contact him as well? Contact Fright Dome and my brother… I triple dog dare ya! Better yet call up the local news for Long Island and Las Vegas, let’s get my story out there! Oh, silly Nan Nan…

      • ZODIAC likes attention. Narcissist same as Figat aka. Same size shoe,same height,hair color. Writes exactly the same. Also has a strange GAIT. Fig has a bopping hip hop type gait. His dad did too I think. Same obsession as Fig with Police and Uniforms.Going to feed this all to Dorothy. She can make a Power Point.Send it to SFPD. Geeezzz same VW too. No coincidence.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • well there you have it, nancy and dorothy are attracted to serial killers. now really… the post, nancy. go take out the lies about this blog.

      • No attraction. Who ever that NAZI was that married me. Using a fake name. Was a QUEER.A twisted one. Used me to hide behind. Make things appear normal. While he had a secret life.., asba Serial Killer. Rifkin,Burkowitz,Burke etc Now LISK

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • good for you, you little twit. You married a serial killer, just like your buddy Dorothy (you are buddies now right?) Hitler’s great grandson no less. Here’s the thing you stupid, stupid twit. You and your buddy Dorothy lived with these animals, had children with these animals, and the whole time they were out there killing other people’s children. What kind of women are we dealing with here? Did you two enable these monsters? Did you help them? It’s obvious they are still in love with the monsters…

      • We don’t SEE qualities or faults in others. That we don’t have in ourselves. The thought of my spouse being a murderer. Never crossed my mind. Not until Feb.2000.When he glared at me. While bended knee just outside the bedroom closet. Switched right there. Pointing his index finger at me thumb back. Like a gun. Threatening to shoot me.
        Brandon knows it too. Age 6 he told me. He was afraid dad would come into the bedroom and stab both him and I.
        Out of the mouths of Babes. Kid was right on.

      • Listen, I hate to say it, but your exes would have been doing this world a favor if they had really just done the deeds. instead they left you for the rest of the world to deal with.

      • Actually Irma and Josef would have done the world a bigger favor. Had they thrown you into the gad chamber. Then jumped in themselves afterward.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Interesting is the similarities between you and them. In how they point accusing fingers at small fry acts by others. Yet they acted unaware of that log in their own eye. Irma once made a remark about Josef thinking that by going to Church. He was thinking that. He was going to FOOL GOD. Good grief. Look at your own sins lady.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Look Zero, im more than a little pissed here. i told you NOT TO WASTE TIME TRYIN TO HELP THIS EVIL,SLOVENLY PIG..

        But i do kinda feel bad for her..She’s all kinds of fucked up now. YIKES 😉

      • Linda how would you feel. Finding out you mated with the product of a madman. Who murdered over six milliion people.? I cant even sleep in the bed we bought. Thinking about him murdering someone. Coming home sleeping next to A KILLER. 

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • so here we get to the whole nazi thing, Nancy, are you saying Mike Figat is somehow related to Hitler?!? Well, that just keeps it going, Dorothy has connected every thing to Sandy Hook in some of her posts… now we got Hitler… when will Bigfoot pop up? This is where we stop for now… you started using my name agian in the next comments, not very smart. So… new post coming at ya!

      • hey I’m all for it, you married a serial killer nazi and now you have a bunch of half breed nazis running around who used to call you mom. I think it’s a great story!

      • Your brother no less!! The last person on earth who deserves any negativity!! You IGNORANT BITCHES…I hope their god forgives them. But I DONT!!

      • Which one? Mike Figat had has his very own Rip off report too. John Carman the fake lawyer him too.

        Are there any Jews besides Andrea gathering outside your residence. YET? They  going to BOOT YOU real good.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Hey nan, hows the lawlesss america post lookin??
        Let everyone you deal with see you insanity. yes

      • i don’t want to attract any more like her, but I’m guessing most in that Lawless America are not much better with reality. If there are those ionvolved in it who truely have been wronged, i feel sorry for them, because they are not part of the right group. One bad appple spoils the bunch… get a bucket of bad apples and none of them have a chance.

      • This is gonna get messy. I hope some will be able to keep up….

        This may require some follow up questions..indeed, i am lost already.

        I think ‘My dads gone cray zay”……

      • Oh it’s gonna get crazy in here… but don’t worry, i already have a NEW blog in the works to help get it all straight again when the time comes to do so.

      • me, a coward? I’m the only one (an outsider no less) who is daring enough to make a blog taking on all you nutty nuts. LOL. Besides, it was the lion who was the coward, not the wizard. heh heh heh.

      • If I may, if Zero was YOUR son, he be in jail…

        Get real with YOURself!! Good god, the delusional grandiosity. How YOU can judge anyones upbringing is beyond me. You do realize you SET YOURSELF up to be judged??!! You do right??

        probably not…shit..

      • You think? You mean jail? The place that his parents belonged? Which would have prevented the Cloning of a Madman? KARMA is a BITCH you WITCH.

      • I let Gid be the judge of things. I am sorry for hurting YOu. By confronting one who lied to me. Repeatedly premeditated deciet. If the truth HURTS. Then change ykur truth. Act in ways that cause you to feel proud of who YOU are. FUCK where you cane from. Those sins do not belong to YOU. Your life is a cumulation of YOUR choices. We are ALL born with a clean slate. Be mindful of what you write on that slate. THAT is YOURS.

      • Which of my real sons. The ones with the FAKE Zodiac?   Oops! I meant to write Z . Then I wrote M thought it was Z. I mean M   No L or Helmy mut.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • No pipe.The stuff you have done. Is so horrible. I am in SHOCK again. ThIinking I let my kids near those two killing fiends. You didnt give a shit.  Tell your Linda. Nannan knows who is the real Dr.Frankenstein. and the bad Witch. Packed a gun,high boots carried and used a fucking WHIP. On innocent starving human beings. I couldnt hurt my cat.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • KARMA is a BITCH you WITCH.

        Nan, first yo defend me, then call me a witch?? hee!! you spiteful, PHONY, pathetic, obsessed, heartbroken CROW!!

      • Hey who is the real DOPE. There is NO.All of you. There is only one of me. Thats the way I like it. Multiplicity does not interest me at all.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Ripoff Report?!? How long did you think ity would take for me to find it? You need to make a choice, here and now Nancy. Make your move… I sugest you pull it and issue an appology to me and my family. But it’s your call.

      • I’ll let this one through to clear up the POS thing. I should mention, i hate being called a piece of shit… but it’s fine… just go remove that post…

      • Go enjoy another PRETEND lunch with your defender Dorothy!! Christ they EXPLOITED YOU…fuckin fool

      • I think my blog has made it very clear that i think a Figat or 2 may be involved in this mess somewhere (other than the obvious ex Figat, that’s you nan nan). So Dorothy talking to Andrea means nothing to me. In our phone conversation Nancy, you explained to me how you thought Dorothy could be someone working with your ex Mike and therefore probably knows Andrea… but since you are constantly being feed crap to eat (which you gooble up with a feverish hunger that is truly unhealthy) thean any conversation Dorothy tells you about could be made up by her to play you, or it very well could be pretend and only in your mind, like the lunch you did or didn’t have with Dorothy. Bad witch, good witch? I say just land a house on top of all of you and figure it out later.

      • Yes it could. Yet I doubt it. Speaking of CRAP. Did anyone ever dunk your head in a bucket of SHIT? I read they do stuff like that to traumatize little kids. Helps turn them into mpd Monsters. I am literally SICK.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      •  Yes your turn. But I do not derive sadistic pleasure from causing suffering. Like you and your Mom.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • are you jealous of moms because you were such a bad one? Those of you with young children need to take a good look at Nancy, she has done this to her kids for years, from what i can tell they have no contact with her any more, neither does most of her family. Some of you are heading down this same road, how will your children feel about what you have done to them and their family in the years to come? Some truth for you to think about… Is Nancy really who you want to become?

      • In fact Nancy is not by any way,shape or form. A bad person to emulate. In fact her children would ALL have had better,happier more sucessful lives. Had they listened to their Mom. Nothing fake,phony or questionable concerning Nancy. Who is better than ever now. Always outfunctioned the Ahole who stalked,lied and decieved not only her. But her children as well. With ME. They would not have been fooled into believing that there. Are shortcuts to happiness or success. They would have been supported and encouraged. While earning their way. On their own merit and special God given talents. Nancy brings those surrounding her. Into their strength. Not into their weaknesses/vices or unscrupulious behavior. Nan is a rolemodel. That her children. Had they not been concieved by the P.O.S. Who called himself Michael Figat. They wound up where they are. Due to following Satan. The fallen Angel. He comes as an Angel of Light. The Devil is liar first and foremost is those lies you have lived your entire wretched lifetime. Nothing as Evil as you are. Can last forever. Your stupid taunting game playing. Trying to have ME appear. To be what YOU actually ARE. A FAILURE totally. Except in causing suffering and loss. You are the TRUE EVIL LOSER. You are getting very old.   So are your tools. Very rusty worn. They don’t work anymore. GAME OVER!

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • now, that it’s been a while, maybe i can bring this post back up without Nancy returning to flood it with comments… I will also let all these comments that she tried to get in when it went down… I will not be answering them or commenting on them… just putting them up for those who care to read…

      • is this code, or is CHNN smoking that pipe again?

        LMAO…WOW…just look at it!!
        Wow…im just…wow

      • Fuck you and your stupid codes Ciphers ZODIAC. Little green VW. German NAZI car too. It’s the Zodiac talking” It was really a sexually deviant stalking,blood thirsty Son of Dracula. Inferior sexually frustrated, not sure if he wanted a dick or a pussy.  Aka sexual confusion. No rules for YOU!! That is on the cusp of changing. Scumbag.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • where is this zodiac talk coming from, i love it though, it will fit into so much I have coming… also reminds me of MandamousSeven, I miss her.

      • Oh don’t worry, i have no problem going there… I have conected myself to the Zodiac before, Dorothy hasn’t shown you that yet? seriously, nancy, all this can be nice nice, we can talk about the zodiac or anything else you think, but lies about this blog can not be tolerated, it’s like a terrorist attack, and it just won’t due. Plus you throwing names out there who you don’t know who they are, well, i can’t let you go down the same road as Dorothy. I’m trying to help you here Nancy. Go take down that one little parragraph and nobody get’s hurt, lol.

      • You are not entitled to anything from me. You are way too far into your truth. I don’t like you. Simple! Go away stay away. I want to forget I ever saw you.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Well, that’s never gonna happen now. I gave you a chance to do right, to not follow in the footsteps of your pal Dorothy and the others. But you have now joined the dark side for good. Just because all of you have had bad relationships does not give you the right to post people’s names in lies you have made up in your heads or in conversations with each other. (should I connect the dots of each of you being in contact?) You know Nancy, you more than any of the rest came to me. Dorothy sent you to my blogs (a secret weapon of stupid) and now you are forever part of them. Thanks Dorothy! I know in each of your minds, you think it is I stalking you, (and I’m the narcissist) but no matter how much you tell each other that, no matter how much the voices in your heads tell you that, it just isn’t so.

      • Listen stupid, I know you don’t get what is going on half the time (or more) but you BFF Dorothy has set you up. Puting people’s names out there is wrong. When we spoke on the phone, I explained to yopu that although YOU thought everyone was working for your ex, they aren’t, I said I know this because i know who I am, and I have nothing to do with it, you mentioned my wife’s name in the conversation, and i told you not to go down that road of saying names of people you don’t know… you even had my wifes name wrong, you said Rebecca, right. You said you were not going to bring people into it you knew nothing about, that was not your way… but then here we see over and over again you use what you think (or have been told) is my name, and the name of someone you think is my brother… and you add so many other names, yes, Nancy… you are in this with your buddies, stupid or not. I no longer care which of you are stupid or mislead… we are in a war now aren’t we… I think you’ve all made that clear with me…

      • Last time I saw you. You were not skinny. That entitlement thing. Go back to Germany. Dorothy will turn your ass in to immigration. Especially when the Jewish people find out. Your parents lived on American soil. Creating mibd controlled Monsters like yourself. No surprize all Government is full of NAZIS now. Fixed elections and a fake President with a First Lady who has a PENIS. Like yours. Barely visible under the dress. But a penis just the same. What a Dummy.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Comme get me Dorothy, but hey no need for the Jewish people to get involved… still don’t know what it is you got against the first lady?

      • So much your Mother. Evil Witch. Write like your dad.That letter that you wrotento yourMom IDA. Nov.9th 77. Regarding Karen visiting your Mom. You were admitedly shaken up by Karens showing up at your Moms house. What did you do to Karen? The answers come at last.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Oz is family tradition here, I know of all the books, movies, and cartoons. and it is the witches that are the evil ones, everyone else overcomes their inner demons to defeat these witches. Oz may seem like a con man, but he is a libriator from the evils of the witches and helps people to find their true inner beauty and strength. But please tell me your interpitation of the Wizard of Oz.

      • Lastly. My personal take on The Wizard of OZ? simple true message. That everything ones needs to be happy. Lies inside them.
        They can travel to pretty places over the rainbow. Meet all kinds of additional creatures. All feel they are missing something. All searching for the missing part. The part that they assume the Great OZ possesses.
        Then they find him. He does not have what they were looking for. Thats the bad news.
        The good news? They already have what they are searching for. IT IS RIGHT INSIDE OF THEM.
        When they understand this. They want to go back HOME = INSIDE OF THEMSELVES. Where the heart,the soul and the spirit reside. The place where fullfilment lives. Not on the outside my friend..never there.
        No Place Like Home.
        Nothing ever can or will replace that place we call HOME…inner peace.
        How’s that?

  2. i did a speed read of one of your books this week. RUNNING WITH SCIZZORS. The book gave me more insite into your childhood. Why you hated your parents. The shoes high heels.Symbolizing abandonment coming. Understand the association.

    • lol… 3 of you again step up to change my direction… Jen, Dorothy, and Nancy. You have moved me to try to move others. Again. (do you work in 3s to try to mess with me…lol)

      • No threes here. Three’s company. I did at long last locate that two not three headed BEAST. That has tormented you throughout your lifetime. Thank You JESUS. For being there watching and guiding me. Each step of the way. Thank Jesus. For my talents.My unique abilities.

      • HeyZ?? ever see the scene in Wizrad of Oz were the midget hung himself froma prop tree?? Craqzy rite..

        ancy: i’ll be goddanged, but i dont have the FIRST freakin clue what you’re goin off about on this thread..One thing for sure, you’re fuckin bat shit crazy!! Why do you and Dorothy stalk and harass Zero?? I know you can’t answer truthfully…you’re oth two very crazy, dark, delusional, lonely, bitter shitheads!! kARMA WILL GET YOU BOTH…i ‘pray’ when the shit hits the fan, AND IT WILL, the courts dont find u both insane…cause you’re not!! You both are well aware of the poison you speak and represent…You WILL be held accountable..


      • Did you mean to write A Rats’Ass? Actually  I liked the Bill Clinton book that you left for me better than Scizzors. Clinton had pitctures. I liked the one at the Golf outing best.I have some that match.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Today I saw more pictures.One in particular gave me the Creeps. Sick again! It is a picture of you as Mike Figat. Standing in is the exact stance of the ZODIAC. The Monster. You wore a suit. Z wore some Halloween get up.  Did your father teach you how to murder?

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • here’s where I get lost… is she refering to a picture of me and friends where she has delusionally put her ex husband into the picture? or is she talking about some picture of he ex husband mike where she has delusionally put me into the picture? Nancy, I gave you a chance… a choice… you could have gone away. but now they have pulled you in and gotten you to do their dirty work… today marks a tipping point… Happy Fathers Day Everyone!

      • Thank You for the Fathers’ Day. Wishes. It is nice to be noticed fir having been both Mom and Dad. To my kids. The Sperm Donor. Who has yet ti acknowledge who he is. Was not focused on fatherhood. Kids were just more objects. Used to commit identity fraud. Can’t legally leave you and your fake past and illegal acts. Way behind me.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • You can keep those shoes girl…for reals…phew!! Hey nan, im back in heels again hun!!! Sorta 😉

      • Before you get banned you racist dope, i’m copying everything you wrote and sending it to your buddy from lawless america, show him who he’s defending..haha…along with shall we say, a few others…you did it this time dope

  3. You need to make a choice, here and now Nancy. Make your move… I sugest you pull it and issue an appology to me and my family. But it’s your call.

    What did you do now you EVIL, seething, jealous shrew?? Me thinks this was YOUR ‘jumping the shark’ moment…YES INDEED

    • The one that is ABOVE reproach. Wants an apology. Why dont you.Apoligize to whoever the real Figats were. For soiling their name,robbing their identity.How about apoligizing to your I own former family? For lying to their Mother about who you are? Giving them a name. You did not have authity to give. Oh yeah. Your Mom and your Dad. They were the superior race. Godlike huh. I should aploligize to an Asshole who Fucked I Over my family. For sexual gratification. He or she he/she I hear. Gets from causing suffering. That report has been there at least 6 months. What it needs. Is to be corrected updated. Thanks for the reminder DickHead.

      Sent from Samsung tablet

      • There is no way of understanding this, everyones stealing idetities, but trust me… a Figat is a Figat… I’ve done my research. So yes appologies from the Figats is what is needed, starting with you Nancy and ex Figat who can’t stop her self in the crimes against humanity. Then your son who ripped off so many. Then to your Ex who I’m sure had his part in at least something here… and then just go down the line… if any Figat reads here and hasn’t spoken up against your diarrhea of the keyboard, then they owe me and my readers an apology. I know there will be none comming… the truth is I’m just entertaining myself again… but we are almost to the good stuff.

      • You gonna get a time out…HAHAHA…and you’ll still come back you desperate sloth!! you have NO WHERE ELSE TO GO..hee hee

      • she’s already on a time out, sort of. There are several comments left last night and this morning, i have not let through yet. but she needn’t worry about a “time out” or getting her old comments through or not, she needs to get her lilly but in gear and remove the post with my brother’s name on it… the day is winding away…

      • You must be kidding!! Do you seriously think I am going to Co- operate with the likes of YOU? I am seriously thinking.That Dementia has gotten to you. Very common in Mind Contolled Slaves. That have been traumatized in d I d.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Some not all ZODIAC. I know you like attention. But I cant get too absorbed by your stuff. You have lots of Alters to read your stuff..anyway.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • That’s sad. Ruined your life. Why did volunteer to go into Btokhaven National Lab in 76? What dis they do to you?

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • That. Is not a Nerd. It is Disosociative Personality. Caused by Early Childhood trauma. Have you ever thought about opening up that door?

        Sent from Samsung tablekm

      • You have a thing with trannys. on your page you even say michelle obama is really a guy. You think everyone is a guy, and that guy is your serial killer ex husband who you want so badly to get back with… damn, i just can’t believe with the messed up lives some of you are living, you’d want to go and attack mine… I’m living the dream, you are all stuck in a nightmare… seriously… take my blogs out of the equation and take a good look at your lives… need some help?

      • You cant undo the truth once it has been told. March 11th.14. You posted as Mike Figat. Told me yes I am DPH,ZERO,MM7 ect. Which is a mispell used by Mike?? On anything he writes. Consistantly!

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • there we go Nan Nan… all your lies and crap put through. With all the mentions of Richard. Soon you will have to realize, that either I am Richard and really don’t care if you post my stuff out there, or I’m not Richard and don’t mind you thinking I am. Remember… I led you to these places… and then made sure everyone knew about those of you searching my identity and what you had found. So either way you got nothing! LMAO! But still, as much fun as this is to me, others do not like their personal stuff put into lies and slander… and it doesn’t seem any of you get that still… so now that the “goods” are out on me… I’m happy to return the favor… this will be fun… for me!

      • Of course it will be fun.  To you. The same way sending peo People to the gas chamber. Was f u n to Mom and Beppo. Same thing!  The sort of stuff that only depraved sick people enjoy. Have fun!

        Sent from Samsung tab

      • no conditions… I’m not figat, i can’t help you with that stuff… go remove the lies about me and this blog… , I’m sure the day is long over there… it will be here soon as well.

      • Nan, how ya gonna spend your time when ur blocked…thats a lotta candle burnin time i guess…hee hee

  4. Zero Im freaked out by all these freaky comment!! Really…were is all this coming from?? is she for real or what with this Nazi, zodiac shit?? Really is she nuts or evil?? really?? what the freak is this?

    • They are all a combination of nuts, evil, lonely, and some abused and taken advantage of. MOO! (that’s not a cow nancy, it means my own opinion) So this is getting way crazier than i ever thought it would, but then Nancy is a whole differnt kind of crazy than the others.

  5. and now to further mess you up Nan nNan… say good bye to this post… if you want to comment find another post to do so on… there will be a few new ones soon…

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