TGI Friday The 13th


Friday the 13th has always been one of my favorite days. When I was a little kid I used to hear bigger kids talk about how unlucky the day was and then in 1980 a movie about some camp counselors being murdered in the woods showed just how unlucky that day really was. I was in fourth grade and was not allowed to see the movie but lots of kids I knew had seen it and couldn’t stop talking about it, that and another movie called Halloween, but we got a few months before we need to talk about that movie.

A year and a half later and we had cable. Which meant I got to see these movies and a lot more. I had heard so many kids talking about different horror movies over the years and I wanted to see them all. I became a horror movie junkie, watching everyone that came on. I finally got to see Friday the 13th, and it did not disappoint!

In sixth grade I made a cake and took it to school on Friday the 13th. Throughout the years and all the movie sequels (even Jason Takes Manhattan, though I would agree that it is almost unwatchable) the day was just as special to me as my own birthday.

Back when my wife and I started working at Fright Dome we wanted to have some get-togethers with the new people we met working there. So we had a bunch of Friday the 13th parties. Some of them were small gatherings, while one got to over 200 people in our home, and our house isn’t that big, it was packed. The parties were fun, but they could get out of hand. There was a watermelon massacre at one of them and at another our bathroom and most of the hallway to it was flooded due to some one “taking a bath”. Still, they were fun, but all good things must come to an end. Our neighbors thank us.

It’s been years since our Friday the 13th parties, and I miss them. Lately though, we have been getting together with our good friend, Happi the Cannibal, at a top-secret place in Las Vegas called “The Bat Sanctuary” for some good times with good friends (I might blog more about Happi and The Bat Sanctuary at a later date). And thanks to Happi, The  Friday the 13th Parties will live on! There’s no beter place for it than the Bat Santcuary either. Plus there’s gonna be a full moon tonight! A full moon on Friday the 13th?!? That’s pretty rare.


Yes, a party is a must!

So I hope you all are enjoying your Friday the 13th, be careful of that full moon though.

Well, jello-shot cupcakes are calling.

Happy Friday The 13th!

53 thoughts on “TGI Friday The 13th

  1. I always love when he makes a guest appearance in a movie as well!! You know, like when he was a biker in “Dawn??” Best!!

    • lol… stuff is coming, be patient. Been busy with Fright Dome stuff, plus been doing some reading at a new blog where Nan Nan has gone to (but I think they booted her already, lol, and it’s a blog full of wakkos, don’t wory, i put it all in a post) thanks to oceans for the link.

  2. Zero..can you make a permanent waiting room, for those of us that have no life, i mean so we can share music and stuff??…FYI, im PERSONALLY very busy, with an in demand schedule, ( I mean for those of you that have nothin better to do…lol, NOT ME, of course)…i just mean a place we can hang while you’re living your life??

    please..think about my friend 🙂 and thank you bud!!

    Just lookie at an example of one of most prized and respected members, turned us on to!! See, it awesomeness!! ❤

    • you are not the first to ask about more music discusion here. Gonna try to get this blog in full motion this weekend… get to all I wanted to get to lately… of course now that FD season is here it will make it hard to keep up with everything… but I have faith in myself… does that make me a narcissist?

      • but I have faith in myself… does that make me a narcissist?

        Nah, lets just say you have enough confidence for the whole lot of us!!

      • I saw that…Penis envy!! Neva seen so many ‘straight dudes’ interested in “DICK”..hee hee

      • lmao… I totally was thinking the same thing reading there… but knew my comments would not go through… you’ll have to email what you tried to comment. Which we reminds me I need to ask Sassy to send me what she PMed to nancy… it was the best… and of course nancy didn’t reply to her…

      • When he called u a useful idiot, i said “temper , temper…why don’t you go stare at some cock, and make yourself feel better”…i must be on double secret block, cause my comments dont even show up as moderated now…

        Tsk , tsk…musta really hit a nerve!! Its hysterical how fragile the “doctor” is…he ABSOLUTELY can not tolerate any comments that disagree with his scientific ‘facts’…hey i here he’s a self proclaimed Photoshop ‘expert’…just like my 8 yrd old niece!! he ain’t playin!! democracy huh?? hee hee

        Whats the big deal, only 120 comments about dick?? Just come out already, you’ll be much happier…

      • yea, I was gonna say something about the useful idiot comment, but I went and read their whole post on what they conseidered “usefull idiots” pretty much it’s a liberal… dosen’t even apply to me… lol . I don’t vote any more… don’t care for any politician really, let them fix things and earn my vote again. Shocking, I know…

      • You know ME though, I flooded the shit!! its not often one is privy to such deep, factual conversation!! Yes, not often. Guys a freakin genius…I applauded him for having the likes of nan admire him!! He must be so very proud she quotes him whenever possible.. Quite the following, kudos!! 😉

      • lmao… yep. i wish i could see your comments or exchanges… went to the blog can’t see any… must have been great… a strong woman like you probably had them all puking in wastebaskets from fear and disgust (cause women do disgust them, they got some hidden bro love they need to deal with, which causes them to blame women, just cause they don’t understand the feelings they have) I do go on….

      • I did NOT however rag or rage…Like, i wouldn’t even know where start. Not worth the emotion, ya know..
        Just laughter…wow bob wowzer…

      • I mean so is the statue of Liberty…is she a trannie too?? She’s not blond/blue?? so she must be trannie right??..hey its science!! yes…yes

      • yea, the whole thing was a hoax, and that blog knows it, the writers there are into shtick… it does attract some nut cases though… Nan Nan is case in point. I was gonna write a quick post on it, but things are so busy lately… haven’t had time to look at the blog. Though I see it was mainly quiet… one comment from Nancy, (it’s still up ahead) Dorothy is still posting here and there at her usual place… Nancy just answered Sassy’s PM on FB… calls her Nasty seberal times, lol, Dorothy called my wife vile, Nancy calls her Nasty… Wait till you get to know her ladies. More on all that later. As busy as I am I willl be blogging a lot tyhis summer and wrapping the first year of zero’s world up with a bang, so please readers, be patient.If there are still any oit there that is.

      • THIS condition NOT to be confused with the ‘hanging chad’…priorities you liberals!!

        “Never out write me!!”

        Enjoy my friends ❤

      • yea, the whole thing was a hoax, and that blog knows it,

        One of his commentators proves this, but the “Doc” says the post AND the question mark will remain, for history’s sake…yeah, thanks!!..Hahaha!!

      • here we go:

        Dr. Eowyn | May 26, 2014 at 6:03 pm | Reply
        Thank you for the clarification, Andrew. I’m leaving this post up, as a historical record. And the question mark at the end of the post title also stays.

      • Hope you like it! It was made with nothing but love and respect and hope you have a great day! Plus i liked watching you skate around!

      • I know at least you and TCTH know the difference between: HAHAHA, Ha!!,heh, heh heh..and for you guys, its always Hee ❤ although i sometimes use 'hee', to add insult after usin the "C" word, cause after all, im just a 'femmie fem' at heart.. (or so ive been told) 😉

        Got thAT?!?

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