No Threats Here

So, this was originally called “How To Make A Threat”. I was poking fun at how others keep threatening me to remove my blog or posts or comments. I was also getting at Nancy for one of her Rip Off Reports, but it was all in jest. I of course knew nancy would not know how to remove one of her old internet rants of lies. I was just toying with everyone. Just having some fun at my own expense.

The only reason I bring this post back up is for the comments that are in it. I would hate to lose any good comments. So here below is the original post, but remember as you read or reread it… it was just a joke. A joke about empty threats using empty threats.

Get it?



Hints of things from all of us on here as we go back n forth with each other can sometimes seem like threats. But most have been empty. No lawsuits, no outpour of outcries on my Facebook, not even a new blog that Flukeyou tried to scare everyone with. Yes, lots of empty threats and promises.

But I’m gonna change all that right now.

Last month Nancy made a report on her ex husband (as you know she makes lots of those). I just came across it today. It is the same old crap as usual, but in the middle of it decided to mention me and this blog. She goes on to write my full name or at least the one someone has given her, since she says it is really her ex who is pretending to be me. Then she mentions Fright Dome and then for some reason puts my brother’s name in there. Why it’s important to include the name of a brother of someone you think’s identity was stolen by your ex-husband is beyond me. There’s no way even you can make sense of that, Nancy.

So no more empty promises of threats. Here’s a real one:

Take it down Nancy, and quickly. If not bad things are coming for all of you.




26 thoughts on “No Threats Here

  1. Take it down Nancy, and quickly. If not bad things are coming for all of you.

    Don’t listen to Zero nan…I say keep it up!! Yeah, you do that…

    As you dopes have done, so many times before when you put out our families names, you show your TRUE EVIL. Not only do you know NOTHING of Zero or family, but you included the name of a man who is the very essence of character, humility, and a true teacher to all of us that bitch about our everyday crap!!…Thats right PIGS, if your god is real, he/she is witnessing your true, filthy, ignorant evil…stupid cunts…Yeah, i say keep that comment up…ALL YOU DOPES are gonna TASTE YOUR OWN MEDICINE…Thank DOROTHY PRICE HILL AND NANCY for pushing the BS cruelty level past zeros limit!! Yes, thank all of you who have lied and hurt INNOCENT people, who have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR MISERABLE lives!! yOU ALL BITCH AND MOAN ABOUT YOUR BS incessantly, AS IF NO ONE ELSE HAS DEALT WITH PAIN IN THIS LIFE!! SHIT, YOUR ASSES ARE CRAZY GLUED TO THE PITY POTTY!! Guess what assholes?? most of you have nothing to complain about if you have your HEALTH, loved ones, and a good friend or two. Enjoy what should have been done a LONG time ago!



  2. You know whats up, She’s asking Dorothy what her next move should be…hee hee

    You keep that comment up nan..DO IT!!

      • Oh freakin well, email admin or whatevea..She shouldn’t get a pass for spreading lies and cruelty because she’s unfamiliar (no fucking clue actually) with the technology she uses to spread it. If DPH cares so much about her, she’d be teaching her along they way, like you took the time to do for me.. I honestly believe DPH enjoys toying with nacy as well. but no sympathy for nan, as she’s been warned about DPH, yet prefers to stay with her, because DPH throws her a bone!! Not to mention, she thinks she’s separating herself from the filthier, more blatant BS, by letting nancy post it..She has written nothing to indicate she considers nancy a ‘friend’..On the contrary she downplays their involvement together. The best is when Nancy swears all her ideas are her own, and not swayed or coached by DPH at all…We ALL got it all wrong guys!!! lol

        Where have we seen THIS dynamic played out before. once again, you simply cant make this shit up

      • I agree… putting my brothers name up for no reason thyen to get a reaction out of me makes sure she will never get a pass for her stupidity… it also makes me look at the others i gave passes too. Passes are about to be revoked.

  3. Nancy has been posting some strange stuff lately elsewhere too. Seems the Illuminati are involved, as is Satan. She is spinning into her delusions again.

    Here is the text. This is the last of 4 comments(the first three are just the same minus one last sentence each, she must not know how to edit a comment on FB.

    Nancy Evans Thank you so much Bill. The Illuminati is effecting my family and myself as well. Spawn of Satan. In my case it is true. My inlaws I recently found out. Were WWII War Criminals. Worst perpetraters of Auschwitz. Who were brought secretly into the U.S. About 1945ish. Continued their sick depraved acts right here on American soil. NAZIS running our Government. Using MKULTRA Mind Controlled human Robots.

    My Mother inlaw was supposedly hung in 1945. A blatant conspiracy and a lie. Father in law Doctor of Death. Married The Beast. Liars, cheaters, sexual deviants murderers, sadistic, taunting, cruel Barbarians. We need to gather up their spawn. Place them back on their stupid U-Boats. Send them back to where they belong. Which is not in America. Land kf the Free Home of the Brave.
    It is joeys parents he is truly raging at. Not us. Using projection. Mom was secret Lesbian into sexual Sadism. Dad closet gay who liked experinenting on innocents. When he wasnt deciding who was going to die next.
    Dont own any of it. Send it all back to where it belongs.
    BTW his Dads real name was Josef or JOEY.

    Here is the link…you may not want to post my comment, but I thought you should know she is flipping out more than usual. 😉

    • thanks Oceans! Nancy, take your meds. And remove the stuff with my brothers name (not a secret, everyone who cares to look into my FB stuff has figured out my whole family, again, what i give you, nothing has neen found, and that goes for Dorothy and the MM7 girls as well) and the lie that i claim to be the owner of anything other than my shity car. Do it because it’s the right thing to do!

      • Do it because it’s the right thing to do!

        Zero my friend, nan wouldn’t know the right thing if it climbed up her ass…I’m sorry, I know you always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. not nan or Dorothy though…lost causes. They derive enjoyment from others pain. The worst of the worst..

    • All this talk of Aushchwitz is PURE crap!! She has no empathy, in fact has posted many anti semetic comments here…She famous for her disgusting “Jewboy” comments…Zero can pull up plenty..
      Not only evil and crazy, but PHONY as hell…This is just a new rant for her, as she has enraged plenty of us with her racist comments..she’s a pig

    • Well I thought that post was pretty bad until I saw her posts on her own facebook page about her mother in law. Apparently now Mike’s father is Joseph Mengele and Snowden knows this. But hey, God wants this out there.

      Nancy, you really need to talk to someone in person about these ummm insights.
      Pack an overnight bag and keep it with you.

      • lmao… pleeeeease nancy, go talk to reporters, LE, the local hospital, tell them all about me and mike and dorothy and everything ypou have figured out. Please… help get the truth to the right people!

  4. Nancy, in the latest lies you posted, you wrote that I claim to be the owner of Fright Dome, something we all know is ridicules. Let me say once again, I am what you call a scare actor and stroller manager, an independent contractor 1 month out of the year. I do not work for Circus Circus, I do not even work for Fright Dome, get it? Of course not. But trying to continue to confuse and lie about things and bringing my personal life into it all again only shines the light brighter… but not on me, lol.

  5. I do not know of Bill Windsor, except for what nancy has written. It seems she admires him. While following your link, it seems Bill has been FALSELY accused, just like many of us have, by NANCY and crew (well, crew of one), in our case, Here are his words:

    If you heard that Universal Pictures is financing Lawless America…The Movie, that would be a rumor. The unprecedented defamation of me has had a devastating impact on the movie. It seems that movie people aren’t interested in doing business with a pedophile, a mass murderer, a serial killer, a sexual deviant, and a terrorist.


    Hey Nan, does Bill know you do the very same thing to innocent people?? You think we should post all your false accusations for him to see…DOPE. PHONY Dope

  6. Ohhh Do you mean Richard Loeks? I thought you meant Pete of Ron or Bob. Come to think of it. Isn’t your brother Bob. Really named Louis? You did call him Louie all the time didn’t you! Now I know why. On the run. NAZI outlaws. Have to keep changing their names. To prevent capture. God forbid. Your parents be subjected to their own standard of care.

    • Let’s start back here, where I left them hanging yesterday… Again, ohhh Richard Loeks… but who are Pete, Ron, and Bob? And i call no one Louie all the time, the same way no one calls me Richie. And Nazis? Is it Nazis that are behind it all… or the Illuminati… or is it a new NAZI ILLUMINATTI?

    • Is ‘Ben and Jerry’ in on it too…such a dopey cunt. Pig..

      Nannnnceee, you know deep down the end is near, right sugar?? been Lying TO YOURSELF ALL THIS TIME (14 fuckin yrs of prayin he’ll come back). Once upon a time you’d have had my empathy, BUT YOU BLEW IT. You slandered a saint, and you and DPH will pay (along with everyone else who got off easy these last three plus years)..You both did THE MOST disgusting thing to date…how heartless…the innocent people you ALL hurt, people whose names the likes of you shouldn’t even utter, because of their sacrifices in life.YES…its THEIR TIME now…look i said ‘ALL’ ,…again…ALL.

      ALL…All..if your side of the street is clean, im sure you got nothing to worry about…lol. Yeah, no worries my ‘god fearin folk’..nah. A saint got slandered. What would you do if you were privy to that my dirty bitches??..yes, you think about it. Long and hard.

      You should have kept our families, children and jobs out of it…Now ALL bets are off..called hittin below the belt. LOW CLASS, low rent moves…yes.
      If you have stuff to hide (like, be VERY NERVOUS…and dont forget to thank DPH 🙂

  7. Happy Father Zero!! and to all you that still have ur dads with you. Enjoy peep!! ❤

    If you have nothing to do, show your support 😉

    • Thank you Linda… there are over 20 comments from nancy left between the last one and here… some mentioning my name… I’m sure some of you think giving nancy mixed up information is working for you… but as you are about to see… it’s not. But let me enjoy my father’s day just a little longer… then be ready…

      • you’re So Bad, its SOOO good!! Can’t say they weren’t warned. have a good one, im doing my Martha Stewart impersonation today, honoring the MAN that raised mine!!

        hee 😉

  8. Waving at Oceans ~ ~ ~

    Linda brought me back here. Not that I wouldn’t have come back on my own at some point, I enjoy reading Zero. But I saw Linda’s posts on Bill Windsor’s page, so decided to see what Zero & Nancy are up to. Looks like Zero is up to his neck fruit loops. Nancy, well. Same old, same old.

    @ Linda: Nancy is one of many looney tunes that enjoy Bill’s “support”. The whole group of them make false allegations. I won’t be surprised to see your name on Bill’s litigation list….

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