O.K. Maybe Not So Empty After All

As with the post before this, it is returning with some explanation. It was origibnally titled “Another Threat”. It was once again used to poke at myself and the fact that Nancy was posting my personal stuff out there when she didn’t even know what it is ahe writes. Though when i talk of things comming for them, I wasn’t just bluffing, I was thinking about starting a whole new blog starting again and trying to unravel the web each of these crazies have left behind them. Showing all that’s been said and all the connections between the whole nasty group. And I still might, or I may just keep making post here from time to time. Plus something is coming for all them… you can feel it, can’t you?

Here’s the post, but again, remember, I never expected Nancy to remove anything, I was playing along! Get it?

Still, I wouldn’t want to lose any comments, so it’s back up!


Alright Nancy… keep my name in your mouth like the “Dick” you wish it was. But you really should think about it first. Remember, leaving that post up with my brother’s name does not just affect me, but it affects my brother and his friends, our family, as well as all those who are looking for answers in the cases you mix it all up in. Think about all the real cases of abuse that you and Dorothy are mocking with your lies and games.

Most importantly, think about Dorothy, Joey, Jen. MM7, and anyone else who is connected to this charade of shenanigans…

Because if the post with my brother’s name isn’t pulled down by the end of the day… those bad things I spoke of… will be here.

60 thoughts on “O.K. Maybe Not So Empty After All

  1. When im done, even her buddy Bills gonna regret meeting her, although i see no one responds to her on THAT BLOG either. She’s gonna be awfully lonely without us..Haha

      • been reading a little more at the Joey blog today, you must laugh when you see the exact same stuff being said here, lol. We even started calling her na na as you did… and pointed out all the same things to her, and she even went into The wizard of Oz there… wow.The more I read there the more i feel i’m just a repeat blog, lol.

      • I have 7 comments from her today on the haters & crybabies post, which i don’t understand since she can’t see the post anymore… her device gets stuck on a thread and she just stays there, lol! Nobody’s missing anything though, she’s going on about nazis… lmao, yes Nan Nan… nazis are bad… funny thing is you almost want to stick up fopr the nazis when it comes to her babble… ha ha ha

      • 3 more comments in the last 5 minutes? how is she still seeing the comments, lmao. She is stuck in a post that no one can see… ha ha ha…

      • God only know why i commented as “W”….At least with nan around im not THE worst at this technology stuff 😦

      • lol… got it… if we had any gamers still commenting, they might run with that, lol. But none of them are commenting anymore… and I should point out, none are blocked from this blog in any way. But the quiet has been nice. Though I have also notticed Nancy and Dorothy are getting very close again… Dorthy’s befriending some of her family and commenting praise on nancy’s FB… lmao, Dorothy uses this lady and just keeps ion using this lady. These people are some evil kind of crazy!

      • I took away thr post she keeps commenting on, so she will have to find somewhere else to comment… unless she can find her way here… but truth is, my sassy girl wrote her today on FB, so I’m betting she is in talks with dorothy, who by the way made a new comment on the SG FB today, saying I’m a web page designer who is into horror movies and devil stuff… lol, MOTIVATE ME PEOPLE! Where’s Joey at, and how bout Cristin? Dorothy says in her latest comment I am attacking all of you (Nancy too). Good stuff. too bad most people can’t read Dorothy’s stuff, still those at the SG FB must think it’s important. Big Bad Zero taking on Dorothy’s team, and winning from how it sounds… LOVE IT!

      • here’s DPH’s comment from today:
        This is why the men have tried VERY HARD to cover up the Role of UtopiaGuide and that group of men CCC/Carney Construction Company. This is just about “hobbying” and “mongering” with escorts as they call it. THIS GROUP OF MEN on Long Island knew Megan, Melissa and the other murdered women. They had a birthday dinner with one of the women. These men attended those parties. Megan Waterman told her mother Lorraine Ela that some of the johns were “famous people and police”. >> Joseph Brewer is going to jail for the REST OF HIS SORRY LIFE when we are done We have our sights on Burke, Tartaglia (and his son Joseph), Brunkard, Guerra, Santoro, Ferrera, Mistretta, Irizarry (father is convicted pedophiile and son runs “events company”). There are ties from Oak Beach to Vegas and a series of “movies” that were made — the attacks by Zero (a Web site designer in Vegas with ties to horror movies & Satanic crap) on Nancy Evans Figat, Joe Scalise Jr of Oak Beach, Cristin Kennedy Borders etc THE TRUTH will set the victims’ families free …they DESERVE the truth an they DESERVE to see FULL JUSTICE SERVED

      • she and nancy are connecting those dots… and the big bad zero ai’t gonna scare them off… But where is Joey? where is Cristin? where is Dorothy for that matter? Nan Nan is the only one who still comments here…

      • I had no clue about his case until your comment. Did you get this from a mutual friend?? I need to check and send some emails…darn it!!.. Very, very sad..

      • same here, and to be honest I was just looking at randome Long Island news areticles from thye last couple days when i saw this article. And since Too Close had mentioned it here, I thought I’d post it. It is indeed sad. If she was killed by someone who knows her like it sounds, they should be able to solve this pretty quickly I would think, and hope. No offense to any readers here, but Long Island is scary, and that’s comming from a guy who knows scary.

      • No offense to any readers here, but Long Island is scary, and that’s coming from a guy who knows scary.

        You said a mouthful…and these type of crimes are usually committed by white suburbia…ask any cop, they’ll tell you Long Island is a sewer of crime..and its not even close to happening in the poorest areas (Cases similar to LISK, that is). Not to mention Hard Core drug use…Yep, white suburbia. The more money, the more heinous the offenses.

      • I guess all places have their crime… but it seems like a lot goes unanswered there… which i guess makes it easy for the nuts to cry conspiracy…

      • As usual, you can “play” if u can pay…gross. Im outta here asap, as we’ve discussed off blog.

      • That’s the way it is everywhere unfortunately. I learned that a long time ago… I’m a poor boy so i stay out of trouble with the law (that’s why none of the lookie loos could find any mugshots on me, I know they looked)

    • I answered 2 of them to see if she can see it… but she can’t… she can only see the replies to her previous comments… i wonder how long before she catches on…

      • sigh….Just, sigh…However entertaining it is!! Yeah, im out of epathy 🙂

        Shall we place a bet as to when CHNN will catch on?? If her BFF DPH doesn’t tell her, i predict this can last till at least Friday?? Any takers??

      • I really thought i’d wake up and see find comments on here nut nope. She hasn’t even written anyt more on the Haters & Crybabies hidden post. (she might not be able to any more, I was suprised she got through so many comments on it yesterday. All the comments were just trying to say I’m a nazi and my moms a nazi and we stole the Figat name… yes… not even Mike Figat is really Mike Figat accoriding to Nancy’s lattest. This could have something to do with Sassy sending Nancy an I< on FB, it was a good one. Remember whwn Sassy wrote Dorothy on FB, Dorothy instantly blocked her and stopped commenting on this blog as well. But we know they will be back… and I've got some stuff waiting for when they do.

      • i may want to hire ms. sassy as my attorney: lets work out he details! ❤ Nice work sassy Girl!!! w=[Way to bug out the fuck face bullies…hee!!!

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