Before I get into what I hope will be a long, blog friendship with those over at fellowship of the minds, I need to address something. Many people seem to think I’m a narcissist. Let’s take a look at what that means:

Yes, I do stop and admire myself in the clear pools of water whenever I can… what can I say, I like myself. But narcissism and what some people call alpha male personalities… while have their use in psychology, let’s not get things to confused here. These types of qualities are in us all… it’s what gave human beings the drive to survive… yes compulsions was once a good thing. If man wasn’t always thinking about sex, we probably wouldn’t have made it. (I know, I’m pissing off the Bible thumpers, but hey, God could have put the narcissistic will to survive in us, so you can still have your beliefs)

Still…  life has evolved and we need to as well… but the need to like or in my case love yourself is STILL not a bad thing. And let’s be honest, just about everyone I deal with here on this blog is quite the narcissist themselves.

It’s actually a very good thing. In this world to many people don’t like themselves and others take advantage of that. I’d rather be a narcissist, than suffer from low self-esteem. And I’d could never be someone who takes advantage of those with weak self images…  there’s your true bad guys.

Nope I’m just a guy who thinks he’s pretty cool.

And if you hate me for that… maybe your jealous… or maybe you are just upset that your own narcissistic ass can’t take advantage of me.

122 thoughts on “Narcissism

  1. But Z man, you’re pretty humble too…i wouldnt label you as a narcissist, just a good man that can look himself int he mirror at the end of the day..and say “MUAH!!”

    • that’s it? must be losing interest in me… my wife got your reply by the way… she couldn’t stop laughing… did she write you again? And as for the whole Alpha male thing… in all honesty, I’m just putting words and phrases out there for you guys to run with. And you do… again, just entertainment for me…

      • LOVIN that strategy, i MAY have to try it 🙂 (DUH)
        …so am i to assume you’re not gonna post sassy’s comments!!?? For real??

      • oh no I am… lol. and nancy’s reply. There’s some new stuff on Nancy’s FB as well with DPH feeding into nancy’s delusions… gonna have some stuff up soon, I promise, lol.

    • what you hallucinating now NAN…
      Lets encapsulate, shall we?? ZERO IS: Mike, CPH, Chris W, Barrack Obama/Mrs obama, relative of hitler, LISK, ME, evryone ON EVERY blog you’ve visited (been blockedc from) AND zodiac??

      Did i miss anyone HUN??
      What a DOPE…Dorothy’s puppet and NOTHING else…she got you good, BUT YOU DESERVE IT…Hows lawless America treatin ya these days…LMFAO!!

      • Ironically enough, im familiar with this story, the priest did it!! check it out…But WTH is CHNN ranting about?? if i may…

      • dorothy has really played her… the whole thing is so crazy when you lay it all out… first DPH, Jen, and Joey tried to play MM7. Had her believing all sorts of things… meanwhile they had been working on Nancy. and well, just look at all the crazy things they got Nancy chasing. I hope DPH, Jen, and Joey aren’t to proud of themselves… getting lonely, crazy people to chase their tails on the internet… what an acomplishment.

      • ohhh yes….i hope this doesnt seem hyp[ocritical coming from me (zero!)…but its so awesome how she ‘likes’ her own posts, and is the only one who comments as well…

        I guess NO ONE will ever truly explain, she’s married herself to this insanity for LIFE…yeah nan, like, deleting it wont help. Ask that pillar of society, your mentor and good ‘friend’ Dorothy if i lie…You are the queen of dopes…and literally setting yourself up for a 5150, should anyone want to pursue a lawsuit against you. RIGHT DOROTHY?? yeah…im sure you’ve explained all this, you’re such a good person…heart of gold Dorothy…karma, coming at ya…ready??

        You must be so proud of your girls Joe!! lol, i totally get why you have to buy wives now…but hey, if your second marriage fails too, you got nan AND dorothy!! What a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOser…hee hee!! Really Joe, bottom of the barrel…how embarrassing. A grown man, and this is your harem?? You must be the envy of men everywhere.. At least they speak the language, well, nancy not so much…LMAO at YOU 🙂

        Everyone is…ughhhh

      • joey is so quiet lately… maybe he and MM7 are rekindling the old romance now that she is back up in that area… I hope not… but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • THAT would be a true tragedy for FLA, seeing as she just “escaped” an apparent loser (only judging him by what he puts out for all to see)….But hey, its a free country, and the likes of Joe and Dorothy see weakness and pain as something to USE and EXPLOIT…then DUMP when the object is no longer useful…

        what cunts…see ya later peeps

      • Hey guys…just look my first, long look at Nancy FB…omg!! TCTH, have you seen this?? Dorothy and JS’s influence are quite apparent now (with the steve Bellone crap)…THIS is not good peeps. im probably paranoid, but someone as ill and easily influenced as nan, could be convinced to do just about anything…the perfect patsy…

        Do we really try to help her?? who are these ‘friends’ on FB?? are any of them family to her?? IF this is real, its tragic, sickening and sad..

        Right Dorothy Price Hill?? Right?? yeah.. You twisted so glad your obvious manipulation is in black and white for all to see..for eternity. Your legacy will be that of a sick,vengeful, WEAK serpent, who selfishly took the last bit of sanity from the neediest and SHREDDED it, all to spread your bitterness, hate, rejection and RAGE. Just wait till the twins are old enough to see the truth!! Have you even a clue whats in store for them emotionally?? Who cares, right Dot?? Misery certainly loves company, lonely life ahead for you…nice work.

      • now you are where I have been… but I’m on it. Gonna bring nancy to and end and put her out of her misery. (my wife laughed at me when I told her this) But I am… as far as my blog is concerned at least. I got some writting to do… so don’t be surprised if I don’t comment for a little while.

      • Nancy Evans Steve Belone he uses the exact same hand gestures as does Jimmy Burke, Jeffrey MacDonald and many others.Including President Obama and Bill and Hilary Clinton.


      • yes… the dots they connect are mind-boggling. I’m sure we’ve said that before… but with Nancy… we now go so much further… which is great… thanks to Dorothy, Nancy connects to all of them.

  2. Is that Dorothy EVIL or WHAT?? One can either assume Dorothy Price Hill believes as nancy does, (Bad, or is an evil, manipulating,cunt. See, only someone EVIL, would encourage INSANITY, rather than help them in ANY WAY…Nope, not Dorothy, evil, sick or BOTH?? You tell me peeps…hmmmmm…

    • It’s clearly perverted the way Dorothy keeps feeding Nancy and saying nothing about the insanity she has been posting lately. Anyone looking at the things she is posting has to realize how far she is from reality of late. Dorothy is showing her ugly side(s) by contributing to this ongoing mental break Nancy is clearly spiraling into. Where the heck is her family??

      I don’t think Nan has been in the neighborhood of reality in a while, but right now she is in another state. It is cruel to allow her to continue to encourage her delusions. Either that or Dorothy is even more batshit crazy than Nancy…and that is always a possibility too. They clearly deserve each other, maybe they can get adjoining accommodations with really soft walls and special jackets that match.

      • I have been reading and snipping all day… she is in real need of help… I’m about to get to some final posts on the whole nancy thing, it will deal with my thoughts on all of this including nancy’s family, whom some of do read her posts, so theu really need to step up and save her from Dorothy. Time to bring an end to the nancy stuff… it leads nowhere and is just so sad that no one can help this lady. So I will.

      • not really too close… their diversions have diverted them way away from the LISK case. And that’s a good thing. Me saying it only helps them remember that, so they will probably return. But really who’s writting lies at the moment… Nancy and it’s all about her ex and a twisted story line that took me hours to figure out. Dorothy pops up once a week or so on SG’s FB, but there is nothing that can be done about it, other than continually to show all her crap so it can be looked at properly, which again makes the diversions important. Showing all Dorothy’s diversions shows how ludacris all her rants are… see the fact that they are using more diversions and far out connections, is because we have stopped them from making any kind of leeway with their lies. It may have taken years TCTH, but they no longer have any type of credibilty… none of them… MM7 returned to my FB today calling this blog a gossip blog… lmao… they are all to afraid to even comment here… their diversions didn’t work and still don’t… well accpet against them!

      • The thing is, at least nan isnt raising young children…But DPH is!! Disturbing or what?? Im not even tryin to take a cheap shot, Dorothy has put ALL her shit out there, inviting judgment. Yeah, the judgment she puts out should comeback tenfold, according to karma..lets hope

      • yes, Nancy from what I gather has been seen by Doctors, diagonosed, and in her delusions blames everyone around her who tried to help her, and now that they have given up, she is prey to people like Joey and Dorothy. But Dorothy obviously dosen’t have the caring people around her Nancy once did, and therefore no one has stepped in to get her and her children the help they need. I know, it’s sounds like gossip… but it’s how I read it.

      • Oceans: I HAD to block Dorothy, due to her stalking ways…feel free to copy/paste her comments,as many of us can not see them…

        The more places her name appears in a Google search the better. And hey, she loves the attention..Good. Very good.

      • just so you know, I got them all saved… working on a few posts that will cover everything on Nancy’s page over the past few days… mainly so those can see dorothy’s side of the madness… it’s importnant to show how Dorothy has manipulated Nancy, and i realize most people can’t see her part in it… I’ll fix it though.

  3. Oh geeze louise, now Nan nut is dissing on my girl Margaret Cho….and in typical nasty nancy fashion
    “He is known to be the man underneath Margerite Cho the fat, gross Transvestite Comedian.and other personalities. Can disguise his voice.”

    And that equally twisted Dorothy is chiming in and adding in her nonsense too. These two are prime candidates for some EST…

    • and seriously Nancy, the handwriting is NOT similar, and definitely not from the same person. You need proof? Spend your money on a handwriting analysis.

      LOL, but all that will do is make you accuse yet another person of being or helping Mike when you get told the handwriting doesn’t match. It’s a never ending cycle.

      • I was saying the same thing… the writing is totally different, but you see Dorothy eggs Nancy on… I’m gonna sort it all out in a mega post… as crazy as these nuts are… they have connected me to some very smart people, Linda, TCTH, you Oceans and the others at the “other” joey blog, and quite a few others I have talked to in email land (you know who you are). As much as I would like to wish I had never come across some of these nuts, I don’t. I’m quite happy with what I have gained with it all!

    • she’s done it before, but i wasn’t sure she ment the comedian vecause she said it was someone’s wife… that evil magician guy in cali. My wife said she thought she was talking about the comedian, she was right. Nancy mixes so many together as one big tranvestite it’s hard to keep straight who she means… damn, all I can say again, is nancy connects to Dorothy… and quite a few others (Joey, Jen, Cristin) connect to Dorothy… how’s that google working for all of you? (rhetorical question)

      • she’s done it before, but i wasn’t sure she ment the comedian vecause she said it was someone’s wife… that evil magician guy in cali. My wife said she thought she was talking about the comedian, she was right.

        SAME HERE!!, and with that, I respectfully nominate SASSY (MRS Zero), for PRESIDENT OF OUR BELOVED UNITED STATES!!! Please accept?? Hee!!??

        “WE” def shouldve known that!! or at least considered it mr Z!!!!

      • yep… I didn’t realize Nan Nan had a thing for Margret Chow, among many others, hell, just found out about her jealousy of the first lady… Nan nan is one crazy, jealous, lonely, racist. Dorothy fopund another winner to add to that team!

    • Ok…STOP! Margaret Cho IS THE SHIT!!?? @Ocean: this is what CHNN means when she refers to ‘Chow Bitch’?? oh no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOO…for really reals?? not good…huge FAN RIGHT HERE…

      Just not good….
      Tsk freakin tsk…exactly how many: gender, race, ethnicity, ect hangups, do Dorothy and CHNN have?? we may have to ‘enlist’ some help…I’m feelin HATE i alone here peeps??

      dopey cunts

      • Then again Z, who the hell woulda figured the likes of CHNN knows who Margaret chow is?? She dont even have cable?? @Oceans, can we verify this data?? can it be??

      • They like to spread the hate around Linda, it is vile and disgusting. But then they are so alike, they must be drawn to each other. I wouldn’t mind them grouping together like this if they would just STFU. It’s like a train wreck in motion, it’s hard to look away.

        It ticks me off when they dis Margaret, she is and has been one of my favorites!

    • These two are prime candidates for some EST…

      My mommy did EST. i dont think it ‘took’…

      My suggestion:
      Shock treatment, frontal lobotomy, and Ativan drip (right in the jugular)…Im no doctor however, barely a pharmacist….JMO 🙂

      • Linda can’t see Dot’s stuff, but I have it all saved and was gonna make a post on the whole timeline they established on Nancy’s page… but the Cristin had to speak up, and now her man or ex man wants to threaten me thinking he has that power on everyone…lmao. Yea, gotta leave Nan Nan world for a while and start dealing with the real bullys.

  4. LOL, mega post is what it would have to be given the sheer volume of crazy posts out there. Dot is posting more insanity to Nans page now. Dot is sure she is going to break the case (again).

    Kinda think someone should start a pool for the number of days until she ‘breaks the case’ again (according to her). Seems I have seen that from her way too many times.

    I keep stumbling across these 2 loons…and they like to litter the internet with their self important hype. I wonder if they ever go back and read what they posted and have trouble understanding the crap? LOL

      • Zero, why does my gravitor thignie look this way?? AQrent you a WEB DESGNER!! HAHA!!

        Just kiddin, i can fix it..but i aint gonna till im good and ready!!


      • lol, new gravatar! I had to go to the actual post to see it was different, lol. I like the other one (sun like). But triangles are good… 3 sides.

      • iTS THIS ‘NEW KEYBOARD’ for real?? IDK what the hell im doing different…hee hee..its true

      • @Linda, 🙂 for sure, and yeah, you need to visit Vegas, it’s a blast. First time I wandered around on the strip recently, and it was so awesome I didn’t even mind looking like a tourist LOL Of course there was drinking involved, so I didn’t mind much

      • Ocean, next time you are here, let me know! I’ll show you the real las vegas, (lol, that’s a referance to one of my favorite movies, “Killing Zoe”. For those who don’t mind a little reading, check it out!

      • I didn’t even mind looking like a tourist LOL Of course there was drinking involved, so I didn’t mind much

        Drinking??? My word!! I never!! …stop…hee hee
        Like that JG??
        Vile right??

    • Dot is posting more insanity to Nans page now. Dot is sure she is going to break the case (again).

      Id settle for JOE “rosey” Brewer (LOL) beIng ARRESTED FOR Impersonating AN OFFICER (Quoted by DPH incessantly!!, not about putting SG first!!!) DOROTHY PRICE HILL AND FEDS AND TD BANK HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR YEARS!!!!

      Right Dorothy Price Hill?? Am i MISspeaking?? AM I??

      Oh Dorothy Price Hill, what have you done?? WHY DOROTHY??

  5. Aww you’re like the family i never had (theyre all on the DL, dO YOU GUYS HAVE tequila IN NEVADA?????

  6. Excuse the unintentional use of CAPS…Has anyone evr encountered this new “keybaord”” phenomenon???


  7. Oh geeze, Nan wants her kids to be related to Nazis so badly, she is now doing another page for her family photo montage. This one is Joseph Megele and Irma Geese as her in-laws. Her kids must love this side of mom. She just hates her children and her ex so much they must be Nazis. Or serial killers, or murderers.

    She is spending a bunch of time printing pictures and trying to get anyone to agree with her. Now she is looking for history buffs to agree with her. LOL, the only person who ever posts to her is Dot…she is so desperate she has to like her own posts and share them with herself.

  8. LMAO-

    “ZERO is an idiot. A big bully behind the keyboard who STEALS others’ identities including Linda (massage therapist). She can file criminal charges against him.”

    Nan is still out there sharing her own posts on her own page and liking them. Talk about a split personality there Nanny Nan.

    Maybe she has forgotten how to get here to post, more likely she is still playing with the glue and scissors making her collages of all those Mikes and searching for more children to link to her ‘nazi’ family tree. *sigh* it’s not fair to those she is doing this to, but everyone can clearly see how disturbed mentally she is.

    Of course this is all apparently related to MKULTRA mind control (wait and see, it’s where she will go next). And according to other postings from Nannut “Others like myself are working behind the scenes too”.


  9. LOL, so now Mike is not only descended from Mengele, he is Jeffery MacDonald(who has been sitting in jail for 30 years), and the Zodiac Killer. His family brought MKULTRA to the USA because, hey they are Nazis.

    And she wants to know who to report this to? Umm Nan, start with the police. Bring your photo album, and all those handwriting samples, and the pictures of the Zodiac Killer. Ask Dot to drive you there, and have her bring her latest proof with her. I think the police will be very interested. As I said before, bring an over night bag…it may take a while to sort all this out.

    • I like that she asks for opinions and the only one she gets is Dotorthy. What are those few friends and family members who are still on her FB friends list (there are a few left, and I have reached out, unanswered by all of them) think, reading these latest rants, with their family pics put up with those of someone serving time for the murder of his family. They are all connected to this crap… all of them. Nancy, Dorothy, Joey, Jen, Cristin, and all those who have helped them or listened to them without telling them they need help! I was losing interest in all of this… thanks to Cristin’s comment today, I see again why I need to keep posting about these crazies… none of them are ready to step away from this mess on the internet they all helped to create.

      • well most are probably not willing to post answers on her page. She posted one of those silly memes about naming a movie without the letter T, and someone replied with ‘mask’ and nan nan comes back with ‘No it is not a mask JoAnne. It is real’

        LOL, so other than Dot and Nan reinforcing each other’s nonsense( and sometimes they aren’t even doing more than talking at each other) no one bothers to reply.

        They are so co-dependent.

      • but you know they read it…lol. Damn, this is so far gone now… and now i gotta worry about death threats?!? If the nuts would just take a step back… see that it is them bringing all this attention to themselves…

      • I saw that…heres a few more Nan: ‘SAW’, “Rain man” “Debbie Does dallas”…oh nancy…Just WTF?? really, you can tell me?

      • Dorothy tried to link Saw into this once before… due to me working at Fright Dome, she tries to tie horror movies that she see’s connected the haunt and makes it part of her fictious facts. Before me, Dorothy was centered on banks being behind all this, after I got involved in blogging about it and my identity was passed around like a rag doll… all of a sudden, hollywood, las vegas, and horror movies are where her team has lead her… LMFAO… anyone who is paying attention can see them all now… I mean really see them!

    • yea, the whole thing is way out there, but also safe, they are attacking and lieing about criminals already in jail… of course nancy thinks the government lets the same killer out each time and gives hiom a new identity… I will get back to it… but trust me you all want to see what I recieved today from a certain mysterymom’s baby’s daddy.

      • You cant really call her Mystery or Mom anymore?? what shall we use now..I tried to be respectful, and whenever (not often) her name came up I used FLA…but since she has a HUGE pole up her ass for me (one of the ONLY people to show her compassion), im in a quandary?? any suggestions??

      • I made a comment about how they needed adjoining rooms and matching jackets and were prime candidates for EST…now I know that EST is a cult, but in the context I used it, padded cells and straight jackets, EST is electric shock therapy. At least that’s my best guess for how that came up.

  10. I see nancy is using my full name in a sladerous way. As i have Dorothy blocked, suggested by FB and police…please feel free to copy/paste comments here, so i may add to my harrasment claim against Dorothy Price Hill

    • Dorothy wrote this prompting nancy’s mention of your name: That must be his female alter. (Or one of them). Male version of Sybil but with sadistic mainframe

      • True Dorothy style, considering she spoke to one of my closest friends…duly noted. Forward the whole convo to me, so i can add it to my police report..
        BTW, i reported nan to FB, feel free to join me…not that she’ll have a clue. Im sure Dorothy will show her how to check…lol

    • it’s like a little twisted play these 2 put on… evil! I got it all copied…Dorthy’s carefull not to mention us anymore by name, she let’s her lapdog do it. Nancy’s family should be infuriated with Dorothy. She’s blocking any chance they have in helping her. Dorothy is evil. Joey is evil. How bout the rest of the anti-scooby gang? Crazy or evil… take your pick.

      • I have a few ‘people’ just waiting to here from Dorothy and nan…little preemptive shit….surprise dorothy!! as you know, nancy will have NO PROBLEM ratting you out!! Shit she wont even know she’s doing it…So if you think youre lapdog is gonna do your bidding, better make sure she’s as ‘smart’ as you…haha

    • ahh… have to take back what i said… dorothy posted some thing and has my name in it, saying I claim to have grown up in california, and then I say i grew up in Nebraska, I’ve never said no such thing… and she called me richie again… I’m getting it from all sides now… lmao.

  11. Nancy, pay close attention, as this song describes Dorothys intentions!! Ill even post the kyrics hun:
    Play Music

    There’s a shadow just behind me,
    Shrouding every step I take,
    Making every promise empty,
    Pointing every finger at me.
    Waiting like a stalking butler
    Who upon the finger rests.
    Murder now the path of “must we”
    Just because the son has come.

    Jesus, won’t you fucking whistle
    Something but the past is done?
    Jesus, won’t you fucking whistle
    Something but the past is done?

    Why can’t we not be sober?
    I just want to start this over.
    Why can’t we drink forever.
    I just want to start this over.

    I am just a worthless liar.
    I am just an imbecile.
    I will only complicate you.
    Trust in me and fall as well.
    I will find a center in you.
    I will chew it up and leave,
    I will work to elevate you
    Just enough to bring you down.

    Mother Mary won’t you whisper
    Something but the past is done.
    Mother Mary won’t you whisper
    Something but the past is done.

    Why can’t we not be sober?
    Just want to start this over.
    Why can’t we sleep forever.
    I just want to start this over.

    I am just a worthless liar.
    I am just an imbecile.
    I will only complicate you.
    Trust in me and fall as well.
    I will find a center in you.
    I will chew it up and leave,
    Trust me [x5]

    Why can’t we not be sober?
    Just want to start things over.
    Why can’t we sleep forever.
    I just want to start this over.

    I want what I want [x4]

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