Pulling Back The Curtain (For Just A Moment)

So I have been playing the Shtick pretty hard lately, just call me Benji Bronk!

Let’s pull that curtain back for a minute and take a breath.

I was pretty certain Nancy would not know how to get back to her Rip Off Post from over a month ago. So I thought I’d play a little with it. The threats of bad things coming, was sort of joke. see the bad things are coming for some of you whether or not Nancy removed the Rip Off Post, in fact those bad things are coming for you whether or not I blog or not. Karma, reaping, sowing… those of you at the core of all the BS and games… yea, it’s coming for you, and it’s all bad. Of course I do plan on helping in any way… you’ve all motivated me in that direction, so you know that already.

Dorothy, you nut you. Still posting stuff about me and this blog on the SG FB. “Zero’s attacking everyone.” LMAO! And I mean that, LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! And you keep sending Nancy here to post for you ’cause you are too scared to post here anymore (again, I want to point out, I have blocked no one from commenting on this blog). I mean she left so many posts over the last few days and I see you 2 chatting it up on her FB, you telling her how brave she is… whata bitch you are. I really want to say witch and keep the whole “Oz” theme going, but really, you are a bitch. The cuntiest of cunts… I know, harsh, and only helps them with their “zero hates women” rants, but I mean it Dorothy, you are a stupid cunt. (Damn am I asking to be reported or what?) I put stupid in bold, because you are just so damn stupid. I was just about to go off on you so-called enemy Jen. She had really irked me commenting and PMing me on Websleuths saying I can’t use anything she says there, here (which I don’t need to, I have plenty of correspondence with Jen that has nothing to do with Websleuths). Point is you and nancy could have shut up for a moment and let me expose Jen and her games, but you are so fixated on me, you can’t shut up about me. But don’t worry, I’m now looking into you and Jens relationship even closer… so there is bound to be more about both of you in posta to come.

Nancy… you can’t even find your way off a post… like some kind of blog tweaker… you get stuck! I waited and waited for you find a new post and continue, but I see you found your way to another blog instead… more about that in the next post. Nancy, I know Dorothy got you to put my brother’s name up on the internet, I’m sure you don’t have a clue to how fucked up that is, and I will hold Dorothy primarily responsible, but you can not get a pass just because you are touched in the head more that the average crazy here. You let Dorothy leed you around like a dog, which is why I posted that picture of Dorothy holding you as ToTo. You do her biding even though you claim she is in cahoots with your ex husband. Who you claim manipulated and used you quite a bit, so why you would (in your head at least, cause I’m still not convinced he has anything to do with this, but not the point here) continue to let him manipulate you and lead you around like a dog? You may think you are a good person, who has been hurt by those around you… but there’s nothing good about you, you trash your kids and their father all over the internet, you leach on to people’s blogs just to have some company and feel someone is still thinking about you. As sad as it is, I can have no sympathy for you.

Look, nobody is buying this whole, “Zero is attacking people who know the truth about LISK”. Joey, Cristin, Nancy, Jen, Dorothy… you have all worked together at some point, passing around misinformation to each other playing a really messed up game with other people’s tragedies. I said this, I’ve shown this, and if I need to, I can continue showing it. But no where, NO WHERE can you connect me to any of it, other than in your delusions that each of you fed into. Keep trying though… it’s all the motivation I need.

Oh, and don’t think I haven’t notice all the weird “Friend Requests” on my Facebook. Just because I accept you don’t mean I don’t know you are fake and probably belong to one of my haters here. And yes I keep an eye on all the suspicious “Facebook Friends”.

Damn… I ain’t even begun…  I will convert you haters into loving me!

Well not all of you, because some of you are gonna be exposed, and feel the need to hide your naked selves (some of you already have).

Anyone wanting to get a head start on my next post:


This is where Nancy is getting her Michelle Obama is a transvestite stuff. Check out the crazies in the comments…  and Nancy was still to nutty for them… you know I got some things to say about this new little looney toon blog.

In the words of that child endangering Murt (damn I’m a trouble maker)…

Stay Tooned….  (yea, I changed it to fit better)






69 thoughts on “Pulling Back The Curtain (For Just A Moment)

    • Yes, I know, I linked it in the post. Please go get that gay president, his tranny wife, and his addopted children. damn a whole page talking about it. Halarious! But they kicked you offf so you come here. Evertime someone blocks ya, you come running back to me. I feel so used sometimes…lol.

      • you leach on to people’s blogs just to have some company and feel someone is still thinking about you. As sad as it is, I can have no sympathy for you.

        And not for nothin, she could have found a bit of fellowship here (now dont go all ‘loving’ on me Z!!) WE tried…im not even convinced she doesn’t know EXACTLY what she’s doing..I still think its a conscience CHOICE, like nan always rants about!! Her and Dorothy are inflicting pain on innocents, and doing it KNOWINGLY..Thus the word CUNT applies..and believe it or not, i havent been provoked to use that words in decades…Cause i love my sistas!! i REALLY mean that..

        If you weren’t sidetracked constantly by your love struck, attention whores, you could have made that post about whose really using “BAD language”…but these CUNTS wont let you move on from them..


      MAKE OUR DAY 🙂

  1. The cuntiest of cunts…

    Even bill agrees…yes..you are a CUNT..yeppers..A filthy , crazy one at that…now those aren’t just mine and Zero’s words, but hell Dorothy, I don’t wanna ruin every SURPRISE COMING YOUR WAY.. SOUND FAIR EVIL CUNT?? hee
    @ CHNN..DOPEY cunt…Muah..lo freakin L…so much discretion has been exercised, three fuckin yrs worth..

    NO MORE B’s..NO MORE 🙂

    Shit’s done..are you bitches ready?? wah wah!! “I didn’t do anything zero”…heh heh

  2. I was reading some of the other articles on that crazy site. I am truly amazed at the stupidity there. I could go on a rant about the Boston Bombing posts, but I will refrain.

    It’s amazing to me that Nancy managed to get bounced from there. These people are really far enough out there that they should be in the same zip code as Nan.

    wow, you have to be special to be booted from that group.

    • I at first thought the sight was kinda funny, then I read some of the other posts… now I would just like to forget it exsist… but you can’t unsee what you have seen. still, you would think nancy would have fit right in… if only that guys name wasn’t Mike… maybe she would have lasted a little longer… the whole things gonna make a great post though…

    • Wow..nice blog…why are all these nuts obsessed with sexual talk, weenies and perverts?? FREUD WOULD HAVE A ‘BALL’ WITH THESE ‘NUTS’..HEE
      BTW, if thats what they call a weenie, they must be used to tiny dicks!! Poor Mrs OBAMA, I LOVE HER!!

      But seriously, scary or what..?? wow

      • the sandy hook post is waht really got to me… and is what will land them on the #fuckyoutour2014…. to take a tragedy and make light of a tragedy for their own agenda at spreading hate about the President… wrong… just sad and wrong…

      • Sounds like they’re all obsessed with dick…W’s last name is Bush, guess that makes him a pussy..lol

        Holy freakin shit!! Most ignorant hillbillies to date!! no wonder CHNN and DPH love it there…

      • Thats no place for the like of us…dont go there Z!! Im shocked, they moderated the shit outta me…lol…

      • yea… I was thinking the same thing… but… you know me… I gotta say my piece on it… but yes… they are to be skirted around… it’s a scary as reading at utopia guide… these kinds of groups of people are very scary indeed…

      • They banned me already…not that i care…its so much fun, ‘they’re’ all so predictable , its almost too easy to get a rise outta them..lol Most fragile egos ever!!..hee hee

      • I’m reading the boston stuff now… it’s all shtick… more evil people who just don’t get the internet… the disrespect this blog shows to the victims of things like the Boston Bombings or Sandy Hook is disgusting… just more of what that fatefull day when i found LISK.com has led me to… those of us on here who “get it” and by it I mean Life… this kind of thing both is shocking and nothing new…

      • Excuse all the comment guys 😦

        those of us on here who “get it” and by it I mean Life… this kind of thing both is shocking and nothing new…

        Yet these are the type of people who literally fall apart when its one of them who feels wronged…And that my friends is called KARMA…weak as hell..hypocrites

      • No offense to the Bush’s…I guarantee Jr ROCKS at beer pong!! He can keep the blow though, not my style.

      • great comment!I will get into my politics eventually… but when there is time for it… But I love this comment! BTW I have a personalized Motley Crue beer pong table, only used ity once (my drinking days have slowed down these last couple of years)

      • I even like Jr better than that actor, you know who i mean…oh right Ronald reagan!! Guy was good!!

    • I am truly amazed at the stupidity there. I could go on a rant about the Boston Bombing posts, but I will refrain.

      I read that filth too 😦
      Id puke if I thought ANYONE took the place seriously!!

      I knew the racists out there (the few that are left that is), would freak that Obama swept it not only once, but TWICE…LMAO!! Jealousy is soooo embarrassing ain’t it!! pathetic bunch of ineffective tools, huh?? Yikes!!

      No huge fan of the Government BTW, but im not consumed by jealousy, bitterness and rage… And it always brings me joy when IGNORANT racists get pissed off!! ha ha!!

      Cra cra baby

  3. Take one guess who cant comment on shannons page?? whatever, keep letting Dorothy run her mouth, as usual i get forwarded everything written there anyway..how truly sad, truly

    • that is… I’m so torn about that page… I write there then i pull my comments, cause i just don’t want to take it there… that’s a memorial page and should be respected as so… but Dorothy writes so much crap there… I have so much more to say on the subject… but don’t. The whole thing is very sad.

      • Exactly, like its not ‘EXPLOITATIVE’ to post innocent peoples names and call them murderers, pedophiles ect, without a shred of proof…whatever man, its a free country 🙂
        For reals..birds of a feather..just sad

      • You know how protective i am of you guys, and this sacred space..Just don’t let the evil rent space in your head…hug Ssassy and the kids..laugh and enjoy all the beauty you guys have created

  4. lol, so DPH and Nans conversation from yesterday is funny, especially where Dot tells Nan to “Tell Zero to put that in his tattooed pipe and smoke it”

    • lmao… tattoed pipe… that’s awesome… my favorite is when Nan Nan says: That one is the one time. I hope the news was CORRECT. Hmmm Did you or anyone else hear from ZERO. Between Feb.24th and March 5th? I didn’t.
      WTF? i did write post in this time… so where did i disapere from? lmao…

      • nefigat | May 27, 2014 at 7:18 am | Reply
        I could have my kids supply DNA. If Michelle will comply also. Or we could just use a handwriting specialist. Piece of cake.

        nefigat | May 26, 2014 at 10:42 pm | Reply
        Dr Eowyn you are very observant.. I think I can solve the gender issue of Michelle Obama. By DNA proof. Her/ his DNA should match that of my 3 sons by Michael.

        Im confused 🙂

      • I loved that comment… I also have it snipped… DNA proof… I’m sure Dorothy is gonna help her get that done with her team. lmao, these 2 are the Forrest Gumps of the internet. They are involved in everything!

      • Except their kids…cute…future serial killers…i mean, damn, talk about DISfunction, how DIStasteful!! NOW THATS VILE!! like these young kids have a chance, thinking they’re offspring of the scum of the earth, yes, very healthy environment indeed.. sure they’ll all grow up with ZERO issues regarding relationships, Hell, with coping in general. can you imagine what these ‘ladies’ have memorialized for their kids to read?? TALK ABOUT FUCKIN KARMA..yes..YIKES!!! look out society!! at least one of Nans spawn is locked up..yes, all the lovely things to come…

        What PIGS

      • in Nancy’s reply to Sassy, she goes off as if her ex husband killed one of their children??? this is a new one, I think… it’s hard to keep up with the Gump Sisters.

  5. A: What the heck is a tattoed pipe?? B: I’m a little lost as usual, and i didnt even get my medical marijuana card yet! 😦

    • So now, are you also supposedly Ms.Obama, who nan stated is Married to herself (how bout that)???? and relative of Hitler?? Are you also the dreaded Zodiac!!?? Are they all you, who nan thinks is Mike?? Please help!!

      • from the comments I read on that blog… she thinks Mike is also Obama who had kids with his transvestite alter ego before becoming the president… and yes i am him, hell, we all are. yea, i can see why those nuts at the FOTM blog didn’t want to deal with her… people hook up with Dorothy and Nancy till they realize how bad their cause looks with them… no matter how nutty the cause, Nan Nan and DPH make it too nutty fro even the nuts… I know this shouldn’t entertain me so much… but these crazies introduce me to more crazies and i just jeep falling further and further down the rabbit hole. Or was it over the rainbow… I can’t remember any more….

  6. She musta read your comment regarding your tattoos….Dude, she hangs on your every SYLLABLE!!! Im telling you Z, serious crush…Musta been those RED SHOES !!!!

    And Zman, Nan’s not far behind…I smell a cat-fight coming!! Doesn’t it always end this way?? One way or another, they’ve all thrown each other under the bus!! But Nan…one could play her for eternity!! And Dorothys cruel enough to just not give a fuck.

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