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I guess I need to start spending some more time on this blog. So many posts are left unfinished, and so many more get added to the list in my head daily. And Nancy and Dorothy had kept me busy enough that when I do get to a post, it’s trying to make sense of their… oh, what’s the word I’m looking for… GOSSIP. There, that’s the perfect word for it… I got it from our old friend MM7 (Cristin).

Let me back track a little bit.

For a little while now, I have been struggling on whether to continue blogging about Dorothy and all the stuff that goes with her. Because it’s imposible to continue blogging about Dorothy without once again questioning everyone who was, is, or might be part of this team she always talks about. And to be honest most around her have gotten pretty quiet. No repetitive comments from Fluekeyou (Joey). And the all telling blog he promised would be her this summer, seems to not have materialized. No comments here from any of them but Nancy in a long time actually. And even Nancy has not commented lately. Jen went quiet a long time ago, at least publicly, to semi-quote her, “I don’t know WHO, she’s said WHAT to.”

But still the point is, other than Nancy and Dorothy, the rest of them have stopped making their lies and… again gonna go with MM7’s word, gossip, public. And that’s a great thing. Plus Nancy’s public comments have sunk down to just her own family and already convicted people (don’t let that go unnoticed, neat little trick, but the way it’s being used is more far fetch and unbelievable than any hollywood movie) so other than entertainment, (the same way the Titanic is entertaining) her stuff is harmless (unless your last name happens to be Figat).

So that leaves Dorothy with her comments on SG’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Praying-for-Shannan-Maria-Gilbert/168485149857128?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

And yes, they are lies and are hurtful to those she mentions and the actual cases she implicates in them, but if anyone reading there buys her crap… well they need to do some more googling. The good thing is she has stopped posting there as much. The even better news is most people have blocked Dorothy on Facebook. Still once again you have to wonder about her friends and family that see her numerous Facebook posts over the years and still not try to get her help. At the very least they should do it for her children.

Yes… more gossipy stuff. All Dorothy’s and Nancy’s though… I just read what they wrote.

So you see, as many times before now, what to blog about has been in balance here and the blog was getting left behind with no decisions to be made.

I kept saying I was going to just keep blogging about what ever I wanted in true “Zero’s World” style, but really I was letting a lot wait around and some things get totally left behind (like the Illuminati/Anonymous post, which is now a little out dated). And it was mainly due to not knowing how to continue with LISK related stuff and more so Dorothy’s Team.

But looking over everyone’s social media the other day made me realize just how RIGHT I have been about those I mentioned in this blog. From Nancy to Racist Willy (who recently made a post on his FB saying in all honesty he was a racist, which makes all my posts about him not only accurate, but also necessary) and everyone in between, they are what they are, and my opinion on them continues to hold up. I’m sure they think the same about me, which is why I must continue… I have to get it all out there to further defend my opinions.

Ok that’s crap, well not totally, it’s shtick, satire. Truth is I can give a shit less what most people think about my opinions… I continue for lots  of reasons… and I think I’ve covered all of that before.

So to get back to the gossip comment MM7 left today and move on to many, many more posts. Let’s look at one of the things I found trolling social media… if you follow ZW’s FB you already seen this, and all the others I shared on there the other day.

Anyways, one of the many things I shared, (by shared, I mean hit the “SHARE’ Button on it, after all that’s what that “SHARE” button is for) was from  MM7’s FB:

mm7 meme

Very appropriate, I thought. MM7 did as well and left a comment:

mm7 zw fb

Now fine, my blog is a gossip blog, but as I explained above, whose fault is that? MM7, Jen, Dorothy, and Joey are the reasons so much gossip was out there for me to read. Then we have the queen of gossip, Nancy, giving me so much more to read. And if I read it, it becomes part of my world and therefore could end up in a post. Perfectly clear, yes? Anyone who reads here but Nancy has come to understand that, right?

But I don’t drop MM7’s name (in fact I very rarely use Cristin at all, she uses it now so therefore I guess it’s alright, as many of you have read, I prefer to be called zero out here on the internet, just because that is the name I chose for the internet and that’s the name I use on the internet, since she created MM7, I try to use it, but again, she killed that screen name and now uses Cristin so maybe me still using MM7 only adds to confusion… but it is also easier to type, so… STOP RAMBLING THE PARENTHESES!) Sorry about that, where was I, oh yea, I don’t bring up MM7 too much and when I do it’s usually to point out she worked with Joey, Dorothy, and Jen on all this. This is not gossip, its FACT (remember that?), it happened. I can never be sure who is still working together, but they did work together and is the reason it’s still going on. I said it before and I’ll say it again…  if my blogs didn’t come around, most of this would still be going on, and even if I now stopped blogging about it, things would start to pop up in places again. They do now.

Cristin’s comment seems to show that she still doesn’t see that. I’m not the bad guy. I’m not the gossip monger. I’m just someone who is reading it and doing something with it all. And I do mean ALL of it, not just Dorothy and Joey’s side like Cristin did when she created her own gossip blog, “Catching LISK”,  not so long ago.

So back to the gossip. OPG that is (other people’s gossip, in case Nan Nan couldn’t figure it out) but if all you get out of my blog is OPG, then you are not reading it all. And if you are one of the delusionals that thinks this is my gossip, I leave you this other post I shared on FB the other day. This one was from Jen’s FB:

jen meme


47 thoughts on “Gossip Blog

  1. DDue to my having always preferred dealing in total reality. It may be difficult for you to understand me. I don’t have any Alters who take over. When I am stressed,sad or plain I overwhelmed. So no matter what goes on. I am unable to defer anything of mine over to an Alter. That uses any other name than Nancy. Therefore I must tell you flat out. That knowing who you are. That you have only one body. One name is how I prefer addressing you. That name is not ZERO. Now I even know it is not Mike either. I do not understand the multiplicity here. Not one bit.Perhaps that makes me. Out of place. Being loyal and literal. I can’t really call one of you ZERO,another one Linda. When I know only one physical body exists behind this blog. We do not speak or communicate in the same language. There is a lot of hiding behind a keyboard.Dissapearing,coming back.  My way is different. I don’t judge which one is right.Which is wrong. Like the flavor one prefers in ice cream. It just is. I never want to ever be again. In a place that I don’t belong. Where I must remain onguard. Knowing I can’t trust the motives. Of certain people. These Alters and Puppets.Too much. Chattering going on. Nothing is really said. All this does is provide an outlet for opinions. Not facts. Proves nothing at all. Just an outlet. If you and your friends remain unwilling or unable to streamline yourselves into having one sense of purpose here. Then I shall exit also. Move on to a place where I am understood for who I am.Accepted for who I am not.Be treated with dignity and respect. Then I am out.  Conflict is not a place that I like to visit. I prefer my destination to be simple and harmonous. Not wrong nor right. I just want to be who I am meant to be. I hide behind nobody.In Nancys’World there was never anyone to hide behind. Not like your world. Mine was different. So are my actions. This ZEROs World is not my world. It is acceptable to me. To know that I do not belong in your world. Nor you in mine. Something either fits..or it doesn’t.

    • correction nancy, you call Zero: Linda, Mike, Zodiac, mr/mrs obama, relative of nazis, LISK, Macdonald, BIGFOOT, bill clinton…oh forget it you lunatic…what a waste of oxygen..

      YOU DOPE YOU..you deserve whatever comes your way next..Zero, don’t help this nutty shrew..please man!

    • I have no clue how I even came about to this post, thread,blog, or just plain and simply gossip whining page where strangers belittle each other trying to post more witty comments and imagining themselves superior to the other’s on here. But it’s been a long time and somehow I logged into word press and seen this and still can’t figure out who you people are and what the arguing is about. I just randomly commented about the corny words used by some on here putting my 2 cents where it does or doesn’t belong but like I said I don’t have a clue what this blog is about or how I originally found it. Or if any of you still exist anymore. Sorry hung over and just babbling.

      • Let me give you a clue, it most likely came from nancy, after all you commented on a post and comments relating to the one we call nan nan. (though I must admit, most people think you are connected to Dorothy and you are from that same place Dottie and the fun loving florida couple are from, by the way, did anyone ever wonder if Dorothy knew MM7 or her husband from before the blog stuff, they all came from same area, just saying) as for belittling… I’m not sure that’s what we do here, but you are one in quite a few who think this place is gossipy. Oh and I’m the superior one on here, hence the title “Zero’s World” (I’m zero) No one here is arguing, I’m just blogging about my life and internet experiences, it’s not my fault so many nuts come here looking for some kind of… limelight, I guess that word will have to due, i’m not really sure why anyone would come here knowing my skills, lol.
        But hey you came back mikey boy…
        You know thou, it was only a couple months ago when you came here complaining of the “Oh Lordys” and “Jeezus H Christs”, you’d think you could keep track of a couple months. (I guess that depends on how long you have been hung over).
        Hopefully you will be able to piece together how you got here and more importantly that you continue to come back, because we do still exist and there is still plenty of things to talk about. Who knows, maybe you might actualy see the deeper places this place travles to and not just the gossipy surface. maybe.

  2. It behooves me that one like you.  Would even post such a statement about liars. Who believe their own bullshit. From my standpoint. Your’ entire life has consisted of nothing but…One lie. Followed by another lie. Then when those stop working. Reach into the bag of tricks. Pull out another untruth. Slap that on top of those you already have. Like scraping off 1000 years worth of paint,dirt,soot,smudge.debri,rust,mold,mildew,tar,glue,oil,sludge,add some honey,chocolate syrup, maple syrup,gasoline. Get the picture? 

    The difference between you and I. Is that if I were YOU. Which I would never have let myself get to where you are. All that sticky stuff would start to bother me. Motivating me to have to get rid of every single bullshit layer. Get authentic.  There isn’t anyone or anything. That could even MAKE me live a life that was just one ugly mishmash of every kind of lie one could think of. Authenticity is what I am about.Always has.  Always will be. You and I. Were in reality. Stripped of all layers. We were NOT a match at all. We required entirely different things to be fullfilled. Yours was on the outside. How much,how pretty. The better deal. Putting something over on someone,getting away with something. The best seat in the stadium at the lowest cost. Everything that you did was on the surface. The proverial veneer. The clear overlay. That is lacking in depth. So you cheat on your wife,your kids,your employer,your bank,taxes. Any where and everywhere = How much more.Can I get away with. Then you feel shame. Decide to play.Pass the Blame Game. Tag it’s me. Take all of what is truly YOUR shit. Shove it over MY way. Purposely inciting an unnecessary argument. That gives an outlet to your unhoned ability to deal with yout frustration. When you do not get what you want. Guess what? Nobody ever always gets what they want.  The art and practice of the deferred reward. It builds your character,teaches discipline. Prevents one from becoming an addicted to THE CHASE. Which leads to like a drug. How much is enough? When will I be satisfied? That line moves over just a little bit. Then a bit more. In what seems like a flash.. You’ve lost your health both mentally and physically. Forget Spirituality. Your family is gone. They don’t know or maybe they don’t even like you. They know. They see that you are no longer in control of your own life. They then know. That if you can’t or won’t help yourself. How can they even trust or rely on YOU. So they join the game. They begin to put on their own layers of shit. Everything is great,you’re wonderful dad. I know you love me. Bla bla and blah. More veneer. With nothing underneath it. In your way of thinking which is pervasive. Grain of the WOOD. Yes. I wrote wood in caps. Fuck you if you needed therapy associated with your own experience with wood. That was yours to work on. You chose not to do that. Other THINGS.They were much more important. I want it NOW. I want what I want. I will have what I want. It does not matter to ME. As ME is all that You care about   ANYWAY! So in life long termwise. One gets out only what they have p u t in. Realistically! Stupid in .Stupid out. Me? Never been much of an excitement junkie. Knowing that. What goes up. Must eventually come down. The higher the climb. The harder the fall. Those extremes. Are what I don’t like one bit. Sooo. I try to stay anchored somewhat in the middle. Not too up. Nor too down. I don’t require the outside stimulous. What I like is q uality. Not quantity. So you spent time playing cards. Enjoyed your Escorts,fancy cars,high stakes. No I didn’t know that was who you were. Nor what you had been about. Lies and lies. No commitment.No loyalty, no concern. Except about YOUR wants. Had I known that you had a past that included a family that you failed to take any responsibility for.That for men only. Cheating on your spouse was acceptable behavior. That making unilateral decisions. That functional familys make jointly. Were ok. Due to YOU being the MAN. Had I known about your character. The sadistic pleasure derived from the taunting of those percieved as weaker than you. WRONG! We are only as sick as out secrets. You had plenty of them. A selfserving.egocentric,selfabsorbed emotionally absent man. That would not have been MY choice in a marriage partner. THAT is not even a partnership at all. One down one up. Is more akin to Master and Slave. I dont want to be either of those. Never did. So I was used. You hid behind the family that I built. Not for YOU btw. For my family unit. In your outside world.The true you came out.  I still don’t know all or even who you are. I do know that I personally. Am not capable of doing most of the things that you have done. Which from the start. Made us a Mismatch.. Oil and water. You may find me boring. While I find you to be grandious,shallow and an Asshole. For having been given all of the many blessings that you were dealt in life. That you took everything. Turned it all into that one big pile decscribed above. Turned it into a massive pile of SHIT. Me? I am your opposite again. Whatever it is that I get. I appreciate it. Make the most of it. No pile of layered dirty shit for me. So that’s the end of the story..of us. Mistake! Next time. I will verify. Thanks for the lessons in life.

    • Jesus H, Christ… Nancy, you are right about everything! That’s sarcasm (look it up if you don’t know it’s meaning) I realize i have to tell you everytime I’m being sarcastic… but really, I love where you have gone lately with Dorothy’s encouraging words… I’m planning on a very long post covering all you have found out about me (again sarcasm, you know nothing about me or my life). Good work Joey, Dorothy, Jen, and Cristin! Nancy has put it all together and the connections all lead back to the Nazis, a very safe bad guy indeed. No one likes Nazis. You might as well all hold hands and do a little “ring-around-the-rosie” dance because you are all “falling down”.

      • Lmfao, did I really say “lordy”? I can’t remember since that post is from last year, but thanks for reminding me I already discussed this place being a gossip blog, you should help hmmm navigate this place better. Now as for the Jesus H Christ thing, my mom used to say that a lot when I was a kid, I always used to ask her what the h stood for. I used to kid her all the time about it. I may have to do a post on that, since I now think maybe the h has something to do with Horus the Egyptian God. Go ahead, Google if you don’t know what I’m referring to. Dahoda is an interesting screen name, leads me to dahoda Inc. In New York, everyone leads me somewhere, you know that. Now as for me being as bad as nancy, well that’s just wrong. Nancy is crazy and you boneheads are leading her on, having her not listen to her friends, family, and doctors, well you’ll have yourselves to blame when it ends badly. And it will. I should thank you for reminding me how important this blog is. It keeps the nuts busy. And you sound like a nut just begging to be cracked. So let’s get back to nut cracking and game spoiling. Oh and welcome to my world dahoda, it’s about to be relevant again!

      • lmfao.. i had to go back and look to see who you were… your the one who wanted linda and i to play in traffic, I remember. watch out DAWHODA (did i get it right this time) there is nothing closeted about my nutt busting.

      • Lol, creep on back in dahooda. “Find a closet with Linda”? Is that some kinds of homophobic joke? Regardless, no closet needed, we got a exhibitionist streak in us if ya haven’t guessed by now. I’m thinking you do as well, since you keep popping up into the comments every time you get lonely.

      • dawhoda! I’m not sure what this means. Like popping up here every 6 months to make a comment and run. Or do you mean that you keep popping up in some other way?

      • Hey Creeper….So I see youre still slithering around….The timing of your re appearance isnt lost on anyone, trust that…

        So, what spurs on this flurry of creepy comments and run??

        Man ur creepy as hell….

      • Zero, you see how the haters just seethe with jealousy??……Yeah, terrible ‘us’, then why keep creeping back, cant stay away can you…MUAH!!

        More JELLY of us than Trump is of Obama! and just as transparent.

      • Attracted to this post about nan nan though…..Shame, shame….

        Jessica? lol.

        Just thinking out loud….

    • FOURTEEN FUCKIN YEARS NAN!! he aint comin back, OR going on trial for serial murder, fraud OR war crimes…God you are an asswipe!

      • Ahh, it’s to me and Linda, lol. Linda says lordy, and I say Jesus h christ. And you are confused thinking we are the same person… is this you nancy? Still thank you for waking me up, time to get busy again. Here we go…

      • I couldn’t get through the comments, it gave me a headache.

        My mom said “Jesus H Christ”, too. I never questioned her. I should have. Would have been fun for me.

        I’m glad you had a good Halloween, Zero. You got to be new and familiar personas this year!

        I’m glad you’ll be back to blogging. It will be very interesting!

      • Yes, it is I that said ‘lordy’..a wink to my man Marshall, who used it once in an interview lol…and who is this genius??..Hi there!! Thanks for adding to a year old post. (just proof you read the ENTIRE post, ty, most dont) ..yes, welcome…


      • I don’t know, but I have ideas. I noticed they made a WordPress page so they can follow this blog, so hopefully they will like the upcoming posts, at least one of they will be the star of. We also have hmmm…. And a couple other nuts who have commented in private while I’ve been busy over the past few months. Yes I know I keep saying it, but we are about to get busy here again!

    • It behooves me that one like you. Would even post such a statement about liars

      Whaaatt?? Nan, do us a favor and dont use words you dont know the meaning of!! Jeezus H Christ is right..Stick to picture books, you know, like connect the dots..lmao! Behooves you?? dear lordy, these idiots cant be real.

  3. I didnt read nancys shit yet..jeezuz…Gossip Cristen?? Like calling people murderers?? Full page bios, threatening people with your fucking backround checks (ha, you and your husband should talk!), fake lists and conversations with people you NEVER SPOKE TO and quoting as ‘your best research”??, calling your blog “complete shit?? you, jen and joe knowingly using other peoples names as commentators on ur blog, FAKE drones???? REALLY??

    You totally DESERVE what your life is now…you know it too…fuck you. YEP..GO FUCK YOURSELF BITCH

      • it get’s better… writing post now… all i can say is wow bob wow, they all want to take their shit and blame me! LOL and now the threats come again…

  4. Oh Nancy, the reality you think you are in is so twisted. Sorry, but no one who might care about you should be helping you think your ex is/was a random list of serial killers or mass murderers. The truth is there in your words. Your marriage was a bad thing. Let go of it and move on. Stop obsessing about a past you can’t change, and have a life of your own.

    And yep, I know you won’t agree with what I just said. It’s too bad, because life can and should be so much more. So get some help from real people who you can see and touch.

    Wow, why do I bother?

    Interesting stuff Zero, LOL, you make such good points!

    • TY… I would love for all of them to just step back into reality, apologise for their lies, and just go away and let these real cases they link to everyone go. Deal with their own demons and not the ones they are creating for everyone. But none of them can. I was glad to take up the lead villiab role for all these nuts, it only showed where each of them realy stood… in lies, lonelyness, and desperation!

    • I’m not one to correct people in spelling, grammar, etc. But I just wish Nancy could figure out that period thing. There must be some reason it pops up in the middle of all her sentences… I hope she figures out why this is happening and keeps those periods at the end where they belong.

      • it post that way because she is either posting from a phone or a tablet that autocorrects 2 spaces into a period(.) space and then capitol letter.

        At least that is my guess. She just seems to have trouble with the touch screen keyboard, or maybe the space bar. Or heck, maybe given the source it is intentional. LOL

      • yea, my wife said the same thing… she says her phone will do that… I just wish she’s correct it… again, though, i’m not one to talk.

  5. Pingback: dawhoda | Zero's World

    • I told you in private Donna, that name haunts me. It’s everywhere! When i was 19 years old, i had a conversation with a couple friends about how many michaels were in our lives. Each time i said the name Michael, the 2 friends i was talking to would think i merant a different michael then i was talking about, lol, that might sound confusing but at the time it only pointed out what i was trying to say, We knew a lot of Michaels. and that was like 16 years ago!!! So it was no surprise to me when nancy started the whole Mike game or when we came across the Joeyisacrybaby blog and all the people whe called “Michaels” there. I’ve left my personal connection to the name out of it all mainly not to confuse anyone, but there it is. Micheals are everywhere… nan nan was right.

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