Welcome Back MM7… Again!

Alright, gonna get to all that nasty misleading gossip Nancy and Dorothy put out there the last couple days. It’s really quite compelling when you put it together.

But first, more reaction from the one who got this all started for me… Mysterymom7.

I know she’s probably baiting me just so I’ll mention her more often and then she can try to sue me again, but I just can’t resist the one who showed me ALL of this! Here’s her latest comments on ZW’s FB along with my answer:

CKB zw fb

All this is over a comment I recently made where I said MM7 was in the New York area. Now as I explained in my comment, no one gave me any gossip on MM7, but MM7 had been using her phone to read and comment here on occasion, and since it is a mobile device it changes its last 2 sets of numbers every time she comes on. But I watched the first 2 IP numbers closely (if this is confusing, don’t worry about it, the whole IP discussion is tired and really isn’t important any more with so many using mobile and proxy servers) Still using the Sta Counter that MM7 herself showed me how to use those first 2 IP numbers using the same mobile phone company popped up from time to time. Florida and then Massachusetts. But a few times it popped up in Bronx New York. Here’s an example of what I mean:

mm7 bronx

MM7 bronx2

I bet this brings back memories Cristin! I need to point out… the MM7 next to the IP was written by me… I enter a name next to an IP when I have made a good guess who it is. You do this mainly by connecting IPs from this counter to those who made comments on the blog. In this case there a 3 comments on my blog from Cristin with this IP:

ckb nancy

I chose this one because she was trying to warn Nan Nan about us… lmao.

This was how MM7 kept track of who was who on her old blog “Catching LISK”, and in fact it was her who kept insisting I do so on my blog. Well I did, and from what I can see it looks like MM7 was in The Bronx, New York.

Now back in the day of “Catching LISK” and “LISK.com” this would have been enough for Cristin or Dorothy to have used against someone else that they claimed were stalkers and serial killers. But with mobile devices and proxy servers, IPs aren’t always traced appropriately, and because of this I never mentioned the MM7 IP that looked to be coming from the Bronx, until now.

I did however, recently, mention MM7 being in the New York area, which I thought was fair, because she was in Massachusetts by her own admission.

There did I clear up the drama?

Look if MM7 says she is back in Florida, I believe her. If she says she wasn’t in New York, that’s fine too. All I said was New York area. I really don’t care where she is.

The main point of my question was whether are not she is still in contact with any of these people… which, I’d love to believe her when she says she isn’t. But her public comments always sound like she hardly had any contact with any of these people or worked with them on things she wrote in her blog or posted on the internet… and that’s just not true and she knows it:

ckb dorthy1

This was about the whole Newman card player thing which she blames here on Dorothy, but I remember plenty of posts and comments from Cristin questioning CPH in Newman’s death and even as so far as to say CPH was posing as his dead friend playing poker… we all remember how that theory turned up right? PS149 ended all that quickly (PS149, why won’t you talk with me?!? lol). And there is so much more of these people working together. I’ve posted tons of it and have tons more to prove it. If I have to, which I guess I do. One of Cristin’s first emails to me mentioned  Dorothy, when I asked her who Dorothy was. I was confused by some of the things I was finding on DPH (the name had just recently been brought up when PS149 on LISK.com had wrote that Cristin’s Fieldnotes interview was a fake and that someone had called though saying they were Dorothy Price Hill and they were the real MM7, games and BS probably done by Dorothy herself, or maybe Jen, not important to where I’m going with all this though) anyways, here’s is what Cristin first told me about Dorothy:

I’ve never heard of a political figure named Dorothy Hill, but I don’t think she’s that? Lol I have been speaking with her, though, although only one person knows that and it’s NOT Joe Scalise. So SHHHHH! lol We’re putting our heads and resources together.


Yea, they pulled their resources together alright. MM7 helped Dorothy with all her delusions… Dorothy in return helped Nancy with all hers.

How’s that. Am I gossiping, making anything up, lying? We know I’m not because it is ALL in ALL of your OWN words…

I guess it’s time for you all to start hating me again.







25 thoughts on “Welcome Back MM7… Again!

  1. So let me get this straight. Cristin is accusing your blog of being gossip? She expects everyone to just forget about all those things she put out there? Classic Cristin.

    • Ah, Misery… welcome back also! I was hoping you’d return someday! Yes, Cristin will never accept her part in all this… she continues to blame everyone around her for HER mistakes. I tried to help, really did, but can’t help people who want to blame the world for their own misery… heh heh heh.

    • Misery!! I gotta say, you took the words straight outta my mouth..best part is, she says she’s ‘raising’ kids…heh heh

  2. Hey Cristen..who even remembered you exist?? except your Pathetic husband (AND dorothy) and his cartoons, you havent even been on anyones mind…LMAO..but keeep thinking ‘we’ all have conspired against you…hey, was i right about family court or what?? Ain’t it a bitch…saw that COMING A mile AWAY!! bEST OF LUCK TO YOU MS PI…HAHA!! Im happy to foot the bill, BTW…hee

  3. cristen, You DO realize, i could care less about you..and you’re still connecting ME to people i dont know?? You’re athick heade, know it all little girl, thats gonna learn the hard way…told ya

    • exactly, “TCTH or Linda must be telling him something”… MM7 haters are numerous and i don’t need any of their input to form my opinion. i read her blog, comments, and 100s of emails she sent me. All in her words, no one elses. Own it CK without the B. It’s all yours!

  4. Heart of gold, that Cristen, just like Dorothy said. NOTHING else to worry about but ‘us’…nice work Cristen, im sure the court will view this as huge growth

      • lol, yes, I almost let that long one through… it was good, but I was looking out for ya Linda! now that I have all these new threats, I just might let it through. I might just open the comments up to no moderation… let anyone say what ever they want…

      • I take personal offense when Cristen tries to figure out my motives…I went out on a limb emotionally for her More than once, and now im PISSED…so fucking bring it bigmouth!


    • so the comments on my FB are gone… but they live here forever! She is now posting stuff on her FB that just cracks me up… more little sayings and stuff…. but I loved this one the most:
      There’s a reason why I never lie or do things maliciously. It ALWAYS comes back around! It may take some time to come back around, but it always does. I can always be confident I did the right thing knowing I stay true to my good moral character.

      Is she for real?!? Yes, I think she is baiting me… I don’t need to bite though… see I have others help now… be ready for tonight everyone! Let’s see how honest and of good morals MM7 is…

      • its me, linda..dorothy has proclaimed war on you!! connecting you agin to oack beach and child porn….she is also encouraging nancy to look into the “linda” connetion for making threats to cristen kennedy borders..quote…she edited it all, but i got it!!! Proof she is encouraging nancy to stalk and harass me!! Thank Dorothy, and most of all thank YOU cristen..

      • I just saw all of that… i know for a fact many people have been complaining to Fb about nancy’s page and Dorothy’s comments… some have gone, hopefully the rest will follow. But it’s getting so twisted now… people are gonna be sorry they put so much in writting!

    • Im sorry TCTH..i regret it all so much. If it makes you feel any better, I believe much of what we wish for her is occurring. Thats all im ABLE to say. Trust me.

  5. Thanks to YOU CRISTEN…i have been stalked and harassed because of YOUR words. Dorothy, who cant get YOUR name off her lips, is going to jail…She and her lapdog have contacted my job, friends, family…and even went so far as to post my FATHERS OBITUARY, which included all my families name!! Still think you’ve done nothing??

    • Cristin and Dorothy started alot of the misinfo about everyone… without “Catching LISK”, none of this would have followed… and those who were connected at that time (by all their own admintance) are responsible… like it or not… that’s FACT… that’s TRUTH!

      • And we must admit, JG NEVER publicly dropped names..not sayin she’s a complete saint now!! But trust me, she can RUN CIRCLES around these ROOKIES..She’s got ZERO on us, nothing 🙂 But if i know JG (and i dont, not really), she’s staying silent for a reason. They’re out leagued by her 100 percent..just sayin..take it as you will..

        But the rookies, they’ll destroy themselves with thier mouths. Scary thing is, It is MY opinion, that they are aware of the harm they put themselves in…But they’re in OBSESSIONS grip..TOO FAR GONE..NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE..In other words, desperate and pathetic. For What?? What is gained?? Utter lonliness and a bitter heart..financial and personal chaos?? Awesome.
        You can keep that shit BITCHES. May it keep you ]warm at night.
        KARMA karma, kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrmaaaaaaa!! hee hee

  6. Hey Z, as you now know, ive been advised to say as little as possible about this situation publicaly. there are consequences for the choices she’s made. It is truly scary and evil however to “groom” someone like nancy to join the evil insanity..What did we expect from someone who posted my fathers obituary?? I wonder how it feels to press enter after making a comment like that..and how did it feel to let it through?? ahhh, old news, and i was very prepared for her to continue her harassment. She simply can not help talking, and we knew that..

    I wonder how cristen feels knowing the lies she wrote about us, have been repaeted and told to our loved ones and friends, some who are quite ill 😦 Animals all of them..

    But you Zero, YOU AND YOURS, do not deserve this..i feel terrlible, which is all i can say for now..

    TCTH, you know how i feel, and that will NEVER change, regardless what happens from this point forward

    bear with the changing gravitar peeps..you know me..lol This time theres actually a reason 🙂

  7. i once was amazed cristen, who has NO problem spweing her bullshit when her fuckin name gets mentioned HERE, but never seems to care that Dorothy talks about her and kids constantly…She proclaimed this was because she was “afraid” of Dorothy…lmao, she loves when dph mention her, obviously because dph is “fighting’ for her…she such a phoney, weak little “dipshit”

    • IMO, DOROTHY PRICE HILL KNOWs CRISTEN REALLY CANT STAND HER< AND MENTIONING CRISTEN AND CHILDREN BY NAME IS DONE AS REVENGE..Yep Dorothy is sticking IT right up Cristens ass, KILLING her with kindness, and Cristen is so dumb,she cant even see her worst enemy..DOPE ASS LITTLE GIRL..Dorothys getting back at you, not US "dipshit"

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