Share And Share Alike

I wanted to get to that post I am working on dealing with FOTM blog moving on to Nancy’s epic bed time story that Dorothy so encouraged her to tell, but I had to go and hit “SHARE” on a few Facebook postings and now I’m getting threats from Florida agin.

Let me point out 2 things. First, Facebook has a “SHARE” button so other people can “share” your posts. If you don’t want others to share it, there are ways to set it up so they can’t. Or you can just not post anything you don’t want others to see or share… I know everyone thinks they each have a personal internet and everything they put out there belongs to them. But in reality, the whole internet is set up to share what you put out there with EVERYONE… again one of the main points of all my blogs.

Second, the other day when I decided to “Share” some of the stuff people I have encountered on this blog, I “shared”  quite a few people’s post. Nancy’s, Jen’s a whole bunch of those racist assholes from the “White Pride” Facebook page, even something from Sussie S… and MM7 was the only one who decided to comment on them… and lots of comments. You saw some of them in the 2 posts before this one… here’s the others:


ckb zw fb0 blog

ckb zw fb rachel1

ckb zw fb rachel2

As you can see, my wife got sick of seeing crazy women attack her husband and got into the conversation. (go to ZW’s FB to see the whole exchange, but if you are gonna read there please LIKE it! I have to get to my next FB goal 100 likes! lol)

Cristin had a little more to write:

ckb zw fb3

Wow, do I really need to address any of this again? Good luck with my mess? Not my mess, but yes I have become the center of all your messes… better me then people going through hardships in life that don’t need all you nut cases commenting and emailing about them. I am the villain. Yes we covered all that.

I think you can all go back and see where I say many times I don’t think there was some big conspiracy… just a bunch of busy body crazies with a lot of problems in their own lives, most with severe relationship problems, who got together to “HELP” with real open murder cases. They all quickly became the victims of the case, either their ex husbands were the killer or the killer was stalking them for their internet sleuthing.

My opinion of course, but most people out there have agreed with it. Well everyone but Joey, Dorothy, Cristin, Jen, and Nancy. They still insist what they know is truth no matter how many times it is shown to be lies, they insist that everyone who disagrees with them is trying to misrepresent the truth even though most of us are just saying we don’t buy their crap, I have never said I have any idea who (if anyone) involved in the blogs, sites, and general chatter was a killer or stalker or a victim of childhood molestation. I’ve mainly just put out what I have read… and I think I covered everything with where I read it. But I’m really tired of explaining myself or defending this blog. It’s not going anywhere.

I don’t mind threats of lawsuits… but seriously, you need to look into it. Your emails, FB comments, etc. are not private, and if you email me or post something on my FB, I can do with it what I want. But again, I only use the ones that apply. I’m not posting every email or FB comment… lol. Just those that need to be focused on. Damn it, I need to stop writing these explanations and apologies…

Cristin, your blog and emails are the whole reason I got involved with this… you worked with Dorothy… you said that time and time again, so to deny it now is just another lie among all the other lies linked to Dorothy. I never looked into anyone’s personal info, I said it was not what my blogs were about… I just wanted to know who was behind what comments on the blogs… people volunteered tons of personal stuff, and people like you, Dorothy, and Nancy, have no problem putting all your personal stuff out there. Again though, I did not do background checks or try to get dirt on anyone… just tried to figure out what I was reading, what was real and what was being manipulated.

But you Cristin and your buddy Cara…(is that a no-no?) decided to look up my personal info… then you used it to constantly threaten to sue me, your friend called me and let me know that info was gonna be used to mess with me, but she talked you out of it… don’t worry I have proof to back this all up. Hell, you even half way admitted it, though she says she talked you out of it and you say you were only thinking about it, never planned to go through with it. Which is true? Because she insisted it was her that stopped my info from being misused, it was one of the main reasons she called me. She made it sound like if she hadn’t been there to talk you out of it you would have put up fake stuff about me and the hooror movie industry (funny, because that’s exactly what Dorothy did with my info once she got it). I told you buddy Cara (MandamusSeven, for those who don’t know, which I’m guessing is almost all of you, because I was nicer with people’s identities then they were with mine.) that I wished she’d hadn’t talked you out of spreading lies about me (again, the same type of lies Dorothy would eventually spread… go figure) that I was fine with people making things up about me… I don’t need to make anything up, everything I wrote about was from what was written on the internet for everyone to see.

So you and you buddy got my info, you say to sue me, she says you were gonna use it to make fake blog about me, but all you did  was threaten me with it:

It took me 2 hours to find out your real name once I decided I was going to sue you. I had never bothered to look into you, your family, your work, your children, or anything about you until you left me no other choice. I didn’t get any info from anyone else. Since I have your real name and address, it will take a lot less time to bring a lawsuit to court. I don’t have to jump through any hoops.

You know your information could be twisted far worse than mine, and would be in the wrong hands. Sit with that feeling (and add Rachel into that feeling) like I have for the past year. You have no connection to the LISK case other than curiosity. The same as myself. You’re still sitting with your anonymity online. I’m not. You have the power to stop the name dropping, but you’re making the choice to keep it going for your own entertainment.

This is from an email Cristin sent me back in January. She says she got my info to sue me, but never does… instead she gave it to her friend who then called me to warn me, or so this friend said. Yea, courts gonna love that. Then Cristin sends out stuff like this, telling me how my info could be twisted and how I can add Rachel to that feeling as well. Yea, I got lots of stuff like this… empty threats of an even emptier lawsuit.

Again, if anyone would like to give me the name and number of their attorney, I’d love to talk to them!

NOTE: This post has been changed from it’s original form.

35 thoughts on “Share And Share Alike

  1. ROFLMAO- email is not private!! Who knew….oh wait, everyone knows. You put it in writing, be it on paper or the internet ether, it is out there…

    And people who don’t understand the share feature on Facebook, shouldn’t bother posting anything. Change your settings Dan, learn how to use Facebook or stop using it.

  2. Funny, she took my word as truth (and out of context), when i jokingly said I was CPH, along with others she accused of serial murder and crimes..she filled her whole FB with comments about me, even though everyone knew she took it out of context…again, it took over a month of begging to take it down…selective memory!!?? Exactly how was that helping to find out who threatened you…Guess joking about your boob job was investigative work too, out of concern for the kids of course…please cristen, you’ll get NO sympathy here again….NEVER

    But continue to talk, i know you will. In fact, i count on it. we all do. You’re the easiest, except for nan, although that aint sayin much…kisses!!

  3. I wish you would remove this post, it literally makes me ill…
    Gossip?? And you did this all for the safety of your family?? That’s really touching.

    Before any threats were made, you and Joe went on a campaign to destroy INNOCENT people with ZERO proof. You spent COUNTLESS hours (your words), speaking with, skyping, ect, with Jen (who you now claim is THE loonie, along with me and TCTH). Oh yeah, and you had one or two calls with Joe, my favorite.The GOSSIP you spread still persists to this day, shall I show you my police report?? Who cares right?? How bout the PAIN your words caused innocent people, putting their lives at risk….YEAH CRISTEN, SEE SOME SICKOS SHOOT AND KILL CHILD MOLESTERS (DE frocked teacher, ring a bell??). Yep. some assholes take the law into their own hands. Let alone the embarrassment, and fury you created in some by accusing their families of MURDER and COVER ups..Again, no biggie right?? Possible loss of careers, harassment of people at work?? Nothing huh Cristen?? Knowingly letting Joe (who couldve very likely been behind the threats) post as his neighbors, who you BOTH accused of disgusting things, again, not GOSSIP??..Not GOSSIP when it spews from your filthy mouth huh??

    Oh yeah, dont lump cristen in with the ‘loonies’!! Please.

    How does karma taste anyway?? hope it tastes like shit.

    • Someone once commented on her blog, that JS dad met his mom while he was her teacher…Cristens response?? Quote “mAYBE HE HAD A BIG DICK”…its that kind of fear and concern for her family i guess she’s referring to??

      Gossip?? or shall we pull up one of the most inappropriate comments ive ever heard a parent utter?? Second only to nan claiming her son has a “big” cock..

      again, DO NOT lump Cristen in with the loonies..

      • Linda, I’m pretty sure everyone is gonna get a chance to read it again or for the first time… they’ll see all that and more!

    • you’d think she’d just stay away… so i shared her FB emoton card or what ever they are… memes? lol. Still she could have just stayed quiet and made it so i copuldn’t share her stuff… nope, now she’s all the buzz again… and i have to admit, my stats go up when ever MM7 is involved… many like wathcing her taste her own medicine!

      • Karma always works, right TCTH?? 🙂

        Fucking train wreck, im glad the ‘stats’ are up…These innocents have waited too long for justice. BITCH!

      • Oh please, she loves when her shit is ‘shared’, she’s an attention WHORE! She’s clearly ‘trying’ to send a message with her stupid memes or whatever the fuck that shit is..Or do people do that shit so they themselves can stare at it..gimme a break. Sooooo self important. Thats what i love about your Blog, FB, it makes fun of the self important nonsense that it is!! You rock!! SATIRE dopes…satire?? Hello??
        BTW Z, you were right about FB, aside from connecting to some old friends, its quite, IDK, ridiculous 🙂

    • LOL, I loved the line about how you just can’t rope in whoever you want and make all these statements as opinion….wait, isn’t that what she did? But somehow it’s not okay to call her on that shit? If she didn’t want to stand by what she wrote, maybe she shouldn’t have put it out there. Never mind, this is all far to obvious to the rest of the world, so clearly these fools missed it. Which is surprising being they are super sleuths and all. LOL 😉

      • very much… but what she said and does dosen’t matter cause she ran away once her shit was seen as the shit it was… who did that? lol. actually it was donr by many including mostly by those my blog brought down… meaning they did it to themselves.

      • That IS hysterical…”THEY” have connected dots to everyone but Jack the ripper..uh oh…bet thats coming next!

  4. It is a FACT that joe sr. was Evelyn’s high school teacher. don’t know about the dick, unless you mean he IS a big dick. hahahha…
    yes, please zero, post all her disgusting comments about innocent people and joe’s fantasies’. the weird shit they said.
    I believe it is reaping time.

    • Yes, so all can see how ‘terrified’ and concerned she was for her kids…Yes, lets see if that comes through to our new commenters and READERS

  5. sue you for posting info you found on the web. hmmm… wait now, didn’t cristin post her own info? so should she sue herself? no douchebag, you have NO case. don’t waste your money- you need it for ‘other’ court now don’t you. and gee cristin, pray tell, why does dan have custody?

    HAHAHA! I told ya karma was coming.

    • She’s dropped that bs, NOW she claiming her privacy has been violated…love it?? gets better and better…Keeeeep talking

    • just so every one knows, this post is coming down… people can say what they want, but when people are real with me, I’m not quite the dick this blog makes me as. There are many people who have come to me and want nothing to do with this mess. Most of whom were brought in by others, so that’s that. No further explanation… enough of my readers understand…

    • And nan love eating that shitty cunt!! Maybe they can share the same cell. Btw, you guys better change your view about gay people. That aint gonna go over to well where you guys are headed

      • Hee..i miss ya luv?? jeez, ‘we’ need to organize..form a Union?? I want my pension Z!!!!!
        With medical and dental..
        Got That..

    • TCTH..dont hold back babe…

      hahhahaha!!!!!! Hasn’t TCTH the patience of a saint?? Have they not waited long enough for some type of justice (apology at the least??!! ON OR OFF BLOG???)…Always handles themselves with the utmost self control, always the composure and measured attitude of someone who confidently SEES THROUGH and CALLS out the BS..Seemingly impossible to have thier feathers ruffled, while laughing right in their faces!!..hats off to ya!!!

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