MM7’s Reaction

And more posts on ZW’s FB from Mysterymom7 or CK without the B as I now call her. The more they post stuff on my FB or send emails or IMs and PMs telling me what I can and can not blog about only makes these posts go on explaining what I’m going through… how can she not have learned that by now. I was happy with my nonsense debates with Nancy. Geez… when will some of you get that you are somewhat in charge of what I blog about.

So here’s the lattest from Cristin:

ckb c&d

CKB LS threat

She truly goes through life thinking it doesn’t matter what she says and does, only what others say a do, an opinion of course, but one with lots to back it up. It’s kind of crazy that these nuts all hooked up, I mean they all seem to feel that way… everyone around them is wrong for what they say and do… but they can’t see their problems… their drama… their gossip… is directly related to what they say and do.

Look I have many other things I can be blogging about… how many posts do you want me to go on about this?

79 thoughts on “MM7’s Reaction

  1. Oh Zero, as you know i had the police here when i reported DPH..and well, lets just say i have a “special” friendship with one of them ๐Ÿ™‚ Guess what he said one can do with a ‘cease and desist’…lets just say, if you run out of charmin, feel free to use…see i do know what im talking about, cause if Dorothy keeps pushing me, not only will i obtain an OOP against her for harassment, ill sue the ever loving shit out of her…and unlike CK, i have the time and MONEY to go forward. And a lawyer that owes me bigtime…hee

    • lol What is wrong with these people?

      Let’s just say it will take a lot more than 18 pages to document…and there should be psych evals included for each of them.

      • I like you MORE every day…Her camp claims the ‘whole thing’ will ONLY cost five grand as well…and that includes quote “a private investigator” pure dopiness…its staggering…the stupidity of it all…ZERO priorities…just watch ๐Ÿ™‚
        Its a shit show of the LOWEST order…TRUST

      • If it’s only 5 grand, Dot needs to cough up the cash. This is her show, she needs to foot the bill, but in her case it might be smarter to save the money for the potential law suits as she continues to name drop and make statements of unproven facts. SMH, she doesn’t even say this is just her opinion most of the time, it’s just this is it- this person is a killer, or an accomplice.

        Dot is actually more disturbing to look into. I only looked superficially before because of her posts to Windsor or Nan. The more I look the more I am finding people involved with this LISK stuff that I really don’t like…and may even be a bit angry about.

        LOL at the private investigator part, I think Dot is being played…and she deserves it. Can you imagine being hired by her to pursue her vendetta of obsession? LMAO

      • Oceans wait tell you read “Catching LISK” it was taken down, but everyone knows I was once given acces to it, which after reading ALL of it I made sure others interested in it got to look at it too. Most who read or comment here already read it back when it was up… you will see Dorothy’s ideas come to life, and see how Cristin and Joey helped her think she was on to something, to support their own agenda, but obviously feeding a monster they didn’t realize could not be controled

      • so a roadmap into hell blog? Interesting Zero. One thing I can say about these outliers, they would make a great case study for someone. The interlinking games and non existent moral compass and lack of compassion or ethics is quite the combo pizza of mental issues.

        It’s a cycle of feeding each other, and off of strangers, and as in Dot and Nan- a shared hatred of ex husbands that has become their main focus and reason to live. These two need to move on and get over it. They never will though…because what would life be without their OCD vendetta?

      • Oceans…believe me, its been discussed and thrown around plenty of times…Stick around baby. There are definetley a few surprises in store,,,patience and trust ๐Ÿ™‚

      • yeah, I have been reading some of the older stuff on the other blog, I am currently back in Dec 2013, Wow…just wow. Very interesting stuff.

        But I got distracted today by the rants and spews of the cra cra sisters in insanity. LOL, they are virtually screaming for your attention. I think they deserve a slap down for the bullshit they keep on repeating. LOL, and it seems Dotty wants a war, and she didn’t even ask nicely LMAO

        They really are especially stupid and nasty today.

      • if it wasn’t for these comments to answer, i’d be totally silent right now, lol. I was enjoyong how much they are craving my attention… mentoining me with anyone and everyone… trying to find names of people I may know and poke at me through them… and all of it saved on my little portable harddrive… the thing is getting huge! I’m being quiet to see where they go without my back n forth… they went a TCTH and Linda again i see… and they can’t get off of Las Vegas and Fright Dome… funny thing is, with out you and me oceans, bringing attention to Nancy’s FB… no one would be reading it but her, Dorothy, and their FB friends who are scared to death to comment on most their stuff…lol. They don’t see it, and I love it. Making me the martyr only feeds my JC complex… lmao… they should love that one!

      • ohhh?? mind emaiing me that?? or are we discussing comments from yesterday…Yes, i need it. YES ๐Ÿ™‚

      • you need to read Catching LISK, that’s where a lot of this exploded… I have it saved… but i know someone has it out there to be seen exactly how it was when it was removed… you’ll see where some of this shit Dorothy is throwing at Nancy started!

      • LOL, Dot mentioned Cristen today…I guess they never really learn. Or they just need to prove how absolutely inept they are repeatedly. It would be funnier if it wasn’t related to an ongoing murder investigation, and they just posted amongst themselves instead of on memorial pages for victims.

        They are oblivious to the pain and suffering they are causing real people. They are delusional when they state they are taken seriously by those actually involved in the real investigations. All Dot does is waste the time of people who really need to work on the actual facts and leads. She is so desperate to crucify her ex, she will do and say and twist anything and everything to include him in her theories.

        I wonder what she would be trying to pin on him if this case didn’t exist? Would she be like nanny goat and be researching old murders to like her ex to?

        I like Linda’s word – what DOPES

      • I said the same thing for a long time, so have many others longer than me… we get ammuned a little because of the outrageousness of the crazies involved, but as someone who has talked to real people who have been affected by all this… bottom line… it really sucks!

      • Z, we’re NOT ammuned and you know it freind. I was seriously sad yesterday. The cruelty done by Cristen and Joe’s words, the lies!! to now be picked up by DPH!! Cristen claims she’s NOT responsible for how others percieved her words!! What she’s done to me is NOTHING compared to others, people who comment and read here, as well as Zero, who began all this to DEFEND her.And she has NEVER once appologized to those families she hurt so DEEPLY with her games and lies~!..and believe me, when he was defending her, she was creaming in her pants…She knew he had no idea about who she was, and loved when he questioned some of our intentions…as soon as he realized her sick ways, he became enemie number 1!! as she’s never gotten over it..dont buy this shit that she doesnt want her name linked to this,,,she has NO problem when Dorothy does it…

        Again, the word phony is all i come up with. She has and always will see herself as a victim…They all lack empathy, which is why i was so depressed yesterday…No worries, good people like you guys always give me hope โค

      • No empathy and way to much self importance crossed with a victim mentality that crates dangerous things in the world of the internet… stay tooned!

      • It can make you very depressed, if you let yourself think these evil people are the majority…but their not, just like racists ect…

        bottom line…they are all so UTTERLY alone in this life, yet blame every one under the sun but themselves…Pitty potty to the max. ZERO personal responsibility…But where does it get you?? NOWHERE, BY YOURSELF with YOUR TWISTED MIND.Huge accoplishment, awesome legacy!!.sleep tight bitter bitches

      • Nan is so confused and uneducated. She hate nazi’s, but recently put up a post about Palastine victims…So ignorant, it aint even funny. It reaks of insanity and ignorance…i mean, you can almost ‘smell’ it…its just so sick and sad…But to encourage her, THATS EVIL

      • Ocean…thank you for taking the time to read Zero’d older blog. Most of this started on the LISK websit, which zero also has a copy of…One day im kicking around shit about burlap bags, possible jobs of suspects (we all were), THEN BLAM!! MM7 shows up and starts calling us all murderers, LITERALLY…this persisted for over a year…Do not buy a fucking word out of her mouth,,she’s been in deeps for years…She got banned from webslueths before LISK site, and is currently on AGAIN under a different screen name..she LIVES for this shit…Cant be trusted. Have ZERO sympathy. She has more excuses and stories than we could EVER verbalize…weak and fake,,,and reaping time has come!

      • God would I LOVE to be that lawyer. Id drag that shit on FOREVER!! I do chuckle however at the five grand part..Again just astonishingly ignorant, inexperienced and DOPEY…Yes, these comments can bring some great entertainment.
        Its the little things…yes indeed.

      • Oceans my friend, i should clear up something..its MM7 (CRISTEN), who’s threatening to sue Zero..
        Dorothy however, has a list ten times longer than cristen, she’s taking everyone down!! “they” will ‘All Pay’…she’s suing judges, banks (which she works for), Lawyers, BOTH ex’s, Joe Brewer, ect, ect…oh yeah Dorothys suing EVERYONE…

        Best part is (and im not judging, as ive been a single mom for years), they are both broke as HELL…just my luck ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Best i can hope for is that Dot hasnt borrowed TOO much from her 401 k…wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • nan nans fam fam has probably given up a long time ago. oh hey I saw a license plate the other day that said “figgy” and some other something …..thought of you nancy.

      • Piggy is more like wasnt nan, she aint got a license thanks to those ‘rotten’ cops…lol LE was checking out her cop hating blog, she posted a ‘fake’ ticket for expired how do you fake that?? Just dumb as shit man…

    • and if i may, all we ever wanted to know about you personal life was on DBsgirl blog, so again cristen…you talk out your ass..shall we repost it, lest you try to lie/blame your way out of it?? Our perception came from YOUR WORDS. How ould you interpret what you read had been me who wrote that blog?? Yeah..think about it.

      • I know for a fact that that blog still out there too. Sad, but it’s what i tried to explain way back at the begining of this blog… be careful about what you put on the web… it is out there forever!

      • Is posting private emails to a public forum illegal?
        Asked- San Jose, CA Flag
        I am the owner of a dance music record label. In the midst of renegotiating a deal with one of my past artists, our emails got heated. This artist has now taken it upon himself, without my knowledge of posting our entire email thread to his blog which is frequented by highly respected industry people. Is this illegal or at the very least slander or defamation?


        Licensed in CA
        David C. Garner
        David C. Garner
        Employment / Labor Attorney
        Contributor Level 15
        Helpful votes
        Answered .

        If what he has posted to his blog are the messages you actually sent, then you have little recourse. You cannot have a reasonable expectation of privacy in something you knowingly expose to public inspection, and sending him an email is no different.

        The perfect defense to slander and defamation is truth. If he purports that those messages are your words and they in fact are, there is no foul.

        As far as being without your knowledge, he does not have to inform you that he intends to publish your words.

        FYI ๐Ÿ™‚

      • thanks, Linda! I of course looked into all of this long ago, spoke with an attorney the very first time some one threatened to sue me… spoke with LE… as the long time readers know, I contacted thye cop MM7 posted as the cop in charge of her “DRONE CASE” (got his voice mail, but I left a long message, telling him all about my blog and gave him my name and number, I also called LI Homicide and spoke with a detective… gave them everything about me and my blog, told them about Jen, Dorothy, Cristin, and Joey (they said that they would get back to me if needed but of course no LE ever has)… People keep threatening to take action if I don’t stop blogging…. and I am still here… they need to look into Nancy’s pal Bill W. Look how well all his cases against people blogging about him went.

      • And furthermore, here’s some good advice, ALTHOUGH this should be OBVIOUS:

        7 Share Tweet
        Is Publishing Private Email Illegal and what can you do to stop it?

        The last word

        Whatever the law, please don’t air your dirty laundry in public and keep your whingeing, whining, bitching to your close pals and family who you can trust not to forward your rants to the people concerned.

        But as we know that is how gossip starts!

        It appears the Internet is no different. Welcome to cyber space!

      • Last one promise ๐Ÿ™‚

        Aside from proving the authorship of the piece, and therefore determining who the work belongs to, there may be little benefit to litigation. Recovering damages, especially for something like an e-mail, is highly unlikely. Since e-mails are generally not income-producing works, a court is unlikely to grant any monetary compensation for such an infringement, and violation of copyright laws rarely lands anyone in jail.

        Read more: Is it illegal to post someone’s email messages online without your consent? | Answerbag

      • Zero Buddy, I know you did all that…Does cristen truly believe you’re getting legal advice from me?? i only SPEAK FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, as I did with her about family court!! Low and behold..well, lets just say im not a psychic, yet all i predicted has come to fruition!! It amazes me how truly blind these assholes are when it come to THEIR own lives, yet have ZERO qualms about judging others!….Stuuuuupid.

  2. LMAO- here is a reply for Dot if she reads here, otherwise Nan can tell her…EST was in reference to Electric Shock Therapy , and the need for padded cells and straight jackets. Sorry if that was too difficult for you to figure out given the context of my comments.

    LOL, and Dot asking Nan who mentioned EST, and then Nan not knowing what she is talking about? Priceless.

    • Not for nothin Oceans, I thought you meant I stand corrected:

      Erhard Seminars Training (est), an organization founded by Werner H. Erhard, offered a two-weekend (60-hour) course known officially as “The est Standard Training”. The purpose of est was “to transform one’s ability to experience living so that the situations one had been trying to change or had been putting up with, clear up just in the process of life itself.”[2][3] The est training was offered from late 1971 to late 1984.

      • I know about that stuff, I have known people that were falling for that brainwashing crap. It was really scary stuff back in the 80’s.

        I guess I should have been more specific when I wrote my original post LOL, although either version seems to apply to these folks, I really believe they might benefit from the electric version more. LOL

      • It was really scary stuff back in the 80โ€ฒs.

        You said a mouthful…to be discussed if i ever start my own Scary thought huh Z??

    • Oceans my friend, you dont know the half of it!! MM7 is responsible for ALL of Dots delusions, yet she feels NO RESPONSIBILITIES for her actions…She deleted her blog because a Doctor told her to (although she was BEGGED by her own children, loved ones, friends and commenters to stop.QUOTE). It stayed up!!…she would have NEVER removed it otherwise…either way the damage is done..words hurt,destroy and STICK like glue…fuckin bunch of crybabies…and the ultimate in HYPOCRISY!!!

      • I am beginning to see the chaos that was created by these ummm, ok I’ll just go with the truth…whackadoodles with vendettas. The need to hurt people via internet postings where they don’t actually confront anyone is staggering. The lack of conscience about the damage they are causing in their own little vendettas against their ex’s is clear. That they are damaging each other with the feeding and manipulations is also crystal clear.

        It’s a vomit of accusations and insanity that is splashed all over the internet. The more I look, the more sites are included in the posting of these delusions. Most telling is the delusion that they are somehow special.

        It is interesting as someone who never followed along to see the development of these relationships and the games and players who use each other. There is a common thread, as you said Linda, no responsibility. They aren’t responsible for their pasts, their present, or their damage to others.

        Integrity and personal responsibility for your life choices are all you will ever have when you leave this world. These shallow vindictive and angry people will have nothing but a life wasted, and a list of things to be sorry for.

      • once again one of MY readers NAILS itโ€ฆ lol, just sayingโ€ฆ

        Oceans, man your took me over a year to ‘get it’

      • not true… you understood parts of it i had to realize… there is quite the learning curve dealing with crazies and self proclaimed victims… it’s natural to want to help them, and when people reject that help and continue on their destructive ways, now taking you with them for trying to help them, you want to understand what is wrong with them. I think most of us got the right idea the first time we encountered Nancy or Dorothy (Jen and Cristin were the tricky ones) it’s just we can’t believe we are right, we must be being punked… no body wants to fight the obvious truth as much as these nuts… yes… its a carzy onion and each layer gives us new understandings… but they all lead back to the first one… something is not right with these people.

      • not trueโ€ฆ you understood parts of it i had to realize

        What really sucks is she has repeatedly “spit in my face” for trying to help…and i was warned about this long before you. But hey, these assholes were my best teachers in all this..Dont hate the ‘player’ ‘ladies’, hate ‘the game’…Bitches ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Yes, I saw that, remember at the begining when I said that attacking MM7 personaly dosen’t help get to the answers of who’s playing games… you and TCTH agreed. Many times MM7 attackers would stop and try to reason with her… it’s all there on her blog… she chose not to be reasoned with, even in the phone conversations we had, she would agree with me, but still not believe that it is her actions bringing on the reactions she got on, her blog, and my blog. Nope, like nancy and dorothy, everyone else is the bad guy, she is the one who sees what others don’t.

    • She’s all kinds of twisted that cristen, cant get out of her own way, no way, no how, sad shit really…First she claimed to be a psychology expert, now, a legal expert, meanwhile her entire life is in, shall we say, DISarray. Yeah THIS is what you need to focus on cristen!! YES!…i can go on and on…but seriously, it aint worth the keystrokes!! Sue away you dopey dope!! I’ll be there with bells on..kk??

  3. it is sad that these women have children that may someday have to read about the bullshit they posted about their fathers. Or just the general insanity.

    • hell, it looks like Nancy has collages all over her house! With pictures of her family along side of real life crime story pics… it’s just beyond words!

      • oddly the pictures she posts of these craft projects for the insane are all wrinkled up like she has conflicting emotions(understatement). And I am imagining that there are many more she hasn’t yet shared.

        She needs to be more careful about the books she reads. I am surprised she hasn’t yet linked the Marque de Sade to Mike yet. There is still time.

    • Im with you there Oceans…i believe we all are. We have SADLY spoken on and off blog about our conflicting feelings as to what to do for the younger children in these idiots care..Although karma seems to work it out, but sometimes its too late…horrible, unforgivable shit man. we’ve literally lost sleep over it..

      Tell you the truth, as Zero and TCTH can attest, i NEVER knew such cruelty existed online till I met MM7…its true really. I was/kinda am a novice at this, and had to learn how to ‘defend’ myself against these animals….
      But yeah, the kids…fuckin real bad shit my friend…really bad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • yep. I knew people were messed up on social media, but I wasn’t a blog reader or writter when i came accross and Catching LISK, so I have to say, it was also new to me that people got so twisted up in murder cases… Remember how shocked I was… and you Linda said you heard it is like that all the time with these types of cases and the internet. I said i doubted it was a deep as what was going on with the LISK case, then I met Murt and read other sites, and then Dorothy and Nancy… from there I read all sorts of other cases where yes indeed, peeople insert themselves claiming to be victims and/or knoweledge of some sort that LE isn’t listening to… and they all get just a crazy as the next. We’ve discused all this before… but yes MM7 was an eye opener for a few of us… and she wonders why her name comes up every now and again… there are so many here now that have not read her false victim blog… maybe it’s time to change that. I let readers read it once before… I’m gonna think about that.

      • You are so right Linda, there is an immense amount of cruelty put out there behind the monitor and keyboard…and the more you look for it, the worse it gets.

        I personally never knew there were soooo many conspiracy theories out there. I mean, it’s crazy how many of these really cruel people also link in to one of the many conspiracy nut theories/websites. It was a real eye opener to see the sheer volume of crazy out there all interwoven with the angry and vindictive online activities. Maybe the twisting of the mind/soul that allows such anger and hate also warps the version of reality they see?

        The lack of a moral compass online, for people who I have trouble believing act the same in person, is astounding. It makes me sad. But then there are people like Nan, and probably Dot (and others)…who I am sure are even worse in person.

      • And you’re being kind when using the term ‘Victim blog”…because the ‘other one’ is a fuckin disgrace!! and WE were compassionate enough to let that one go…she ought ta think about that..
        But she wont..she has NO CLUE how truly lucky she is…although i cant speak for her two buddies that revealed THAT blog…Yes cristen TWO…wouldnt put it past either one of them to forward it to a ‘certain someone’. Of course Dorothy has no clue what we’re talking about (YOU’RE WELCOME MM7!!)..what a freakin waste case man..Wake the fuck up already cristen..really.

      • that one’s still out there as well i think… people have copies etc… and now with all these threats… who know’s when and where they will pop up again!

      • yea, when i was shown the Rant blog (and to clear stuff up for new readers, although I have a feeling, we are about to get back into all of this, MM7 felt attacked by people on Websleuth and due to her very Flukeyou like posts, they claimed to not be working together, but so many have debunked that, so anways MM7 made a blog called Catching LISK where she named who she thought the serial killer was, and then when she got negative feed back, she started accusing this person of stalking her and trying to silence her… now the blog got out of hand… people put up her personal info as well as some threats were made… it became a whole big thing about how were people figuring out MM7’s personal info, either one of the people she was working with, Dorothy, Joey, or Jen, though MM7 would now like to downplay her involvement with these people, anyways, it was then discovered that MM7 had another blog from years earlier where she put all her personal info out there… it was a very disturbing blog and that is where most people got a better look at MM7 and the way she was playing games with her new blog. The blog was passed around quite a bit, and I was the one who let MM7 know about it, because it was both that disturbing of a blog and she needed to address it because many were reading it now and it had all the stuff she claimed she never told anyone but Flukeyou… well and a blog that the whole world could see) Point is I let that blog drop when she asked me to and others did too, much compasion has been showed for MM7 through all this, and she continues to blame everyone else for her involvment in it all. LOL.

  4. Ahhhhhh, a meeting of the minds, and a resolution without too much drama…Linda likes it. Good work boys ๐Ÿ™‚ I shall duly respect and cooperate.

  5. Part of a Libel suite is claiming lost earnings…You tell me, if you never worked, how exactly is that calculated??. Im disabled, and the recipient of a settlement, so myself and my lawyer…think this genius has a clue?? Not only that, you have to prove your reputation was damaged by these SPECIFIC WORDS, IE: you were considered ‘credible’ prior…and that people have taken THESE particular words as the only proof your an absolute idiot, and proved you suffered a DOLLAR amount due to these words….Cristen has quite a few enemies, and a record….PRIOR to ever ‘meeting’ zero., he CERTAINLY has NOT damaged her reputation, she DID THAT ALL BY HER!!!..but hey, WTF do i know…

    Feel me??

    • yea… whose work has been mentioned or messed with? They called where you once worked, and Dorothy implicates Fright Dome stuff all the time. Whose got a lawsuit? lol!

      • I will…Its only a police report now. I also have added my friends (who you spoke with) testimony, as well as screen shots of her rants and SLANDEROUS accusations about me.Yeah, Dorothy put it all in writing…She DID mention to Dorothy that her dads a Sergeant in Nassau county as well (Ibefore she BLOCKED her). Yes. There are a few surprise for Dorothy and nan should they continue to harass me.

  6. ” I think most of us got the right idea the first time we encountered Nancy or Dorothy (Jen and Cristin were the tricky ones) itโ€™s just we canโ€™t believe we are right, we must be being punkedโ€ฆ no body wants to fight the obvious truth as much as these nuts”

    I crossed my mind that we(out here on the internet) were being punked, because come on, these are obviously crazy statements. Like Nan saying today that the President and First Lady are clones or the same person? I really thought she was just trolling at first….

    Problem is, I know about so many others out there equally as deluded. I guess pre-internet we just didn’t have the front row seats to the truly disturbed thoughts and beliefs out there. We were limited to just our own local nuts and mentally ill. I do find it odd how they manage to find each other online and congregate in groups. I guess it’s true that like minded people will attract.

    • Oceans…Im astonished, and saddened by what ive been reading on nancys FB. This is one of the few times im actually speechless…??

      Just, holy crap.

      • yea it’s gotten way out of hand there… you can’t see Dorothy’s stuff… but she really is going at me, and dumb dumb nancy, just let’s it through not even understanding what is going on… they are desperately trying to find people that might be connected to me because they know they ain’t got nothing to say about me… none of them… they are trying though… but so far…. FAIL!

  7. 9 hours ago
    I have studied Belone also.New hair do, teeth lots of cover up. To hide his true age.
    Same gestures, nose eyes and thar scar on his forehead. Same as Obama, Clinton.macDonald.Burke. Scores more.
    we are dealing with a Monarchy. That we have had. The wool pulled over our eyes.
    This is all one person.

    Something i clipped while seeing if my name was mentioned again. Thank goodness it wasn’t. Im not really wanting to drag nan into the crap i have going on with Dorothy..Not if i dont have to, that is..

    Oh look, Joe and Dorothys agenda!! im shocked. I see NO ONE has commented at all in the last 48hrs. Her posts are just so sad!! Has Dorothy abandoned her yet?? Perhaps some of Nans family have finally stepped in??

    This is unbelievable for real..

  8. I knew all along that cristin was ‘not so smart’ but seriously? Cristin are you really so dumb that you don’t understand what you and flukeyou and the other sluts, oops I mean nuts, did? you were warned and warned and warned. yes, linda and zero showed you compassion that was not warranted. I did not fall for your games- yes games, and guess lose cristin. now you pay the price….. and I can’t fucking wait. crawled back home to boston did you? lost your children? it hasn’t even begun yet bitch. KARMA

    the ‘world wide web’…..think about it.

    • most likely HAD to crawl back to Fla…In our private talks, i warned her about all of this…im willing to expose everyone, to prove i never said ONE nasty word to her. Not only that, i told her to only share what she was comfortable with,,NO ASS KISSING, just shared my experience. But cristen ALWAYS does it her way. Hows that workin out for ya?? Shelter comfortable. So sorry you HAVE to work, poor thing. While ‘we’ pay for your fucking school…school is a luxury…go get two jobs, you lazy peice of shit!! hee hee..

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