One Final Post (For July)

It doesn’t matter what I blog about now, I am the devil to some readers, and a hero to others, though to most I’m just that “zero” guy.

To those of you in the second and third group there, thank you for reading. I hope I helped in someway, even if it was just giving you some weird sh#t to read about.

For you few crazy f#cktards in the first group, read on bitches!

dph f1

It’s great how I have become such a big part of Dorothy’s imagination. Moving on from  the people she usually slanders, her ex husbands, family members, people in high-profile cases. Turning it all on someone who has nothing to do with anything, a zero, a nobody. At least when it comes to any of the things associated with Dorothy’s years of MISINFORMATION. Yes in my world I’m someone, a father, a brother, a son, a husband, a friend… those around me know me, and as I said at the beginning of this blog, the people that know me, know me, so why do I care what some internet crazies post about me?

Of course, now anyone who knows me or just comments here on the blog is also added to the madness. I’m sorry about that. I really am.

Now, I can get where me and Linda are seen as attacking you nuts, maybe even Oceans, though I don’t think Oceans has said too much about Cristin or the Scalise family (way to go Dorothy for once again connecting everyone for us, we get it though, evil, crazy people stick together), and I would argue that both Linda and Oceans have been very fair in their comments, they have tried to be understanding and forgiving at times only to be smacked in the face by one of you limelight chasing lunatics. But F1 girl?!? Why even bring her up?  It almost feels like you want to help me expose you Dorothy (too late I did that all ready, and you did help a lot, so thank you and f#ck you).

Let’s take a look at every comment left by F1 Girl:

f1 girl

f1 girl2


f1 girl4

F1 girl5

There they are, 6 whole comments made by F1-Girl. Don’t see her attacking anyone, in fact the comments seem pretty positive an understanding. They also seem to show that this is one of those people who knows me personally, a friend or family member. Maybe that’s why Dorothy wants to turn them in to some kind of attacker. You failed though Dorothy. Like with all the other lying crap you have been posting for years, it only helps more people see just how messed up you are.

And it doesn’t stop there. You, Dorothy, are desperately trolling Facebook in hopes of finding more friends and family of mine to add to you slanderous stalking. Over the last month or so, I have had to contact many people I know to warn them of the crazy ladies who have taken sweet to me and now acting like the slimy, creeps they claim to be outing they are harassing anyone who might know me. I get the same reaction from just about everyone I’ve warned off. They always think you are just some fake account looking for drama.

But those of us here, those of us who took the time to really look into all of you connected coo coos, we know better. We know just how real each of you are. And I think we can see how much more desperate and dangerous your actions are getting.

Desperate and dangerous… it should be your “teams” motto.

But let me sidetrack to a cute little story we can all learn from.

So Dorothy thinks everyone who questions her is an evil pedophile, which is both harsh and screwed up. I mean isn’t that a little narcissistic to think everyone who disagrees with you is an evil child molesting serial killer? O.K. a little more than a little. And now she seems to goes after anyone with long hair and tattoos. “Zero has tattoos and long hair, very satanic!” LMAO!

Now on to my story… it’s a zero parable if you will:

                                                    Ozzy and The Devil

So when I was younger I was hanging out with some friends, listening to music. I went to put on an Ozzy Osbourne album on and the girl whose house we were all at stopped me.

“No Ozzy Osbourne my house”, she said. This puzzled me. I knew she was into R&B and was getting her first taste of heavy metal with us (Guns ‘n ‘ Roses “Sweet Child ‘O” Mine” had just come out and a lot of people were listening to hair bands and metal that never had before, I was 17 at the time if anyone was wondering), I also knew she was into her religion, but she was cool and I was surprised that she would have a problem with Ozzy. I thought most people were over the whole “devil music” crap by then.

When I was much younger than 17 I heard of Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. And what was it I heard? That they had turned all the crosses upside down in their house and sold their soul to the devil. And I believed it. Add that to the latter stories of Ozzy biting off the head of a dove, or was it a bat, oh yea it was both, how could you not think Ozzy was evil? Of course as I got older and actually listened to the music I could see where people who didn’t understand would get those ideas, but also how it was the furthest from the truth. Yea I, like a lot of you, grew up in the “devils music” era and realized what a load of crap that was. And metal wasn’t the first or last music to be called evil, but for a while it was definitely the “choice of devil worshipers”.  It was believed so much to be so, that it actually started to be marketed that way and many did believe they could play an album backwards and talk to satan. That catch 22 us humans are so good at creating. But again, all crap, only someone who actually went to an Ozzy concert would know he says “God, bless you”, at the end of them, yes very satanic.

At 17 I knew the music of the devil was a debunked old wives tale, so I was perplexed that this person might think Ozzy’s music was evil. But she had another reason for not liking Ozzy or his music. One that still came from the religious hypocrisy that went after such music. The song “Suicide Solution”.


So many preachers had gone after this song as proof that musicians were trying to get teenagers to kill themselves. And this girl had a friend who had killed themselves,believed a song that glorified suicide was evil and therefore Ozzy was not being played in her house, ever.

Again anyone who actually knew Ozzy’s story could tell you that Ozzy did have demons, and his demons were alcohol. All the stories about Ozzy that seem so evil, biting off the head of a dove (at a press conference) and a bat (thrown on stage at a show) were because of his bad, very bad drinking habits. In fact he was so drunk at that concert when someone threw a bat on stage (not a baseball bat if that is what you are picturing, think flying rodent) Ozzy was so waisted he thought it was a rubber, toy when he picked it up and bit its head off.  Booze not Beelzebub was behind Ozzy’s bizarre antics.

And the song “Suicide Solution” was about just this. How drinking the way he does was a slow but sure death. Heavy drinking was suicide. An “after school special” message from someone who knew what they were talking about. An important song from an important person… but this girl was having none of it. She knew what she knew, and that was that. Nothing I was gonna say, was gonna change what she already believed.

We did not listen to Ozzy that night. Life went on, and people went on with their perceptions both real and tainted.

Years later (actually over a decade later) I’m shopping  in Wal-Mart with my family, I have long hair, tattoos, piercings, and I’m wearing a Marilyn Manson T-shirt, and this little old lady is staring me down from across the isle. She eventually made her move and headed for me. “Here we go again”, I thought. She was looking at my shirt as she approached me and pointed at the image of Mr. Manson (Marilyn not Charlie) whose face was plastered on the front as she begin to speak.

Before she did I had a moment to wonder if I was really gonna have to defend Marilyn Manson to this old lady shoping in Wal-Mart? My M.M. t-shirts have gotten me into many public debates with people whose religious hypocrisies had gotten the best of them. But I was about to be pleasantly surprised.

“Is that Ozzy Osbourne?” She asked pointing at my shirt.

“No, It’s Marilyn Manson”, I replied, still waiting for the attack.

“Oh, I love his T.V. show”. She was referring to Ozzy’s family reality show, ‘The Osbournes”.

“He is such a beautiful man”, she continued. “Those children of his are spoiled and really need to listen to him.”

called “reality” show was pretty  much scripted and actually set up to poke at what people might think about them. I was touched by the gleam in her eye as she spoke about Ozzy. We talked about the show and what a great father he was and how appearances could be so deceiving as my own kids ran around us. A nice moment indeed.

MTV’s little show had allowed many see Ozzy in a different light. And now they could get a better view at what a great person this man was, a father, a husband, an entertainer… not some kind of devil.

Ozzy had gone from evil devil worshiper, corrupter of children… to father of the year… and I (standing there in Wal-mart discussing Ozzy Osbourne with someone’s grandmother) was inspired beyond words even now over another decade later.

People are capable of seeing past their false perceptions, given time and a better view.

Since my discussion with the nice Ozzy lady, I have often wondered if my old friend from so long ago had also watched Ozzy on T.V. and changed her beliefs about him and actually listened to some of his music. I’d like to think she did.

How was that? That story spanned over 3 decades and hopefully it helps someone out there about forced and false perceptions.

Now on to Dorothy’s latest obsession… me and anyone who might know me:

dph nan fb zero proxy

DPH zero kids

DPH zero linda4

dph nan linda1

dph linda nan fb


dph oceans cursing

dph nan fb zero mike1

dph nancy fb zero1

DPH zero LE

dph zero arested

And it goes on and on… as usual, the police are coming for all us… fine, but don’t be angry if we don’t hold our breath. And you will need to find something more than breaking your  #NoCursing rule, which I’m about to break again…


There I feel better, let’s bring this home…

I will say you do post some telling stuff sometimes, Dorothy. Letting everyone know (well, sane people at least) exactly what you are all about. I mean really about. And this post was one of those:

dph nan nan fb1

dph nan nan fb2

Now I already knew about Lori Handrahan and how Dorothy got involved in that case, I blogged about it here:

It’s a very interesting case and Dorothy’s actions as she inserted herself into it (one of her many “searches for justice”) are very telling in that they tell the same ol’ Dorothy story.

The Charron’s though was another new name to me. So I went googling and reading. I suggest you do the same if you are not familiar with the story. There’s a lot out there, and it quite an interesting read. Or you can skip the internet stuff with all its Dorothy’s & Nancy’s and just read this:

I’m sure that will get me in a post about how I’m now “Attacking” Amy Charron, but I’m not commenting on the Charron case or the Handrahan case, just pointing out Dorothy’s involvement in these cases… it connects the last of the real dots on Dorothy aka Dot, lol.

I mean just look at what she says about the people in these cases in her recent posts (above) from Nancy’s page (again, never on her (Dorothy) own page. And then reread all the stuff she’s said about me and others here. Then Google her name, Dorothy Price Hill, see what she says about everyone.

If you still can’t see how crazy, evil Dorothy is, well then it’s my opinion that you are crazy, evil too. In fact in my opinion, Joey (Flukeyou), you are crazy, evil. In my opinion, Jen (jjj) , you are ,evil. In my opinion, Cristin (Mysterymom7), you are crazy, evil. In my opinion, Nancy (NEFigat) , you are crazy, evil.

Dorothy, your whole damn “team” is as crazy and evil as you, and your accomplishments as a “team” speak for them selves.

There, am I done yet? I think so…

Wait… I see Dorothy left a new post about me while I was writing this post, let’s take a look:

dph zero 7


Dorothy, you can shape anything to fit your disillusioned perceptions, but I have to correct you here… it’s the number 3 that I’m obsessed with. Don’t you read my blog at all or do you just skim through it looking for nouns  and pronouns that you can use?

Sorry Dorothy, it was Nancy who said she liked the number 7, so put that in your pipe and smoke it!

There… now I’m done.









Song Dedication

It’s been a while since we’ve done a song dedication. I’m feeling a little sentimental today, so I got another one for ALL of us!

This song says it all, as most of my favorites do.  Just remember, every hater is just looking for that love that is alluding them. Hopefully they will find it some day. No mater what though it’s “Only what you give…”


Here’s the actual video for you Tesla fans: What You Give


Get Well Nancy!

So if you are expecting a long post going over all the crazy, mean, or outright impossible comments of Nancy Evans Figat, this post might be a little disappointing, but please read on any way. We’ve all read it before, and if Dorothy has her way we will all read it again.

Just not here.

I’m not saying Nancy will never be mentioned here again… we all know there’s no telling where ALL (and when I say ALL, I mean ALL)of this will go, but for now I have to wash my hands of the Nancy part of all this. I’m sure most of you understand this, but if not, hopefully this post will make it clear.

From Joey to Jen… from Jen to Cristin… from Cristin to Dorothy… from Dorothy to Nancy (there are other names I could write here, but I don’t because I don’t know for sure how the others connect… I know pretty well how all these ones connect, they each explained it at one point of time or another) I have wondered about the motives of each of them. Are they evil? Stupid? Crazy? It’s hard to tell some times if any of these people really believe the crap they post, or are they just using it to attack the enemy’s they think they have, adding all those they encounter along the way to this list of enemies (and as I pointed out, look how easy it was for someone who has nothing to do with any of this, who put out their own point of view what was going on, to get pushed to the front of that list, it’s all crap, all of it, I can’t say that enough in these blogs, the mass majority of people I talk to, both credible and non-credible alike tell me it’s all crap. Everyone except those involved in this little circle of crap).

Where was I? Oh yes, do any of them believe their crap. For the most part I don’t think so, other wise my personal stuff wouldn’t have been added to the bedtime stories, especially when they write things like, “Joe Smo (leave out Joe Smo and put one of the many names you’ve seen dropped by these people, better yet put your own name in that Joe Smo part) who says they live in (just add your home town), and work at (again add where ever you work, or if you don’t right now, think of a place you once worked, just play along) and they have a brother/sister named (if you are not an only child think about your siblings name here, if you are change it to another family member) but it’s not true, they are really my ex husband who steals identities from people to stalk me with.”

This has happened to me several times, it has happened to others as well. Now as you picture it happening to you (and it could, so be careful when you deal with people on the internet). Do you think this person is mentioning your name out of concern for you or do you think they are purposely leaking your personal information. This is something I’ve gone back ‘n’ forth on a lot.

Now imagine people from your Facebook page, some you don’t even really know (the Facebook page of mine that, Dorothy likes to steal friends names from is a fan page, so seriously, I don’t really know most of them) are having their information and pictures shared in posts about serial killers and stalkers. Would you still think they don’t know what they are doing? Would you still believe they only bring up your name and anyone connected to you because they want to expose their ex husbands for identity threat?!?

Or how bout what happened to Linda,  a memorial page for a possible murder victim has a commenter who likes to do all the things I just discussed above (I’ve been called a Satanist, child pornographer, and serial killer on this page) and at the end of one of these name dropping rants your fathers obituary is posted with names of all your nephews and nieces. Is this also to show we are not who we say we are, or more of DOXING  people you don’t like on the internet. A very mean and nasty way of bullying.

Now, add that you have constantly try to explain all of this and they just don’t care.

Kind of hard to believe they don’t know exactly what they are doing, right? And that’s made my blog go this way and that way since day one.

But I have to say, Nancy is the exception  (there is always an exception, only Siths deal in absolutes). It may be hard to see how someone can believe the things Nancy does. But I think she does. I mean this has been going on with her for a while. I have heard now from those who say they know her, and they tell me her ex husband is not at all like he has been portrayed. Same thing I heard about Dorothy’s ex husband when I looked into him way back when. Yes it’s odd that these 2 ladies have chosen the same way to deal with their failed marriages, but that’s what happened, and if there is anyone out there who still don’t even believe either of these people are real… I assure you they are.

So what I’m getting at, is Nancy truly does not understand what is going on here. She thinks Dorothy, me, and all of you are Mike, and Mike doesn’t factor in at all from what I’m told. it all just seems like Nancy has had a hard time dealing with her break up and all that went with it. I think we all could agree there right?

So then a few years ago, Dorothy comes into the picture… and look where we are. Dorothy has used Nancy for a while now, but went all out once she came across me. Dorothy hates me for some odd reason (I’ve been told this by people who say they have spoken with her) and she got Nancy all twisted up about who I am and what I’m really blogging about. I’ve shown you where Nancy first commented about Dorothy “warning” Nancy about me. Now take a look at a recent comment on Nancy’s Facebook left by Dorothy:

dph nan fb zero mike1

I feel Dorothy has been feeding Nancy lies for a long time now, and it is probably her behind all the things nancy thinks Mike is behind. Why? Why does Dorothy do anything she does? That’s the question we shall focus on in the future.

We’ve all read Nancy’s page quite a lot lately, I think it’s easy to see how Dorothy is leading Nancy, and when I react here, it only further confuses Nancy and I don’t want that on my conscience. Dorothy may not mind messing with people on that serious of a level, but I do.

Now although I feel for Nancy, and think she has been victimized by Dorothy, I still don’t just give Nancy a pass. She is way long past being a child, and is overall responsible for what she has done, does, and will probably continue doing. Still I’m jus a little above taking advantage of an old womans sanity… just a little.

Before we leave Nancy to sink or swim on her own(or best scenario and the one I’m hoping for, those who do care about her, get through to her, and remove Dorothy from the equation… I’m almost positive there’s enough out there to get this done through the legal system, I mean it’s got to be a crime to do what Dorothy is doing to Nancy), we do have to look at one last exchange. this between my wife and Nancy.

Those who read here knows my wife likes to stay out of my blog, she thinks I’m dealing with people who should just be ignored by everyone. And I respect her for that belief, but confrontation of what people put out there on the World Wide Web is exactly what Zero’s World is all about. Readers also know when my wife does comment, it never disappoints. She says exactly what she want’s to say. My wife has addressed both Dorothy (who promptly blocked her on Facebook) and recently Cristin on FB as well. I, like my wife, would just like her or anyone else I know left out of this, this blog is mine, not the good people I’ve chosen surround my life with, but that’s not how this worked from day one, long before I got involved, so I knew my family would not be spared any more than anyone elses, and no one’s has.  But when you bring up my wife or kids,  especially on Facebook where it will get seen faster (she really doesn’t read here, I don’t blame her, this blog sucks! lol) you will probably hear from her. And as I said, she don’t hold back.

So when Nancy made a post once again including my wife’s name (although misspelling it) saying she was my sister, which made out marriage incestuous, my wife sent Nancy a message on FB:

sassy & nan nan2

Yes, that’s my Sassy. And I recommend never mentioning her again (LOL).

I put this up for a few reasons, one is to show what I just said (don’t mention her, trust me), and to help explain, that when you bring up names of people you don’t know, you can’t be surprised that they react. I keep trying to show that here in this blog, but so many out there just don’t get it, and I feel the need to constantly repeat it! Don’t use names of people you don’t know in your twisted social media rants, especially if you are just gonna make up things about them due to the fact you don’t really know them. Odds will catch up with you eventually… mark my words.

I also put this up to so you can see Nancy’s response. Here it is:

Nancy sassy reply1

Nancy sassy reply2

First off, they say Facebook User, because my wife has since blocked her, not wishing to have any contact with her. My wife said, “She (Nancy) needs outside help, and even trying to reason with her would only really be humoring her and adding to her deterioration.” I’ve been thinking about what my wife said… and most of us feel this way, but even in these comments things are hard to understand. Nancy says “Are you the GUY that called her (Dorothy) recently?” If she really believes Dorothy is Mike then why would she believe this?

Yes, when it comes to Nancy, I’ve gone back and forth in what I believe, tell I finally gave up the other day and just accepted both (don’t read too much into the giving up wording, I didn’t really give up, just accepted that what I thought all along was most likely right).

Nancy goes back and forth herself, wanting to believe when things are told to her, but always questioning it all. And since anyone reading can see, she doesn’t make the wisest choices in what and who to believe.

So it is in everyone’s best interest, especially Nancy’s, to stop including Nancy in this blog. Maybe even Dorothy’s best interest. Without anyone else mentioning Nancy, and not letting her comments here or on the ZW’s FB Page, maybe Dorothy will get bored with Nancy, see she’s of no use any more and leave her alone. Which would be smart, cause some one who knows and cares about Nancy is gonna come along one day, and they are not gonna like what you’ve been up to Dorothy!

Of course it will probably go on till that does happen. Again, for now though, it won’t be going on here.

I will not be keeping out comments at first, ’cause I know people might have things to say about this post. But Nancy comments of any kind will be left out down the line.

I’m gonna let the comment from an outsider (as far as I know) end this post, and have the last word (post wise at least) on this subject. Sometimes an outsider can help give perspective. My theory of course and so far, it remains to be proven. Still I think Donna’s comment is the best way to go out here. Donna, I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for reading and thanks for a great comment. Hopefully Nancy will take it to heart and think long and hard about Dorothy Price Hill.







Nan Nan & The Fellowship Of The Minds

I wrote a post called Narcissism, poking at a comment made about me on a blog called FellowshipOfTheMinds.  This was about a month ago when Nancy was going on about the First Lady, Michele Obama being a transvestite.  I followed her link to a post. And boy was I in for a mind blower that day. A whole blog of insanity!

I mean this place was just scary crazy, and they booted Nancy from it right away. I of course needed to leave a comment there:


I got a quick reply:


I should point out, I did not save these comments at first and only went back to get them today. Although this reply is similar to the original reply, Dr. Eowyn must have gone back and changed it. It was originally worded a little different and included the fact that I was in Nevada. Seems the Doc (yes another doctor, mikes and doctors… coincidence always mucking it up) wanted me to know he could see where I was commenting from. But I have a blog also… I know how it works… I kinda wish they hadn’t changed the comment though, it was better the other way, and I liked that they mentioned I was in Nevada, funny stuff. But they changed it. The gist of it remained the same, which was to call me a narcissist and a “useful idiot” which is what he calls people who support the left side of the politicians out there. Something they are totally wrong about, I don’t like or support any of the power hungary idiots on both sides of kool-aid line. But the MM7 girls loved to call me a narcissist, and I’m sure a few other readers out there think of me as at least a little bit of a narcissist, so I wrote back as much:

So I wrote the narcissist post and started this post, but lots has happened since then. I never made another comment on FOTM Blog, though I know linda tried to comment there, but they wanted know part of her, lol!

When I had started this post last month, I had planned on going at this blog hard and hopefully getting some reaction from anyone who posts or comments there, but now I just want to finish this post and move on.

I could go on about how wrong it is to call tragedies hoaxes due to the sensitive nature of people DYING! But that’s the way of the wackos… 9/11 was faked, the Boston bombing was faked, even that case I just mentioned in Santa Barbra where the directors son lost it and killed 6 people:

People still believe we never landed on the moon… Hollywood has been faking everything for a long time. Right?

Yea, I really wanted to get into all this last month… but damn if everything doesn’t now seem fake to me.

Maybe I’m like the real “Truman Show” and everyone is here to entertain me as they are all in return entertained by me being entertained by them… (shake it off zero).

Alright so going at these bozos is not needed. For all I know the FOTM blog is really ran by Democrats wanting to expose how stupid republicans can be. I mean the internet is like that. People pretend to be one thing to show how stupid others are. And any message gets lost along the way. The whole thing starts to hurt my head when I really think about it. I mean maybe some of those racist, homophobic Facebook pages are really made by those who are trying to show how hypocritical we all are.

Yes, the whole thing makes my head hurt. So let’s move on from this absurdly, cartoonishly, wrong blog of minds. Psychotic Minds! Sorry couldn’t resist.

But before we leave it we must look at the comment that got Nancy booted:


So let’s see, you can think Obama is really Bin Laden, but don’t insult one of their own. LMAO. Seems they have a commenter there with the name Mike. He never saw it coming, lol!

So that was that, Nancy got the boot. But it started me thinking. By letting Nancy continue to post here, am I only helping those like Dorothy who may be praying on her?

When I started this post I was gonna use the whole Michelle Obama thing to lead into a long and crazy post going over Nancy’s story line of morphing and changing murderers. But now instead I am gonna use it to actually lead into my last post about Nancy Evans Figat.





If you are keeping count, that’s 2 down!

Sharing Is Caring

So the other day I did some sharing and everything went to hell. Some people don’t like me sharing. Cristin sure didn’t. Which is werid because she use to share a lot and no one liked it when she did, but she didn’t seem to care back then.

No one likes Dorothy and Nancy’s way of sharing… yet they just can’t stop.

I guess my mom was wrong. Sharing is not a good thing. At one time I think it was, but social media seemed to twist it all up. Or at least people use social media to twist it all up.

So I guess sharing is still a good thing. We just need to be more careful with what we share…

Now where was I before things went off track in here… ah yes…



Public Enemy #1

So, I’m still cleaning up around here. You might notice missing posts popping back up. Some comments going away (though none are really gone,  just out of public eye, I have over 300 comments in moderation on this blog alone) but all in all, just trying to  get some order back into this blog, or at least as much as this blog will allow.

Meanwhile Dorothy and Nancy continue to write stories about people they use to know and people they wish they knew. But I have been trending hugely in their stuff. They like to drop zero, richie, and any other name they think might be connected to me as often as possible. Look at this:

dph nancy fb zero1

The rest of it goes on to mention her ex husband and maybe a friend of his. It’s what she does, she slanders anyone and everyone. Yet she (and some of the others) actually think it is I who does the slandering, because I stepped in and showed the slandering that was going on. Am I in Bizzaro World?

and you can see by Nancy’s comments under this post, she doesn’t really get what Dorothy is using her for:

dph nancy fb zero3

dph nancy fb zero4

dph nancy fb zero5

Yes, it almost seems like Nancy just wants to be loved, a real friend to talk to. But then she snaps right back into crazy, venomous mode.  getting most of that venom from Dorothy (remember my 3 headed beast post?).

And although we may all feel sorry for Nancy, it doesn’t make her less dangerous (yes Nancy, people have now warned me about you). And with Dorothy at the wheel from time to time… well, get out-of-the-way.

Which of course I never did.  And therefore I must become Public Enemy #1. I’m not. I’m just some guy from Las Vegas, with no ties to any of this but the fact I couldn’t believe the stuff I was reading about all of this. And now a year and a half later, I still can’t believe it.

And all you out there that were a part of this, just decided to make me the reason for all your problems, because your crazy stuff didn’t hold up to the test of time.

I still stand by all I have written. I still say the more you drag me into all this the less credible each of you seem (and that’s only if anyone out there still might find your rants have any kind of merit).

But what do I know, I wasn’t smart enough to run away from all of you  at the get go. I can’t blame anyone but myself.

Any one learn anything from this post?

Probably not, but I still gotta try.


Thank you to my new reader who wrote me about Dorothy’s post today. I am loving all the latest help from everyone!






Cleaning Out My Blog’s Closet

A little while back I shared a peek at all the posts still stick in draft mode. There was 7 of them. And if we take a look at it again:


We can see that one was posted and two more joined the drafts. Leaving us with 8 stuck in limbo. And as I said before, this does not include all the posts still in my head that haven’t even make it to draft mode.

Add that to the posts that are now pulled for one reason or another and need to be adjusted or deleted. (Just playing, nothing get’s deleted)

I really need to clean things up around here so that we can continue on.

There are things that keep me from doing this, such as the season, which is rapidly approaching Fall, and we all know what that means. Well Dorothy does, she can’t stop trying to connect Fright Dome to all this…  if that doesn’t show everyone the depths of stupidity these people have gone to, I don’t know what will. But I will continue to try.

Also I have been contacted lately by more people who seem to have input in this. Which means I have to spend days making sure who I’m talking to isn’t someone I’ve already been talking to, just changing up their story, lol. Yes, if I was to just put everything out there, from beginning to end, emails and all. All the things I’ve done to verify or not verify something told to me, I think most of you would have a better appreciation for this blog. But I say again… those of you reading… those of you who have contacted me and asked to be left out of it, due again, to the depths of stupidity the likes of Dorothy and friends will go to, think about it, if I’ve talked to you and kept you out of the posts, there really could be others as well, right?

A little shout out to all of you I have talked to and have kept your name out of it.

And all you others I do mention… yea… I know some of you think it is ONLY you I blog about… but read back… lots of people are mentioned… and most of us have had quite a bit of contact. Mostly IM’s and emails… but a few phone calls and all the social media and blog correspondence… yea, go google your name… we are forever connected!

So, I’m gonna clean things up around here, and then get back to the grindstone.

Hopefully I will get to most if not all those posts left in draft mode.  Also  by the end of this year I’d like to look again at some of the posts here, like the Cicada stuff and Lake City Quiet Pills posts… because even though it may seem I get stuck on some of these people, I’m constantly looking into other things, my head likes to soak a lot up. I spent days reading into what happened in California  a couple months ago:

I have read Elliot Rodger’s manifesto, and I really wanted to blog about this whole story. But it would be lots of posts I don’t have time for right now. If you haven’t read about it, I suggest you hit that google up.

Then there’s all the latest news in Suffolk County. We could spend days discussing it, I’m sure.

Plus there’s still lots of Real Life stuff I’d love to get into.  Fright Dome going to Hong Kong this year! That’s huge right now in my life, but bringing it up gives the “Team” stuff to misconstrue. Or how about how I worked as an extra in the movie Mall Cop 2 last month! I’d love to blog about that. But then all of a sudden, Dorothy would be calling Kevin James a Satanist with ties to JB (take your pick of JBs).  Just look at some of the stuff they recently are mixing up:

nancy lies1

Nancy likes to go on and on that I or we went looking for her. Most of you out there who have had to deal with Nancy know all about how she likes to play this game. She comes to your blog or Facebook Page, she starts posting crazy crap, you look into her to see who the hell this crazy lady is, you call her out or try to explain reality to her and blam, you are stalking her (sounds familiar, but hell, I could just name this blog Deja Vu with all the circles we get stuck in  here).

I started writing about all this back in February of 2013, I didn’t start this blog till almost a year later, on New Years Eve of that year. And it wasn’t tell right about that time I first found out about Nancy and the crazy Figats. Anyone reading here for a while knows that, and anyone wanting to go back and read the comments could see that. But I’ll help you out… here’s the first comment from Nan Nan from my LISK Blog on 1-1-14:

Nan comment

I don’t know why I bothered to remove the end of the IP and Email address. She no longer uses this IP and she puts her email out with every comment she makes now.  Still it’s the little things that keep me from being them…

Now there we have the reason Nancy came to my LISK blog. I wasn’t fast enough letting through one of Dorothy’s tedious comments, so she sent Nan Nan my way. She was using the screen name “Just Wondering”… but that quickly changed:

nan comments2

The last comment there tells us Dorothy had already filled Nancy in about me and my blog. And what kind of lies was Dorothy telling her? Well as we see with the first “put it in your pipe” comment, Nancy had her own ideas already of who I and everyone commenting on my blogs was:

nan comment3

Back then I was like WTF?!? But with hindsight, it all fits together. Sure, it’s like they took pieces from all sorts of puzzles and jammed them together and the picture is all wrong… but still you can see the pieces being laid if you follow closely. And I have followed closely!

Now Nancy’s first comment on this blog was this:

nan comment1

Her she tells us why she followed over to my new blog maybe? It’s not always easy to tell what Nancy is talking about… but I have become very good at understanding Nan Nan Speak.

So there you have it… Dorothy sent Nancy to create havoc on my blogs. Now in Nancy’s World (yes Nancy we all have a world, I know this) she thinks Dorothy is also her ex and there for even though Dorothy sent her here, she still thinks it’s Mike taunting her.

nan comment4

That’s the first of many times Nancy has said Dorothy is part of my psyche (I’d put a bullet in my head, just saying), part of Mike’s psyche. I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not nancy really believes this, and I now have come to believe she does. I feel she really does think Dorothy is the part of her ex that is gonna apologise for all Mike has done to her, and in a way she does. Meanwhile anyone else who tries to get through to Nancy with truth must be working with her ex husband or just another part of his psyche that is not as nice as Dorothy. Which is why what Dorothy is doing to Nancy is so evil. Dorothy knows all these politicians are not the same person, that her ex husband is not Jeff MacDonald  or The Zodiac Killer, but Dorothy doesn’t care how much damage she does to Nancy, as long as she can use her to speak out against those who have called her (Dorothy) out.

But I’ve said all this, and will again… so let’s move on.

Dorothy likes to post that I give out misinformation, Cristin says this a lot too, but they can give no examples… yet they use misinformation to make it look like I spread misinformation. Dorothy says I have said I own Fright Dome… I have never said this. In fact I have now overstated how untrue this statement is. I am just an actor during the month of October, the rest of the year I’m free to do all sorts of other things, why not try to find some of them to lie about… I gave you Fright Dome.

Then there is the statements about where I have lived… Dorothy says I said I lived in Nebraska… yet I’ have never said such a thing… why? Because I never have. As I have said before I was born and raised in California. I lived in Rochester New York for less than a year when I was about 8 years old. But the rest of my childhood was spent in California, some of my adulthood as well. I moved to Las Vegas in 1994. I’ve said most of this before, I haven’t however given a complete listing of everywhere I lived, and because of that Dorothy says I’m giving misinformation, take a look:

DPH henderson

Yes, I have lived in Henderson and yes, until recently I had not mentioned this. Not till Henderson started popping up in their comments. I am little tired of looking through all of the comments and post at the moment (if you could only see how much I must wade through to make a post like this, luckily most of this stuff is recent posts), but I know Dorothy mentioned Henderson at least once before and I blogged about it some where or mentioned it in a comment when I saw it.  then recently Nancy posted some pictures she claims is in Henderson Nevada, so I once again commented that I once lived in Henderson. That’s why Dorothy made the above comment about not knowing I had lived in Henderson, although I said it long ago when Dorothy first brought it up. But I’m not gonna get in an argument whether or not they found out I had lived in Henderson at one time (maybe they found it on their own, or some others digging up so much info on me passed it on) and that is why they started bringing it up, in my heart I know that’s what happened, but again, I’m not gonna argue about it, maybe it’s mere coincidence they like to bring up Henderson, Nevada. I am however gonna bring up the argument, that just because I don’t right away say that I once lived in Henderson, and then one day I do say it, does not equal misinformation. But trying to say that Henderson Nevada is anywhere near Reno is. Henderson is like a 10 hour drive from Reno. It’s about the same distance from Reno as Las Vegas is. Why? Because Henderson is a suburb next to Vegas, in fact most people consider it Vegas, which is why I never differentiate. So no… no connections to Reno… and those pics Nancy posted of Henderson:

nan henderson1Nan henderson2

Sorry, but that ain’t Henderson, Nevada. Dorothy and Nancy are under the assumption Henderson is in northern Nevada for some reason. But no mater how mixed up their MISINFORMATION gets, they can’t change geography, anymore then they can make me a devil worshiping child pornographer just by posting it in a comment.

I know, I know… for a blog that keeps saying it’s done explaining and apologising, it sure does have a lot of explanation and apology posts. I’m sure many of you just wish I would just blog already.

Well, I’m gonna do some tidying up around here…

and then I’m gonna get to some blogging!







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Happy 4th of July everyone!

This blog has exploded in many ways, but as usual, I will get it all back on track. In the mean time enjoy some music!

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