Blog Go Boom!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This blog has exploded in many ways, but as usual, I will get it all back on track. In the mean time enjoy some music!

Share your own below!

I hear from a few of you out there that I should make more music posts… I’ve madeΒ no denials to how important music is in my life… so I’m always down for that!


Again Happy Fourth!






115 thoughts on “Blog Go Boom!

    • How did you lose 8 followers in one day? Is Linda disquised in blue for the 4th?
      I hope she watches her back around the likes of you.
      One never knows when you will SNAP again.
      “WHEN YOU CUT. YOU CUT” So spoke the killer in you.

      • top with the last names already… everyone is soooo tired of reading the same people that you guys are fucking with…lol, I’m not, but everyone else is… and I have to look to all my readers not just the craziest ones…

      • yes, nancy, i read that on yor FB… i know you don’t get how FB works… but those aren’t followers… just “LIKES” and in all honesty I don’t think it got up to 45 and then dropped down to 38, like dorothy told you, and even if it did hat’s only 7… not 8. simple rithmatic! but hey, i see you went crazy with the comments again! welcome back, got tire of just talking to Dorothy on you FB…lol! Happy 4th Nan Nan!

      • and also… i have written many times on there to be careful before you like or comment… so if 7 people did unlike it, it was probably so you and Dorothy didn’t add them to the endless parade on your FB the last few days…

      • Nancy, cant you just share a song, must you ruin EVRY postive post with your DISEASE…please go spead your HATE on your FB…you suck the life right out of people..If your gonna visit , play nice or it back to TIME OUT…Dont ypou get tired of being kicked out?? You know its torture for you..

        Like a moth to the flame…Im trying to be nice today..but you test me.

        Must you allow her to ruin EVERYTHING Z?? Maybe you should just devote one post for Nancys thousands of comments?? It easier for her as well. This little “Crush” on you, aint leavin anytime soon…Really. SHE”LL NEVER LEAVE YOU. She has created a new life around a complete stranger. We might as well deal with reality. She cant ruin everything, all the time. No!! I think she must go!!

        YES…she good for a laugh, but these murderous thoughts are a bit much…even for a vile bitch like myself

      • Dorothy watches your followers?? hee hee FB is soooo stupid. Thats awesome…see that i like….They love you. Its a fight for attention, your attention!! awww, thats cute kinda

      • Ill be fine nan, PLEASE worry about yourself. Besides you know you despise me, im competition for you, IN YOUR MIND, let me make that CLEAR. You and I are polar opposites. Im stil wanting to believe your ill, not evil. But your words grow violent. You are starting to concern quite a few people, people who arent involved in these blogs at all. You are acting like you may be a danger to yourself and possibly others…There are certain civic responsibilities we all share and must abide by..Do YOU UNDERSTAND?? Hello??

      • Nancy..i assure you, ZERO’S life does not revolve around his FB “Likes”.You could EASILY find out what type of person he is, if any bothered to show you. Dorothy knows the truth..You are picking on GOOD completley innocent strangers. Hard working people with a happy life, why hate someone for that?? Dont you see jealousy drives the behavior?? When you realize the mistake you’ve made, you will be truly ashamed of what you’ve done. If you’re capable of remorse, that is .Very few people could give a shit…Its just supposed to be a fun space for friends and family. Life doesnt depend on it. Its meaningless?? Except to those like DPH, who MUST manufacture a life. She NEEDS to see those likes, much like a teenager with a LOW self image. Is that what you want to become?? Do you think its a viable substitute for human CONTACT?? Oh nancy, its time to wake up. Its a big world out there. Theres still a place for you..i truly hope. But time is of the essence, i warn you.

      • I’ve been failing on line for years…lol. I told you about that Vlog i once did, right? 35,000 views or 20 ( I have shit out there with both) 30 some likes or 1700 “friends” (again, i have both) good, bad, FAIL, it’s not why I do it. I’ve had days where my blogs break 500 views and days where I’m lucky to get 50. It’s not what keeps me going… heance the name zero… I’m the biggest nobody in my mind and that’s fine with me! But those who trully allow themselves into my world are never disatisfied! (that’s didn’t sound narcisitic, did it?)

      • nannie?? Zero actually gained a follower this weekend..whose feeding you this dogshit?? Its embarassing for you!! Somebody’s setting you up to look DUMB and EVIL…wonder who??

      • lol, they just say anything and it becomes fact for them… isn’t thathow all these evil twisted people have been doing it since Flukeyou forst reared his ugly head? Patterns and agendas all seem to come in to better focus with time. Each messed up comment left by nancy traces right back through the nut sack. meaning sack of nuts…lol. Echos right on through them all.

      • Zero…your readers get it…why do you think we’re here..all fabulous that we are?? πŸ™‚

      • Good lord..if this doesnt work..can you PLEASE play Slths Revenge for Sas…sigh..

      • Failing?? listen, you made a positive difference for both commenters and READERS alike…you know this..own it!! You dont make phony proclamations to change the world..just YOUR world..we like it..its good. One small step for man, one GIANT step for HUMANity…ok?? Got that?? lol…goofy!

      • I actually don’t consider my LISK blog a fail. I stuck with it and did what i set out to do with it. I’m very happy that there are those it helped, it’s one of my more acomplished things I’ve put out there in the world wide web… but I do have some fails out there! lol.

      • Oh we’re friends alright!! Look how i made an ass out of myself with this stupid FB…I blame you!! (old,inside joke nan!!) But nan, i must thank you as well..lately i feel so smart!! Muah!!

      • No thats not a narcissistic statement..not if its true haters :)…The best is when Js said “knowing me is like American Express. Membership has its privileges”…
        Is he slick or what…That line must work miracles with women…yeah, must…

      • You ARE the shit my brotha!! Turning me back into the sun?? Just before my trip to FLA??? Thank you brotha!!! hee hee ha ha!!!!

  1. I saw the News about the Rip Tide. I imagined you swimming. Getting caught in the Rip Tide.
    All of your victims standing on the shore. Waving Good Bye.

    • i was swimming today… no rip tide though… but thanks for keeping me in your thoughts… but you really waisted those candles a while back. pray for me, wish me dead… i know, it’s not me you mean, so i don’t take it personaly. But still, you are a truckload of mixed emotions. perfect for dorothy’s groming!

      • Yes with Dorothys ‘help’, your thoughts become more violent, wishing death. lets see that twice in one week you have expressed MURDEROUS thoughts. HEAVENLY work Dorothy, daddy would be so proud!! God Too!! about Dr. Nan your greatest creation?? Yes we all see what your influence does to the weakest and most vunerable…We are watching you ‘create’…

      • you see that too? Oceans mentions how this could make a great study… I have long ago took that way of thinking when dealing with most of our nuts… and i have a long study saved away… in the end all my stuff will make it out there… and we will have quite the study…

      • It ain’t just ME who noticed it…This shit aint that funny no more..tsk tsk man! Attention you seek, attention you’ll get..TRUST ME

    • I remember you swinging that wood club of yours. In front of 33 Pine Gate.
      Saying “This is what I do. To people who get in my way”.
      You are an Organized Killer. No regrets.
      How can you go on living? Thinking about those family members that loved and trusted you. Lying in their cold dark graves.
      Would it have killed YOU To have ever done the right thing? People like myself .Do it everyday.
      So you would have had to pay Child Support. Be accountable. So fucking what!
      Think of how nice it would have been. With them as family members. Sisters and s brother to my kids.
      Fuck the money. I would have gladly done without a few vacations. To have been with a man that I could love, respect and believe what he told me.
      it remains.A longterm thing. Somthing you don’t quite get.
      I believe your Mother was behind you. A jealous incestious Bitch of all Bitches. The Beast! APPROPRIATE.

      • ok… so nancy, stay with me… if your ex is a killer… why do you let dorothy post stuff about people in california and las vegas that have nothing to do with any of this… why post about Fright Dome? It’s a legitiment place, 35 in America… why go at these connections to Richie if you don’t believe I am richie? Dorothy has you fooled to go after people you no nothing about… she uses you for your dirty work… oh, whom I kidding, you don’t grt any of it and that’s why Dorthy loves you so much. keep smearing my name… eventually we will all have enough for a real lawsuit… know that! And dorothy has money right? cause I’m serious… i don’t want to cry “lawsuit” or “I’m being stalked”… but i can’t help the actions of others you name, not knowing who they are… why not just keep me as zero and stay away from who you think i am and who you think might know me… you are gonna find real people there, and you can’t mess with real people… trust me on that!

      • Nan, a lot of people get divorced..its ok. Why dont you give yourself permission to create a new life for yourself..These “thoughts” are all consuming for you. Im sure it must be taking its toll. You can and should do better. Theres still time, Just let it go.

      • so years ago, i wrote down the line… “It’s not the end of the world…. it’s just the end of you and me girl”
        It seemed like the perfect bridge or chorus for a “break up song” problem is, it’s been years since i broke up with someone. I always meant to sit down and think back to those High School days when “Breaking Up” seemed to be the end of everything! But now, I may just sit down and think about our little nan nan and dot… how they are still stuck in relationships that have long ago left them behind… maybe that will help turn this one line into a magical song!

      • lol… no offence nade here, but I’m the old one amonst everyone I hang with. It’s nice to be the young one! besides next to Nan Nan we are all kids! (she’s really old)

      • yes it will. My favorite song off that album. “I’m a space bound rocket ship, and your heats the moon” good stuff. Too bad there are those who get stuck in “love lost” and are afraid to move on. Love is evol… but it’s worth all of it…

      • “Ill do whatever it takes, when im wit you i get the shakes”…STOP. ENOUGH..LMAO.STOP!!

      • Freakin torture..i ALMOST wish i could pass this phase and go straight to menapause..ALMOST πŸ˜‰

      • Distracting man!! How do guys live like this all your… how do you get anything done?? huh…love, oh man…!!!! Powerfull stuff huh?? Jeezuz!!

    • It’s freakin’ the 4th of july nutty mcnannan… I have a life… get one, they are nice. but here ya go… all your nonsense going through… happy now. No whose doing the bulling… i mean really… have you read the crap written about me on your page? lol. and what is it you have against margret chow… she’s funny! funnier than all of us any way!

      • Besides you being a Freak of Nature. A Wierdo. All is fine by me.
        What I can understand I can accept, Remember that one.
        So I learned. I understand. I accept your being. Different.
        Your life. Not mine. Live and Let Live.
        I learned all about Polyfragmented did. Along with the roles of your many alters.
        None of which that includes the guy at the controlsbat the moment. None. Are a complete person. There are some ANP out front. Yet, even ANP is another Alter.
        So I pay the rants of these split off fragments no mind.
        They are not YOU either. So I dont personalize their rants, veiled threats, barbs etc.
        They are just your inner self reenacting the words, thoughts and the actions. Of your original abuser.
        Nothing to do with me. I wasn’t there.. Wasnt born yet.

        So I get it. Understand and I accept. This is the best that you can do at the moment. To continue to best deal with the hand you have been dealt..
        There are three types of Alters. But I am too tired to delve into that right now.The taunts .They are just you reenacting your own past abuse. I don’t take it personal at all. We all carry a certain amount of pain around with us. Thats life. I am content on the inside. That is what matters most. I don’t look outside myself for validation. I know I am Ok. Imperfect yet still Ok.
        Yes. We are polar opposites. True. We had ine commonality. No. Not the kids.But we did not mesh in major areas. Thats it.
        We j
        Good Night Linda TtYL

      • I just have one question… if the thing you had in common with your ex was not you kids? what was it? You didn’t mesh in major areas… so where did you mesh? What was that ine (which I take is supposed to say one) commonality? Knowing this could put an end to all of the other questions…

      • Sorry Nan, no matter what you say, im a real flesh and blood woman. A damn fine one at that..Im trying to help you, but im not a professional counselor, and your words NEED to be heard by a professional. I, along with others, grow uncomfortable, as it it clear your completely lost in delusion..Doesnt leave much time to care for yourself properly, whether that be hygiene, cleaning, cooking or your physical health..You tell adult Services all about it, OK?? The whole story…

    • This is going to be a horrible burden. For the entire family. To accept and to overcome.
      God I shake. Thinking. But for the Grace of God. It could have been me and my babies you slaughtered.

      • please keep this drivel to your FB… no killers here, and I really doubt either of your exes could kill anyone either, because if they could, I’m sure I wouldn’t be dealing with either you or Dorothy right now… heh heh heh, explain it to her Dorothy!

      • what, that’s it, only 8 little comments… not much of a nancy rant. But I’m not complaining… besides, any more rants of the same ol same ol will not get through any more… and again, let’s not use last names or mention kids… i know it’s all out there, but i’m so bored with all this same old stuff. New commenst Nan Nan… or keep it on your FB for your friends and family to see, I’ve seen it all. Readers here have seen it all. Eccept when you and Dorothy through random people into the mix, that it even matters… if you stuck to just you ex hubby and your own life dramas, who would be listening… so you throw the names Dorothy give you, it get’s you noticed, and yu like that… but it ain’t gonna get you noticed here any longer… so you and Dorothy go back to your FB page and fill it with the same old crap that never leads any where… be content in you little circle. We really have to move on here… oh… I hear fire works… gotta go! Happy Fourth everyone!

      • Nan, you have NEED to have a tragic story…why are you creating this existence for yourself?? Its really a form of self hatred…Let go of it all, begin to walk towards the light, before its irresversable..

        Little Poltergiest shit right there πŸ™‚
        Come on NAN!

      • we can’t help but want to save ger from dorothy… but years of crazy in that one… she need Cynthia to step up. My opinion based on reading Nancy’s FB. And that’s all i’ll say about that for now…

    • again, i was never with you… all my kids were raised by me and their mom… not you or Mike… I’m over explaining here, once again, for fun… I know you won’t listen to anyone who offers reality… just Dorothy’s lies made to groom you for her agenda… all of you stuck in a repeatitive hell!

      • Nan..divorce is a painful, devastating thing, we know this. We’ve all been there at one time…But it doesn’t have to be THIS way. You must finally begin the grieving process. The longer you continue to deny this simple yet painful truth, the more lies you will have to create..Till its fucked up beyond repair. You will end up ytterly alone. There must be some family, friend, support group ect, that can help u with this process, Dorothy is making a mockery of you, and isolating you even further from others…She wants youy as miserable as her, its quite evil. But you DID have a choice…
        And thats it nan, i just spilled my heart. Read it as many times as you want, but the things spewing from you are getting sicker, and illegal. Talk to a COMPLETE OUTSIDER about all this, no one online!! a live human being you you feel is somewhat intelligent an sensitive…See what their unbiased opinion is…But this is coming to an end nan, its not funny anymore, its scaring people, and that just wont do..Think about it…THINK

        Anyone giving you any other advice, other than to try to enrich your life, is NOT YOur FRIEND…friends wish you peace and health. they dont feed into bitterness and rage, as those things will destroy your life. These are FACTS nan,,,

    • Who nan?? Zodiac?? Barack O?? Who again?? Just trying to keep up my love..Bugz bunny??…tell us all about my dear…

      • all of the above from what i gather… everyone is a clone of mike and it’s all about Nancy, the one the rest of the world can’t see is right… yep… echos right back down the line….

    • Why must you create a Drama out of your life. Just create a simple, calm life?? You’re literally dying for attention…Shit is gonna rot you from the inside out…You must get real. REAL SOON. Its good advice.

  2. Go watch some fireworks, and enjoy life. It’s the 4th of July, a day for family and friends. God I love pyrotechnics! YAY!!!

    LOL thanks for your blogs Z, and Linda I hope you are rocking it somewhere fun!

    Peace out

    • thanks! had a lot of fun last night with the family (not the manson family Nan Nan, I don’t hang with them any more, SARCASM! Oh and i also aint talking about your family or any other family you think I am part of) Last night was fun, fireworks with natures own light show in the background (thunder and lightning) and then rain came and washed all of the nights evidence away why we slept. (play on words Nan Nan)

    • Thanks oceans…let put it this way, im moving VERY slooooww today…But hey thats why god created Blood mary’s..Thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Where’s “My Homegirl Skookie”?? Do’t worry , I dont “Pick” the Flowers, I grow em πŸ™‚ Muah baby!! Aloe mostly,,,But hey guys, im working on it..i AM peeps

    • I also notticed nancy is trying to connect henderson Nv. again, that’s cause i used to live there and people have told her that, people meaning Dorothy. But it is getting old to see my info mixed all up. Henderson is in the desert, pretty much is in Las Vegas (side by side), her pictures are obviously in the mountains with snow on the ground, not Henderson Nv. Saving it all for that BIG post one day!

      • You save it ALL ZERO..ALL of it..Let em get a taste of that two seconds of ‘fame’…May we see the day ALL thier names are in print,,Im so freakin disgusted by the ‘recent’ news involving nancy and Dorothy…Yeah, sooner than later with that “Post”….along with the ‘other’ shit we’ve been throwing around off blog….Im done.

      • Me, you and TCTH…its time..All THIS because you once were concerned for Cristen…What a shit sandwich!! I feel like puking. You’ve been there for us, we, in turn (AS YOU KNOW) are here for you..
        Thank you for not backing down. Im sorry Cristen cant take back what she created as well. JS doesnt give a shit, this is how he gets off. I guess his girlfriend and he are exactly the same..
        But man if i don’t smell KARMA in the air…
        Patience….Things are about to get INTERESTING…yes

      • If not for her blog, i would have never got into all of this… but i hold them all equally responsible for all of it… together they twisted it all up… i won’t name them all again, lol. We know who they are. And posts about each of them will follow soon. Just got to do some tidying up in here first.

  4. Nancy done!! However, as we have seen, a statement such as this from LE is huge…Wherer are you LINAITIVE?? Whats the word on this case?? I guess i should thank nan..thanks Nan!! This is the kind of sad ‘news’ we share..what brought us all together..i will forward accordingly..

    Thanks ZMAN…….

    Now, on to nans crap…sigh..

  5. You know Z, that Nancy has ENOUGH “TROUBLE” in her own backyard, so to speak…Let Dorothy bury her, she’s been warned, as has her family and social service. I gotta wash my hands clean of her. WE really tried?? Dont know what else to say…Dorothy has a mouth that will take EVERYONE DOWN..BUT MARK MY WORDS: SHE’S GOIN TOO

  6. Pardon me while i Google this Bayshore story?? Newsday charges?? Ohhh shit!!! I sound like CHNN!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


    No age?? state of decomposition ect..another media blackout it seems. I will say this is an EXTREMLEY busy area of Bayshore!! Bigtime.Its where the ferry to Fire Island laeves. I used to work on 5th ave, just before i went back to school. Also a very big gang related area. Its well known. The Police station is Literally down the block, im sure you can Google it or something, not good, Cops are everywhere in that area?? Just cant find much info online. ANYONE have anything to share??

    • yes, and Dorothy continues today with more mentoins of me and people she thinks are connected to me…lol. And nancy is speaking to an old girlfriend of mine…lol. But the best was when Dorothy said i was a baby born in 1971 (something she got from a recent comment I made, right here! lol. And then nancy say’s it’s part of the story…lmao. They also can’t seem to agree if jeffery macdonald is really Mike. Dorothy seems to think Jeffery was innocent and Nancy thinks he killed his family then married her and well we know how that turned out. Point is, big difference in opinion there, yet the dopes keep sharing eachothers misinformation (love that word Dorothy, you just need to use it properly). New post today will give us direction again…

  8. This isn only speculative, but based on where the remains where found, i would say this was a recent homocide….It is simply too populated and decomposition would have made discovery quite soon afterwards…just a thought…

  9. Im deep into your new post!! I dont know what to say?? How did you do it?? when do you find the time?? Ill be reading for days..How generous of you πŸ™‚

    Only halfway through and have experienced ten different emotions,,But you know what Z?? Im happy for you. Your creative spirit lives and THRIVES. Ive been feeling guilty lately..Its been devastating to read these disgusting lies about you..I get enraged..But you DONT, TCTH either!! Im just so pleased you continue to do what you enjoy..Which IMO is create, share and give…Bravo, and much gratitude..

    Now back to the post!!

    • I won’t lie… when ever I touch on so many subjects it’s not only to clear my head, but to grab a bunch of readers at once… part of what i wanted this blog to do was find new readers to take a better look at the Gilgo case and all those who have inserted themselves there. I also love to write this kind of post… it keeps up with my mind, which is always racing about everything. I hope people take advantage of posts like these and click on the links. Every link I post is just one of many i have read, because I keep on google searching (learned from the best, though I use it for search of knowledge not something to weave into a story line). I didn’t even bring up The Smiley Face Killer… which i spent a lot of time researching this last month and plan to blog about it and it’s strange documentry (or should I say mockumenty) I noticed nancy followed suit and “LIKED” the Smiley Face Killer FB page after me, so I’m sure they will be brought up someday, I’m very intruiged by the story, even if it does seem to be mostly conjecture and probably most of the cases are unrelated to each other. still, it is the new documentry on it that has me wanting to blog about it. I didn’t bring it up in this post because I knew for sure I would be blogging about it soon… but if you haven’t read about it yet Linda, I think you would be interested in it. Start here:
      Then see all the stuff that is out there on the individule cases… and for those of you to lazy or busy, just wait, i will get to a post about it eventually and have many links to follow. Since a lot of the readers here are into this kind of thing, you may already know about it.

      • Patience my friend, many people are on vacation…
        I JUST noticed the Smiley face Killer case on your FB!! Just keep doing what you do, i promise you wont be stuck with just me and CHNN!!

        And exactly who are you referring to when you mention laziness??????


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