Cleaning Out My Blog’s Closet

A little while back I shared a peek at all the posts still stick in draft mode. There was 7 of them. And if we take a look at it again:


We can see that one was posted and two more joined the drafts. Leaving us with 8 stuck in limbo. And as I said before, this does not include all the posts still in my head that haven’t even make it to draft mode.

Add that to the posts that are now pulled for one reason or another and need to be adjusted or deleted. (Just playing, nothing get’s deleted)

I really need to clean things up around here so that we can continue on.

There are things that keep me from doing this, such as the season, which is rapidly approaching Fall, and we all know what that means. Well Dorothy does, she can’t stop trying to connect Fright Dome to all this…  if that doesn’t show everyone the depths of stupidity these people have gone to, I don’t know what will. But I will continue to try.

Also I have been contacted lately by more people who seem to have input in this. Which means I have to spend days making sure who I’m talking to isn’t someone I’ve already been talking to, just changing up their story, lol. Yes, if I was to just put everything out there, from beginning to end, emails and all. All the things I’ve done to verify or not verify something told to me, I think most of you would have a better appreciation for this blog. But I say again… those of you reading… those of you who have contacted me and asked to be left out of it, due again, to the depths of stupidity the likes of Dorothy and friends will go to, think about it, if I’ve talked to you and kept you out of the posts, there really could be others as well, right?

A little shout out to all of you I have talked to and have kept your name out of it.

And all you others I do mention… yea… I know some of you think it is ONLY you I blog about… but read back… lots of people are mentioned… and most of us have had quite a bit of contact. Mostly IM’s and emails… but a few phone calls and all the social media and blog correspondence… yea, go google your name… we are forever connected!

So, I’m gonna clean things up around here, and then get back to the grindstone.

Hopefully I will get to most if not all those posts left in draft mode.  Also  by the end of this year I’d like to look again at some of the posts here, like the Cicada stuff and Lake City Quiet Pills posts… because even though it may seem I get stuck on some of these people, I’m constantly looking into other things, my head likes to soak a lot up. I spent days reading into what happened in California  a couple months ago:

I have read Elliot Rodger’s manifesto, and I really wanted to blog about this whole story. But it would be lots of posts I don’t have time for right now. If you haven’t read about it, I suggest you hit that google up.

Then there’s all the latest news in Suffolk County. We could spend days discussing it, I’m sure.

Plus there’s still lots of Real Life stuff I’d love to get into.  Fright Dome going to Hong Kong this year! That’s huge right now in my life, but bringing it up gives the “Team” stuff to misconstrue. Or how about how I worked as an extra in the movie Mall Cop 2 last month! I’d love to blog about that. But then all of a sudden, Dorothy would be calling Kevin James a Satanist with ties to JB (take your pick of JBs).  Just look at some of the stuff they recently are mixing up:

nancy lies1

Nancy likes to go on and on that I or we went looking for her. Most of you out there who have had to deal with Nancy know all about how she likes to play this game. She comes to your blog or Facebook Page, she starts posting crazy crap, you look into her to see who the hell this crazy lady is, you call her out or try to explain reality to her and blam, you are stalking her (sounds familiar, but hell, I could just name this blog Deja Vu with all the circles we get stuck in  here).

I started writing about all this back in February of 2013, I didn’t start this blog till almost a year later, on New Years Eve of that year. And it wasn’t tell right about that time I first found out about Nancy and the crazy Figats. Anyone reading here for a while knows that, and anyone wanting to go back and read the comments could see that. But I’ll help you out… here’s the first comment from Nan Nan from my LISK Blog on 1-1-14:

Nan comment

I don’t know why I bothered to remove the end of the IP and Email address. She no longer uses this IP and she puts her email out with every comment she makes now.  Still it’s the little things that keep me from being them…

Now there we have the reason Nancy came to my LISK blog. I wasn’t fast enough letting through one of Dorothy’s tedious comments, so she sent Nan Nan my way. She was using the screen name “Just Wondering”… but that quickly changed:

nan comments2

The last comment there tells us Dorothy had already filled Nancy in about me and my blog. And what kind of lies was Dorothy telling her? Well as we see with the first “put it in your pipe” comment, Nancy had her own ideas already of who I and everyone commenting on my blogs was:

nan comment3

Back then I was like WTF?!? But with hindsight, it all fits together. Sure, it’s like they took pieces from all sorts of puzzles and jammed them together and the picture is all wrong… but still you can see the pieces being laid if you follow closely. And I have followed closely!

Now Nancy’s first comment on this blog was this:

nan comment1

Her she tells us why she followed over to my new blog maybe? It’s not always easy to tell what Nancy is talking about… but I have become very good at understanding Nan Nan Speak.

So there you have it… Dorothy sent Nancy to create havoc on my blogs. Now in Nancy’s World (yes Nancy we all have a world, I know this) she thinks Dorothy is also her ex and there for even though Dorothy sent her here, she still thinks it’s Mike taunting her.

nan comment4

That’s the first of many times Nancy has said Dorothy is part of my psyche (I’d put a bullet in my head, just saying), part of Mike’s psyche. I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not nancy really believes this, and I now have come to believe she does. I feel she really does think Dorothy is the part of her ex that is gonna apologise for all Mike has done to her, and in a way she does. Meanwhile anyone else who tries to get through to Nancy with truth must be working with her ex husband or just another part of his psyche that is not as nice as Dorothy. Which is why what Dorothy is doing to Nancy is so evil. Dorothy knows all these politicians are not the same person, that her ex husband is not Jeff MacDonald  or The Zodiac Killer, but Dorothy doesn’t care how much damage she does to Nancy, as long as she can use her to speak out against those who have called her (Dorothy) out.

But I’ve said all this, and will again… so let’s move on.

Dorothy likes to post that I give out misinformation, Cristin says this a lot too, but they can give no examples… yet they use misinformation to make it look like I spread misinformation. Dorothy says I have said I own Fright Dome… I have never said this. In fact I have now overstated how untrue this statement is. I am just an actor during the month of October, the rest of the year I’m free to do all sorts of other things, why not try to find some of them to lie about… I gave you Fright Dome.

Then there is the statements about where I have lived… Dorothy says I said I lived in Nebraska… yet I’ have never said such a thing… why? Because I never have. As I have said before I was born and raised in California. I lived in Rochester New York for less than a year when I was about 8 years old. But the rest of my childhood was spent in California, some of my adulthood as well. I moved to Las Vegas in 1994. I’ve said most of this before, I haven’t however given a complete listing of everywhere I lived, and because of that Dorothy says I’m giving misinformation, take a look:

DPH henderson

Yes, I have lived in Henderson and yes, until recently I had not mentioned this. Not till Henderson started popping up in their comments. I am little tired of looking through all of the comments and post at the moment (if you could only see how much I must wade through to make a post like this, luckily most of this stuff is recent posts), but I know Dorothy mentioned Henderson at least once before and I blogged about it some where or mentioned it in a comment when I saw it.  then recently Nancy posted some pictures she claims is in Henderson Nevada, so I once again commented that I once lived in Henderson. That’s why Dorothy made the above comment about not knowing I had lived in Henderson, although I said it long ago when Dorothy first brought it up. But I’m not gonna get in an argument whether or not they found out I had lived in Henderson at one time (maybe they found it on their own, or some others digging up so much info on me passed it on) and that is why they started bringing it up, in my heart I know that’s what happened, but again, I’m not gonna argue about it, maybe it’s mere coincidence they like to bring up Henderson, Nevada. I am however gonna bring up the argument, that just because I don’t right away say that I once lived in Henderson, and then one day I do say it, does not equal misinformation. But trying to say that Henderson Nevada is anywhere near Reno is. Henderson is like a 10 hour drive from Reno. It’s about the same distance from Reno as Las Vegas is. Why? Because Henderson is a suburb next to Vegas, in fact most people consider it Vegas, which is why I never differentiate. So no… no connections to Reno… and those pics Nancy posted of Henderson:

nan henderson1Nan henderson2

Sorry, but that ain’t Henderson, Nevada. Dorothy and Nancy are under the assumption Henderson is in northern Nevada for some reason. But no mater how mixed up their MISINFORMATION gets, they can’t change geography, anymore then they can make me a devil worshiping child pornographer just by posting it in a comment.

I know, I know… for a blog that keeps saying it’s done explaining and apologising, it sure does have a lot of explanation and apology posts. I’m sure many of you just wish I would just blog already.

Well, I’m gonna do some tidying up around here…

and then I’m gonna get to some blogging!







48 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Blog’s Closet

    • oops! this post wasn’t finished… I prematurely posted… and i see nancy had some comments… 6 more besides this one… got to go finish this post… then i’ll get to those comments… if you all ready read this, check back again later, it will have grown a little. lol. it’ gonna go away for a minute tell I finish it. sorry for the confusion. And yes, nancy it is me. not you, not linda, not dorothy, not mike… me.

      • Ironic (or is it?), that i was led to JGs FB, much like Nan was led here…Yep, thats when i found out a woman Named Dorothy Price Hill was naming myself and another member of LISK site (name withheld) to murder..Had no clue who Dorothy or Jen were before that day

    • There you go… now it’s finished… again… sorry about the confusion, i did not mean to post that yet. but now it’s done… so if you read it before this comment, you might want to go read it again.

  1. What I meant. Is where is Linda today? She is absent. Which infers that you are acting or posting solo. Which is good from my stand. It is confusing to me. Having your Puppets jumping out at me.When I am not expecting somebody besides you to answer or comment. Maybe you cant understand how that feels to me. Empathy. Being able to place yourself in the place where the other person is standing. Is to EMPATHIZE or feel what that petson must be feeling. Fyi I find it unsettling. To have a strange persona

    • Suddenly jump out of the blog. Attacking me. Making untrue b insinuations about my character. No trace of that kind of malice is in me. So I dont look for it. Therefore it shocks me. Momentarily. When that happens. If you want to attract more readers here on ZEROSWORLD. May I suggest that you not attack or have others seemingly attack readers. Who truly do not wish you anythung but satisfaction and inner peace and happiness.

      • you are joking right… no ones attacking you, i would just prefer if you and dorothy stop dropping my name everywhere you feel like it and connecting it to lies i’ve never said… call me zero… and if you think i’m mike call me Mike, though I’m not and continuing to do so will get tiresome to me and the readers… just a heads up. But stop with trying to slander people none of you know. It’s just looks stupid!

      • Nancy even DPH said it was mean when you wished Melious would get shot and KILLED neXT time…And how bout the other day when you wished Zero would drown in riptide???
        How do you think friends and loved ones of the above FEEL when you and Dorothy post such poison?? AND YOU WANT EMPATHY…
        FUCK OFF
        How bout that??

      • Nan, you have never wished anyone peace or happiness..

        You keep commenting to people like you believe they are somehow connected to the insanity you live. I see you are talking about moving on on your FB. I really pray you do. And that you don’t have an internet connection or library card for a bit. Your obsession with people being clones or impersonating each other are very telling. Your latest obsession with MacDonald is just, well sad. But not as sad as your obsession with Nazis and trying to tie your children to them via their father. No wonder you children don’t speak to you!

        No one here attacks you, they are all (on other blogs too) just tired of your insane accusations that they are your ex. Your level of delusion is very hard to converse with. I am not your ex, I have never been anywhere near you. Zero is not your ex, and Linda is not your ex. There is no host personality, just an asshole who divorced you. You really do need to move on, find joy and maybe reconnect with your actual family.

        SMH, I am back to pity for you. Please get real help from a therapist or shrink. Life is not as complicated and crazy as you think it is.

    • You know nancy, i’m just about at an end with you. I can’t help you, and i do not want to add to the hurt others are doing to you. I said in my phone call to you, if you wanted to comment on my blog get over the lie that i am your ex husband… I am who i say i am, which dorothy knows, which is why she likes to say my name so much on your page… and as for Linda posting today… no one has but you, and now me. Oh never mind, i would love to help you, but you don’t want it. You want lies from Dorothy… go get em!

      • Its quite OBVIOUS nan didn’t write those ‘first’ couple of comments…No, lol…that was Dorothy…she NEVER has been able to resist reading here….For shame ‘ladies’..So very two idiot school girls…They’re “conception” about nevada is so Juvenile, its beyond words…This has got to be the worst advertisment for “Ivy League” Ever…beyond words..Ridiculously ignorant

    • Why didn’t you mention your arrest my little sneaky stalker..And what happened to being ADVISED TO STAY AWAY….No can do can ya ladies..
      “Easy Peasy”
      The easiest!!!

    • Nancy, would it be fair to the rest of the readers and commentors here, if the entire blog were your rants to zero?? You’ll never be THE focus of this blog, and when you leave, you will be forgtten in time..I hate to break it to the likes of all you dipshits, but the world doest revolve around you alone…can you believe it???

  2. To understand is to me. A requirment. to my beingnablebto accept the behaviors of myself and of others. Which is why I choose to spend a lot of my learning. So as, to be an informed contributer to anything that I choose to add my two cents into. I function vrry high. So I do understand the why of many average ir below functioners. Fail to understandnexactly where I am coming from quite often. My mind absorbs asimilates knowledge quickkly. Sometimes I mistakenly think. That others learn or pick up info. At the same rate that I do. When in fact. They don’t. What happens. Is they often act as if I am speaking in a different language than they. My communication or my attempt to. Is often thwarted for this very reason. The positive side is that being a quick thinker. Enables me to act quickly also. Working to the b benefit of those who are not quite as fast. There are also to my benefit. Certain individuals who can and do understand and are very able to comprehend my points. Those conversation we both find quite rewarding. Making up for those times that my ideas. Fly right over peoples’ heads. I do understand that part and accept it.

    • I dont give a damn about my past comments. That was then. This is now. But I do need to also clean out MY closets also. My real closets. Thanks for the suggestion. Traveling light or living light. Is less burdensome. I feel good disposing of useless stuff.

      • This mind of mine. Always thinking. Got this maybe brilliant idea this morning. Now. To implement it. Requires the wheels to keep turning. Never have problems. Only new challenges present themselves. As tests. To be overcome. Before moving on to the next agenda life sends my way. Got a new one today.

      • Nancy, my love…Maybe you get attacked because you call everyone serial killers, he/she, jewboy, Nazi, perverts, pedaphiles, gays, Zodiac,Macdonald, Obama, Clinton, bellone, Burke, MIKE, Ect???..Just a thought my love…MAYBE??> Think about it

    • I’ll save all of you the trouble… there is no reason to try to read all this… it’s a conversation with herself… you know how boring those can get.

    • I agree nancy…Thank goodness for Dorothy, you are definetly at the same “high funtioning” intelligence…Just ask her, im sure she’ll agree you two are on the same level!!

    • go eat something… get some rest… if you want reread this post, because i did add more to it since you first read it. I wish you well nancy… but thst means staying away from blogs and social media, and definately staying away from dorothy. Not telling you what to do, just speaking from the heart, my heart, not the heart of someone you think I am. Now forget about zero, forget about vegas and all the names Dorothy gives you that you do not know, they are real people who have nothing to do with you, her, or any BS she has made up in her head. And most of all forget about Dorothy…

      • No burritos tonight.Food for thought. Perhaps you are not aware of just how well. I know Dorothy. That’s Ok. Nobody can pry open anohers’ cranium to add knowledge.Like you ADD oil to the crankcase in a car.Can’t be done.
        Sooo.Think that Dorothy. Or anyone else manipulates or otherwise influnces me.FYI.You are very wrong.Nobody influences me.Besides ME.Very independant think. Anyone that knows me past. The introductory phase. Knows that about me.
        I am well aware of Dorothys’ and of your limtations.
        My own. As well.
        It just seems to be something stuck in your mind.That really should be unstuck after all of this time. I am not a child.I am not stupid.My brain it has.All by ittself.Gotten me out of many a mess.Not if my own making.
        There is. Never has been anyone who influences ME.On the outside. Banter and sharing infoo is a good thing.Gives contrast. When the day is done and the lights go out. It is ME and me alone SOLO flight.That navigates my flight. Look to me left.No co pilot.Same on my right.
        Think what you may. When I taxi down that runway.Only I have to know which flight path to take. You don’t really think.That I consult with anyone.I don’ t Maybe God and my gut.That’s it.That’s enough for me. Besides. I find that most people are quite STUPID.

      • I’m not reading this nancy… you continue to let Dorothy get her agenda out, which is mix up as manu inoccent people as you can game! Dorothy is real and she is using you. People’s names you and her put out there may have no meaning to either of you, but they are real people who have nothing to do with this. But know this,the more you mention me and my blog… the more people come to me. Thank you!

      • well i read it, funny how my comment answered it witout reading it…lol. But seriously, you say dorothy isn’t leading you, but all her stuff is all over your page… and you drop Richie as much as she does… yea… I’m over you being helpless nancy… I tried, others tried, seems like everyone but Dorothy has tried, and that is who you cling to. So go write with her on your FB, while I sit here immuned to all of it. I will no longer feel sorry for you Nancy. I know i keep saying this… but you 2 just keep taken it further and further… and everytime one of you nuts take it past where I thought it was impossible to go any further… well it just blows me away.

  3. Just a few thoughts on the recent discovery of the dismembered remains…Assuming the arm is ‘connected’ to remains found in Bayshore: Both crime scenes are very different demographically speaking, from the Gilgo Case…Both areas of the recent discoveries are high in poverty and crime, particularly Gang related. There have been huge sting operations all over LI involving Heroin and prostitution…This could have been a witness or someone suspected of working with cops..again, this is shocking news and im purely speculating…Just want to give you guys that are not from LI, a feel for the areas the remains are being found..The Heroin and pill problem are at epidemic proportions

    Another thought: If this is the “LISK”, has he moved away from online activity, choosing instead “street” women??

    • Probably Chris the Wofman and Mike MacDonald. Celebrating some Satanic Holiday again. There IS a pattern to those two. July 9th 09.Mellissa.Figat he must be one of those OCD signature killers. He likes Birthdays.
      Funny he gave me a wrong Birthdate too. Mann.I dont think that I will ever trust a man again. Not to get THAT close that he could secretely be undermining my wellbeing and my kids. While I am ironing his shirts and pouring his coffee.No I can’t do that. The thought knots up my gut.

  4. RE: Sarah Goode…Another media blackout..including very FEW comments on what little i could find…Heres an interseting comment, that CAN be verified:

    An acquaintance of Sarah, a fellow by the name of jayson flores @_thehighlife on twitter posted some pretty incriminating public posts on his Twitter account. He re-tweeted a post by Sarah the night of her disappearance. The day before she was killed he posted a cryptic warning stating to anyone to whom it might apply: “you cant come & go as you please in my life”. The other very cryptic message came the day after Sarah was killed: “saand man”. with a picture of sand on a beach. Was he gloating about putting someone to sleep—permanently? odd.

    RE: Sarah Goode…Another media blackout..including very FEW comments on what little i could find. Heres an interesting one that can be verified:

    • yes, i can’t seem to find out to much on what is going on in that case. but it is ongoing..hoprfully they are close to knowing who killed her, it looks to be over a guy or something like that, but again social media related, sad. If she knew her killer or killers or if there are those out there who know more about it, LE should be able to get some leads… the social media stuff alone should help. As for the new unidentified body and near by body parts… once they identify who it is, maybe more will be known.

    • How scary that twitter comment is. I had my own real life stalker, and I can tell you I recognize the threat in that first statement. wow….just wow. I hope they find the killer…and that this jayson flores is shut down somehow.

      • I’ve been lookin more into it, and some don’t think JF has anything to do with it, but maybe someone else in that group of friends, there is talk of Tweets from some of this circle of friends (who were all at a party that night) that said things like “I would never hurt the family” which some are saying is some kind of code for “don’t rat on your friends”, more of less. Of couse with this new body (or body parts) and talk of LISK being involved in either of these 2 cases, it all seems so scary. I read the tweets from SG (the innitials only makes it all more sad when writing about it) and they seemed to almost stage out her last moments… you can follow where she was when she posted each one (Nancy territory, sorry, but to me it just was all kida creepy readding it and seeing these places i know nothing about other than some of my commenters live there, I feel for all of you) Anyways, I wondered if someone else posted those after her murder just to cover tracks. I have read lately that this is not something only i have thought of. All I can say is i hope LE has enough evidence and are sorting through what really happened to sarah that night. One of her tweets talks about driving drunk… something that just dosen’t sit right with me. My opinion of course. Still I think LE will sort it out, there is lots there I’m sure to go on, and many people who saw her that night, that it will all be pieced together.

  5. Jeezuz! found on Stewart ave??!! Basically down the block…Very busy road, all parts found in areas SATURATED w LE!!..unbelievable…
    One of Shulmans victims was found on the actual block i lived on..yet another at the melville Post office…Rifkin lived right off Hemptead Trnpk in east meadow…
    Think its time to head out west..LI suburbia is a freak show..scary place, ask any cop!!

    My gut tells me this particular crime was MEANT to get attention (drug related??), and is probably not LISK related..Ya never know though..Until recently, it was believed serial killers rarely change MO’s, unfortunately its now known that is no longer true..There’s just not enough released to the public to make an ABSOLUTE statement…Except that LI sure knows how to pump out Psycho’s..Horrible!

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