Nan Nan & The Fellowship Of The Minds

I wrote a post called Narcissism, poking at a comment made about me on a blog called FellowshipOfTheMinds.  This was about a month ago when Nancy was going on about the First Lady, Michele Obama being a transvestite.  I followed her link to a post. And boy was I in for a mind blower that day. A whole blog of insanity!

I mean this place was just scary crazy, and they booted Nancy from it right away. I of course needed to leave a comment there:


I got a quick reply:


I should point out, I did not save these comments at first and only went back to get them today. Although this reply is similar to the original reply, Dr. Eowyn must have gone back and changed it. It was originally worded a little different and included the fact that I was in Nevada. Seems the Doc (yes another doctor, mikes and doctors… coincidence always mucking it up) wanted me to know he could see where I was commenting from. But I have a blog also… I know how it works… I kinda wish they hadn’t changed the comment though, it was better the other way, and I liked that they mentioned I was in Nevada, funny stuff. But they changed it. The gist of it remained the same, which was to call me a narcissist and a “useful idiot” which is what he calls people who support the left side of the politicians out there. Something they are totally wrong about, I don’t like or support any of the power hungary idiots on both sides of kool-aid line. But the MM7 girls loved to call me a narcissist, and I’m sure a few other readers out there think of me as at least a little bit of a narcissist, so I wrote back as much:

So I wrote the narcissist post and started this post, but lots has happened since then. I never made another comment on FOTM Blog, though I know linda tried to comment there, but they wanted know part of her, lol!

When I had started this post last month, I had planned on going at this blog hard and hopefully getting some reaction from anyone who posts or comments there, but now I just want to finish this post and move on.

I could go on about how wrong it is to call tragedies hoaxes due to the sensitive nature of people DYING! But that’s the way of the wackos… 9/11 was faked, the Boston bombing was faked, even that case I just mentioned in Santa Barbra where the directors son lost it and killed 6 people:

People still believe we never landed on the moon… Hollywood has been faking everything for a long time. Right?

Yea, I really wanted to get into all this last month… but damn if everything doesn’t now seem fake to me.

Maybe I’m like the real “Truman Show” and everyone is here to entertain me as they are all in return entertained by me being entertained by them… (shake it off zero).

Alright so going at these bozos is not needed. For all I know the FOTM blog is really ran by Democrats wanting to expose how stupid republicans can be. I mean the internet is like that. People pretend to be one thing to show how stupid others are. And any message gets lost along the way. The whole thing starts to hurt my head when I really think about it. I mean maybe some of those racist, homophobic Facebook pages are really made by those who are trying to show how hypocritical we all are.

Yes, the whole thing makes my head hurt. So let’s move on from this absurdly, cartoonishly, wrong blog of minds. Psychotic Minds! Sorry couldn’t resist.

But before we leave it we must look at the comment that got Nancy booted:


So let’s see, you can think Obama is really Bin Laden, but don’t insult one of their own. LMAO. Seems they have a commenter there with the name Mike. He never saw it coming, lol!

So that was that, Nancy got the boot. But it started me thinking. By letting Nancy continue to post here, am I only helping those like Dorothy who may be praying on her?

When I started this post I was gonna use the whole Michelle Obama thing to lead into a long and crazy post going over Nancy’s story line of morphing and changing murderers. But now instead I am gonna use it to actually lead into my last post about Nancy Evans Figat.





If you are keeping count, that’s 2 down!

372 thoughts on “Nan Nan & The Fellowship Of The Minds

  1. OMG. I am crying from laughing so much hysterical. Picturing in my head. Stupid pompous Asshole Mike. Reading THAT. Coming out of the blue from ME. I can’t type myhands are shaking from laughing. Give me a sec to regroup.

      • I did notice that middle inital thing. More coincedences mucking it all up, the world works that way some times. That’s why you don’t need dorothy making it worse.

    • Your family must be mortified..Im shocked at what you doing to your own daughter on FB..She’ll never forgive you>> your own blood…So tragic

      • There are so many reasons Nancy’s family avoids her. She is even more insane in person I suppose. She has alienated her entire family. And they have all stopped even trying to contact her.

        It’s sad that she has chosen the chaos over a real life with real people in it. Anyone supporting her delusions about people morphing into convicted killers, or handwriting looking alike should be punished for what they are doing to a mentally damaged woman. Dot, that’s you. Your hatred and vile spewings involve so many people. And yet it all spins back to you somehow. Just like Nancy, you think the world is all connected to those you hate. That somehow you have more power, more connection, more insight into things that oddly enough, no one else agrees with.

        LOL, news flash Dotty, you are as looney as Nan. For years you have promised this break in so many cases- you can’t even keep them straight. You had to mish mash them all into one big conspiracy involving everyone, because you couldn’t keep them all straight. Nancy is your soul mate, she has the same problems…everything in her life blurs together too. And NONE OF IT makes any sense to those of us out here in the real world.

        LMAO- I bet all these people you keep calling to share new info with dread those calls…I bet they argue over whose turn it is to have to listen to you. Bottom line ladies, it sucks to be you.

      • the one thing, even nancy would have to agree with… Dorothy promisses arrests weekly for years… NOTHING comes out of anything she says.
        and i love your bottom line!

      • When referring to Dot, one must always include the words, EVIL CUNT…no worries, the BEST will be saved for last..\
        FYI, if anyone in nancy’s family cares, they will surely do something soon..the present situation (including DOT’s influence..then again they SEE whats been posted??) has been brought to their attention, with tact and caring, i might add..
        What more can be done..??

  2. Sad to say, it certainly looks like nan has found her new ‘niche’…Whether or not one comes to the conclusion that the public is being lied to about these tragic events, it SHOULD take years to come to this belief…Its as if nancy just picks a new “belief system’ on a whim, to fit in i suppose…Problem with people who are ‘vurnerable’ and looking desperately to fit in, is that they can be manipulated to go to extreme measures…Its evil to fuck with such a person…Not only cruel to that person being used, but for society in general…How easy it is to turn the most vurnerable into an extremist…Its a recruitment technich used very often, such as in gangs…sick as the ‘family’ might be…they still offer ‘acceptance”…EVIL

  3. Oh yeah, and that FOTM blog guy has THE MOST fragile ego imaginable…I notice many of these types seems to talk about the male genitalia whenever humanly possible…All i did was point this out, and Blam!! Gonzo…go figure

    • LOL, you really called it there Linda – they are all in various stages of penile obsession and comparisons. LMAO

      • FYI nan…i could give a shit about your advice. its not even on a level i care to respond to anymore. The only penis you ever complimented way your sons, thats beyond the realm i can even joke about..Pure sickness. Depravity

      • Will file your advice. My relationship with Jesus. Is a very close personal one.
        Should I displease him.He will call me on it I am certain.

      • But nan, you mention penis more than anyone who posts simply seemed obsessed with dicks..of all sizes,,deviant sex talk about it incessantly, none the men who post here ever do this?? or the women for that matter??..sorry but the truth is the truth..

      • Dont think. I know it. Your envious of many things…Perhaps thats why you’re boiling with rage and bitterness…One of the lowest human emotions…Yes..You and Dorothy are emotionally arrested to say the least. Desperately searching to be relevant to anyone in any way…


      • it’s true… the lies Nan and Dot tell about us do not compare to the truth about them. i beleive that was in a GNR song i posted on here once.

  4. Oh and Nancy, the handwriting samples you posted look nothing alike. Not even close. Just like your photo collages look nothing alike. You are fooling yourself. All while trying so hard to make your children descendents of the Nazis. That’s how much you actually hate the children you brought forth. Your hatred of your life with Mike has ‘morphed’ into you making insane claims about your children too. And no fucking way does your ex look like Jeffery MacDonald or Manson, or Obama or Bin Laden or any one else you come up with.

    Your ex is an asshole, but he is only one person. He is not omnipotent or even that smart. After all, he married you. Sorry a bit for that snark.

    I hope you do move away, and move on, and try to repair you life so it contains no hint of Mike or hatred. I hope you can somehow get enough therapy to re-connect with your family and kids. If not, just find a way to move on and create a circle of real people, and stop obsessing about your past.

    SMH I really wish this for you, as the life you are now chosing is just so damn messed up.

      • You guys might think that you have my answers. But. I happen to KNOW.That I have many of yours.
        Brand new insite coming at you. Ready? I have been getting those inner nudges from Jesus (The Holy Informant)
        Jesus knudges.He is always right. When he asks me to do some more research.
        Interesting bit of info. He brought to the surface.
        Are you standing or sitting? Better sit.
        This revelation is going to knock your socks off. Or your red dress or green dress.
        I never wore mens clothing. Well not their underwear.
        Maybe a sweater or TShirt.
        Yes. I once had this Robins egg blue shirt. That belonged to a guy named Richie .No not you.
        When I was 13 maybe 14.
        Forget that. Back to my News.
        Holding on?
        OK.Stay out. Starving again. Be back later.

      • man, you are trying to get me to go back on my word… but Nancy, I’m not gonna make this about you any more, it really has nothing to do with you other than Dorothy using you because no one else will work with her anymore. That says a lot! be strong nancy, someone out there will step in hopfully to truly help you eventually. Or at least someone will put a stop to DPH, and yea I have said this all before. All it’s gonna get me is friends and readers added to the FB posts your best friend and worst enemy throws up there on your Facebook, becuase NO ONE ELES will let her post these slanderous lies, and she dosn’t dare post them on her Facebook!

    • This belongs on Zero’s latest post…Nancy you can go to ANY 12 step meeting, regardless of what your issue is..They’ll help you and you know it!! 1st step is to dmit whats happening is out of controll. first step is ASKING FOR help…BTW, 12 step groups keep the cops out of it, as long as you are not violent..

      • she would do well to listen to you Linda, her life is at rock bottom, and out of her control fer sure….

      • I sincerly doubt it. Buy YOU may find HELP. By returning your Robotic selves.To Brookhaven National Laboratory.GET A REFUND.
        It must SUCK.Hearing. Alien voices inside your head all the time.
        Deviant Biproduct of The Most Evil Doctor Mengele.

      • Quietly.Thinking to myself.WHY is it that you give me so much criticism and unrequested advice.”Judge not! Sayeth the Lord””Lest YOU be judged”.
        The next time you’re in the area..Stop by. When you do so. Prior to coming to my door. Look down.In my flower beds.Are some nice BIG rocks/stones. That I brought back with me from Montauk Point.A few times over the past 12 years.
        Pick up the biggest stone you can find. Then take your own INVENTORY.
        If you come up without any SIN.
        You can “Cast Forth That Stone in MY direction.
        If you have a few blemishes on your own Soul.
        The you can.”Go Fuck Yourself”.

      • Gee nan, i guess i started criticizing you when you appeared and accused me of being your serial killer ex…RIGHT HUN?? You found us, and acted like a mental patient accusing everyone of disgusting things..YOU NANCY..And you’ve done it before..

        YOU NAN


      • yes, she does frustrate… you want to just yell at her, DORORTHY IS REAL AND SHE IS MESSING YOU UP! But it will do no good, none of us can helpe her from the internet… someone who knows her has to dig in and get really involved, I can’t say that enough!

      • I do fully understand.That multiples do see themselves as all separate people. It is just that I am me not you. See you guyys and girls as one whole.
        Differences are the SPICE of life.

      • And just a tip, its quite obvious when you allow others to ‘write’ for you..Such Transparent DOPES…


      • Who may I ask is writing for me? Do let me know.I dont want to held accountable for someone writing for me.
        Where did you see this writing.btw?

      • Alright… a few more… just for the record… i don’t think anyone is commenting here under you, I just think you and dorothy have been feeding ecahother shit for so long you start to sound alike… hell go back and read MM7’s old blog(I heard it was back up)… you all start to sound alike… so it’s not far fetched for some people to think some of you share screen names… again, i don’t think this… just years if crap… and many of you have it on the brain now…

      • BTW, it was you who openly revealed you’ve done a twelve step program…ALL IN WRITING HUN…
        Bet your not welcome back…Ive never HEARD OF ANYONE BEING TURNED AWAY IN ‘THE ROOMS’…But if anyone would be an exception to that rule, it would be your judgmental ass…Im sure you thought you were smarter than everybody there…

        Sound accurate?? Yes. good aint i 🙂

      • Not known to be a liar.When I attended ALANON. I am not comfortably with public speaking.Aka Performence Anxiety.
        But When I did speak. The room would fall quiet.Sometimes people would tear up a bit.Afterwards They would everysingle person. Would thank me for my honesty.
        Mentioned that.They would l love to have me speak more often.

      • Last HELPFUL tip Nan..look for a Dual diagnosis meeting…you know what to do..good freaking luck. And PLEASE leave those kids alone!!

      • BTW DONT HAVE TO TALK AT MEETINGS….in fact MOST SHOULD SHUT UP AND know all this..go play Dorothy, i got your number..

      • Well then lose it. I don’t like your style. Thanks for reminding me.What a n abusive piece of shit you act like. Had I looked under the hood. Any Idiot would have seen your truth.


  5. Thank You Linda. Your reply I take it. Infers that I am doing what any Mother would do. If she loved her daughter. and despised the Scumbag Bully that she mistakenly married.
    It boils my blood to see her f..kup her life. Simply put. Her husband is a verbally abusive, controlling p.o.s.Bully.
    He is ugly inside and out. Just plain bucket of Bulldog shit.
    because. That is what he looks like a Pitbull.
    Btw. My son told me inmconfidence!! Shhhh between us girls Linda. He is GAY!
    So you see. I am tweaked. Learning my only daughter. Married the same kind of Strange Creepy guy. That I did.
    I keep imagining him wearing that RED dress.
    I have three red dresses. But. My penis never shows through them.
    Like our first lady.Shame! Do you think that a tight girdle might hide that thing more efficiently?
    Or there is always SURGERY! Get rid of that useless apendage for good.

    • Yes I know i shouldn’t let this one through… but it’s up to the family to step back in now… if they want to save Nancy before it’s too late. damn… someone please save Nancy from Dorothy! But not here on my blog, it needs profesinal help. So please someone go and get it for her.

      • Btw The one that doesn’t seem to listen. Is YOU. One morereference. To my family.I promise.I will BLOCK YOU.
        I do not have a functioning family! Now stfu about stupid comments about them.
        Your Linda wearing her thing. Would be able to get this through your thick cranium.
        So here goes.Shhhhh don’t tell her. She will be like not oneBee.A whole hive of them I borrowed her shoes. For this next remark. Hope you get it. Or be forever blocked. For failing ME again.
        I have three sisters.Who are three Cunts. I have two brothers. Both of whom are USELESS DICKS.
        So if you have even a tiny bit of respect for ME. Cut your shit out. I am the best my parents produced out of six.

      • Did you send that big knife to someone. To keep them away from me? Send it to someone else the Weedheads and the OCD.Who thinks I am his Mother.

      • nan and dot..i have a body, mind and soul that just wont quit 😉 reinforcements on tbe way…

      • Oh No you do not have a mind or a Soul.Maybe a body only. I feel very bad for you. Having learned that your life has been stolen from you by the CIA. They said that you are just their SLAVE, That means that you di not control you own will. Not good at all. Robot is not a living person with a soul. That is the answer.To why your eyes are dead now.Have been for a very long time. You are being put in a trance. Made into a Slave/Puppet. Who is benefiting and how I ask? Good Night.Brain tired. Nobody is making a Puppet out if ME.I will pitch a tent in the Wilderness before that happens. See I knew it.The smoking that you went back to in 2000. Gave you heart trouble didn’t it? You know it.This Mama she always knows best.


    • Why would you come back here…nancy, this is not easy, but we all know you NEED tough love…call you sponser babe…i know you understand..if not…cxall 911..not jokes and you know this..

    • yet a new target nan, one that can cause such pain to your daughter?? your losing my respect. Talk to Dorothy…although she doest have half the parenting experience we do…either way, thats all you have left if you continue

    • i would NEVER talk about my children online, or bud into thier lives!! not your confidant, nor do i agree with what you are doing to your children…talk care of yourself, this is clearly why you are alone..and i wont condone it like Dorothy. no way. sorry. go back to your hypocritical FB.

    • Nancy, You really need to have a useless appendage removed from your shoulders. Either that huge chip off your shoulder, or, well your empty head.

      I am no longer sorry for the empty, angry, delusional life you appear to live, I am now sure you chose to live this sad life. You enjoy the pain, so embrace it, and MOVE THE FUCK ON…you bore the hell out of me now, and I have no reason to continue to waste any time on your insanity that you love so much.

      Go let Dorothy abuse you, and manipulate you. You definitely hate your own family so much, that it is probably better that you keep them all out of your life. I just pray your daughter never reads the vile crap you wrote here. SMH, you are just pathetic, and you enjoy it. Take it elsewhere.

    • it seems your instincts and best ideas are getting you no where…you are not worth the kindness shown to recently….you remain dispretful even though we wished you peace and shown tremendous empathy…you remain purposely bind to your own faults…yon have to live with the consequences of your choices not be it

      • Hiya Linda 🙂 I have to wonder why her word means so little to her. She keeps promising to go away, and she lies. And then lies some more.

        Add that to the list of things to discuss with Dot Nanny Nan…why do you both make promises that you don’t keep, or statements without any facts to back them up? Hint, it is probably a compulsion at this point. Seek mental health help, maybe you can get a group rate?

      • Tell me! How does.A talking head.Feel IT has the capacity to FEEL anything at all?
        Marionettes to the best of MY knowledge.Are ONLY.Wooden Puppets.That DANCE.When its’ Handler.Pulls on its’STRING.
        Is THAT YOU Linda?

      • Why so jealous nan and dot.??? .lol
        Kisses..keep reading, i know you will. And Nan, you’ll never leave. You cant. xoxo

      • Correct.I can’t leave.Not just yet. Unfinished business to try to finish. Regarding your past. Don’t be afraid to look inside. It is not what it appears.At least that is what I am getting in my gut.
        More research tonight. I am emotionally drained, don’t feel well.I am so upset. I just know there is something not right. More to learn.
        I don’t pay attention to your remarks. I know I am the most Ok out of the entire bunch. Did the most work on myself over the years.
        Strong, sturdy solid foundation.

  6. both wanting to feel important, rather, super important…obviously better adjectives are : IMPOTENT, Delusional, vengful…there is NO ONE left including all family members of the gilgo victims, who believe a word DPH says..Its like ‘the boy who cried wolff”…but not funny…everything from the lies she’s told about her second ex, to a ‘team’ comprised of feds and LE, to the BS arrest of Joseph brewer for impersonating an officer, her ‘inside info’ of secret witnessess the night shannon disappered, have not only been proven FALSE, But NOTHING at all that has been promised has even remotely happened…Nan doesnt even care about DPH agenda…if these crimes ever do get solved however, BE SURe DPH will say she had a hand in it..pathetic… regards to nan, im still on the fence. She lacks any self esteem or credibility..but the question is: is she sick (cant help herself) or just outright CRUEL…she’s said such HORRIBLE things about complete strangers…But i feel that pales in comparison to what she does to her own children!! Either way, giving her yet another forum to cause such pain MUST come to an end..the rest is in “gods hands”….she will never accept help, in fact she spits int he face of kindness, completley lacking humility and gratitude..”we” are just not qualified, however WE can sleep easy knowing we tried…we are only responsible for our effort, not the outcome…Zero has made the absolute correct choice..

    Peace to you my friend, you seem a kind and gentle soul

      • The above remark was meant for ocean nan…you need help. youve been shown kindness that couldve made a difference..youve made your bed and are forced to sleep in it…you know all this though…

    • I am a kind and a gentle soul Thanks! I am sorry that you don’t seem to understand the dynamics about my family.Whom I hold no ill will toward.
      Just been too much neglect.Not enough nurturing in our family.
      Like anything .A lawn, a car, a flower, puppy kittens.
      If you fail to tend to it.Ignore its’ most vital requirements. It will only last a certain period of time.
      After that time.Even family relationships can and they often do.Die from NEGLECT.
      Nothing left that I care to save.
      My plan is to replace those neglectful individuals. With new relationships. That are not based on birth or blood connections.
      But. Based on MUTUALALITY! Much more satisfying.Than hollering into an empty well. Hearing. Only MY echo.

      • Your ‘echo’ and dorothy are all you have let the ‘Garden” that were your children die….have fun with dot, one day, she’ll be you. We all know that. Now we sit and laugh, as we can clearly see karma is real…Id die if my child DESPISED me…no wonder you cant face yourself, yet judge everyone else…You cant bear what you’ve accomplished in life…Yes. a wasted life after bringing forth four children…unforgivable, as you’ll never see the hand you had in it..NEVER

        Four children…all gone from you. You’ll never be able to face that..Now WE get it…bye nan…AGAIN

  7. We know Linda. Is a man.A mean man.No lady talks like you. I mean that. I know so much now my brain needs sleep.
    But I am justifiably pissed off about being fooled .
    Shut up. I REALLY WAS.
    I got cheated by trusting you.
    No more trust for you.

      • Those are the words I chose to use.Yes.I called them Cunts and Dicks. If I had been given the oppirtunity to pick my siblings. My choice would not have been the ones that I got. Blood only means that we happened to have shared the same parents. Anything further. We get back only what we have put in. No defenses. My choice.Yours’ for the asking. I wish them all a good life.


      • THE POINT IS YOU’RE A HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you judge my language, or anyone’s for that matter???…You are completely SELF ABSORBED, and quite evil…NO CONSCIENCE…ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY

        Where i once had empathy for you, all i feel now is utter disgust. YOU DESERVE DOROTHY 🙂 You’ll find nothing here for you any longer.

      • MOO?? Just cause you’re a cow, dont mean you gotta talk like one..someone get this SOW a burrito..or ten…hee hee

      • Nan is FAMOUS for ignoring her HYPOCRISY…..she’s GOT tobe blind, otherwise her mind would completley explode from her truth.. but she knows …right nan?? Too weak to BEG for forgiveness..I know. Oh well you and Dot and your EGOs can all keep eachother warm at night..We prefer our loved ones, and well, love makin ;)…MOOOOOO

      • Once again.Due to us being polarized opposites. Some like myself.Reside in Kansas.Not much lovemaking going on there.
        Others they are firmly planted un the land of OZ.Where anything can happen.

      • so… I’ve been hinted at by a few people to keep my word and let you go nancy. one says they know you and I feel for them, but please no one get it twisted that I’m above arguing with people in their 60s with a mentality of 14, how one of you put it towards me… I’m not. get your friends and loved ones off the internet, that’s what i’d do if it was someone i cared about. Nancy is not one of my loved ones, she is one of the people who slanders people on the internet, REMEMBER that. But still, i am a man of my word… no more from me… and nancy get out your last hoorahs…

      • Im not sure what that means?? But ill take oz any day if it means loving and being loved..You freakin kook 🙂

      • Oh please, is one of nan nans family saying 60 is old?? trying to use dementia as am excuse..I just partied my ass off with someone close to 60..nans just a selfish bitch..NO excuse for her behavior. Not to mention, SHE KEEPS COMING BACK.

      • And NO you dont tweak me, lol..You simply keep illustrating my point..You judge others, yet are blind to how selfish and self absorbed you sound..You do nothing but accuse others, when it is you who CLEARLY has serious issues!! You are unable to keep the focus on yourself..
        Keep your own side of the street clean, or dont for all i care…But when you judge others, i will not miss an opportunity to hurl your own shit back at you..Same goes for your evil, DISgusting buddy

    • nefigat says:
      July 19, 2014 at 11:33 pm
      We know Linda. Is a man.A mean man.No lady talks like you. I mean that.

      I have three sisters.Who are three Cunts. I have two brothers. Both of whom are USELESS DICKS.

      Keep talking Nan..yes.

  8. Me.Being the only OUTSIDER in this group of Sock Puppets.
    Understanding what is and has been going on with your life or lives.
    Has brought me to a brand new place called Compassion and Forgiveness for your acts.
    Very strong possibility.That you and many others.Lacked any control or knowledge. Of what was being done to your brains, your soul, heart.
    To understand.Is to accept. My biggest regret. Is that I was left in the dark about issues and life circumstances that you have endured.
    When in fact.It was I who could have been your strongest ALLY.
    Due to my ability to understand on the deepest of layers.
    Exactly, WHAT and WHY!
    Certain things happened.The way they did.
    Your defense? SUCKS.
    It is made up. Has to be twisted to attempt to fit the circumstances.
    Mine? LIKE ME, It is real, genuine. Documentable. Realistic.
    Places that blame.Exactly where it has always belonged.
    In the lap of the real Perpetrator.
    Freeing you. From the sadness and the anger.That cloaks that sadnesss.
    Often directed wrongly towards ME. Who has never ever been anything. Except a POSITIVE force in your life.
    Maybe sent by GOD. I don’t know.
    Go ahead.HATE ME! Critique me.

    • Had nan been on the Defense Team of yours’.She would have exposed the TRUTH.Unburdoning YOU.Freeing you.To be.The man that God had meant for you to be. Spilled milk. No use crying over it.

      • Your ex aint here nan. Never was. He married a woman named andrea and has created a new happy life. Just a little reality check….But please do keep talking..yes please do 🙂

      • You are wasting your effort at this time. Cant unring a bell. I see it ALL.Like XRay vision.See through who is who.What is what.
        A gift or a curse? Sometimes one other times the other.
        Like E.S.P. Some things just come to my awareness. Rarely if ever wrong when this happens.
        I have questions? If you don’t mind putting Mr.Nasty away for a while.
        Serious stuff. Coming at me.
        With or without your help.I will with Gods guidance get where I need to go.To find answers to yet unasked questions.
        It takes me some time. To formulate things. The truth is something.That has to settle within me. Feel right. To be right.

      • yea, i knew you wouldn’t like that… family history of demention in your family? At least that’s what you posted on your FB right? Look you don’t know how much this hurts me to go back ‘n’ forth commenting with you right now… truely hurts me

      • Demention? Oh did you mean Dementia? Yes.My Mom had it.Now my sister Patricia has it.
        Check your facts Doctor.The percentage of people over age 60 with Dementia.How it increases dramatically as you age.Is it not in your family too? It is in all familes.If they live long enough.

      • thanks for clearing that up… dementia… lol, i wrote demention… though I feel like some of you live in a different demention some time… oh wait, that’s demension…

      • unlike most people who use religion… I have faith in my God’s love for me… not worried about his wrath or sense of humor… but if you are still around in twenty years Nancy, check in on me, see how I’m doing.

      • as for me… nope not in my family… sorry. but hey i got a good 20 years before I jump in that percentage… maybe I can be the first in my family… will you wait for me?

      • Before I forget.You know that Dementia thing. I found your Baby picture today.I already had one.I think. But this one is with your Mother. Found your paternal Grandparents also. The final pieces in the puzzle coming together. God does work mysteriously. Someday I will put together an album Timeline for my children.
        It is Kramer.btw jn case you didn’t know. Guess how I can tell?

      • it seems to wait for all of us… no one dorothy has promised to be wearing orange has even had a phone call from LE, no one’s been able to stop Dorothy’s slander even though I heard from many that they were taking her to court, and yoy nancy… no one’s stepped in to help you yet… I’d say here in zero’s world… time waits for everyone…

      • nan..YOU are wasting your effortr.YOU come here, where your time is over. YOU make promises you just cant keep. you HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD. YOU lost your kids. AND YOU ARE ALONE and being laughed at..


      • Yes.I believe that stopping these comments might become necessary.Lest a dose of reality seep into ZEROS’ World.
        If that happens? Then the fear of what else might be hiding there in reality?
        You do trust me.That much I know. I am volunteering to support you in this endeavor.Of digging just past that surface layer.Like an onion.It peels off in layers as one becomes ready to deal with the truth.
        I have done it. Found things I did not expect to find.FYI. I am
        Offer stands. Don’t know if or when it expires.
        Your choice.Not mine.
        No Bully here.A Leader.

      • Then lead… stop following Dorothy around, let her come here and post something. let her post her crap on her Facebook not yours…stop doing her dirty work while she, continues to thank you by screwing with your head.

      • Word of advice.It is a fact studied by Psychologists.That when anyone is engaged in any kind of dispute or debate.
        One word that should be omitted from the vocabulary of both sides.
        Is the word YOU!
        Why? To use the word you. Is like pointing your finger at the opposing party.Accusatory statements often begin with the word YOU..
        Example- You left the door open. Therefore you let the dog get outside. Therefore YOU are guilty of our dog being missing.
        What does that do to the person called YOU?
        It automatically puts that person called YOU. On the defensive.
        You will back off, withdraw pull away from your accuser.
        Not a working way to discuss anything.
        Best word to replace the word YOU. Is very simple.By using I statements. Bringing back your thoughts or opinions.
        Ex. I think the door was left ajar and our dog must have gotten out without US knowing.Why don’t WE .Take a walk together. To look for him.
        No defense, no arguments or acusations there.
        Simply acknowledgement of the problem.Then a way the problem might be remedied.In a co-operative fashion.
        Unless one enjoys conflict.Aka Conflict habituated. Not one of those here.

      • this is why I need to stop comments from this post… very repetitive once Nancy sinks her teeth into a post. Get’s stuck there like a tweeker and it becomes personal messages for her ex that after 14 years she just still has so much to say to him… trouble is i doubt that old man reads or cares about my blog. Again too bad, someone from that evans/figat clan needs to get all over Dorothy and her destructive “grooming” of Nancy… but had a new comment on here today… so gonna let through the others… read ’em don’t read ’em… but here they are.

      • Yesterday it was 14 years. Today it is 11.Just sayin.
        Yeah.I know about my ex.being sort of a CHICKEN.SHIT.
        I keep making that same mistake.Thinking that other people are brave, honest and open like I am.
        I will try harder to remember that about my ex.He obviously does read here ZERO.Once in a while.He pops his head out and says something. Then he retreats back into his SHELL.Poor guy.
        Maybe you could talk to him man to man someday.
        Ask him for me.If he is interested in seeking out.His True Self.
        I have offered to assist him. I am good at that stuff and I know his behavior patterns.
        Don’t push him. He could be very frightened still.

      • All your questions will now be answered by Dorothy, who YOU said was a phony from the get go..good luck, you filthy animal…Muah 🙂

      • Dorothy is a part of YOU.No need to be jealous of my relationship with Dorothy.Try this once.Embrace Dorothy.She is a good hearted, intelligent person.She is not dangerous.Invite her into your world.If after a week or two. It is not working. Disinvite her. Nothing ventured.

      • You reading this Dorothy? Good. You are messing with nancy, she thinks you are the “good” part of mike, the part that still want’s to be with her(nancy), and yet you continue to feed her crap… be glad I’m on the west coast Dorothy, but someone there will stop you eventually, and when you are the one posting crazy posts on your Facebook about how cops arrested you and your children where “stollen” from you… know that you deserve it and the people around you deserve peace from you madness… KNOW IT…. REMEMBER IT… ACCEPT IT… It’s your future

      • Maybe it is difficult for you to comprend. But. Nobody screws with MY head. Not you.Not Dorothy. I lead.
        You’re a TOTAL allowing her to post evil , venomous lies on YOUR FB (something NO ONE else tolerates but you at this point), YOU OFFER SILENT AGREEMENT..HOW WEAK that you cant talk or stand against her, while so many dozens of brave, fed up individuals have before you. Lie with dogs, get infested with fleas. You’re spineless, an are unable to stand up to her slander..therefore you’re GUILTY BY COMPLICITY!! You dont understand social media (I HOPE!!)..have you ever seen HER FB?? She wont dare post that insane BS on her own, but she knows you eat it up, and could care less if you look ridiculous!!..You’re as guilty as she, if not worse..and the polar opposite of a leader, as you eat up every lie she tells, as long as she PRETENDS to relate to you (she only throws you scraps btw, she could care less about your delusions of ur ex being, well, every living criminal)…you fool you!!

        You deserve her, and you’re all she has left as well..NO TEAM nan, you were smart enough to see that for quite some time…But now??? .I find you a WEAK FOLLOWER thats complicit in slander and libel…come what may.
        You’ll pay with KARMA for being a spineless puppet for dorothys agenda. I believe you know this deep down, which is why i have abandoned all empathy for you…You know the truth, but simply can not gracefully admit you’ve been horribly manipulated to spread lies and hate…may your god forgive you, for the despicable, harmful lies you have propagated and told. For the way you treat your fellow humans, innocent people you dragged into your unbearable heartbreak, a heartbreak you will never fully accept or get past…you’ll find no further forgiveness least from me.

      • If it were happening to me. Being used, abused and SCAPEGOATED. Is no different than being sold into a kind of non sexuak Protestution. On a very large scale. I would want to be told. Maybe you already know and you are Ok with it. I dont know.

      • Been doing some studying. Can take this Remote Access of your brain back to the 1960s. Has got to have been that long. I can see what they have used you for. Not all. Unnecessary and upsetting .Not afraid to look at the very worst stuff. Seeing is part of solving.
        I know that I am strong enough and brave enough. To do whatever comes my way. Not implying that this is pleasant. It is not at all. Just necessary for healing. Everyone.

      • Another answered question. This point came to my mind recently. This person that had this horrendous violation of his selfhood. Tell him should you locate him prior to me.
        That those bumps, lumps or numerous cysts that he once showed me. On his legs.Also a hard nodule on or near his ear.
        These could well be receivers or some other type of radioactive device also implanted with our without subjects’ permission.
        I have never seen anything quite like those unusual and multiple cysts.
        My suggestion? Get rid of any foreign object that does not belong in your body. That shit can be lethal.
        Don’t know where or who can remove this shit. But, I will find out by midnight tonight.
        What a fucked up thing to do to somebody.
        Are you aware that every subject has within it.A suicide program too? In case they want to get rid of you. No liability either.
        Food for serious thought.

      • LOVE X-Files! My top 3 shows are #1 Buffy ( go ahead make fun, but that show rocks)
        #2 Twin Peaks… WOW BOB WOW! and #3 X-Files… Mulder and Skully are personal heros of mine!

      • Dorothy is a part of YOU.

        Nan doesnt believe her own shit..She has NEVER ONCE had the balls to tell DPH directly she believes she’s ‘mike’..she’s all messed up….intimidated by DPH, and afraid to lose her accomplice in evil…weak and cowardly..and FULL OF SHIT…lol…again, HOW PATHETIC 🙂

      • You are wrong about that. Proving that only I know what goes on in my world.
        We went back and forth with her being Mike.Who btw is not Mike after all.
        We did this by text. Eventually dph went Chinese language. Which I cant read. The proof remains on my broken cell phone. Text.

      • Keep in mind that I am an outsider here. Ok. So I see things from the outside looking in. Comparable to what a parent sees from an adults viewpoint. That a child has not seen as of yet. Due to the childs lack of experience/ objectivity. All is pereception. Which is opinion. According to the ones place. Simply put. I see things that you and Dorothy can’t see. Due to being outside of your world. I have the objectivity. To see as an observer. What you do not.Being inside the storm.


      • there is actually quite a few outsiders here… depends on outside what when you say it. Ok, thanks for all the info… I think I’m at my breaking point with all this…

      • I already know im gonna regret this…sigh
        OK nan, if you believe DPH is an alter of your EX, how could you possibly believe a thing she says?? What makes you assume her “alter” is the sincere one and not the ‘Sheep in Wolffs clothing”??

        Get it, Wolff…Hee

      • As far as Dorothy. Whether or not she tells the truth. Is not relevant to my life. So I take it all with a grain of salt and move on.

        What I am finding is another long hidden side of somebody that I used to know.
        Nearing the closure. Just these few loose ends. Do what you like with them. Your life. Your choice.

      • .
        We did this by text. Eventually dph went Chinese language. Which I cant read. The proof remains on my broken cell phone. Text.

        Nan, i tend to believe you here…So DPH went ‘chinese’ (i understand, i think) and you NEVER mentioned it again!!?? Certainly not publicly online as you have to us…So who did DPH convince you your ex was?? and who she is for that matter??

      • It is not necessary for Dorothy to tell me who my ex is. I dont even think my ex knows who he is either.
        Good mystery man for mysterymom.

      • Sheep in Wolffs Clothing…

        Zero!!!! LOL…i think im catching what nan has…HELP

        God im burnt 😦

      • Long ago before I talked to CW I was gonna make a post call Dorothy and The Big Bad Wolff… and before .i even knew about Mr. Wolff, I had made a post or comment reffering to Cristin being like the “Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”.
        I’m starting to think there are no sheep… just a bunch of hungry wolves.

      • Im trying to keep up with these comments. Is she saying Dorothy is her alter or mikes or Zero is dorothy?

      • If she is being honest (and i’m still not sure anyone on Dorothy’s so called “team” knows anything anout honesty) she thinks we are all some part of Mike’s mind, but she know’s Dorothy is a woman, they’ve talked on the phone… so what does nancy really think? I mean really, really think? Only she knows that… maybe.

      • Linda please refraim from making assumptions regarding my motives. They are detailing my attempt to put something very important across.
        When I finish. Promise you. The floor/blog. Is all yours. Your turn is coming.

      • Your blog. Your choice. Let through whatever you wish. It is just that I know where it is coming from. Was trying to stay in the track.

      • Donna…nan believes many, many people (including the President,celebs ect) are All part of her ex mikes alters..
        But after last night (i cant believe im about to say this), i think she’s starting to come around…Ive had this kind of hope before, and wont be disappointed if im wrong…

        @TCTH..You’re never far from my mind and heart!! I NEVER forget…I wont be all disappointed if nan stays ‘the same’…Miss you though!!!!!!!!! ❤

  9. As how you choose to live your life or handle lifes’ circumstances.
    Is not my business. I won’t interfere. Try not to.
    It is YOU.Not me.
    Who walks in those RED or any other color shoes.
    Not being inside of your psyche. I can only guess. Often inaccurately. What is going on in there.
    The choice that I have made since the year 2k. Is NOT to try to force solutions aka solve problems. Of anyone.Who does not want help or does not believe that I an capable of assisting in guiding them towards a life with meaning and satisfying relationships.
    Certain people seem to enjoy.Swimming in a pool that is contaminated with SHIT. To each their own.
    I can and I do plan to MOVE on.
    As soon as God sees fit for me to do so.
    He gave me a purpose a calling on my life. In Aug.of 07.I have followed, been obediant to his calling.
    Done my very best to follow through.
    Now.I believe God knows.That MY part is DONE.
    He only expects me to put forth the best effort I can.
    He does NOT hold me responsibile for the OUTCOME.
    Hate me, block me, ban me, slander me.
    Talk is CHEAP! I walk my talk.
    Not defending your lame comments concerning my former family.
    You like THEM so much. I officially now give them to YOU.
    Making that three girls and three boys. Evens out the number.
    My daughter? Does not have to forgive ME. It is ME.Who will pray to God.That someday.I will understand.As I have just come to understand YOU.
    At that time.Perhaps it is I.Always the bigger stronger person Who might offer Kelly my forgiveness. No regrets or guilt concerning your stupid taunts. Know my own truth.So do you.
    PEACE TO YOU and yours’

    • Nancy, I don’t know who your God is, but the one I know would surely not be pleased by the way you act. Thou shall not bear false witness Nancy.

      • And what pray tell do you acknowledge nAN?? zero RESPONSIBILITY HUH??..JUST A VICTIM ALL YOUR LIFE?? disgraceful AND HYPOCRITICAL…YOU own nothing..As far as you’re concerned, friends family, ex, kids…all happened to take no responsibility..thats why you attack us, too weak to take stock..its NEVER YOU Nan. Always playing the victim..ALL ABOUT EVERYONE else..even if that means total simply are joke now…and your cunt friend too…enjoy her, she’ll always agree..that is till WE stop paying attention…you know this nan…and then you wont be accepted back..utter loneliness. ENJOY

      • It is just that.I am evolved enough.That I understand.My FRIEND Dorothy.Is also a part of YOU.
        Have you ever had Sweet and Sour Chinese Food?
        The combination? One offsets the other.
        My way of looking at it.aka Nan =The Mixing Valve.
        You as a part of an evolving whole.I would like to see you get there.
        Think that you will dump me, ban me.If you can and wish to do so.
        No ill will here.Your right.
        But..Your other parts? They are staying, continuing to multiply. Those are on TEAM NAN.
        They are loyal.Sticking by me. Team Nan.I will guide them into first place.Watch me!
        No victim here.WAS pastense.A Volunteer. I take full responsibilityfor my part.
        I did not cause my issues. But at adulthood.I owned them.They belonged to me.
        Couldn’t change.What I had not acknowledged.
        Years of therapy.Brought the roots of that vine.To the surface.
        Now I see it.Awareness.Half of the battle.

      • Nan, mark my words, i havent even BEGUN to judge you…think about that, as you continue your extremely transparent judgment of all the nice people here who wished you well…THINK ABOUT IT

      • Please.Curtail the implied threats. Old tools of yours. Outdated don’t work anymore.
        You are NOT my Master.I am NOT your Slave. I won’t be pushed around by fear.Real or implied threats.
        Learn to value yourself. When you value yourself. You do so out of selfworth.Which comes from inside of you. Gained by the continuance of doing right by others. Causes one to value themselves. In effect when that occurs.
        It is no longer necesssary to threatened, push, bully or otherwise create fear in another. To gain their resentful compliance.
        When you like yourself. Only then.Can you truly LEAD not PUSH. Those who have come to RESPECT not RESENT. Your place in their life.
        No short cuts.To living right. No perfect either. We all err. It is human.

    • You some piece of work nan, i feel so bad for your children..may YOUR god forgive you…disgusting.disturbing. No wonder your alone. You should be.

      YOUR LANGUAGE is the most vile ive heard..and ive heard quite a bit..Add miss cunt Dorothy to still waiting for the cops BTW??? Whats Up??

      • My thought for this moment? I am very sorry that what happened to you as a small boy..happened. To anyone. No parent has the right to USE their child.In the horrendous ways that they allowed YOU to be used, abused, violated. In every which way a child could be violated.
        The words to describe how I feel about what I now know.Was done to you and many others. Brings me to tears..seriously.
        My heart and my sincere prayers include you today.
        God always had that purpose for bringing two people together.
        Often I wondered.What that purpose was.For you and I.
        Could not make sense out of it.
        Have faith.Bridle that tounge. I think help is on the way.To bring you the peace, closure and self forgiveness.That you have been seeking fruitlessly for decades.
        Shut up.Don’t give up.
        Trying to formulate in my heart and my head.Exactly, what God is bringing to my awareness recently.
        I am a seer.I see things.Formulate motives people, places and things. Bring them to the light.
        Hang in there. We will both get the closure needed.In order to move on..
        I am a solution finder. Not as good at nonsense making.

    • Best clear up that pesky warrant before you “move on”..unless jesus is showing up at court for ya…yeah..move on nan nan, you do that..

      • Where is that focus? Not one bit concerned. I don’t have compulsions and Cop fetishes.I am me not you. Different person.Different everything.

    • Your pathetic, preachy soapbox, is not welcome one bit. Its so repetitive and self serving it makes me puke….AGAIN, if you must constantly remind people how ‘good’ you are, your probably not..jesus loves humility..not boasting…Not to mention you’re talking to yourself…

      • No.Not true.I don’t have any Alters.But..Damn.Beginning to think that I know more of your many Front Alters.Than you do. Everydayanother one contacts me.
        Haha.They happen to like ME. They know me from the old days I guess. They are all very comfortable with telling me their pereception of various stories.
        After all.They are WITNESSES.Quiet but watching .

      • Me? I am far from perfect. Now I know who is or thinks she is. My sister the Witch Patricia.
        Getting at something here.That I learned yesterday. Grasped it.
        Shall I share.About those who believe they are perfect.Why they do what they do?

  10. Which is why.I understand the personas located here in Zeros’ place.
    They are only different sides of the whole. Some good some not.
    What I do? Mix them together. Form a sort of whole personality foryou. Which Is not based entirely on the not so nice ones located right here.
    I have the concept combined in my head now. Of YOU as a WHOLE. Integrated petsonality.
    I see it that way. It is entirely possible.That you are presently headed in that direction yourself.
    Won’t understand or know it.Until you arrive as.One integrated self.Consisting and accepting of ALL of your facets.
    Objective view here.As one on the outside.Looking in.
    I know that you probably don’t get it.Not yet! Thats Ok.
    Lash out Linda. What is it that is pissing you off today?
    Tell me.I am interested.


      • Oceans I will restate.That I am an outsider here. Must have gotten included by someones’ oversight. Maybe long ago.Maybe knowledge being power and strength.
        Your team can just get together. Push me back OUT.
        Problem with me = Solved. Correct?
        Now as an objective outsider. There are things that I have made it my business to educate myself about. Don’t want to be just one more of your DOPES. Spouting off, about things that I have little or no knowledge about. Knowledge is power!!
        On THAT NOTE.
        I can tell all of you. That in spite of your psyche/mindset. Being possibly located in different states etc.
        From this OUTSIDER. I KNOW that physically you are all. ONE physical body. In one state at one time. MOO.

      • and back on that merry-go-round. sad… talk about circles… I will no longer be commenting on this thread… I’ll still let them through… and anyone who want’s to go round and round can… but I gotta get off. (no childish pun meant there)

      • Hey or her? Probably her.The Narcissistic way of describing a person objectified.As in him, her, she, them or my ex.used “That Woman and Those People”In reference to his wife and his children.
        Disrespect them.He disrespects himself along with them.As parts of the whole are connected.

      • it was hey. i wroter her… my typing is not at it’s best right now, lol. if it was meant to br her I wouldn’t have corrected it. lol

  11. This Nancy lady needs to just do us all a favor and check herself into the looney bin! And maybe stop smoking crack! It’s not good you lose all your teeth and as for Dorothy hill you need to stop acting like your the KGB! This is not Russian warfare!

    • Hey.Are you Lindas’ sister? You two look so much alike. I bet Linda adores you Sweety.Cute in yellow too.Can I hook you up with my Friend Sponge Bob.A real cutey like you.

      • Are you Okay? Did you hurt your hand? Maybe better lay off the keyboard until it heals.
        Just finished more research. On The Wizard of Oz.
        btw.Who is your Handler?
        He has you off the track with News 12.Really screwing up the News.
        Oh one more ? Is your dad in Fla.?
        What else? HMMMM
        OH! Got it.
        Your real dad is not the one I knew. Was your real dad.Josef Kramer?
        Resemble him more than Mengele.
        Still putting pieces in place.Removing them. Put another one in.

      • Now I will explain to you.How I figured that one out about your father. First Dorothy mentioned Wolf not being on.The Family Tree.Thought about that.
        You dont resemble Mengele or Pete, Bob or Joyce. Do resemble your Mom somewhat.
        From there.I went to my advisor.Mr.Google.
        Asked him about Irmas marriages.
        Came up with a marriage to Kramer 1937. Follow?
        Then I recalled that letter found online written by one of you.To your Mom.Nov.9th77.Where you thanked her for.The picture of Dad.Connected the dots.
        I would have been a great Dectective.No Fake here.

      • yea… means nothing to me. so again I’m just gonna ignore comments like this… keep them on your page, where you, your family, dorothy, and the entertained are reading. I got no use for it…

      • this may take a second, but nan is talking about the gravitars again…lol. (the little face next to your comments) Damn, I’m way to good at understanding her now.

      • Yes Linda. Brother from another Mother or Father. I found out a few years ago.That my very first bf from when I was 7 and he was 8. He is a brother from another Mother. I asked.Where did get thatolder sister from?
        Two ladies I have to place in that Family Tree too.
        Are they sisters not Aunts? Germans skew everything up.

      • Still putting pieces in place.Removing them. Put another one in.

        A frontal lobotomy would do you good girl…Dribbles gotta make more sense than this pathetic LAST GRASP at attention. Bye Nan..Say hi to Dot the cunt..xoxo

      • Have you given any thought. To who it was. That spoke to you in such a mean demeaning way? When you were a small child? My therapist. One of many that helped me sort out my life.She brought me back to the beginning memories. Once I got that.The Aha moment came. Healed those old wounds. Stopped allowing them to repeat themselves in the Present. Repetition Compulsion. Trying to heal yesterdays wounds in todays relationships. It doesn’t work. Keep going round a nd round. Go back to the early days. In an hour or so.I may be able to tell you where that was. Might help.


      • Came up with a marriage to Kramer 1937. Follow?

        Oh NAN, cant you accept that most of us here are much YOUNGER than you??…and more sane, open minded, loving, sexually secure, ect, ect, ect?? poor nan, talking to herself again 😦

      • You should see me in a thong nan..or is that vision whats got you and Dot hating?? Maybe a few thousand squats would do ya good?? nah, just keep stuffing your face. Maybe dot can get butt implants, she’s lookin a little bony..Shoulda took those food stamps Dot, you qualify remember??! .lol…Yes indeed 😉

      • My therapist. One of many that helped me sort out my life.She brought me back to the beginning memories

        DEMAND a refund!!!

      • Germans skew everything up.

        Yet ironically you’re also an anti Semite!!?? .LMAO..YOU’RE ALL FUCKED UP DUDE!

      • Jesus was a Jew Asshole. What was it may I ask that gave you the right ? Or who was it? That gave you..or anyone else.Permission to address me. In such a Low Class, disrespectful, uneducated, poorly brought up dusgustingly degrading and downright abusive manner. If the likes of you fail to succeed in cleaning up your act. The final Goobbye is coming from ME. NEVANS

      • Good lord nan, now you believe cartoon characters are your friends…yes, i see, just like the marigolds are your family. That therapist you paid SUCKS for real..lmao.

        your children are real. humans with feelings, and you’re their mother…joke about that. Im sure they arent laughing. But go ahead, keep judging others.

      • This was sent to the wrong person. I never tolerated this shit before I met you. Never plan to ever again.
        Take yourself to someone. Willing to satisfy your wacky, sick requirements for sexual sadism. I believe it would be listed under bdsm. Not for me.
        Different! Worlds apart always were.

      • Z, you know where im going with this, right?? First of all she uses derogatory terms for Jewish people (and just about every other race, gender, sexual preference, nationality ect)….But notice she really has NO CLUE what she’s posting and supporting on her own FB….Her reaction was completely expected, am i right?? WOW

  12. Wow. I honestly think its going to take a really great psychiatrist and a whole lot of meds to help Nancy. Someone in her family needs to have her committed.

  13. Wow! Cartoon characters as friends?? She needs a dildo in her mouth, ass, cause she ain’t getting any action in a for a while! Why isn’t this women locked up right now?? Honestly she is a venomous snake trying to inject her “fangs” to ppl with her bullshit! Maybe the aliens are probing her mind! She needs to stop with this! Her clock is running out seriously it is! And thy lord and savior is not pleased with the hell bitch Nan Nan! Team Nan more like Team crack whore! Peace out

    • Hey Giovanni 🙂 She’s got a warrant out for her hypocritical butt!! Little video floating around to prove it a well..

      Far as a Dildo, it better be huge!!! Nan thinks all penises are small (except her sons)…Personally i think its a case of a HUGE vagina….

      • Yeah.and I am the one with the Penis obsession. I think before I type or speak.
        The remark about my sons’ penis. Was thought out. ? Howwould I know what size his penis is? When I have not seen it since he was seven or eight yrs old?

  14. That remark was made to do exactly what it did. It summoned “Mean Mike”.I know he he has a penis complex.
    But. If it is him under Michelle Obamas Turquise dress. I don’t believe his complex is a valid one.
    Someone remarked on Fellowship of the Minds. That the First Lady, had at least a ten inch appendage underneath her/his dress.
    Jury’s out. On the penis debate.

    • There is or was or maybe I am totally looking for a solution to a solutionless issue.
      Sometimes I guestion my optimism.
      Lol. I don’t know how to approach this without throwing you into Defense Mode?
      I don’t know how really.

      • As rule. Usually I can just toss my thoughts or suggestions on the table. Like why not try x or y?
        It is getting close to your hot button that is preventing me from suggesting a possible solution.
        Makes it doubly difficult.Due to your defenses always being in charge. Ready to attack..At the slightest perceived threat.
        So I hesitate.

      • Nancy, there isn’t anybody here that is Mike or an alter of Mike. Zero and Linda are real people with real lives. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but you need to seek help. Your mind is not seeing things right. Dorothys mind has the same issues. The world isn’t out to get you. Your own minds are. Don’t you want a happy and fulfilled life? You can have that with some help. Consider it. There’s nothing wrong with needing help. Everybody needs help at times.

      • I’ll bite nan…What is it you’re so optimistic about?? You want to integrate your ex for what reason?? He’s not with you. He’s re married, and according to you, he’s a serial murderer?? Why do you care what he’s doin at all??

        If things could work out perfectly in YOUR eyes, what would that look like??
        Ive never been able to understand exactly what YOU want??

      • What do or did I want? Well I always felt that I was severely lacking in those things. That money can’t buy. I am not very materialistic. I like quality more than quantity. Time, caring, showing up. Being treated like # 1. Unless life circumstances such as sickness etc. Created a need for me to become # 2 or 3. Temporarily.
        People First, then things, then money.

      • There is a big difference between chasing people away and keeping them away. For very valid reasons.
        I keep open space these days.Preferable to filling my life up with garbage. There are many people who behave like trash. They are not allowed in my world. Parasites and Opportunists.

        Willing to betray without a 2nd thought.
        No Thank You. I am not one of those types myself.. won’t accept anyone who fails me. By choice. I don’t fail my family or friends.
        I deserve better.

      • Correct. Not the life I choose. The life I now live. Is a direct consequence of MY poor choices.Made years ago When I did not now any better.
        Not punishment.CONSEQUENCE.
        Could be worse.Much worse.
        God Grant Me the Serenity. To Accept Those Things I Can Not Change. The Courage. To Change The Things I Can. And. The WisdomTo Know the Difference.

      • Thats sweet nan…mabye you should just let your ex take care of himself, and you can concentrate on doing you…

        Werent you the one who stated nobodys looking for unsolicited advice…Live your own life..
        Oh wait, i forgot, NO MORE empathy for you!!! Im tired of turning the other cheek!! You can thank the Bitches that were your predecessors, they were my BEST teachers 😉 …You can all go fuck yourselves..ughhh, ill never learn

      • What you are asking for me to do. Is to thank some females who came before me. For harm that they did to you? Is that correct?

      • Pardon me, but it looks like you enjoyed the money, trips ect as well…Move on…

        14 fuckin yrs!! make it your new mantra…Ive dealt with heartache, so has Zero and everyone else here…Not to mention illness, dysfunctional families, death ect…move on! You can only control yourself!! THAT IS WHAT YOU FAILED TO HEAR IN GROUP!!! and you know it…this shit is over…

        Im outtie…if you dont mind im trying to get ‘depleted’ myself 😉

        Blame Zero …lol

      • Where’d that gravitar come from?? lol, sorry nan, i cant concentrate at the to Dorothy

    • That remark was made to do exactly what it did.

      The only thing that remark did was illustrate the depravity that is you…It made everyone puke in their mouth…As a parent i wonder how it felt to even think such a thought, let alone post it..

      One things for sure, if your son ever reads it, he’ll be mortified…Something you rarely think about when speaking of your children

    • Ahhh yes..But isnt your ex also Michelle O?? You said his privates were tiny??

      That ex of yours is quite extraordinary…He can be Margaret Cho, Jeff Macdonald, the first lady!! Wow!! he is one busy guy!! Not to mention he’s able to ‘morph’ genders, careers, locations, height, ethnicity, race ect, AND be a husband and grandfather…wow…

      Yes indeed…and only YOU have figured this out…you must get frustrated dealing with those of us that arent as ‘enlightened’ as you..

    • I want to help somebody. Maybe you can help me. I am not sure even what his true nane is. But he is being used indescriminately.By some DARK SATAN WORSHIPING ILLUMINATTIT. To achieve certain political and financial goals.
      What has been done to him and continues to be done. In effect, he is being used as Slave for The Dark Side.
      Can you help me to connect with him? No jokes please.
      This is serious business. Effects many innocent peoples lives including robbing the subject of his own right to live an authentic life.

      • Yeah. I know about that. I could use sone help myself right this second. Not in the way that you wish I did. Other things. Wrinkles and kinks.

      • Call him, write a letter?? send a message through Andrea?? I cant help you at all?? Even if i wanted to, which i dont…No body here or online is qualified…No more advice, ive spoken to you from the heart, and BTW ive asked you todo nothing i havent done myself at one point or another…Im freakin done!! You dont listen anyway…

      • if someone just stumbles onto our comments… they would say.. “why do they all keep repeating themselves?” But when you are on that Merry-Go-Round…

        You can’t help yourself…

    • Wanna save the world?? start with you!! Told you to read the Black and Red long ago…
      As for me, im happy to pay the rent and have a few laughs. Period.
      GOOD BYE

  15. Patience patience. The internet keeps coming and going. Then I get security threat notices. My programs are not working like they usually do. My charger is moody also. My phone is broke and on top of that .I am beyond hungry again.
    Then I write a post and find the internet vanished. I go check.And it comes right back on.
    Wtf am I being prepared for God? Get on with it. This shit is getting old . Dont want to quit when I am so close.

    • And i TOLD you Social Service can help with all of that???!!! Listen for once, and ask for help!! Who freakin cares nancy?? We’ve ALL had years like’ll make it, but NOT WITHOUT QUALIFIED HELP..YOU MUST ALSO GIVE UP CONTROL TO A QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL..

      Now im pissed…I honestly dont want to care about you!! But i freakin have to!! Its part of my program..GET IT??????

    • God as you say, cannot help you…As i recall before i was deprogrammed (lol), God helps those who helps themselves..Its a program of ACTION Nan, remember???? First step is the hardest, at this point you are waaaay to overwhelmed with problems and crap…ask and you shall receive. From qualified people, not god. i know that feeling of being buried…one thing at a time..Its all about YOU. But you gotta start somewhere, and SOON. Dont be an ostrich!! all that shit your praying on needs your attention..Praying isnt magic..pray for the humility to ask for help, and i guarantee things will start to improve..

      Or dont..its your life after all.

      Im done though nan…I got my own shit to handle

      • During my lifetime. I have learned to feel my way around. At this moment in time. There is not one person that I trust with the exception of myself. God has no choice. He has to come through now.
        God expects us. To do what we CAN. DONE what I could.
        At that time. God will do. What WE can’t. Waiting,

      • Yes. I have heard about the tin foul thing. Personally? I would never consent to being ANYBODYS’ Robot. The ultimate is usery.
        Talk about Dopes? I would forget the Tin FoIL.
        Whoever did this to you. Is or was NOT.ACTING IN YOUR BEST INTEREST.

  16. You were most vulnerable. More than anybody else. To be used as thei Experiment subject. I just wanted for you to know. Maybe shed some light on misunderstood happenstances.
    Just the messenger here.
    Do you want to know more? I know more.

      • There is more. A feeling intuit. I find things. Sometimes things. They find me.
        This occult stuff. Goes back many years .To ancient Egypt. Subject is placed in a hypnotic trancelike place. Have little or no recall of the task that they were USED. To carry out. A human remote controlled Robot.

    • oooooohh, NOW i get it. Well since im Dorothy, im going to kick my own ass and turn myself into the mental ward!! Thanks for finally clearing that up Nan..

      Guess you’ll be leaving now, mission accomplished!

      Im gonna miss being The first Lady…darn!

      I just wish i thought to “Morph” into Eminems bed..just once 😦

      • As far as men go. I have learned The Law of Attraction quite well. When there is supposed to be someone in your life/in your bed. The law of attraction will bring him right to you. That is how strong it is.As long as I keep that empty space. Which is necessary. We will meet when the timing is right.
        No desire or need to HUNT for a mate.
        My history is diferent than yours Z. I did not have many boyfriends as a teenager. Same as now. A choice? Yes.

      • I didn’t have many boyfriends either…lol. But I hear ya… someday, I will tell MY life story to you all, zero’s story… it’s a good one…

      • You know i watch this on Youtube like everyday right??!! Freakin EPIC ❤ Its usualy play in the backround while im reading your blog…and well, 'other times' You rock!
        Thanks Z!! You were really patient today

      • Nothing corny about you!! Keep in mind thats comin from me though!! LMAO…im shocked you picked this video..FOR REAL!
        Kinda 😉

      • Was gonna post “Throw This” again, but decided to go looking for some Em unposted here, found a couple remixes then saw this… I had never seen it before (should of known you had, lol)

      • That is one of my favorite utube videos. Get ideas andvI go looking.
        Like the one about her husband being a Crackhead and her balls itch too.
        Dorothy might claim that they itch from that Poison Ivy . Growing at Oak Beach.

      • Yes. Sometimes I do. As per my Uncle Arthur. When I was very small. I was called “The Quiet One”. Out of the six.Uncle Arthur, h would never fail to add to that remark. “Watch out For That Quiet One”.
        Wheels are always turning. Just when they thought they had me pegged.Bashful or quiet.
        Been known to make a brazen move. Just quiet about myself.

      • We are all different as we both know now. It is entirely possible that you just might miss being The First Lady (to have a 10 inch penis too. Lol).
        BUT SERIOUSLY.Not nearly as much as you missed out on being a true human being. With real feelings and real experiences. That meant something. No Mother Theresa anymore here. We all make choices. That is what life amounts to. When all is said and done.
        That is all life is. A long series of choices. Some good some not.

      • Is this the time to bring up regrets? I think this is where we are heading… right… like when mandomus said mm7’s biggest regret (I’m paraphrasing here for comic emphasis) (so is using the word emphasis) was letting me have full access to “Catching LISK” which my reply was she should regret writting it not giving it to me… yes… regrets are where this team is coming to…

      • like how i did that? used your mindless garble about figats and evans and made it about my agenda: poking at others agendas and how they came crashing down…

        are we all still dancing?

      • Not to mention zero, everyone we’ve showed empathy and compassion to on this blog has turned it around and spit on us..Screw that!!

      • A Nun once said that to me about Jesus. Then there is always. “THOSE TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN. MUCH IS EXPECTED”
        Still prefer capable over inmpetant.

      • The Law of Attraction

        You need to heal yourself first…how would you like to be with someone obsessed with their ex..think a bout it

  17. Yes. Makes a lot of sense to me too. If it didn’t. I would not dare put my credibility on the line. Especially not HERE. Lol. No chicken either. I step up. No matter what. If I feel strongly enough.

  18. Pete he does not have M.S. Pete has damage to his brain stem from the same program or similar. M.S. shows up late teens to early 20s.
    U.S. Government is the liable party. For damages caused to people and things.

  19. Which is the reason that I do not have not looked for or been in any relationships for a very long time.
    I refuse to settle. Majority of single men in my age group. Are single for a good reason and probably. Should stay single. Addictions and compulsions.UGH.
    I will keep my cat. Maybe a dog someday.

    • good men are out there, just ask my wife, we’ve been together for almost 20 years now, my first wife stayed with me for 10 years… add that up and I’ve been with one of 2 women since i was 15 years old! Add that to the few girl friends I had before them and I have not been single once since i was in 8th grade. (that’s the year I bloomed) I know I’m tooting my horn here (and giving out way to much personal info) but I must be one of the good ones. And for you guys out there, not all women are bat shit crazy, ok maybe they are, but a good man can deal with it. lol.

      • she’s staying away from this crazy place… lol. i don’t blame her. i feel, i’m stuck though… and it does pain me at the moment…lol

      • If I wanted a man. I would have one. Obviously, timing is not just right even yet.
        Spent enough time answering questions, defending my actions, putting myself on the backburner in favor of fanning someone elses’ fire. Been there. Done that. Gave a lot of myself away.
        Taking back myself now. One day at a Time. One day leads to the next day. I find I like the uninterupted time. No baby crying Milk Mama, nobody has to get up for school. One less egg to fry. Less laundry. The time I am spending solo. Is much needed. To recoup, regroup restore ME.
        I will know when the time is right. I will know by how I feel.Physically, mentally and Spiritually.
        It may be tomorrow or not until another year maybe two. Keep it in the moment. Trust in God.

      • I know…what gives you the idea us chicks are crazy?? lol

        No need to answer…see nan, i can make fun of myself too…

    • True nancy…my first ex was a monster…Second, a true saint that is an excellent dad to my son..and we’re great friends..didnt happen overnight..go back to the “rooms”..You know theres some really good people out for real..

      I need some alone time 😉

    • Nancy, I’m new around here but I find your story interesting. What is your motivation? Have you given any thought to a resolution?

      You mentioned earlier you were seeking someone to put you first. Understandable we all want to feel like we are special and loved. Do you think after putting your husband back together he will be more suited to your needs?

      • Hi Pigeon (cute name)I like it. You carry messages! Cool!
        As far as my husband? He misses me!
        I know he does. Myself and our family. They were the genuine partof his life. WHO would not miss that?
        Suited to MY needs???
        Have not given that much thought.
        First and foremost. He MUST STOP hiding. Must get honest with me. Otherwise. More Cotton Candy!
        I don’t believe my former husband was aware.15 years ago. Of the exact role and place that I played in HIS life.
        I was a background player. Just as important as the one in the forefront. Just not exposed. (under the hood).
        It happened! It happens!
        He loved me.He loves me. Whether he likes it. Or he doesn’t. He always WILL love ME.
        He unknowingly BONDED with me. Many many moons ago.
        What is simply IS.

      • As far as. Putting my ex husband back together?
        That has to be reworded prior to replying.
        No harm intended in any way.
        Not HIS fault or his doing either.
        Due to circumstances he could not control as a child.
        My ex husband. Was NEVER together in the first place.
        NOT MEANT AS A PUTDOWN.Not his fault.Shit happens.
        Do I think he could or would meet my needs if I put him together?
        Firstly.It is not for me. To put anyone back together nor to build anyone for the express purpose. Of meeting MY needs.
        That in itself is WRONG!

        His best interest would be MY concern.
        The very LAST THING he needs. Is to be anybodies including MINE.BUILD A BOT.
        What would be in his best interest? Moo.
        That he work on finding his way back. Back to simething he left long long ago. Back to HIS core self.
        Takes work. But it is there hiding underneath the layers.
        Can he do it? With commitment to himself and God?
        Yes! Absolutely. I believe HE can do it.
        If he wants to badly enough.

      • Did you ever think just for one second, just one, that nobody cares about your ex being put back together..ever once try to stay on topic…nah, the entire blog should be all about nan, and nans issues…your such a selfish asshole lady…thank goodness you fool no one..and soon you’ll be gone..AGAIN, as its not fair to monopolize the blog and make it all about you..thats not why zeros readers followed him from his LISK blog..selfish woman, with ZERO disregard FOR OTHERS..THATS YOU…Even the newest of readers see right through you immediately..its shameful

      • EXcuse me, you just spent months calling your ex a monster that destroyed you, is a serial killer, freaking maragret Cho, Barrack Obama…and you still want him back..14 long years of pining…if i were him, id sue your ass for slander…as you clearly have never gotten over him, and because of that, you made up terrible lies about’re so sick it evil…you think he misses you after all you’ve said about him, all over the web, to be memorialized in a self imposed hell and taking it out on the rest of the world because you arent able to face reality…thats ALL this is about..and deep down you KNOW IT..its plain for everyone to see..gross..i can only hope the poor guy doesnt know how to use a computer!! and your kids!! i wont even go there!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Maybe just maybe. I too have been hurt by some Bastard men in my life as well.
    Being self aware. Perhaps THAT is my reason for staying away.Keeping my hand out of that fire myself.
    What never want to do. Is to subconsciously or consciously. Harm another person just because I can. Tag YOU ARE IT. Some man hurt me when I was a child, another one when I was 15. Then I married one with his own suitcase full of his own shit.
    So now it is MY turn. To harm an innocent maybe even decent loving man. Because somebody did this to me.
    Victim becomes Victimizer.
    No. Not for me. I would not abuse a man, women or a child. Two wrongs do not equal one right.
    Just not my style.
    If I knew I was an abuser. I would not seek to be in a relationship until I fixed myself.
    Hurt people Hurt People.

    • What I amhearing is you have been hurt. You would never willingly hurt someone. Do you think along the way you may have unintentionally hurt some?
      Could you be pushing others away for fear of hurting them the way you have been hurt?

      • Back to the days of Adam and Eve. There is NO perfect person.Who has never stepped on another persons’toes. Either by accident or on purpose. We are ALL guilty of having hurt others. Either intentionally or unintentionally.
        So my answer to your ?Yes. Of course I have hurt people.
        Is that my purpose in life? Absolutely unequivically NO. It is not.

      • I guess I should have read more before saying i was done commenting here… one last note… I see you are making progress, Nancy, your FB looks nice today, no calling people nazis or killers, just your found memories, very nice, and from your last comment it seems to be as I have said and you really are not well with your marriages break up… I hope your family can find a way back to you, and that you can forgive your ex for moving on with out you, I know that can be hard… but again we are not him, and that evil dorothy is just some outsider to your REAL life feeding you crap and trying to convince you, your family is the evil one. She does it to pull you into her crap, like with me or Linda, or her ex husband and all those she slandered in between. Your life looks like it was pretty good, don’t let dorothy bring you down to her level because she is not happy with her own life, reach out to those who know and care about you, not the strangers on the web who only know you from the crazy writtings between you and Dorothy where she uses you and knowingly tries to keep you from your family so she can contiue to use your Facebook page to post people’s names and say they are criminals and going to jail… you know the truth nancy, she’s full of it.
        There… I’m off this Merry-Go-Round.

      • Welcome Pigeon..i dont know how, but you just hit the nail right on the head…well you and everyone else…Its ALL about nancy in her mind…she doesnt give two shits about others feelings..including her children and family…

        But really, welcome 🙂

      • Not for nothing zero..did you not see what i messaged her a few weeks back..i have my doubts..i spent hours with this woman, to give her inspiration and hope, and she spit in my face..Of course i hope you’re right, for nancys sake, but expect no more sympathy from me..i hope you clearly understand why this is..Pigeon, im sure i seem harsh to you, but i, along with others have been so kind and caring towards nancy, yet she always disapoints..good luck guys..i swear im NOT evil..i poured my heart out for this woman’s sake…i hope you and zero are right done..ive said these EXACT SAME WORDS TO HER, VERBATIM

    • Well if thats truly the case, you must stop accusing innocent people of all this crap!!

      Understand how hurtful and wrong that is?? Dorothy KNOWS exactly who we are, so does Cristen , mari ect…she’s called our jobs, harassed our friends…You know she posted my dads obituary!! And thats not the half of it!! I think you know this nancy, in fact i see you starting to blow off her cruelest lies about us on your FB..Yes, i believe you are trying to separate yourself from her delusions..Hats off to you for at least that much..You know you gotta stick with the winners..I say that from one 12 stepper to another…whether you stay here, shit, wherever you go, surround yourself with positive , loving people…I swear on all i love, she’s PURPOSELY filling your head with BS!!!..She’s using you because she knows you get riled up and will come here and do her bidding..She’s not a GOOD person…I could care less, again, its your life..Her lies have absolutely NO effect on us..Lies are, its hysterical…But you look like the crazy one on your FB…ask her why she has NEVER discussed the years worth of shit she spews on her own page…Let us know what she says…She knows your naive about social media, and she’s protecting her own image..Or so she thinks…

      But its not just the folks on this blog that know this, nor do i care whose ‘team’ you’re on..None of it effects my life…Again i will wish you well, and hope you find the strength to take that brave first step..

      Thats all i got for you kiddo..good luck

    • Not you nan, you’re a true saint!! Push??? people RUN AWAY…but hey, keep being disrespectful to all, thats working out great for you…Im sure you’ll find tons of new friends who enjoy being called murderers, monsters, killers, and above all Mike, your beloved ex…yes im sure people will be waiting in line..

      Moo back at you…its ironic considering those utters look like they’re down to your knees…god your jealous…i love it!! enjoy the short stay…as predicted you run back, after repeatedly promising you self esteem is too high to take such abuse..i bet there are tons of comments in Zeros ‘inbox’…thats what happens when your nasty to linda, and the rest of ‘us’..but linda will never have an ounce of empathy for you again…every second your here, you’re on borrowed time

    • Donna how is that song suited to Dorothys’ team?
      Due to Chris leaving her?
      Would it not still be up to her, how she chose to process the abandonment by her 2 ex husbands?
      There are always different ways of seeing life circumstances.
      cup half full or half empty.
      There are people that are MEANT to stay in our lives’. Others are brought in. To leave a FOOTPRINT or two. On our hearts.Then move on.
      No funny farm required.
      Recovery and processing the loss?
      Yes Yes Yes.
      What Dr.Phil refers to.As “doing an autopsy. On your past relationship. Prior to entering a new one.
      To find out. Cause of death of prior rekationship. Avoids repeating our mistakes. With a new face.

      • Is nan askin how the song relates to Dorothy?? if so nan, it means your time on this blog has come to an end..Hello..

        If thats not what you mean, perhaps Zero can interpert for me, he’s gotten very good at “nan speak”…what a joke…always avoid the REAL issues and tough questions…you so easy to read…avoidance?? WHO CARES, ITS YOUR LIFE…


      • never mind the song, who even knows what the rest of it means???…nan tends to have one sided convos with herself…just very rude and obnoxious..its all about her…thats why she’s toast..i often wonder why she bothers with blogs, she’s not a contributor in any way, and rarely if ever, gets the true point of whats being said…although i believe thats selective…she doesnt respond to what she cant handle, if you feel me..Never seen her offer on bit of support to any fellow reader yet…And this place is a ‘love-fest” For real, if get get ‘good’ here, you cant get it anywhere!!! An entire post was dedicated to wish her well, and she couldn’t even muster a thank you..its was quite sweet, but she stayed nasty till the end..

        A Shitstorm of delusion, they’re a match made in hell..i say enjoy..she’s totally disrespected me when i reached out to her, but the second i told her Zero was gonna block her, she bugged out, nearly begging…Very sad, pathetic existence..

        Always the victim of someone else’s doing…ZERO responsibility for the role she played in her own lifes circumstance..Always someone else to blame. ALWAYS…They never miss an opportunity to sing their own praises as well…not an ounce of ownership or humility…opposite of the crap they Preach…Nauseatingly repetitive as well..merry go round indeed..

        Oh well, screw them..hee 🙂

      • @Donna…guess what?? i figured out Nan meant this song…bout a thousand comments ago!! im so excited, as im getting good at ‘nanspeak”

  21. Donna honey, you’re not Zero’s very good at understanding what nan means, although half the time, she has NO CLUE what the hell shes sayin herself…quite lost in her own mind…

  22. Hey donna guess what?? i figured out what song nans referring to, its was only like 100 comments im getting so good at ‘nanspeak’


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