Public Enemy #1

So, I’m still cleaning up around here. You might notice missing posts popping back up. Some comments going away (though none are really gone,  just out of public eye, I have over 300 comments in moderation on this blog alone) but all in all, just trying to  get some order back into this blog, or at least as much as this blog will allow.

Meanwhile Dorothy and Nancy continue to write stories about people they use to know and people they wish they knew. But I have been trending hugely in their stuff. They like to drop zero, richie, and any other name they think might be connected to me as often as possible. Look at this:

dph nancy fb zero1

The rest of it goes on to mention her ex husband and maybe a friend of his. It’s what she does, she slanders anyone and everyone. Yet she (and some of the others) actually think it is I who does the slandering, because I stepped in and showed the slandering that was going on. Am I in Bizzaro World?

and you can see by Nancy’s comments under this post, she doesn’t really get what Dorothy is using her for:

dph nancy fb zero3

dph nancy fb zero4

dph nancy fb zero5

Yes, it almost seems like Nancy just wants to be loved, a real friend to talk to. But then she snaps right back into crazy, venomous mode.  getting most of that venom from Dorothy (remember my 3 headed beast post?).

And although we may all feel sorry for Nancy, it doesn’t make her less dangerous (yes Nancy, people have now warned me about you). And with Dorothy at the wheel from time to time… well, get out-of-the-way.

Which of course I never did.  And therefore I must become Public Enemy #1. I’m not. I’m just some guy from Las Vegas, with no ties to any of this but the fact I couldn’t believe the stuff I was reading about all of this. And now a year and a half later, I still can’t believe it.

And all you out there that were a part of this, just decided to make me the reason for all your problems, because your crazy stuff didn’t hold up to the test of time.

I still stand by all I have written. I still say the more you drag me into all this the less credible each of you seem (and that’s only if anyone out there still might find your rants have any kind of merit).

But what do I know, I wasn’t smart enough to run away from all of you  at the get go. I can’t blame anyone but myself.

Any one learn anything from this post?

Probably not, but I still gotta try.


Thank you to my new reader who wrote me about Dorothy’s post today. I am loving all the latest help from everyone!






153 thoughts on “Public Enemy #1

      • Hey Zman, forgive me but I gotta laugh…I cant wait till Dorothy gives her “memo”,,lol to LE…PLEASE HURRY!! I cant even think of a witty reply as its by far the STUPIDEST shit ive read so far…lol..sry

        The whole convo is pathetic..Its the lonely ex wives club and NOTHING more..
        When you sit back and think about, knowing they are so completely lost in all, you just gotta shake your head…Years of wasted time and energy on total DELUSION…hey, its your life girls, knock yourself out..Goes to show how far people will go to avoid the truth about their failed lives…Whateva…enjoy!! 🙂

        Leaving the country to avoid your warrant Nan?? Have fun being a fugitive, lol…Dont let the door hit ya in the ass…BYE BYE

        Oh, and Hi new reader!! we appreciate you!! Welcome

      • I really get a chuckle when dorothy states she’s defending Cristen, who’s been slandered..We both have emails that claim Cristen is scared of Dorothys Big mouth..Not to mention, Cristen blasted her for telling lies about you (“he doent even have a parking ticket”) and has publicaly pleaded with dorothy to keep her name out of it…glad you save it all…next time cristen accuses us of being obsessed with her, post All the comments Dorothy has made about her…Emails too, she was LIVID when dorothy repeated her new career choice (which im sure cristen told her in confidence)!! ALL TRUE, ALL IN WRITING…Guess if the cops show up, we’ll just show them the TRUTH..LOL

        Yes, i get a slight thrill everytime dorothy does this, as we know it burns Cristen up..

      • What to do? What to DO? Sometimes. My opinion only of course. The very best thing to do. Is absolutely ZERO nothing. Life has a way. Of working out those problems.That we don’t have answers to. Leave them alone.

      • yes… leave them alone. Dorothy is fishing names off my Stranger FB and putting them up on your page… more childish, stupid stuff. Someone will get tired of this… and someone will stop this. I thank them ahead of time.

      • good, cause no one here is helping you any more… i’ll miss you nancy. I hope you get away from the real abuser here… Dorothy. She’s gonna bring ya down. But it ain’t gonna happen here any more…

  1. Why do you care what Dorothy thinks? I don’t care what you think or anyone else thinks. If I did and I tried to seek the approval of everybody.That did not agree with me. I would once again.Turn into that twisted up Pretzel. Trying to please the unpleasable. Ignoring my own needs and wants. In effect making nobody happy including myself. A Lose Lose Proposition.
    I am not one with a drive to fail anyone.Especially myself.
    The one that I can’t get away from.

    • you don’t realize dorothy mixxes real people into her stuff she gives you, people who have nothing to do with you, her, Mike, or any thing else she makes up. REAL PEOPLE that she finds and has now been giving these names to you. You don’t see it, and you let it happen. I really don’t care what either of you say… just can’t get why you 2 keep feeling the need to say it… over and over again! and with no end to any of it, just new names of real people you 2 don’t even know… yea… i can’t make it any more clearer than that.

      • Oh.It’s the rumination that irks you so.
        As I stated prior. I don’t care. So much b.s. in the world right now. What’s a little more?

      • no, what’s a little less… i’ll tell you what it is… it’s the right thing to do… i’m doing my best to elimintate some as we speak.

      • My only reply is.That I have learned. Not to give a shit about what anyone says. Most of those who slander me. Are my enemies. Not my friends. I don’t care what my enemies say.. Not one bit. Talk is cheap. I ask myself. Why are they saying unpleasant things about me? It usually winds up. Being more about them. Than it is about ME. I don’ t meddle in other peoples lives.

      • that’s fine… but Dorothy is the only one slandering anyone at the moment, you are just helping her out… but i’m working through it… we will get somewhere…

      • I do not have any REAL criminal history. You will see that Linda. Wait this one out. Remember? Tend to that LOG in your own eye. Prior to commenting on that dab of mascara in mine.

      • She’s a lost cause…her latest rant includes osama bin laden as yet another “morph” of her ex…its TOO insane…WTF does “Morphing” even mean?? I find it hysterical that Dorothy never asks?? Wait till LE hears about all this “morphing”..its just awesome to me!!

        Who’s the real EVIL idiot anyway??.. one who uses someone as puppet to seek revenge, or one that repeatedly allows herself to BE USED??

        The dopey twins can go on like this forever for all i care..Obviously the truth about their disasterous personal lives would be too traumatic to face…Too painful to look in the mirror…who cares…Doesnt change a thing for them..Never will??

        Or Us, lol 🙂

      • I just saw a comment by Dorothy on Nancy’s page where she wrote “Mike(zero)”. I seriously hope someone in nancy’s family holds Dorothy responsible for all she’s done to nancy. She’s countering anyone who really wants to help her.

      • What they both are doing KNOWINGLY is trying to inflict the pain THEY feel…they dont care who its directed at…Black on the inside…Envious of those of us that Live, laugh and Love…

      • I told you to wash your hands of Nan…This is the life she’s choosing…May it have all been worth it…I must say, judging by the comments you make about your life, I dont think your current game plan is working…But hey, wanna live loney, broke and in chaos all the time..You got it, I say stick with Dorothy till the bitter end..Please do 🙂

      • Lets just say i STRONGLY believe Nans family is NOW aware of the ‘situation’…let them deal with her butt!!

      • Nan are you thick or what?? Why do people speak badly about you?? You call people, particularly Zero, horrible things?? For all the disgusting lies you’ve told, ten time worse will come to you (and it dont sound like your livin the dream to begin with)…Id like to know how you can come here and try to speak cordially to Zero when you believe he’s really a murderer?? You dont even believe your crap, just want someone to listen and pay attention, even if its NEGATIVE attention..Your starved for it!! nobody buys your goody two shoes act. You’re a venomous, bitter, hateful, LYINg, criminal Racist..its all UGLY..and its all in writing

      • “what’s a little more”…God forbid you contribute something positive to life, instead of trying to spead misery?? Try being part of the Solution, NOT the problem…

        Ahhh wasted breath…sigh..time to get ‘nice”

      • I guess this means Osama Bin Ladens real name is Mike too…LMAO!! That Dorothy sure loves fuckin with nans head!! You can keep that troll nan…what a great ‘freind’…sugar and spice and everything nice…puke

      • I see you stealing more and more of my material…But Nan, its all in the delivery….What log in my eye…when you called me Mike, chris, he/she?? Stop nancy…you DO have a criminal history…Dont push me. Its like sayin you’re a little pregnant…Exactly how many people are suing you BTW??…Id be Extremely careful of the answers you give from here on…word to the “wise”..

        The accusers turn out to be the accused, and thats the position you both opted for, shit YOU BEGGED for it…get ready..You’re all gonna get what you asked for…KK??

      • Dab of mascara huh?…How did I know the likes of you, who rants about criminal activity all day long, would minimize your own record…Not to mention you blame Mike Sr for teaching Jr how to be a criminal as well..But wouldn’t you know it, he has NO RECORD..NONE OF US DO

      • You DONT care about yourself nancy, why should you care if others are made miserable..Plus you DONT have a job or friends to lose, therefore harass, but we do…Hope you and Dorothy had a good laugh..Yes, i hope indeed 🙂 Karma for kitty..

  2. You see. These Marigolds. They are not just any Marigoods. Not to me anyway. These are Relatives. Yes. That’s right. 12 th generation. How about that one? Twelve years ago. I bought a package of Marigold seeds. Planted them in my yard. They git huge. Each year I would save a couple of my flowers.At seasons’ end. Plant the seeds the following Spring. So you see. These are Monarch Marigolds. I have 12 generations of them. Family. Grandparents Great Great !!!! So on and on.

  3. Now! What have you just learned about ME Stranger??? I LOVE CONTINUITY. It is a feeling of being rooted or cintinuing. I just like that. A nice familiarity about those flowers. Old friends.

    • yea, Stranger comments. I started that joke… again, either i am richie or I ain’t. You can’t have it both ways. The thing is, you don’t even get your own joke… dorothy, i hope nancy’s family sues YOU one day!

      • You are not getting.That I really don’t care one bit. I have important things that occupy my thoughts. I don’t know these people. Maybe they don’t even exist. I know they won’t ever interact with me. Nothing in that game invested by me.

      • no I get it… what you don’t get is. I do care, but I can only do so much. I’m sorry for that. But I will redeem myself in the end, and we shall see what we are left with.

      • Yes i agree, her family needs to STEP IN, before nan nan starts writing checks out..feel me?? No so good…Nope

      • Linda Patience is a virtue. God is dealing with me on that matter right now. Do not interrupt Gods working in my life. By using putdowns regarding the current circumstances that I am in. Remember the Good Book? All things.Shall work out. For the good. Have faith that my life will turn around very soon. Ok Hun?

      • You cant defend yourself..But its definetly time for everyone to see the exact type of people accusing those of us that are innocent…Antics nan?? Can you explain
        Game over, but I’LL be staying..

      • Sure nan, i wont interrupt god work..AS SOON AS YOU APOLOGIZE FOR THE ATTROCIOUS LIES YOU”VE TOLD ABOUT US since the moment you appeared, people who NEVER knew you were alive..

        Sure I’ll give you ONE last chance..I think thats fair..But of course nan, thats up to you

      • The Bible is one Good Book, but not mine..The last thing you should be doing right now is preaching…But these will be your last comments, spend them how you choose..

      • I have a feeling it may get a ‘bit’ worse before it gets better…You’re not exactly a fast learner…Dorothy will show you the ropes…No Job, a warrant, boarder that dont pay and wont leave…Yep, your BFF seems to be bringing you great luck…Maybe the book will be a best seller!!
        Nan i wish you to be treated just how you treat others, im sure the quality of your life will follow accordingly…KARMA

      • maybe… but so far today is a good day! Dorothy and Nancy are keeping their comments name free for the most part today, I know it won’t last, but it’s nice to turn on the computer and not see my name or people i know slandered, i’m sure most of you will agree. Plus i had some good IMs with people last night, helped me see through a few things. And a new CUNT song left by a new READER, I love it when people get it! So much more fun to deal with people who get it rather than those who just can’t. Makes me want to start up the old “red & black” again! Today is a new day people! I can feel it!

    • “Is that why he’s so quiet??”…It called a JOB nan…people do it so they can pay their bills and enjoy life…You may want to try it!! Give you some empowerment and control over your dire living arrangements…Oh forget it, no one can give nan advice, after all she functionsat a higher level than everybody else, her and DPH that

  4. Doesnt it feel hypocritical to lie about others so called criminal past, when it is YOU with the history?? Shameful..

    • nope… probably dorothy. or someone else who likes messing with you. I do not like messing with people, nor do i like those who mess with people. That’s why i don’t get along with Dorothy. Dorothy, if you are sending nancy emails some would needs to stop you. I hope sopme one does. I’m washing my hands of nancy at this moment as my next post will explain.

      • Last two Posts Zero…you’ve been a saint. I wouldn’t waste your breath trying to show nancy the truth…We’ve all suffered through this insanity too long…I say they deserve eachother…Nan will always have to have the last word as well, she’ll never choose the right ones..
        Zero, ever the optomist 🙂 Your a real decent human!!

      • thank you… something clicked with me today though. i see beter what dorothy is doing to her. and i will cover all that… in post 3 tomorrow! Night Dorothy, i know you will read this.

    • all probably dorothy, ignore them all. any one who dosen’t tell you ALL of this is hurting you and just continues to give you false info, well, they are pretty messed up at this point. It’s time to bring this to an end, yes…

  5. I am sort of half thinking to myself. That it is a good thing. That this has been revealed, processed and accepted by me. Thanks for these reminders. Really! Thank You.

    • Inside every cloud. Lies a rainbow. I know that the things you say to me . They are mean spirited, disrespectful, completely false.
      Most of all. I don’t ever have to come back here ever again For more of the same.
      Sometimes we all need that little reminder To be thankful For how far one has come. When glancing back
      I can say Good Bye. Knowing now. That the worst is behid me now. Thanks Again

  6. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I feel bad for Nancy. I know that she and her friend have put you guys through a lot, but I think she really believes the things she says. I think she needs help and it makes me sad that she’s not getting any. I would hope that if I were in her situation, someone in my life would care enough to be there for me no matter how hard it was. And Nancy, please think long and hard about your friendship with Dorothy. Is she really your friend or is she using you for her own personal agenda? Please just think about it.

    • since i am one of the few here who talked to nancy on the phone and have now been contacted by people who have actually known or encountered Nancy in RL, I would have to agree.
      This comment couldn’t have come at a better time. As I have a post that will be up soon that fits with this comment. If you don’t mind I’d like to put this comment in the post. Thanks for commenting Donna. I said from the begining, it will take REAL people really wanting this whole thing to stop, if it is ever to stop. It may have started with Joey and worked it’s way down to Nancy… but the driving force seems to be Dorothy…

    • Hey Donna…ive poured my heart out to this woman, as well as taken some steps ‘behind the scene’…she does need help…but i think this requires a professional..

      Welcome 🙂

  7. If you see that guy Josef Jeff Mike.JJM tell him for me please.That I know something else he kept a secret from me. Since we first met.
    That secret is.Where we met. I knew it last week.. Forgot to check it out. I did today.
    We did not meet the very first time at Kellys’.Nope it was another place.
    No wonder why he fell truly, madly and sooo deeply. In love with ME. How could he not?

    • I can see that, what i can’t understand is how anyone could have fallen in love with DPH… wicked, nasty, woman from what I can tell. In fact think about it nancy, she’s the one pushing you to hate us and slander us. She pushed her lies and agenda to you. You don’t see her commenting here anymore. She sent you here to do her dirty work and stopped you from actuall good conversations here. Well, that’s what i got. only truth and understanding at the moment. Take advantage of it.

    • look who’s back…HI zero’s …you know who..1st vaca in 8 yrs!! nan, arent you embarassed to beback, when you swore you thought more of yourself??? Oh nan, it comes across as very desperate..say hi to cunty 🙂

  8. she very likely sane.. quite possibly just as cruel and evil as DPH…yes, not savvy, yes quite lost…but very likely sane…she’s mean and hurtful. PERIOD. to her own blood no less..its quite hopeless, and ive lost anyy spec of empathy…

    • Dummy.First of all.As far as losing empathy.Don’t worry. You really don’t know.That you can’t lose what you don’t have.
      Next lesson.You can’t keep.What you don’t give away.
      Lesson #3)WTF kind of 12 Step Program are you guys in? My advice to you? Find another meeting/group. Some are dysfunctional.
      Yours’ may be one of those. The reason I say this.From experience.
      No good 12 Step Group that I have ever attended. Taught or suggested. That the members.
      Practice “Keep the Focus on Nan”.

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