Sharing Is Caring

So the other day I did some sharing and everything went to hell. Some people don’t like me sharing. Cristin sure didn’t. Which is werid because she use to share a lot and no one liked it when she did, but she didn’t seem to care back then.

No one likes Dorothy and Nancy’s way of sharing… yet they just can’t stop.

I guess my mom was wrong. Sharing is not a good thing. At one time I think it was, but social media seemed to twist it all up. Or at least people use social media to twist it all up.

So I guess sharing is still a good thing. We just need to be more careful with what we share…

Now where was I before things went off track in here… ah yes…



5 thoughts on “Sharing Is Caring

  1. Hey ZMan!! Congrats on the big 50 ‘LIKES” on FB!!! Great job!!!

    And welcome to all new readers!!!!
    Peace 🙂

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