The Devil You Don’t Know

So a few months after I left a comment on that tragically sad blog Fellowship Of The Minds , someone decided to reply to it. But before we take a look at this reply and my reply to the reply, and the 2 replies to that, let’s take a look back at what I wrote there. Back in June, I had been looking at things Nancy and Dorothy were posting in other places on the web, and found this post:

I read the post and the comments left after it (some coming from Nancy) and I made my own comment there. Here it is:

zero fotm

To which I got a response from Doc (Ewoyn not Hackett):


Now this comment at first said something about me being in Las Vegas, Nevada, some kind of bully tactic (I’m getting used to them now) I guess aimed to make me go, “Oh no, they know where I live”.  The dummy must have realized how silly that made them look and edited that part out. I covered the whole thing in my blog, narcissistic zero and all, in the post titled Nan Nan & The Fellowship Of The Minds:

And I thought The Fellowship Of The Stupid was a ship in the night that I was willing to let pass. I mean after all it was just a ship of fools. No one needed me to point it out.

But then 2 months later, another mind fellow decided to reply to my comment, I guess to give the Doc some late back-up. They wrote:

stevieb fotm

So, my comment was only “mostly irrelevant”, not bad. I’ll have to work harder next time to get the level of irrelevance those I blog about have achieved.

Oh and Stevie, I love that word: EFFECTED. It inspired me to do some googling.


I’m sure you meant it as an insult… but I just can’t find a definition that makes me see it as such.

Basically Effected means: Something brought about by a cause or agent; a result.

I am all about results Stevie, so thanks! Truth is I feel the effects of everyone and everything around me. And that includes everything in my real life as well as my internet life. So yes, I am quite effected.

So I left another comment to reply to the new reply on my original comment from 2 months ago:

zero fotm2

Ha ha, I called them bozos, because they seem like clowns to me. And I called the blog a train wreck, which Dr. E did not like and quickly replied:

Doc comment1

doc comment2

OK, train wreck might not have been the right wording… your blog is more like a bus crash. One of those short buses, and there are lots of really dumb people running around the crash on fire, spreading the disaster to all who get to close. There is that better? May not be politically correct, but I doubt you mind that much over at FOTM, and besides it is quite accurate IMO.

You are correct though that my blog (at least this Zero’s World one) is quite the train wreck. And it’s always nice to wreck into another train that is racing aimlessly down the track. So lets’ tackle this:

You criticize the importance of my blog… so original. But I bit… and I went to your little blog rating site, Alexa and once again you are correct, my “Red & Black” does not show up there:

prophet global ranking

Way to try to hurt my feelings… but as you said, I chose the name “zero” for myself… do you really think the ratings of our blogs mean anything to me?

Well maybe a little. Others have thrown this at me as well. Try to let me know just how much this zero doesn’t matter. Yet I got you all paying attention. In fact if you go to your same little blog rating site and enter this blog, the one you are reading right now, you’ll see it does rate:

zw global rank

I know, 10 million is not very good… but it’s a start. Zero’s World is a infant blog, but it will grow up one day and then maybe you will be more impressed with it’s global rank. Hell, after the way you made it sound like my blogs were not even on there, I was just happy to see any number.  And my LISK Blog has even better numbers:

lisk global rank

So my first blog that I didn’t post much on, in fact it didn’t even last a year really, doesn’t show up on your precious rating site. I really wouldn’t expect it to. But this one does, and hey, how ’bout that LISK blog. 100 posts over a year that I also stopped blogging on a while back, that’s the one to watch. It may be finished, but it continues to be read and reread. It may even one day give your rag of a blog a run for its money in the global rankings.

But really, as long as 1 person reads what I have to say, I’m content. Still, I’ll keep you posted Doc, since these ratings seem to mean so much to you.

Damn, this is getting long, probably lost most of my readers already… again… not something I really care about… too much, love me, hate me… I’m still me. Let’s go on…

So after Dr. E left their comment another reply was left:

DCG comment

So, the quote DCG is referring to (and laughing his/her ass off too) is from my “Red & Black” Blog, you know, the one that doesn’t rate on Alexa, so therefore dosen’t matter. It’s a good quote, but I’ve really gone a different way now. I suggest you each realize that before we continue…

Oh, and no matter what happens in the internet world with all its pokers and jokers, no matter what happens in the real world with all the tragedies and hypocrisies that are more than one person can handle…



I keep changing the world in my own way…



Sorry, I keep hearing this song everywhere and I can’t get it out of my head!

The Devil You Know


Music pops up in my posts in many different ways. But when you see the purple “Just Push Play” it will play a song for you that I am either listening to while  thinking  about that particular post. And then when I’m writing it, I’ll usually play the song a few more times. So I post links to the song or songs  in the purple “Just Push Play” so you get the whole feel of the post… and this song was playing in my car all day today, and the ideas for this post and the next one formed as I went about my day listening to the ever insightful, Eminem. I have already explained why Eminem pops up so much on the “Zero’s World” Blog, and I’m sure I will again… but not now, right now I want to get into the new comments from Fish Boy Joey. Seems like Junior wants some attention, but as usual, is not quite ballsy enough to step to far into this blog… aka “Zero’s World”… my world…

But even the smallest attempt to get my attention must be noted. Here’s what Flukeyou had to say in his comments:

new fu

I’m not gonna get into another discussion about the Doc… and I guess I should specify, Doc, meaning Doctor Hackett, known in internet land as CPH, (as you’ll see in the next post, clarifying Docs may now be needed) unless there is really something new to talk about. What Joey keeps forgetting is there are plenty out there who still question the Docs involvement in all this, and no one, that I can see at least, is trying to cover up for the Doc. Definitely not here. If something “Real” and not something that can be chased back to Juniors big fat lying mouth, comes out and CPH is linked to something or knows something or is hiding something, again anything that isn’t Flukey Horse Shit… well, that would be great. When it comes to the LISK case or any other unsolved case, I hope answers are found for those involved in them. Hopefully you get what I’m saying here, because, I don’t know how much longer I can go on explaining myself over and over to people who don’t want truth nor conclusions. Just want the  Caucus Race to continue on.

OK, so to the part that calls me a liar. Fu*k you Joey. Li*k my b@lls. Su*k my di*k.  xxxcensoredxxxx And then spit it all over the ugly little faces of all those in your little liars club.

Ouch, that was that Id of mine, you seem to bring him out every time Junior. But his point is: even here, on a blog made to satire and poke at those who misuse the internet, there is more truth than you will ever know your entire life. And that goes for all those hens in your pen as well. None of you will ever know truth… I’m 99% sure of that.

Just like I’m 99% sure you won’t have the balls to post much here Joey. You’ll repost some old crap you’ve posted a hundred times before. Lies and slander about your neighbors who you feel have done your family wrong. We’ve covered all this, you really are becoming irrelevant in the whole thing now… must bother you somewhat. But it’s always the same old song and dance for you Flukey!

Your #1 hen is different though, she likes to keep adding things to her crap… two sides to one coin. Yet nothing comes from any of those promises of answers mixed in with the slander of either your repetitive crap ( meaning you, Joey), or the ever-changing crap of Dorothy’s. It all still ends up to be nothing but crap! Still if I’m wrong you know where to find me… just please something new… like this:

dph nan zero jbr

This is from Nancy’s Facebook, which has been pleasantly non slanderous for the most part. You can see Dorothy has tried to slip me into the JonBenet Ramsey Murder… yes, new, but still crap. Damn this is funny, and I know it shouldn’t be… it’s all so sad the depths Dorothy will sink to. No care for those she hurts on her way down to the bottom. And those like Flukeyou willing to swim along side the sinking mass of… can I use one more”bad word”?… Shit.

I feel I must explain my so-called obsession with Dorothy suing her first ex husbands last name. Not much of an obsession, just find it interesting that she would still use the last name of either of her exes after the way she goes on about how bad they were to her. My guess is you kept the last name Hill when you remarried because of bussiness. And still use it for those reasons. Kind of greedy to make money off a last name you trash. Right? But hey you are quite the greedy bitch… damn, that Id is right there at the serface just waiting to pounce… but really it’s pointless… maybe you all aren’t as EFFECTED as I am… new word I learned from some other idiot out there in crazy, lying, internett land… and since I’m bored at the moment with those of you who seem to lose a lot of your meaning once I looked deeper into the picture… let’s move on to…

Guess Who’s Back… Back Again

Miss me?

I missed all of you.

I hope no one really thought I was done here. As I said before , we are just getting started!

I was/am having some issues with my rotator cuff, and while it isn’t serious, I am supposed to rest it, and that means no typing (right now I am blogging left-handed… which is not easy for me and only seems to make my other arm sore since it is not use to the use). I also went on vacation last week leaving the laptop at home. Which made it a lot easier to stay away… but I couldn’t stay away any longer. Like I said, I missed you all!

I did have a great vacation though, saw Alice Cooper and Motley Crue in San Diego, great show! Then did some camping and beach going at San Onofre, I love that place! And then had some fun at Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor. I will blog about the whole trip soon, but due to the left-handed typing, I’m gonna have to keep these posts a little shorter than the usual posts that go on and on.

So straight to the point of this post.

I spent some of the time thinking about how to continue to discuss Dorothy and her ongoing social media lies, slanders, and bully tactics without discussing Nancy.

And I came to the conclusion that it’s just not possible. I’m sorry, but it’s just not. Here’s my line of thinking:

Joey is nowhere to be found. No more repetitive slander of his neighbors popping up here or other sites, no Super Summer Slander blog like he promised… so I can move on, no need to bring up the little fish boy anymore.

Jen has been mostly quiet for a while now. Well except on Websleuths, where her busy body, know it all  attitude shines bright! But that’s not for me to discuss here, and as long as she isn’t telling tales of phone spoofs and eerie hack attacks as well as the cryptic stories of Flukeyou/Joey (none of which I believe, sorry, but you are too close to the Scalises in my opinion to buy any lie you tried to set me and others up with), as long as she doesn’t try to piss on me again and tell me it’s raining, I have no reason to get into her cloak and dagger again.

Cristin has run away and wants nothing to do with any of this and wants to pretend Catching Lisk never existed. Although I still think she doesn’t realize her getting involved with Joey, Dorothy, and Jen as well as being in contact with Mari and her (Mari’s) lawyer, she has had an ill effect on the LISK case in general… And although I don’t think she realizes how harmful her blog actually was… as long as she isn’t threatening lawsuits or offering information online that is mixed with Joey/Flukeyou crap, Truthspider and other Websleuths stuff put off as her own (yea I  did some Websleuths reading, I see where you got a lot of your ideas), and crap her, Jen or Dorothy “connected” together… I really have no reason to rehash her mistakes and blunders or reopen old wounds for others.

And Nancy… well Nancy is fast approaching Bat Shit Crazy (with Dorothy’s help of course)…  so going round that merry-go-round with her is really pointless.

Yes, I really could see myself not mentioning any of these people again under the right circumstances… I mean, I don’t go on and on about the other dopes I have encountered since I started Zero’s World. Like those “white pride” dopes: William Edwards, David Patrick Scott Jr., Mark ZacharyRichard Cranium, Wright Ryder. Or those that are part of the hypocritical, bible thumping, gay hating, Facebook groups: DOPES and more DOPES. And I barely mentioned all the dopes over at FOTM. So if these big-mouthed cowards  can stay off my radar just by using that little bit of intelligence they each must (I really mean might) have and realize it’s best to just ignore me, I could see myself doing the same for the first four dopes mentioned up above. But I made it clear a long time ago, I am never leaving Dorothy. We are connected forever (or at least as long as I can see her somewhere on the internet). And I can’t discuss Dorothy without talking about her dopey team.

But still, I noticed the longer I stayed away, the less and less Dorothy mentions me. In fact she hasn’t mentioned me, or any one I know (including blog readers and commenters) on her old favorite place to slander people, SG’s FB memorial in quite a while. If this has anything to do with those who run the page I sincerely thank you, I’ve always said, that is not a place for games and agenda. Those who use it for such (like Dorothy) have no conscience.

Even Nancy’s FB (Dorothy’s new favorite place to make up stories about people) has settled down on the name dropping… though there had been a little during my short absence from the World Wide Web:

dph nan fb more linda

dph zero air

dph nan fb zero proxy

nan fb zero linda

dph nan fb linda pedo

dph nan fb linda boston

Over all, not much compared to all the posts made there. There was one that did go a little too far though:

DPH zero kids

Now although I have “zero” money or assets (I’m not fully sure of Linda’s financial status) and could care less about some empty threat to take away money I don’t have, bringing up my kids is just the biggest no-no you can do… I know most involved here in the comments and blogs feel the same way. Now, I also know this comment was probably made because many have questioned Dorothy’s parenting skills and have publicly commented that social services might want to step in there. I don’t think I have made such comments, but I probably agreed with some of them. This comes mainly from the stories that a lot of us have heard about Dorothy bringing her children into the internet games (for example… during the drone games it was said that Dorothy had her son on the phone, I believe with Jen, to give his opinion on  Cristin’s “phone recording” drone being the real thing and not  just a toy). Now I don’t know how crazy you really are Dorothy, but I do believe you are a lying, slandering, internet game player, and if you include you children in you delusional games, I think it’s fair for people to question the welfare of your children. But to be perfectly honest, that’s for those arround you to decide. Just as with Nancy, it’s up to friends and family to get you the help you might (I really want to write most likely) need. But regardless of what others say about your parenting or lack of it, I strongly suggest that NO ONE mentions my children being taken from me ever again in any shape or form… that could cause things to blow up quite quickly here, and that just seems unnecessary now that most of you seem to want nothing more to do with me and my blogs. I mean you all really have stopped most of your crap, and I know I can’t take all the credit for it, but I will, in satire of course.

YEA, that’s right, I shut all you dopes up! You dopes are all talk and soooo transparent!

Love that satire!

O.K. gotta wrap it up, even though I have so much more I want to say. I know, what a big, mouth know it all. Some of us have so much in common!

And if any of you really thought I was gonna end this blog on a post about Nancy and Dorothy… shame on you:


LMAO at the rotator cuff line.

Here’s one for you Linda:


And some other Eminem that I’m feeling at the moment:



Yes, I think that last one says it nicely!