Guess Who’s Back… Back Again

Miss me?

I missed all of you.

I hope no one really thought I was done here. As I said before , we are just getting started!

I was/am having some issues with my rotator cuff, and while it isn’t serious, I am supposed to rest it, and that means no typing (right now I am blogging left-handed… which is not easy for me and only seems to make my other arm sore since it is not use to the use). I also went on vacation last week leaving the laptop at home. Which made it a lot easier to stay away… but I couldn’t stay away any longer. Like I said, I missed you all!

I did have a great vacation though, saw Alice Cooper and Motley Crue in San Diego, great show! Then did some camping and beach going at San Onofre, I love that place! And then had some fun at Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor. I will blog about the whole trip soon, but due to the left-handed typing, I’m gonna have to keep these posts a little shorter than the usual posts that go on and on.

So straight to the point of this post.

I spent some of the time thinking about how to continue to discuss Dorothy and her ongoing social media lies, slanders, and bully tactics without discussing Nancy.

And I came to the conclusion that it’s just not possible. I’m sorry, but it’s just not. Here’s my line of thinking:

Joey is nowhere to be found. No more repetitive slander of his neighbors popping up here or other sites, no Super Summer Slander blog like he promised… so I can move on, no need to bring up the little fish boy anymore.

Jen has been mostly quiet for a while now. Well except on Websleuths, where her busy body, know it all  attitude shines bright! But that’s not for me to discuss here, and as long as she isn’t telling tales of phone spoofs and eerie hack attacks as well as the cryptic stories of Flukeyou/Joey (none of which I believe, sorry, but you are too close to the Scalises in my opinion to buy any lie you tried to set me and others up with), as long as she doesn’t try to piss on me again and tell me it’s raining, I have no reason to get into her cloak and dagger again.

Cristin has run away and wants nothing to do with any of this and wants to pretend Catching Lisk never existed. Although I still think she doesn’t realize her getting involved with Joey, Dorothy, and Jen as well as being in contact with Mari and her (Mari’s) lawyer, she has had an ill effect on the LISK case in general… And although I don’t think she realizes how harmful her blog actually was… as long as she isn’t threatening lawsuits or offering information online that is mixed with Joey/Flukeyou crap, Truthspider and other Websleuths stuff put off as her own (yea I  did some Websleuths reading, I see where you got a lot of your ideas), and crap her, Jen or Dorothy “connected” together… I really have no reason to rehash her mistakes and blunders or reopen old wounds for others.

And Nancy… well Nancy is fast approaching Bat Shit Crazy (with Dorothy’s help of course)…  so going round that merry-go-round with her is really pointless.

Yes, I really could see myself not mentioning any of these people again under the right circumstances… I mean, I don’t go on and on about the other dopes I have encountered since I started Zero’s World. Like those “white pride” dopes: William Edwards, David Patrick Scott Jr., Mark ZacharyRichard Cranium, Wright Ryder. Or those that are part of the hypocritical, bible thumping, gay hating, Facebook groups: DOPES and more DOPES. And I barely mentioned all the dopes over at FOTM. So if these big-mouthed cowards  can stay off my radar just by using that little bit of intelligence they each must (I really mean might) have and realize it’s best to just ignore me, I could see myself doing the same for the first four dopes mentioned up above. But I made it clear a long time ago, I am never leaving Dorothy. We are connected forever (or at least as long as I can see her somewhere on the internet). And I can’t discuss Dorothy without talking about her dopey team.

But still, I noticed the longer I stayed away, the less and less Dorothy mentions me. In fact she hasn’t mentioned me, or any one I know (including blog readers and commenters) on her old favorite place to slander people, SG’s FB memorial in quite a while. If this has anything to do with those who run the page I sincerely thank you, I’ve always said, that is not a place for games and agenda. Those who use it for such (like Dorothy) have no conscience.

Even Nancy’s FB (Dorothy’s new favorite place to make up stories about people) has settled down on the name dropping… though there had been a little during my short absence from the World Wide Web:

dph nan fb more linda

dph zero air

dph nan fb zero proxy

nan fb zero linda

dph nan fb linda pedo

dph nan fb linda boston

Over all, not much compared to all the posts made there. There was one that did go a little too far though:

DPH zero kids

Now although I have “zero” money or assets (I’m not fully sure of Linda’s financial status) and could care less about some empty threat to take away money I don’t have, bringing up my kids is just the biggest no-no you can do… I know most involved here in the comments and blogs feel the same way. Now, I also know this comment was probably made because many have questioned Dorothy’s parenting skills and have publicly commented that social services might want to step in there. I don’t think I have made such comments, but I probably agreed with some of them. This comes mainly from the stories that a lot of us have heard about Dorothy bringing her children into the internet games (for example… during the drone games it was said that Dorothy had her son on the phone, I believe with Jen, to give his opinion on  Cristin’s “phone recording”, drone being the real thing and not  just a toy). Now I don’t know how crazy you really are Dorothy, but I do believe you are a lying, slandering, internet game player, and if you include you children in you delusional games, I think it’s fair for people to question the welfare of your children. But to be perfectly honest, that’s for those arround you to decide. Just as with Nancy, it’s up to friends and family to get you the help you might (I really want to write most likely) need. But regardless of what others say about your parenting or lack of it, I strongly suggest that NO ONE mentions my children being taken from me ever again in any shape or form… that could cause things to blow up quite quickly here, and that just seems unnecessary now that most of you seem to want nothing more to do with me and my blogs. I mean you all really have stopped most of your crap, and I know I can’t take all the credit for it, but I will, in satire of course.

YEA, that’s right, I shut all you dopes up! You dopes are all talk and soooo transparent!

Love that satire!

O.K. gotta wrap it up, even though I have so much more I want to say. I know, what a big, mouth know it all. Some of us have so much in common!

And if any of you really thought I was gonna end this blog on a post about Nancy and Dorothy… shame on you:


LMAO at the rotator cuff line.

Here’s one for you Linda:


And some other Eminem that I’m felling at the moment:



Yes, I think that last one says it nicely!

183 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back… Back Again

  1. Now to let the few comments through that were left while i was away… i’m only going to respond to one at the moment… gotta go watch big brother… but one of them needs to be responded to.

    • I missed you all very much (not you nan)…I made a final attempt to reach out and wish nan well (IM on was sincere, open and heartfelt..This even though she literally spit on all of us when we wished her well….Of course it ended with her being blocked…You know Zero, youre the only one nan doesnt spit on, awwww a widdle crush!!

      You guys simply must visit Zero’s FB!! i WAS FINALLY ABLE TO TRACE BACK THE GAMES dOROTHY PRICE HILL AND NAN HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR YEARS..There are some real gems…Excuse my new (yet again)

      Here are some highlights…if you read the above post, you see Dorothy finds it ‘interesting’ that i used the exact wording as some criminal, but she’s so stupid, she didnt realize those where nans words..heres a snippit:

      Linda Magri Lmt
      July 31 at 8:17pm

      Awesome right!!??

      Heres proof Dorothy price hill has been playing nan for years, again just a snippet…here we see a convo between the two ON FB from late 2012…Dorothy is explaining a conversation she supposedly got from LE (if true, it was prob someone playing her)…also note how she feels about Long Islanders..such a saint our Dorothy…these are convos before they knew of any of ‘us” and visa versa..LOVE IT:

      > “The stupid uneducated Long Island accent. What a fool. I want to take him on in the Courtroom.I had better finish law school quickly so I can PROSECUTE him for State & Federal crimes. He plays the “Oh I am a nice guy” and switches to casual conver”…See More
      Nancy asks if Dorothy thought it was Mike..answer for DPH..’im certain it was”‘
      a snippet of my response:
      …DOPE Check out how DPH feels about Long Islanders, let alone cops…and there’s literally thousands more like this one…LE loves you hows law school coming?? and didnt you say in 2013 you were running for office…hahahaha

      Law school and puiblic office no less!!!!!!!…i screen shot it all…point being, Dorothy has been playing this game on nans head for years..there are literally hundreds of these accusations she encourages, since late 2012 till present..some cunt huh?? wow

      Thanks for the song Z, and everything’re a good friend brotha!! Enjoy the day 🙂

  2. Being somewhat of an OUTSIDER here. Find myself able to take an objective view of this group.
    Which is why, over time I have come to a place of ACCEPTANCE.Along with a much better understanding. Of what is/has been going on within these groups aka Teams.

    • Great topic for your blog. How would you or I or dph etc.
      Define A TEAM?
      All things being subject to the interpretation of the individual.
      To me? A team is an entity.One that is unified. Made into ONE.
      ex.Somebody harms MY team.They HARM me as well. Us being a team. Aka A circle.Which is why groups that are professing unity. Usally seat themselves in circles.
      The circle of life.
      A wheel is round.A circle. If it loses that shape. It becomes. OUT OF ROUND.Does not perfom as it should.
      A gear out of round. Develops a glitch.
      Round and round we go.
      The Roulette wheel. Has to be round.
      A closed circle?
      Allows no outsiders in. Without express permission of the group.

      • I think team is understood… it’s a group of people working together for then same goal or outcome… mostly dealing in sports but also in many other areas (close enough right? no time today to go search the definition and copy and post) Still I use it because Dorothy likes to talk about her “team”… if you really read my stuff, when it comes to most of you, I’m just throwing your own words back at ya… native, I believe pointed that out once…

      • Wow that is deep..a group you all accuse of horrendous crimes, slander and disrespect..dont want you here..Particularly since we ALL wished you the absolute best…Fascinating’re pretty sharp nan..yes sir!!

      • A team requires cooperation, sharing, and considering all..You and DPH know nothing about it..Remember there’s no ‘I” in team?? was that saying around in your day?? get smart

      • Yet 99 percent of new readers are welcome and ‘fit in’ perfectly fine?? what’s that tell ya nan?? love to your thoughts..

      • If I named some of my new readers, both in who i know some of them are and who i think some of them are, nancy and dorothy would see that some people are definatly stepping up after years of BULLSHIT from these 2 nutty ladies.

    • I think i gottcha… to be honest I still don’t know who’s all been in “private” contact through out the years and who helped each other or who messed with who… but I picked up on a lot of it… and all the “teams” seemed to fracture off… and I mean ALL, from those who got together on to try to figure out the screen name games, Websleuthers who teamed up and against in some instances…those who got together with Mari through the years and then splintered off… Jen, Cristin, Brooke, and others… Joey’s sockpuppets and google detective flunkies… NERD and the blog stalkers… Dorothy’s “TEAM”… no one wants to admit their part in any of the madness that came from their getting together and “helping”. Maybe the same could be said for me starting the blog and tring to get to the bottom of all these conections… But I am honest about my part in all this… not many here can say the same… sneaky crap has gone on for a long while now including many of those who commented here on this blog and the places before it. And so far no one wants to really fess up.

  3. This one’s for you Dorothy Price Hill, since your blocked from Zero’s FB (but we know you read u bony, evil pig..muah!!

    Linda Magri Lmt :”Linda acts like a saint and curses like a sailor”…and you talk like a saint and act like the devil..keep judging u unfit pig, serpent…i also treat people like a saint…dont forget, everyone i know and love can read this, meaning i have NOTHING TO HIDE or fear (im loved, and give love), not like you, you phony witch..Just another reason to be a hater i guess, i have MANY loyal, loving friends ..ur FB ‘Friends” are gonna know u real soon…how bout that?? as nan would say..witch …kisses

    • In fact, you give my friends quite a laugh…we’ll all toast to your KARMA arriving soon, just before a nice late night swim and BBQ….MUAH!!!

      • MU-AH from me too you evil little troll! I ain’t ever forgetting about you Dorothy… know that! You have just gone so much farther than all the rest… they at least were smart enough to not poke at an unknown like me… BFF Dorothy… me and you!

  4. and me!! i feel so bad for your children…you really turn ‘good’ people’s stomachs..worse than Scalise, worse than ANY of those idiots, this cunt! I do take some pleasure in knowing you’ll ALWAYS be alone, always Dorothy price Hill..But to think you raise kids?? you’re an affront and abomination to all decent parents..not to mention women in general..karma missy…Never forget it 🙂
    Comes when you least expect it…kiss my beautiful ass 😉

  5. Even Shannons page finally sees you for who you are..completely turn off ALL the families…several of them read here, and follow your evil ways..’We” know..they’re always in the suck bitch, i speak for many

    • Yup. I agree with everything Linda said about Dorothy, and will support her in anything she says in the future. Same goes for Zero.

      • TU Donna 🙂 she, like some ‘others’, had been slipping through the cracks for so long…But to DIRECTLY mess with an unstable mind??!! No wonder Scalise hand picked her to spread his evil..Yes. Spawn of satan, if there is such a thing..

    • yea, and i had wanted to wtite another response just saying rules were good, but that i thought the mods did a great job with out the help of people trying to jump on others and that whether you post something about someone due to same name or you just chastise someone eles for doing it and then comment on how you did the same thing by writting people with the same name and then bringing it up in websleuths… but I realized making my point only would be lost on who i was making it too and that i would only be caring it on… those of you that are lost… I suggest you make a Websleuths account. For the most part it is a very good place to read what others think and/or sleuthed about LISK as well as other cases. Yes some of the nuts are there… but some great insight is also there and those mods do a hell of a job keeping everyone on the up and up… which was gonna be my point when that busy body tried to jump on me for saying it… the mods there do a great job and those there should not try to do it for them… every time i say something there I’m told about the rules… never from a mod… just a busy body that wants to be in control of everyone and everything, MOO! I had written another comment to state some of this but then didn’t put it through, there was no need to get into it there with the busy body any more than getting into it with Dot girl on the SG FB memorial… plus I didn’t want to seem like I was sticking up for someone with the initials LL6… that’s MM7 minus 3 ones… lol. I sat on posting about the little exchange decided against it… hoped people could see by not responding i was respecting the site, which I do. In fact I tend to just read there instead of commenting because most things I could add are posted before i get a chance (some of you there are quite fast and informative) and i don’t want to get into petty arguments with some of the nuts i know are there, that’s what this place is for…lol. I have lots i’d like to say about Websleuths and the Sleuthers there. Things I agree with, things I don’t… but I don’t want to get into it with those who don’t like me (or truth) so I tend not to comment. But for the most part, I have read some great insights there, and recommend EVERYONE to make an account and see for yourself!

      • Take it easy with that recommendation of joining there. We don’t need you sending your “fans” there. Lol. That place fell into complete disarray one time. It was right before ll6 started her own site I think, in fact I think it was the catalyst. Now I’m not 100% sure but I think fluke had just joined and was posting his theories as fact and without a Mainstream media source. I’m not saying flukes theories were or were not fact but at that website you have to back things up with a newspaper source or something like that. So a bunch of new people began doing the same thing and completely backing up his theories. They splashed every thread. They had an army of posters. So the admin had to shut down the entire board and go through each thread and delete the posts and ban the members. I THINK that was when ll6 was banned and then began her site.

      • yes, i remember all of that. that’s right when i came across all of this and is why i didn’t go to Websleuths at the time (it was being adjusted as i recall) and i think the mods there do a great job there. Did you mean to write ll6? Or is it just a typo. lol. for sake of confusing anyone it was MM7 who had a blog… but still take away three ones and you get ll6…(inside joke?) maybe only to me… though ll6 seems more like a Brooklyn girl. MOO of course. OK I need to stop… this is a no no and Jen will surely let it be known… lmao… OK bad zero. Still yes… all that went down and a lot more… ending, changing Websleuths (a few people lighter, though most returned with a new screen name) and starting and ending almost as fast MM7s blog, not LL6 (now don’t start that again, lol) just a few of the many layers of that onion… is that even a correct metaphor anymore… it’s more like a barrel of apples, or barrels of apples dumped together onto the internet. The question is, are we all spoiled now?

      • everytime i say something there I’m told about the rules… never from a mod… just a busy body that once to be in control of everyone and everything, MOO!

        Do tell…lol You must HATE that…wonder who it is 😉

      • I remember LI!! Thjats when she appeared on LISK!! I believe they changed the ‘rules’ directly because of her shenanigans..

      • Im tempted at times to send webslueths every thing ive been copied from them in emails…But that make me them..Right??

      • yea, not worth it… we both know who loves to share emails,IMs, shots from sites and “secret” pages, as well as cryptic stories she swears she told no one else… lol. The whole “team” of nutball kettles. Black as can be, all of them. And all of their promises of being in the “know” that would bring down a killer went and still goes NOWHERE!

      • ain’t it though… oh Flukey, i was getting so bored with nan nan and dot girl, jen and MM7 don’t dare comment in here… so hopfully you are here to give me that challenge I need… shall we talk about truth and Flukeboy equations, like truth=something joey knows nothing about… or fact=flukeyou is not taken seriously anymore. Oh please, please, bring the excitement back Joey… I’m sooo bored with this crap at the moment…

  6. Id like everyone new here to understand my cursing is done in the spirit of SATIRE…meant to get one thinking about what EVOL speech really is…

  7. Join. The more people that read and learn the facts he better the chance a serial killer or 3 will be taken off of the streets on my island. Yes, it’s my island,

  8. My self and “others” believe Bitlrolff was a HUGE catch..keep hearing Bissets name relating to the “Gilgo Four”.. I have “some personal stuff goin on” keep informed my peeps


  9. whoops i forgot to add this..sorry:

    July 10, 2008 – For the second time in two weeks, a body was found dumped on the side of a road on the Southern State Parkway in the North Merrick area, police said yesterday.

    A “laundry-type bag” containing the badly decomposed body of an adult was found Wednesday night on the shoulder of the parkway west of Merrick Ave. in No. Merrick, State Police said. That was about a mile away, police said, from a parkway ramp at Newbridge Road in No. Bellmore where a suitcase was found on June 27 that contained the dismembered body of a Brooklyn woman. Investigators have not identified the latest victim but they suspect it is the body of a woman.

    The dismembered body found two weeks ago was eventually identified as Tanya Rush, 39, of East New York, Brooklyn, a mother of three. There have been no arrests in that case

    • So tell me how The docs depo went… but don’t just blow some more smoke up my ass… heard all the lies about who might know things… years old lies are just that… but if you are here to say something new has come to light… I’m all ears fishboy.

    • I love that Fluke still taunts about CPH, even though we clearly have no stance, one way or the other..jeez , so silly..

      personally, i cant wait for the trial.. whatever

      • as we have said… Fluke only made us look less at the Doc… Fluke convinced a lot of people out there who once questioned the Doc to thinking he was set up, at least that’s my opinion from all the reading of posts, comments, and emails. Me, I’m still waiting to see where things go with Doc and the lawsuit and all of that, trying not to let Fishboys comments affect my thoughts on it one way or another. But hey, Fluke has sparked my interest again… it’s time to dust off the old LISK game files and dive into it all again to see if there is anything I missed to help me understand why each of these people are still doing these destructive things. but I also got a new comment on the FOTM blog… i hope people don’t think just because I have said i am busy with the Dome right now that I will just let things slide and not have time to post… nope… but it will make for some interesting posts… stay tooned!

      • its that dam repetition and the know it all way he conducts himself, so preachy..BOY who cried wolf..
        It isn’t tolerated anywhere else …boring

    • JOE, the only people allowed at Depo are both parties, attorneys and the court us some inside info Joe..little pre-trail sneak peek..I do hope Mari fairs well.

    • I hope it’s real… Nancy needs to forget about Dorothy and all of this stuff… Dorothy wants me to focus on nancy, and I did… I can’t help but try to keep all my readers happy… not an easy task by the way, but i think we all know the why of the things Nancy does… and the why’s are where we are going next… so again hopefully it’s real… let Dorothy have to once again find a new place to post her lies… and we can move on to why each of these crazies did what they did (and do what they do).

  10. Why don’t you update the readers on The recent developments…. CHP’s rat friends are all turning on him. Tick tock, times almost run out for the doc. Why don’t you start posting what’s really going on at oak beach now that the hackers have fled back to point lookout and their biggest allies are starting to talk to save their own asses… The PLO is thrilled to have hacker back in the neighborhood .. Lol. Rip kk haspel ….longtime OB resident and sister of hacker supporter patty max

    • Before I answer this I’d like to explain my lack of involvement on the blog lately. If you look at all my blogs last year you will see there was no activity from me at all. This started because of an accident I witnessed the summer before last, which caused me not to want to go online and deal with the crazies and all their drama anymore. But it was also because this time of the year (which i have said over and over) are very busy for me. That being said, I did come back to the blogs eventually (although my dealings with the accident and the very uncaring people commenting on my blog made me decide to end the “red & black” blog and focus on bringing the LISK Blog to an end as well) As readers know, all of this led to “Zero’s Word (the blog you are reading now) A never ending place to take on the uncaring, messed up people out there on the internet, and speaking of uncaring, messed up people, FLUKE IS BACK!

      • FLUKE IS BACK!

        Like clockwork i might add..he looses it when he thinks you’re home..CAUSE NO ONE ELSE IS LISTENING

      • yep… you can’t see it but in his email adress area it says “Zero’sazero” lmao! I’m so glad i got under the skin of the super super dope team of Joey and Dorothy! I know they think it’s a good thing i still pay attention to them in some way. Someone to argue with and spread their tales to… but time and google will tell! be ready to do some reading this winter!

      • “Zero’sazero”

        Thats so awesome…ZERO…heh, heh, so JEALOUS, let alone he cant stay away..heehhee ..BEST EVER..DESPERATE MUCH..LMFAO

    • So yes, sept and oct are very busy for me, but we are almost through it, in the meantime, I have no problems aswering the few comments that have been left when i can… so let’s see, “Why don’t you update the readers on The recent developments” well joey b flukeboy, that is because I do not know of any, I have been hoping there would be some, either on the CPH case or the Bitrolff arrest, or on the body parts that were being dropped off in front of people’s homes. And I have heard and read some things that people are saying, but as usual, nothing that i have seen has been substantiated. But you seem to know other wise… do tell flukey…

      • EXACTLY…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………more Joey Drama……………………………………………………………………………………

    • joey why dont you find a new dont equal serial killing..i mean your mommy fucked around, does that make her a whore, you or youR dad a murderer..did she have a crush on CPH, used to stupid slut women..not only did ZERO take ur spot, he parked in it, and you sound jealous, pathetic, repetitive, AND MOST OF ALL, SO VERY DESPERATE….POOR BABY..Dont let that temper get the best of you..WE’RE WATCHING..AND DOn’T HURT AMY MORE ANIMALS YOU FREAK..wouldn’t want PETA TO SEE THAT CHARGE, WOULD YA…LOSER..thats how that sicko from Canada went down…Luka magotta…you’re unraveling joe, again..bit by bit by bit..oooh that temper…


      • and i’m just getting started… I keep saying that, huh? Because it’s true…

        Give em what they’re begging for ZERO, OBVIOUSLY THEY MISS THE ATTENTION..ask and you shall receive

        hee, hee

  11. TC and JC are singing like canaries and the most damning evidence off all… Soon to be publicly revealed and will force SCPD to finally arrest this low life and maybe barbs too! ” the only thing he’s guilty of is coming home late for dinner” what she left out….after disposing of multiple bodies of his innocent prey… The guy had the whole community fooled… The recent death of Ryan aversano opened the community’s eyes to the negative impact “”the doc’s ” script writing habits has had on the youth of the beach… Justin canning was recently released from rehab and TC’s wife has confiscated his car until he gets sober.. BB has abandoned her house at the beach, hacker sold, max house for sale and Canning’s next.. All coincidence ????

    • “SOON TO BE PUBLICALLY RELEASED”… if it’s not publically released, why did you expect me to write about it, I obviously don’t have the connections you do. You love to talk about the cannings, I have never met them or spoken to any of them. I don’t think they read here. But I feel for them having to deal with such a psychotic neighbor like you. You have said all of this before and it turned out to be lies and bs… so time will tell if what you say is the “big break” you and your croonies keep promising. But let me give you a promise. If none of this pans out, and this is just once again, one of you messed up in the head “team” using my stuff to post lies and slander… I will come back with a blog to expose all of you one last time… and I will not go easy on any of you. If Oak beach neighbors know something about the Doc they aren’t saying, I, like everyone else reading here (ok I shouldn’t speak for everyone reading here, there are some real nutballs here amongst the caring ones) want it to come out. But for years you have called out the same thing, and NO ONE backs you up, and NOTHING ever comes to light like you promise. And this of course goes for Dorothy, Nancy, Cristin, Jen, and the early crazies like Susie and Candyce and all the people who made fake screen names or messed with real people or tried to get in touch with family of victims just to get yourself in the limelight.
      Yes, I hope all you have just wrote here is true, not only so people can finally get answers, but also so i don’t have to keep my promise to you, digging back into LISK and all you will be consuming, I know from experiance. But a statement like this can not go unchalenged if it is false. Who gave this info to you? Mari? Her Lawyer? One of the Cannings? Some of your more recent comments seem to point to the Canning son as being your informer (kind of absurd after all you have done to that family) But hey, drag me back in… make me hungry for answers… make me want to find the truth again… I was getting bored with the satire anyways… let’s get real again…

      • Its beyond creepy that Joe seems obsessed with Shannons death only….search all you want..He never mentions the other victims…im not the first to notice..OBSESSED…Whats that about Fluke, concerned citizen that u are…yes indeed,,,,, whats the obsession with Mari and Shannon..why do the other families shun you…..and being a dad, why did you wait till now to do something about the drug use and ‘killing club’, a phase Joe throws out, but never explains, for anyone new, earlier..small must have known..DIRTBAG..btw, property values must be plummeting, all those for sale signs aim’t gonna help..way to go

        BTW, if these are the ‘facts’ that are gonna be used at trial, Maris in big doubt CPS will surely sue for his legal fees..

      • or people moving away from Flukes slanderous tales, also understandable… but than joey’s been at it since the begining, and nothing he has said has stuck, well other than knowing where Shannan and her belongings would be found, or how he decribed how the bodies could have been kept and where they could have been kept… yep all the useful stuff came from joey the fluke. but nothing he has stated about his neighbors has come through to anything but slander and lies… yet he did have some info early on… before anyone! And info that was twisted and passed to Cristin and Dorothy. And from there Dorothy branches out to many crazies… just thinking out loud…

      • Speaking of gossip, who’s your mom gonna ‘hang with’ now, with all the neighbors will she escape her reality… .poor thing..hope she doesnt turn to the bottle..

    • Even though i read in YOUR OWN words, that u left JGs book next to ur last victim, and that you’re ‘smart and cunning’ enough to be the killer..i no longer believe’re a hot mess…It does seems like you idolize the killer though….See, i quote FACTS..

    • All coincidence ????

      YES…tie it into serial murder since the 90’s..THOUGHT SO..good luck in court joe stick with DOPES, YES, ALL DOPES…BUT JG, SHE’S A DIFFERENT STORY…we shall see

  12. Why is Mr. Brewer obsessed with Shannan? Hmmm, Could it be because he hired her that night? Perhaps he feels that she might still be alive if he hadn’t? Fluke, understanding normal human emotions isn’t your strong point, is it?

    • The problem with Joey and a lot of these sleuthers and game players, is they don’t see that the reactions of some of these people they put in their POI’s could be just that. If Shanan’s death was an accident of some sort then none of the OB gang (from Joey to The Doc) are probably involved, though some may be guilty of other things or just feel guilty… so their actions will be as such. Of course if Shannan’s death was something more than an accident or is linked to the GB4, then Brewer, Pakk, and anyone who was in Oak beach that night, well then there actions and reactions may mean something… BUT we don’t even know for sure what happened to Shannan, so everyone speculates… and who here is not obsessed in some way… Joey has the biggest obsession going! Don’t get me wrong, brewer is creepy and pretty fuc*ed up the way he has handled all of this (like others, claiming to hold answeres, but only speaking in riddles) but, as you point out Donna, Joey just rants to rant… he misses the mark and his accusations just fall flat.

    • Still..What is JOEY’S obsession with Shannon…Shannon and Mari JOE…you know ordinarily you would look down on them, LIKE YOU DO EVERYONE…. your racist and elitist attitude ain’t exactly a secret ..YOU KNOW THIS…im gonna figure this out..yes

  13. Right on Ms D…even his ex students are QUOTED as saying ‘He’s immature and unusually cruel’…….I believe its called SOCIOPATHIC behavior…That career didn’t last long….Yet YOU joey let Mari talk about Mikes D’S Career..does she know visit JOE

    • welcome back! Fluke just recently returned, other than that it has been rather quiet here. I’m about to change that though. Dot and Nan Nan are still posting things on FB here and there… the best is Dorothy accusing me of attacking Nancy, Cristin, and the Scalise family… good stuff. New post soon to go over the lattest, as well as some older stuff… trying to get some direction… think I’m almost there… and it looks like everyone is reading again… so…

      • very nice… a sign to proceed… I’d be finishing that post today, but i gotta go scare some cheerleaders. I’m sure most here understand. Soon though… we have some new views out there on our little team of liars… I’m just gonna call it what it is… some say they are mental, some say they are stupid, some say they were misguided, but after all i have seen, there is no way they don’t know by now that it is ALL based on lies. If not ALL, then MOST. And we are gonna get to ALL of it. And since everyone seems to be back now… I need to get to work. Sorry for all the delays, I’ll do my best to make it worth it!


    • LOL, was rereading some of those exact things today, cleaning up my hard drive trying to make it easier to find things when I make posts… we do need a ressurection of some sort… but first gotta get back in blog mode…

  15. Im waiting to see if FLa publicly threatens to sue DPH…Man, you kept all her personal stuff quiet, we all did, and she wanted to sue you..another genius..please….probably sniffin each others buts again..hope Mr Fla doesn’t see..dopes

    • or if Danny threatens violence to her… probably not… Dorothy is allowed to keep mentioning them, go look at Murt’s stuff, he called the drone a hoax and posted her mug shots and it’s all still there. But me, the zero that everyone says is irrelevent with my small amount of readers etc… if i mention her or her friend or her soon to be ex hubby, it’s sudenly a federal case… she threatens to sue, he threatens to come to my house and beat me up… and her buddy mandamos7, gives me most of what I know about our Florida couple, and then also threatens lawsuits etc. But i’m still here. Jen, Dorothy, Joey, Candyce, they have all given empty threats… they act like they don’t want me to write, while secretly thinking they are getting me to help spread their garbage… it’s a new day in zero’s world… I truly mean it… be ready people!

      • EXACTLY, She has a bug up her ass w you only..well now theres proof in writing she could give two shits..just a mean spirited vedetta against you..SMART GIRL..PLEASE..

      • i said this in the begining, hypercrites hate me… I make them take a hard look at their own words, and they never like them. So yea, Joey, Jen, Cristin, Dorothy, Nancy, they are fine with those who drink their kool aid (old metaphores are new again) but if you point out their lies or hypocracies or their plain ignorance… they get mad and go home. None of them could handle thye fire once it got hot. I look back at Catching LISK and see all the games and lies… the batter on both sides, crossing sides, from joey and his fake screen names to the many screen names of Nerd (where are you Nerd? Did I get to close? Well I have new ideas about you… but I don’t want to get ahead of myself) Hindsight is the best kind of sight there is…

      • I’m sure the threats will start up soon enough… but remember… Dorothy can’t keep her trap shut… I must continue to show I attacked no one… just in case anyone out there still don’t see the flipside of these people… but how deep does it go… Dorothy is now accusing Cristin’s ex of being part of her connections… yes more old stuff, new again, thanks to Dorothy… and don’t forget Joey with his rehash of the Oak Beach Gang… results, people… let’s see who get’s them…

      • AND you’re exactly right, all the dirt on her came from JG, dph, her DUMB friend and her husband…all kept private by YOU ONLY ..she always was quite the one to have her priorities in order..puuuuuuhlease..i predicted and warned her she might be in court one day herself..BINGO..I MUST BE PSYCHIC..psycho…heh heh

      • or if Danny threatens violence to her

        PLEASE, The best part is the genius puts it all in writing, ‘Vents of a mom’ style…Every last one of them, a HOT MESS….REAPING TIME

      • So if anyone should want to know what kinda guy zero is in the real world, or how much FUN Fright Dome is, just ask Linda! She was scream queen last night!

      • Hey peeps, for once im at a lack of words!! Zero (including family, friends, coworkers), is just as he portrays: Down to earth, kind, honest and generous and completely non judgmental!! There is no other way to put it! You can also clearly feel the love he feels for all mentioned above, and visa versa..

        Frightdome is a complete BLAST for those over 18, JMO, Its too scary for the young ones…and lets not forget, IT IS VEGAS!!!!!!! Planning my next trip already….

        Thanks again ZERO AND SASSY for being such welcoming hosts!!!

        SOOOOOO haters, keep hating…I can’t relate, but i can clearly see how evil bitches could easily be jealous…Hate on…and hold on to you’re seats, you asked for it after all..hee hee

        Im sad to report, Nan is as sick as she’s always been…longest communication with her to date, and im truly concerned, as well as frightened..Dorothy continues to feed and use her mental instability, evil twat that she is!! Of course, its all in writing, and in Zero’s capable hands..I warned Nancy id be sharing all, unless she requested i didn’t?? She wholeheartedly agreed…I communicate fairly regularly with some i met on LISK site, we became friends, and those convos are kept private…but be warned, if ur a gamer, IM NOT YOUR FRIEND

      • sounds like a new team is forming… that old team of dorothy is now on the run… but circles always lead ya back… and they all run in circles…

      • HEE, just one more thought…i feel i must also add, Nancy has ZERO interest or relevance in the LISK case…she cares not for the crimes, the victims or the families..and certainly not for those of thus who have become victims of slander, merely for showing interest in the case, or are here to support the victims…IF ITS NOT ABOUT NANCY OR HER BELOVED EX MIKE, SHE COULD GiVE TOO SHITS!!!!! Dorothy is guilty of feeding her sick mind with insane, IRRELEVANT, cryptic “dot connecting”…. BEST part is, Nancy still thinks DPH is one of her ex’s personalities!!! AND DPH KNOWS THIS

        Real question is, who’s sicker???? AT one time, i struggled with the issue of Nancy getting a ‘pass’ due to her mental condition…not sure if i figured it out, but she’s a selfish, bitter, OBSESSED person…please use extreme caution when communicating with her, AS WITH ALL THE GAMERS..please!

      • very true… SPOILER* Nancy only wants one thing, to reunite with her ex husband mike… for us all to be him and come clean that it’s all for her… that ain’t gonna happen in the really real world. But that’s all for later… first…

    • yea, was gonna finish and post last night… (it’s a big one) but many things hit at once yesterday… but I’m glad to know some are still ready to read more, let’s see how everyone feels after this post though… up soon, i swear…

    • the post titled “The Devil’s In The Details” which was conceived imediately after the first 2 parts 2 months ago is about half way finished and it all ready over a thousand words, the longer it takes for me to finish the bigger it will become I guess. I don’t want to hype it up, it’s a good post and it will set the mood for what’s to come, what ever that will be… should of finnished it wed. but that day was hectic, huh Linda, lol. By the way, I hope you had fun last night! You missed me doing the Time Warp at the end though.

      • Zero, i had the time of my life!! ahh, yeah, we both had a hectic day or two, but it was WELL worth it..You were the pefecr host!!! Your family and friends are amazing people!! You have a blessed life, and its a privledge to know you-TY so very much!!!!!

      • thanks, but it was hectic, lol. still was great to finally meet in person and know at least 2 of us can say we are exactly as we say we are. no need to hide who we are or lie about things. we are as fabulous as we say we are! choke on it haters!

      • ZERO, Family and freinds totally rock…going back with my family in Feb….GamerS, ITS OVER…..HEEE HEE..FRIGHTDOME ROCKS BIG BIGTIME…STAY TOOnED FOR HARASSMENT On FB

    • But dorothy should know, I get some theorys about her from lots of different people… and I plan to explore some of them… but first we gotta get the ball rolling… next week… I’m thinking Monday or Tuesday… the devil trilogy will be complete and we will all ask ourselves… do we go on… I’m prety sure I know that answer though

      • Just Look at Vegas!!!!! We should all make meet here every October!!!!- I Swear friends, its well worth it, Frighdome rocks!!!! AMAZING
        Zero is awesome, and Frightdome people are as well…Its a labor of love, like one big family!!! Scary as heck too, HEE!!😀

      • sounds good to me, who else isn’t scared? But if the boston thing happens next year (and I think it will) then we could all meet there. Closer for most of you, and i’ll be curious to check it out… but that’s a year away… what to do until then? oh yea, the blog… get ready, part 3 to the devil trilogy is just about done… and then… well… you know…

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