The Devil You Don’t Know

So a few months after I left a comment on that tragically sad blog Fellowship Of The Minds , someone decided to reply to it. But before we take a look at this reply and my reply to the reply, and the 2 replies to that, let’s take a look back at what I wrote there. Back in June, I had been looking at things Nancy and Dorothy were posting in other places on the web, and found this post:

I read the post and the comments left after it (some coming from Nancy) and I made my own comment there. Here it is:

zero fotm

To which I got a response from Doc (Ewoyn not Hackett):


Now this comment at first said something about me being in Las Vegas, Nevada, some kind of bully tactic (I’m getting used to them now) I guess aimed to make me go, “Oh no, they know where I live”.  The dummy must have realized how silly that made them look and edited that part out. I covered the whole thing in my blog, narcissistic zero and all, in the post titled Nan Nan & The Fellowship Of The Minds:

And I thought The Fellowship Of The Stupid was a ship in the night that I was willing to let pass. I mean after all it was just a ship of fools. No one needed me to point it out.

But then 2 months later, another mind fellow decided to reply to my comment, I guess to give the Doc some late back-up. They wrote:

stevieb fotm

So, my comment was only “mostly irrelevant”, not bad. I’ll have to work harder next time to get the level of irrelevance those I blog about have achieved.

Oh and Stevie, I love that word: EFFECTED. It inspired me to do some googling.


I’m sure you meant it as an insult… but I just can’t find a definition that makes me see it as such.

Basically Effected means: Something brought about by a cause or agent; a result.

I am all about results Stevie, so thanks! Truth is I feel the effects of everyone and everything around me. And that includes everything in my real life as well as my internet life. So yes, I am quite effected.

So I left another comment to reply to the new reply on my original comment from 2 months ago:

zero fotm2

Ha ha, I called them bozos, because they seem like clowns to me. And I called the blog a train wreck, which Dr. E did not like and quickly replied:

Doc comment1

doc comment2

OK, train wreck might not have been the right wording… your blog is more like a bus crash. One of those short buses, and there are lots of really dumb people running around the crash on fire, spreading the disaster to all who get to close. There is that better? May not be politically correct, but I doubt you mind that much over at FOTM, and besides it is quite accurate IMO.

You are correct though that my blog (at least this Zero’s World one) is quite the train wreck. And it’s always nice to wreck into another train that is racing aimlessly down the track. So lets’ tackle this:

You criticize the importance of my blog… so original. But I bit… and I went to your little blog rating site, Alexa and once again you are correct, my “Red & Black” does not show up there:

prophet global ranking

Way to try to hurt my feelings… but as you said, I chose the name “zero” for myself… do you really think the ratings of our blogs mean anything to me?

Well maybe a little. Others have thrown this at me as well. Try to let me know just how much this zero doesn’t matter. Yet I got you all paying attention. In fact if you go to your same little blog rating site and enter this blog, the one you are reading right now, you’ll see it does rate:

zw global rank

I know, 10 million is not very good… but it’s a start. Zero’s World is a infant blog, but it will grow up one day and then maybe you will be more impressed with it’s global rank. Hell, after the way you made it sound like my blogs were not even on there, I was just happy to see any number.  And my LISK Blog has even better numbers:

lisk global rank

So my first blog that I didn’t post much on, in fact it didn’t even last a year really, doesn’t show up on your precious rating site. I really wouldn’t expect it to. But this one does, and hey, how ’bout that LISK blog. 100 posts over a year that I also stopped blogging on a while back, that’s the one to watch. It may be finished, but it continues to be read and reread. It may even one day give your rag of a blog a run for its money in the global rankings.

But really, as long as 1 person reads what I have to say, I’m content. Still, I’ll keep you posted Doc, since these ratings seem to mean so much to you.

Damn, this is getting long, probably lost most of my readers already… again… not something I really care about… too much, love me, hate me… I’m still me. Let’s go on…

So after Dr. E left their comment another reply was left:

DCG comment

So, the quote DCG is referring to (and laughing his/her ass off too) is from my “Red & Black” Blog, you know, the one that doesn’t rate on Alexa, so therefore dosen’t matter. It’s a good quote, but I’ve really gone a different way now. I suggest you each realize that before we continue…

Oh, and no matter what happens in the internet world with all its pokers and jokers, no matter what happens in the real world with all the tragedies and hypocrisies that are more than one person can handle…



I keep changing the world in my own way…



Sorry, I keep hearing this song everywhere and I can’t get it out of my head!

17 thoughts on “The Devil You Don’t Know

  1. Lmao..I hate to dignify anything from that blog with a reply, so short and sweet.

    Z, ill take quality over quantity any day. Its beyond pathetic that there are adults out there that live their lives and find self worth in how many ‘Likes’ they receive or what standing their blog holds..adolescent at best.

    Then again this is the guy that started a post on Michelle Obamas shock that Nancy is a fan AWESOME..LMAO

  2. Why aren’t you telling the loyal followers what’s really going on… CPH’s is biting his nails after finding out members of the OIBA have finally decided to come clean. Tom Canning and sons are throwing the doc under the bus but something way more damning will come out at the next meeting with the judge. Hackett’s lawyer, orourke, knows he’s fighting an uphill battle and will soon through in the towel…. CPH = LISK. Why don’t you advise to sue for slander zero????? Barbara Hackett is guilt of being and accessory to all these murders.. She’s known what’s been going on for years. Patty Max actually pleaded with a OIBA with knowledge of the case to please not tell the police the truth or Peter will wind up in Jail…. What a sad community…. Thank god most of the low life’s are make a mass exodus from OB

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