The Devil You Know


Music pops up in my posts in many different ways. But when you see the purple “Just Push Play” it will play a song for you that I am either listening to while  thinking  about that particular post. And then when I’m writing it, I’ll usually play the song a few more times. So I post links to the song or songs  in the purple “Just Push Play” so you get the whole feel of the post… and this song was playing in my car all day today, and the ideas for this post and the next one formed as I went about my day listening to the ever insightful, Eminem. I have already explained why Eminem pops up so much on the “Zero’s World” Blog, and I’m sure I will again… but not now, right now I want to get into the new comments from Fish Boy Joey. Seems like Junior wants some attention, but as usual, is not quite ballsy enough to step to far into this blog… aka “Zero’s World”… my world…

But even the smallest attempt to get my attention must be noted. Here’s what Flukeyou had to say in his comments:

new fu

I’m not gonna get into another discussion about the Doc… and I guess I should specify, Doc, meaning Doctor Hackett, known in internet land as CPH, (as you’ll see in the next post, clarifying Docs may now be needed) unless there is really something new to talk about. What Joey keeps forgetting is there are plenty out there who still question the Docs involvement in all this, and no one, that I can see at least, is trying to cover up for the Doc. Definitely not here. If something “Real” and not something that can be chased back to Juniors big fat lying mouth, comes out and CPH is linked to something or knows something or is hiding something, again anything that isn’t Flukey Horse Shit… well, that would be great. When it comes to the LISK case or any other unsolved case, I hope answers are found for those involved in them. Hopefully you get what I’m saying here, because, I don’t know how much longer I can go on explaining myself over and over to people who don’t want truth nor conclusions. Just want the  Caucus Race to continue on.

OK, so to the part that calls me a liar. Fu*k you Joey. Li*k my b@lls. Su*k my di*k.  xxxcensoredxxxx And then spit it all over the ugly little faces of all those in your little liars club.

Ouch, that was that Id of mine, you seem to bring him out every time Junior. But his point is: even here, on a blog made to satire and poke at those who misuse the internet, there is more truth than you will ever know your entire life. And that goes for all those hens in your pen as well. None of you will ever know truth… I’m 99% sure of that.

Just like I’m 99% sure you won’t have the balls to post much here Joey. You’ll repost some old crap you’ve posted a hundred times before. Lies and slander about your neighbors who you feel have done your family wrong. We’ve covered all this, you really are becoming irrelevant in the whole thing now… must bother you somewhat. But it’s always the same old song and dance for you Flukey!

Your #1 hen is different though, she likes to keep adding things to her crap… two sides to one coin. Yet nothing comes from any of those promises of answers mixed in with the slander of either your repetitive crap ( meaning you, Joey), or the ever-changing crap of Dorothy’s. It all still ends up to be nothing but crap! Still if I’m wrong you know where to find me… just please something new… like this:

dph nan zero jbr

This is from Nancy’s Facebook, which has been pleasantly non slanderous for the most part. You can see Dorothy has tried to slip me into the JonBenet Ramsey Murder… yes, new, but still crap. Damn this is funny, and I know it shouldn’t be… it’s all so sad the depths Dorothy will sink to. No care for those she hurts on her way down to the bottom. And those like Flukeyou willing to swim along side the sinking mass of… can I use one more”bad word”?… Shit.

I feel I must explain my so-called obsession with Dorothy suing her first ex husbands last name. Not much of an obsession, just find it interesting that she would still use the last name of either of her exes after the way she goes on about how bad they were to her. My guess is you kept the last name Hill when you remarried because of bussiness. And still use it for those reasons. Kind of greedy to make money off a last name you trash. Right? But hey you are quite the greedy bitch… damn, that Id is right there at the serface just waiting to pounce… but really it’s pointless… maybe you all aren’t as EFFECTED as I am… new word I learned from some other idiot out there in crazy, lying, internett land… and since I’m bored at the moment with those of you who seem to lose a lot of your meaning once I looked deeper into the picture… let’s move on to…

12 thoughts on “The Devil You Know

  1. Zero, its quite obvious that joeys painfully jealous and threaded by you..and yet, he just cant stay away. compulsion…He despises us all, yet can’t help coming here, even though you ZERO have total control. He literally cam’t post any where else, and it must eat him alive. He knows that no ones listening anymore, that his plan COMPLETELY backfired. As you stated all he’s accomplished is making himself look suspicious, leading many to believe he’s somehow involved in a set up..He also underestimated at least one of his groupies, who helped sink him with the info she shared with us..

    Clearly joe could give a shit what comes out of DOROTHY PRICE HILLs mouth..she’s just a puppet, and quite disposable..Truth is Mr community leader, Mr ‘I care about Mari and these murdered women’, is a heartless user..Under any other circumstance, Joe would look down at these people, feel they’re lower on the food chain..he’s a desperate adolescent, completely lacking the very things that makes us human..Compassion and Empathy, he cam only fake these emotions, as he lacks the capacity to FEEL..

    • I agree. She was just a pawn in his game. Any interest he had in her that did not serve him was feigned interest.

    • P.s. For the longest time I thought fish boy was the nickname for Bissett or whoever it was that owned the aquarium. My apologies if I have misunderstood anything bc of this. Oops!

  2. I’ll tell you some FACTS to give you an idea of what really happened to Jonbenet:

    – Fibers from Patsy Ramsey’s red,black, and white coat were found all over Jon Benet’s body, in the garrote, on the paint tray that held the paintbrush used to make the garrote, on the blanket covering JBR’s body, and on the duct tape (specifically sticky side) on JBR’s mouth. Patsy did not “find” this coat to give over to investigators until nearly a year later and even then investigators found it was a NEW version of the coat in question Patsy had just bought, not the original coat.

    – Fibers from John Ramsey’s shirt (unique fibers from Israel) were on JBR’s crotch area under the oversized underwear.

    – The underwear was for JBRs older cousin supposedly, but JBR supposedly begged for them and Patsy decided to keep them for when she was big enough to fit them. According to Patsy. The underwear was printed with a day of the week on each piece.

    – Burke’s hi tech shoe prints were all around the basement. Patsy claimed she had no clue Burke had these shoes. Now I must ask what mother, especially if involved in fashion and pageantry, would not know the types of shoes her two kids have? Shoes are typically significant bc they are often changed due to foot size – it’s a process that has to be thought out with a growing child’s foot. One doesn’t just grab a shoe assuming a 12 year old’s foot hasn’t grown during his pubescent phase of development… No you try them on to make sure the boy’s foot hasn’t grown. Especially for something like hiking shoes which need to be stable and comfortable.

    – Detective Arndt concealed her notes that could have implicated the murderer, leaving them in her desk and eventually passing them off to a friend. Was she doing this because she KNEW the Boulder department would trash/lose her notes for some reason? The question of the RamseyMs political/financial influence is an ongoing theme.

    – The detective claimed that John’s neighbor and friend Fleet White took her aside before JBR’s body was found and said that he actually thought that JBR’s body had been moved and that it was moved by John. Fleet and his wife immediately suspected the Ramsey’s – the Ramsey’s caught wind of this and began to implicate Fleet and his wife as being JBRs murderers.

    – Patsy did not leave the couch when Johm brought Jonbenet’s body wrought with rigormortis upstairs, such an advanced stage that her arms were still above her head sticking up while John held her I front of him by her waiste and facing toward him. Patsy’s friends, one being Fleet’s wife Priscilla, ran in to see Jonbenet immediately. It isn’t for some time after that Patsy runs in and throws herself on to Jonbenet screaming an over the top calculated plea “Oh Dear Jesus If you can raise Lazarus from the dead Raise my baby from the dead!”

    • 2 more things:

      -Patsy was always writing “Saved by the Cross!” On correspondence regularly and then we find the people that signed the ransom note signed it with “SBTC”.

      -Patsy would hand write her responses to Burke’s teacher about his school performance. After the murder, Patsy began typing her responses and no longer used handwriting.


      Hm coincidence?

  3. Oh and we cannot neglect the fact that the ME reported on the autopsy report that JBR showed signs of “previous vaginal trauma” that occurred well before she was murdered.

  4. Dot trying to go with the extreme route of things as soon as a cover up is smelled. I don’t doubt the Ramsey’s had protection, given John’s business and its direct influence on certain govt. contracts/investments. However, in no way was there some satanic ritual aspect to the actual murder of JBR. High up ppl just helped suppress evidence to ensure the reputation of the family was upheld for their own political/financial gain. I won’t go into specifics. I’ll just say people like Dot take an inch and make it stretch not just a mile, but to the fucking moon. Where Dot parked her spaceship.

  5. And as far as CIA wanting to hire Dot twice, I don’t doubt it. They hire crazies to do their dirty work for them all the time. Should the crazy get caught all blame is on the crazy, not on CIA. Anything the crazy says won’t be admissible and will be the ramblings of a mad woman no matter how true the ramblings may be. So hey, who knows. Lol

    • me a baddass, well my wallet does say “Bad Motherfucker” really it does. but i haven’t done much here but rehash what other figured out and gain just about everyones trust to the point i could tell who was being dishonest… I don’t believe that case will be solved, I hope i’m wrong, but it will definately need an independent badass.

      • An independent former FBI person announced he has a POI in the Dylan Redwine murder. If it’s not Mark Redwine, I’ll be shocked. Mark Redwine claims that the profiler didn’t want to speak to him. The profiler said he was being deceptive, Mark only wanted to speak by phone and the profiler insists it must be in person .

        I think JR assaulted JBR and out of fear of losing her family and identity as Mrs JR, she helped cover it up. I think Blake waking up threw the plan of moving the body to plan B, hiding her body in the basement and finding it later. Those two were sketchy from the beginning.

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