Circles are everywhere, would you agree? Planets travel in them and so do we. We get stuck in them. The smaller the circles are, the faster we come back around. I am attempting to travel in bigger circles in the posts on this blog… but it seems we are still in much smaller connected circles… coming back around very quickly… sometimes so quickly it dangers on repetitiveness (am I repeating myself here?).

Sometimes that’s all the bigger circles are… a bunch of the same smaller circles intertwined spinning you around like a carnival ride.

So, as I venture out into larger circles, don’t be surprised when they snap us back around again… just try to hold the nausea down and enjoy the ride.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Posts (Revenge Of The Turkey Sandwich)

I had planned on writing a post for Thanksgiving, I was gonna call it “Gobble, Gobble”. It would have been short and sweet and mainly discussing whether or not there is something in turkey that causes everyone to get so sleepy after that big meal in between the football games.

I had heard this so much over the years. “Turkey has tryptophan in it, and eating all that turkey is like taking sleeping pills”. Right? Well that’s what most believed, and lots still do even though I couldn’t find anything supporting this as I searched the web on this, and that’s because most have heard that this is just not true. In fact a look at Wikipedia seems to say that the whole turkey is a sleeping aid story is nothing more than that… a story:

And most things you find on the internet about the subject look like this:

So I planned on writing on all this and that might have led to discussing how people can be so sure of something and then after a little bit of time, they believe the totally opposite. I would have then discussed how the internet can be the thing that helps us decide between such conflicting ideas.

You type in such questions into your Google search bar as: “Does Turkey cause sleepiness” and you read, and usually go for what has the most written on that particular slant or side, in this case as I said, almost everything written on the subject now says that the whole turkey thing is a myth.

From there I would have gone into how myths are used on the net, how they can both be started and sent into mass knowledge much easier now with out instant communicator… but how the internet is also used to bust such myths…

Wow! I thought it would have been a simple post, but even here, I would have muddied it up the way I seem to do. I mean the sky is open to where I could have taken the post to… would have maybe even brought up the question:

How many of you had to search for a little while after first seeing “RIP Robin Williams” in your social media? How many articles or posts did you have to read before you knew it wasn’t a hoax?

Who knows where I would have taken this simple post about Thanksgiving Turkey and your dad sleeping on the couch? Like I said there are many who still think turkey puts you into a sleep coma no matter how much is said to the contrary… and maybe that’s where I would have ended up on the post… how people can still believe things even though they have been long proven false…

Well, I never got to the post. After all that turkey I ate Thursday, a long nap on the couch was just easier than opening up WordPress and trying to put any thoughts together… I then slipped into a  real turkey coma!

Then I thought I’d do a post yesterday on Black Friday.

Now I would have kept this one really simple, I’m sure of it. Just a couple of links to the shenanigans we all think of when we think of the after dinner shopping massacre:

And then a link to what I thought was the best part of Black Friday this year:

Um, forget Thanksgiving and Black Friday… in fact lets just skip a whole year of holidays and get straight to Christmas 2015!

Yep, I’m the biggest Star Wars nerd there is! That might not come as a surprise to most of you.  I even enjoyed all the fake trailers posted, my favorite was this one:

But for those who don’t know better, those fake and fan trailers may be what people think are the real trailers and not even have seen the real one… in fact I’m not 100% sure that the link I posted as the “Official” trailer really is it… confusing huh?

Who cares right? The movie isn’t even out for another year. Plenty of time for more fake and real trailers to temp fan boys. ( I can’t believe I just wrote that)

Well that might have turned into a muddied post as well… so thankfully I never got to writing it… got to sleepy and needed another nap. Must have been all those turkey sandwiches!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday!

The Final Adventures Of Nan Nan & Dot Girl

Nobody stepped up to correct my take on Nancy and Dorothy. So I will have to guess that I am pretty close to hitting that nail on the head.

So Nancy and Dorothy are crazy, lost in their failed relationships, not just with their ex-husbands, but the ones with their family and friends as well. They blame all those around them for the demons stuck in their heads. They are confused by their religious upbringings and the instant gratification social media brings.

Lost, confused, and crazy. Does this make it alright for them to continue to turn the internet and all those they come in contact with on it into their personal playground of delusions?

Of course it does, if you don’t like what they are saying, ignore them. They are crazy. Anyone hoping they are helping Nancy or Dorothy, you are as crazy as them. Any internet contact with them only feeds the frenzy.

But hey if crazy people can run free on the internet, rolling like a snowball, collecting fellow nut cases to fight the good fight… then others have the right to watch the train wrecks, to counter them or help them along. We are all our own worst enemies after all.

Now I’m gonna stray away from Nancy, not because I’m above it, I think I’ve proven I’m above nothing. I’m just bored with it. She is lonely like the rest, but unlike the rest she openly admits she just wants a man… she just wants to be loved again… she mainly just wants sex.

I wrote a song a while back… it’s a name dropping song, called “My Checklist”, and basically I just go down the list of people on this blog and let them have it… I think it’s funny, but some might find it mean and way over that line I seem to cross every now and then… but the line about Nancy fits here so well… it goes like this:

“Nan Nan just wants a man man,

but they run from her as fast as they can can,

maybe she should try a klan man

or just give up and become les-bi-an,”

The whole song is hilarious, maybe I’ll post it all one day, but I don’t think everyone here would like it…

Back to Nancy’s sex life or lack of it. Funny how people aren’t lining up to get with someone who spurts out homophobic and racist remarks on the internet, calls her ex husband and father of her children a serial killer and nazi who spent his own childhood being molested and mind controlled, talks about morphing presidents and the evils of the devil, puts all sorts of slanderous lies out there about her own family, and is best friends with her doppelgänger Dorothy Price Hill. Yes, I can’t believe Nancy can’t find a man. Maybe one of those Egyptians she’s been chatting with will snag her up and take her out of the country like she wants. WIN, WIN situation there! But it looks like her new male suitors are dropping off quickly. Hard to believe. Well we are leaving Nancy and her search for love (yes we really are). I see no connection to LISK stuff other than Dorothy’s insisting Nancy be involved in it. I see no proof that her ex husband or anyone else in her family is involved in any part of this and are doing what they can to help Nancy, but Nancy doesn’t want it. So please all of you out there see that, you can’t help Nancy, she doesn’t want help… she just wants to get laid:

nan sex

She just wants that make up sex, so unless any of you are willing to “take one for the team” and give her what she wants, I suggest just leave her alone. Those who are trying to help her… are not, and those of you trying to mess with her, are playing with her life.

There is a phrase that people use, “I don’t fuck with you any more”, and what it means is that they don’t deal with that person at all. They want nothing to do with them and the trouble that goes with them. I think that fits so well with Nancy, because “Fucking with someone” also means messing with them… it also means to have sex with someone. And in this case I think people need to not “FUCK” with Nancy anymore… don’t deal with her at all, let her move on as best as possible. Let those around her help her or not, let what needs to happen, happen, I got the feeling it will soon.

I’ll do my best as well.

Now as for the Dot girl… who is sooo quiet lately. “Cat got you tongue?”  Oh I love the inside jokes.

If Dorothy is so crazy, why didn’t Mr. Wolff just tell me that when we talked, well in a way he kind of did I guess. It seems like no one wants to get real about the whole Dorothy thing.  Why are there so many around her who don’t realize she’s crazy. Cristin worked with her quite a bit, and said she “didn’t seem crazy when you talk to her on the phone”… but I find that hard to believe… the bitch is evil crazy! Who doesn’t see that?

Most have noticed Dorothy and Nancy are no longer Facebook friends… which leaves us all hope that they are no longer getting together in that toxic relationship… maybe, just maybe they have had their last adventure together. How great that would be. As I have shown, and most of you seen for yourself, the two of them have polluted the internet with all sorts of evil nonsense (and they think they are spiritual, lmao).

I suggest others follow suit… those of you who stand up for and encourage the screwed up shit Dorothy does to people is wrong. And one day EVERYTHING Dorothy has done will catch up with her. How many of you want to be standing by her side when it does?

Well Dot girl (I know you still read here, though you don’t dare leave anymore comments), I patiently await your fall. In the meantime… our dance continues…

My Name Is Zero… So Nice To Meet You


Hello to all my new readers! Welcome to my world! Who am I? Sorry, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Zero.

Want to know more? Read the “Red & Black” Prophet Blog.

Read the whole thing… it isn’t too long, and see exactly how we got to this blog, the infamous “Zero’s World”.

Some who read here call me a hero… which I am not, though I do have my moments. Others here think I’m a villain… also not true… but again… I have my moments.

Although right now some are saying this blog and yours truly are attacking those who stand up to corruption, if you do a little reading, you’ll see that is not true. And those of you saying this, you REALLY should do that little reading!

Reading the “Red & Black” before reading here may show you some insights that may help you understand where exactly I’m coming from.  Yes, if you really read it, you might understand me better. You might even see why I stayed away from social media yesterday, though part of me really wanted to log in to Twitter world… don’t get what I’m saying… read on, read back… READ!

I’d be the first to admit, this place can get a little repetitive, but it delivers enough to keep most people happy. And I do appreciate all my readers! Some even get to be part of my posts! And if you read long enough there is stuff hidden away in these posts that only YOU will get! I swear!

I deal with real life and internet life in a somewhat sarcastic and satiric way. But there are no lies… this is a blog of truth just as all my blogs are. It may get gamey in here, and I do tend to stoop at times, but honesty wins out… even in the comments!

Though at the moment I am still very wrapped up with some nuts that had gotten together and used the internet to confuse open murder cases like the LISK case, with their own personal agendas and delusions, there is much more to this blog.

For those of you that come here from Lawless America stuff… stick around… I plan on doing a few posts on all of that real soon.

There’s a lot going on out there in life and on the internet… the more you read, the more you’ll understand.

So read and feel free to comment. I love comments! As we finish off the first year of “Zero’s World” much more will be revealed… new friends will be made… new haters as well… stick around!

Death Of The Stranger

So, I’m not upset… I’ve been through this before… and I knew it was coming eventually. Seems like adults love to act like children. Fucking little tattle-tales. LMFAO! Keep on encouraging me!

Some of you may remember back when I first came across all this LISK craziness, I had wanted to talk to some of those who were contacting me via email and the blog through Facebook. This would make it easier to tell who was really who they said they were. But to go through Facebook meant showing who I was, and I was not ready for that. There were lots of crazies out there reading and commenting in different parts of this, from to my blogs, and I wasn’t about to give some of these crazies access to my friends and family (though that happened anyway). I had 3 Facebook accounts, one with my name, used to talk to family and friends, but not used to often. Another, my Stranger account I used quite a bit, for fun and promotion of the haunt I worked at every Halloween season. As I said, I didn’t want to use my so-called “real” Facebook   due to the fact that I didn’t want anyone playing loony toon games with my friends and family. And I couldn’t use The Stranger for so many reasons… mainly three though. One, because I didn’t want to freak people out contacting them with The Stranger, I mean we were dealing with serial killers and internet crazies… I didn’t think The Stranger would be well received or understood. Reason 2 was because I didn’t want anyone to say I was using the things I blogged about to promote anything. I admit I love to self promote, but that was not where my interest lied in all this, as I said before, I just wanted conclusions. Third reason, I had already dealt with losing The Stranger on Facebook after building him up for years, and I didn’t want to go through that again.

As I mentioned there was a third Facebook, Dharma, but at the time I had forgotten about that one, so I decided to make a new Facebook account under the name Nick James. It was no secret who Nick was, I told everyone who I contacted through it who I was, (well, not my real name, it was still unknown back then, but I did let them know it was zero). So everyone knew Nick was Zero and I did talk to a few people with it (mostly Jen).  Someone didn’t like me using the Nick James account to talk to people though. After a very short time I received a message from Facebook that the Nick  account had been reported as “FAKE” and was temporarily taken down. Facebook required I give them a phone number to verify who I was…

Well, I had talked to enough with the Nick account and  decided to just let it go. I mean it didn’t even have a picture, lol. Very troll looking.

Lots of people freaked out, saying how unfair it was for the account to be down and some were even pointing blame. I had to explain it was no big deal, this was how Facebook and other social medias worked… I mean social media is definitely the definition of “the lunatics running the asylum”.

A good way of explaining this is with mine (and many others) experience with Twitter. You see someone with an idiotic tweet. Maybe it’s racist, maybe it’s homophobic, maybe it’s just in bad taste. You tweet a reply and suddenly you have been reported and your Twitter is on “timeout”. It sucks, but in a way I get it. People want to put what ever they want out there with no kind of reaction from anyone who might not of liked what was put out there in the first place. The problem is, I love to do just that. I like to make people think about their internet activity… I mean if you put it out there you should expect reaction. I do, hell I love the reactions!

I’m getting muddied here… let me get focused again.  People love to tell me, if I don’t like what I see on the internet, turn it off, don’t read what people have to say out there in the never-ending ones and zeros. My reply to that is, “yes, I agree”. If you don’t like someone’s reply to what you put out there, don’t put it out there, turn off your internet, don’t read people’s reactions. But you do and you cry about them and the back ‘n’ forths begin. And as I have learned, most can’t handle the criticism or slap in the face with common sense, they cry for their mommies.

And since they are adults and their mommies can’t help them, they complain to someone who can. They click on “REPORT”  and well… they tattle-tale. “That’s not their real name” “what they said was offensive”… and if it’s a group of crybabies (yes, groups getting together on the internet, I said a mouthful there) the result can be quick.

You are put on time out or you account is frozen. It’s a weird game people play with each other on the internet. Part of that back ‘n’ forth I keep writing about.

Now, if someone is stalking your Facebook for no reason, or if someone has stolen your identity and made a fake account with it, or if they are posting slander and lies about you or your family… those kind of things need to be reported. But the Nick James account was not doing any of that… some people just didn’t want me talking to others.

Anyone getting this?  Still muddied a little, I think…

What I’m trying to say is, most of the times, social media rules and regulations usually don’t work the way they are supposed to, and often just help the trolls and players out there… simple enough?

But, I knew all this by the time Nick James was created and I was expecting it to be reported and removed, so it didn’t surprise me the way it did others reading about it on my blog.  As I explained it had happened before with my Stranger account. If you don’t know who The Stranger is yet, you really haven’t been paying attention. He is a character I made for a haunt I work at every Halloween. No big deal, but some of you want to attack it and lie about it  just to get at me in someway, yea, how’s that working for you?


Alright, as I explained, back when Nick James was put on time out (did any of you even get the “nick” name… “I’m Nick James Bitch”, maybe it was only funny to me) I had already dealt with losing my Stranger account a few years earlier. And as much as it sucked, I learned from it.

See, back before I was blogging about LISK gamers or internet trolls, I used the internet for fun and entertainment, I’m sure I mentioned this before. I loved to make videos and stuff. All for fun. I only really used Facebook for my haunt character. I was promoting the haunt while making my character more known. I mean the whole back story to The Stranger was promoted using social media. Even then, in fun I was poking at what we were using the internet for… but the whole story of The Stranger will have to wait, this isn’t the time or place, still those of you who follow me better than the others may get the whole idea there.

I had about 1500 “FRIENDS” on my Stranger account and it was a lot of fun to use to promote and to get to know haunt fans.

And one day it was reported as a “FAKE” account. I was devastated! Just like that it was gone. Someone or someones reported that my real name wasn’t Stranger. Well, DUH!

Facebook wanted me to send them a copy of my ID showing my “real” name. At the time I thought it was so unfair, so many others have Facebook accounts using names that  were not on their IDs. I had the account for 3 years, I couldn’t understand why it was gone.

But that’s the way it works… and there was nothing I could do.

As I said Facebook doesn’t apply their rules very well. There are all sorts of people out there not using their real names, from trolls and gamers to people using nick names and character names, someone even told me that Julie Fletcher was not the real name of the Facebook user using it (and if you were one of those who reported my Facebook, shame on you). But I’m not gonna go on and on crying sour grapes though, life is like that, both internet life and the real one. We get used to it.

So anyways, I eventually started another Stranger Facebook after the old one was gone and moved on (the new one had over two-thousand friends before I woke up this morning and saw it was gone, but as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself).

So after the Nick James account was gone I came to a point where I decided (as I blogged about) to use another Facebook account. This was Dharma Initiative. An account I made long ago for the T.V. show LOST. It was a fan page, but I hadn’t used it in a long time. So I used to talk to some crazies… but this time I didn’t tell anyone it was me, at first. Dharma caused all sorts of confusion, so I came clean and let everyone know it was me and stopped using it other than to mess with the anti-gay pages on Facebook, those guys are just so screwed up.

Well the other day I noticed Dharma was gone… someone or group of someones must have reported it. Facebook wrote me a note saying that it was obviously representing a T.V. show and needed to be changed into a PAGE. So I let it sit in limbo, like the Nick James one, no reason to make it a page, I don’t need them , I’m not Candyce or some of you others, I’m not trying to build a Facebook army of fake accounts. And besides at this point, everyone knows who I am, right? But with the death of Dharma I started a countdown in my head for my Stranger account, which really sucked!

Well, today it happened, my Stranger account was pulled. What a bunch of crybabies! That account wasn’t bothering any of you! And those who know me, know how much I love the haunt business and how many years I have invested into making The Stranger what he is today.

But again, this was foreseen and as most haunters and cosplayers know, Facebook will do this if enough hypocritical haters decide to play informer. Therefor a plan was all ready in play.

So, although this sucks, I was ready for it, and more importantly, there will be the usual “cause and effect” for what you loonies do.

I have been doing my best to leave The Stranger out of all this. But it seems some of you want to invoke him, so in the future when he arises from the ashes… don’t blame me if you don’t like the kinds of things he can get done.


It seems we do have some sort of epidemic hitting us! Good news for Dorothy Price Hill… that team of her’s must be picking up so many new recruits!

Oh Julia!

And when I do get to those enablers… Julia, you are first on the list!


And what did Julia have to say now?


Don’t any of you McNut Sandwhiches out there get it yet?

I don’t know a whole lot about Bill W. or Lori Handrahan. I know nothing about Jennie Mortin. But now you, Julia have let me know they are worth knowing more about.

Get it now? The more all you crazies fill the internet and social media with your lies and propaganda of the extreme crazy, the more I hit that “PUBLISH” button with all of it to be seen!

I think we have an epidemic here!


So, while looking up Dorothy stuff I came across this:

dph fluke2

Seems Dorothy is the only one in Flukes circles. LMFAO!

Yea, I think I’ve shown enough to prove both Nancy and Dorothy have mental issues and those around them are hurting by encouraging them in their delusions, rather than helping them to get through them. We will get to all their friends and families eventually, after all I know a lot of them read here, dontcha?

But before I get to the Dot & Nan enablers out there, we have to talk about the rest of the team that keeps this going. So the next stop for me is the Js!  That’s, right Jen and Joey. Don’t worry we still have plenty to go over on the other 3 players, Cristin, Candyce, and Sussie… but Flukeboy Joey and his pretend accuser Jen are where we go next.

You see, I feel the need to show the connection between them all, but mainly how they all work or have worked with Dorothy on this. That’s the key, right? So again, I’ll get to all of them, but the J’s are calling me.

I think they know it too. Take a look at Jen’s latest post on her FB:

Jen blog1

jen blog2

Yea, I’d say they know it’s coming.

Who Is Dorothy Price Hill? Part 2

It was back in March when I published the first part to this post:

And I’m still not sure the answer to that question… but we are gonna examine it in more detail and I will give you my opinion of who Dorothy is. But first let’s talk more about that last post.

There are all sorts of strange things happening on the web, and it’s because so many world’s can collide here. In real life, world’s collide, but not so often, and not as many that can do so here online. This is the bigger picture though, the fact that so much is coming together in one place, we will get to that some day, but right now we aren’t even looking at the smaller picture of how many groups and anti-groups are out there now confusing the sides of some very serious issues. No, we are looking at an even smaller picture: How many of these groups does Dorothy Price Hill have her dirty little fingers in?

And they are dirty Dorothy, smell ’em. Gross right?

I know there are those out there who believe that I’m a bully or stalker or something along these lines. But I’m not, just some guy writing about the things he see’s on the internet. It’s just there are a few of you who took a liking to my attention and the back-n-forth began. Much like all these other places I talk about, yes, it happens here and it helps explain and show by example… get that? Some of you probably won’t… but we are getting closer, right?

So anyways, some out there think I’m a villain:


Remember MandamusSeven, she use to insult me like this, and then when we talked on the phone, she agreed with just about everything I said…

Friends of those I write about sometimes feel the need to stick up for their buddies. I get that, but come on, these people are crazy and really screwing with others… plus all the BS makes light of the real cases out there… real DV, real stalking, real cyber bullying (which happens to kids not adults… you adults are wrapped up in games, and you know it, both sides feeding the fire usually), real crimes and real victims… you internet trolls and mentally unstable, dealing with personal demons and questionable accusations are hurting the REAL cases out there.

But some of you still don’t get that, some of you actually think people like Dorothy are courageous and stupidly encourage them to further destruction.

Want an example? Of course you do…

I came across something the other day while reading over at Bill’s Facebook.  Lots of Bill’s friends speaking about his arrest. It’s funny how they relate to our friends over at the Joey blog as “The Joeys”… I like that… it’s better than “The Mikes” which is what nan nan called them. Now I don’t know everyone at the Joey blog, but from what I have read there and from those who I have chatted with, as well as those like Oceans, who actually stops by here regularly, I can tell you, I like them, and they seem to be a kindred blog, showing the stupid the errors of their ways. I’m just joking of course, that’s not what our blogs are about, it’s just a perk of being on the side of common sense. But really, our 2 blogs definitely travel along parallel lines sometimes.

Anyways, while reading through some of the things said on Bill’s Facebook I saw this:

DPH insults

It seems like Julia might be talking about Zero’s World (More of those worlds colliding). Although no one here has said much about Lori, I just mentioned the story because of Dorothy’s involvement in it, all in part 1 to this post if you need to read or reread it to see exactly what I wrote. I stayed clear of any judgement on what was really going on in that case. Still, that word “cyber-stalked” pops up again… man you people are so dense… you are not children… you should know the difference between the internet feuds going on between people looking for attention and actual people being stalked… all of it BS and pulls from real cases of such things. I have cyber-stalked no one and no one has cyber-stalked me… that I know of at least.  And as for the insults and bad language… sue me. LOL.

But seriously, Julia, you did read what Dorothy said about your fallen comrade, right?


Or what was written under it in a comment by one of Dorothy’s friends:

dph friend

Yes, this eventually happens when world’s collide…

So Julia, who is the bad guy here? Think it through before you answer. Being a Bill fan, it may be hard for you to see through to what is really going on… let’s see if I can’t once again shed some light on things.

Now before I do this and everyone is all like “That Zero is such an asshole”, remember, Dorothy has posted numerous lies and slander online against many, many, people. She slanders her own family and families of people she does not even know. She helped convince Nancy her family (who just want to help her) was against her. She has called me a child pornographer and accused my mom of molesting me, both stories she likes to tell about everyone! She posts these things online where everyone can see them, and it has taken years to see it for what it really is… but everyone can see it now, right? I mean Dorothy once posted Linda’s father’s orbituary online for everyone to see. There seemed to be no reason for the post other than to mess with Linda. It had all of Linda’s relatives mentioned, and it took quite some time and many complaints from different people before the site that it was posted on finally removed it. It was one of the more messed up things, in a long line of messed up things, that Dorothy has done. Remember that? Good, because here’s exactly how “reaping what we sow” works:

Seems Dorothy’s father has passed, and before everyone starts yelling at me, calling me names, and saying things like “2 wrongs don’t make a right”, I must defend myself, though at this point, you are gonna think of me as you will, and I’m good with that.

I do not want to cause any type of pain to the Price family, who I’m sure are going through a tough time right now. I did not have any way of knowing this would happen as I started writing this post. I had every intention of posting an obituary in this post, but not that one, and the only reason I even post it, is so that the 2 can be compared.

Here’s the other one and with it I seal my fate in hell with the rest of ya:

Though this is sadly ironic, it is not done simply as payback or to make Dorothy feel the pain she has caused others… all of that comes automatic, and that has nothing to do with morals or decency… simple physics, cause and effect.

Now if I was playing this with Dorothy logic, I would point out a couple of things in the second orbit.

The first would be this:

He was born in Exeter the son of Arthur and Elizabeth (Evans) Batchelder and was a veteran of World War II.

Seems Dorothy has a step grandma with a familiar last name.

The second thing I would point out if I was about name games and spreading misinformation like Dot and the others, would be this:

He was a friend of Bill W. for 30 years

But I’m not posting any of this to play games, just to try to figure out the truth behind Dorothy and all her lies. Comparing these 2 orbits you can see that Dorothy was a part of 2 families. The Price family and the Batchelder family. Her mother and father were divorced (from what I can tell before the 70’s began, which must have had Dorothy and her sisters at a very young age). Dorothy’s mother’s name was Lilla Wade before it became Price and then Batchelder. Finding this information led me to Dorothy’s family tree, and since I had thought Dorothy was adopted, I found the whole thing eye-opening:

Now I looked through quite a bit of it, finding it very interesting, but I’ll help ya find the parts that relate to Dorothy:

dph family

There’s Dorothy’s family line right there. And here is the immediate family:

price tree

Now maybe I’m wrong, but in all I have found, nothing shows Dorothy as being adopted like she claims:

dph adopted

Again, I’m sure many will think I am being childish here, posting Dorothy’s family up because she did/does so to me an my family and many others as well. But this is not a revenge post, Dorothy has no problem trashing her own family right along with everyone else, anyone else. I am just trying to point out that Dorothy seems to have only one person’s preservation in mind no matter what she is doing, her own. Might mean something, no?

Besides the adoption thing, Dorothy also claims two of her sisters were abused:

dph 3 sisters

So if I look at what I have found as far as Dorothy’s family tree and the things Dorothy has posted online, it seems that after the divorce of Dorothy’s mom and dad, something happened and the four Price girls went through some family situations. Did someone in the step-family abuse them? What did their mother have to do with it? And did their natural father and his new wife save them?

This is definitely the story I seem to piece together. And if so, could Dorothy be leaving out the fact that these things happened to her as well. Something so tragic may account for how messed up Dorothy is, and how her marriages were doomed to fail, and her to see men as the evil things she does.

Yes, a dark secret in Dorothy’s childhood could explain it all. But does it? Dorothy has this to say about two of her sisters as well:

dph sisters2

Could she just be making things up about her sisters, because they had “fall-outs” of some sorts.

Yes, Dorothy, like some of the others in her circle of “friends”, has some bad things to say about her families:

dph ps3

DPH sg fb3a

DPH zero linda1

DPH zero linda2

But most of it seems like the same type of crap she writes about everyone. She spins all of us into the tale.

So did something happen to Dorothy when she was a kid. Did she and her sisters experience any type of abuse or just a divorce that sat badly with Dorothy waiting to come out once mental illness set in.

Because that’s the only thing I really see any proof of. Dorothy has the same issues as her friend Nancy. And I’m guessing, other than professional help, nothing will help her.

I mean it’s easy to think, there must be some dark secret in Dorothy’s family that has caused her to say and do the things she does. Child abuse and molestation of some sort, causing her to dive into other such cases, and accuse those around her of the things that have haunted her whole life. But as I showed with Nancy, I think things were fine, until illness set in. Please, again, anyone correct me if I’m wrong.

I mean if Dorothy can make up all that stuff about all of us, who says she isn’t making it all up?

I’m torn as to which may be correct. I’ve seen comments from one of Dorothy’s sisters online that are quite questionable and I’m guessing this is the sister who Dorothy gets along with. If Dorothy and one of her sisters have some sort of mental  health issues than again, why aren’t people helping them and keeping them off the internet and involved in stalking groups or anti stalking groups or murder cases or lies and slander about people? Is the big story that there is no story? Just delusions of the mad online?

I had planned on going more into Dorothy’s sisters and family, but the timing of this all is just not right.

But Dorothy, mourning or not, crazy or not, we are a long way from done here. Because no mater what the truth is of your past, you are wrapped up in way too many lies in the present. So let’s look to the future, where it all can be reconciled.

OSI: An Internet Fable

Many of my new readers find me after coming across Dorothy and Nancy’s internet debauchery and start hitting that Google themselves to see more… and well, as many of you know, you can’t Google many of them anymore without finding Zero’s World, and I like that. No Scratch that… I LOVE that!

So one of those Nan & Dot finders who than became a reader, sent me some information about an internet group:

Now my long time readers know I have come across many so-called organizations on the net that claim to be against bullying, or cyber stalking, etc. that turn out to be a place for someone to use the  techniques the organization claims to be against to get even with others on the internet. Anonymous is a great example of this… look at what they have become, now any racist with internet connection and a Guy Fawkes mask can be part of Anonymous, and all they seem to do anymore  is DOX each other and post crap for the lulz… which can be very entertaining… but far from the hacker-do-gooders that were gonna expose the evils of the world they once seemed to be.

And there are so many others… anti-bully sites, bullying those who speak out against them… and so on and so forth… you get it, and if you don’t, you are part of the problem… so please keep reading.

OSI seems to be ran by one person, not really a group, but someone with agenda. And this of course meant people would speak out against it:

Go ahead and read around that blog… it’s an interesting story. I’m not gonna get into too much here, both sides can get a little out there, read for yourself.

To me it looks like another game of back-n-forth, where the lines are blurred and you wonder if any stalking or bullying is really going on. More like head butting and world’s colliding. I have tried to contact some of those involved in this internet story… is that what I should call it? They are all so entertaining to read, mysteries and feuds forever there on the never-ending internet. Entertaining, yes, but as many of us have seen, confusing and destructive as well. And as in the Murt internet stories, (yes, I am gonna call them internet stories for now, because they are more than feuds, they are internet entertainment… some thing you can watch each time you click on, and each story leads you to another, some will not like that… because most of the stories deal with people’s real lives as well… yes… you are starting to get it now) they can go on for years!

Well regardless, maybe we will get more insight to what went on here and what may still be going on there, if any of them respond. The reason it was shown to me and the reason I’m bringing it up here before my next post? Read this part of the story:

Did you see any familiar names in that list of OSI followers?  I did.

So, the moral to this fable?

Connections, both real and imagined, when put together, can show a very scary picture!

But you all know this, don’t you?