Know Your Readers

The first rule of blogging, I am leraning, is “KNOW YOUR READERS”! And since my blogs are a little different then most due to the fact they are about the readers, it means I really do have to know them. And I’ve gotten to know most of you very well. Some are still a puzzle of course but I feel I could write books about most of you. LOL, just kidding, don’t go rushing to lawsuit talks. But I do know you, my readers. And when you read something that you think relates to you, it probably does. And when you read something you think only you will get, you might be right. And when you don’t get something, just know, someone eles probably does get it.

I write for you, all of you… I know my readers!

17 thoughts on “Know Your Readers

    • lmao. you have no worries… but I think the easy mark should be first… that would be nan nan… i know her story prety well I think, and as you said, Linda, she has nothing to do with any thing important and could care less about helping anyone… she has priorities… stuck 15 years in the past. funny thing, she must know it’s coming, she got really nice and understanding today in her IMs… like she knows I am who i say i am and am a good person, not evil. but I’m thinking more games are being played… and some think i don’t see it maybe? this is gonna be a rough winter….

      • YOU ARE TOO Kind, she harassed ME the entire time i was in VEGAS..I only posted a small portion on ur FB..She’s obviously clueless, but if it suites her, she’ll involve us i her ‘murder/mike shit in a heartbeat…SOCIOPATH, and if i may, huge crush on you, DPH TOO..jmo..hee

      • and yes, i am constantly too nice to Nancy… both her and Cristin could take their heads out of their crazy asses and nail the likes of Joey, Dorothy, and Jen. Which may lead to the other gamers as well. Big conspiracy… no… just a bunch of internet dopes… but the connections made on Websleuths, on mari’s FB stuff, during vigils, inside the Scalice family home, in emails and phone calls… if i can see it for what it is… so can these dopes who helped, stupid or crazy, they get it now… so let’s see (once again) if anyone wants to get to some truth.

      • I agree, just leave her out of this… lol. They will go after anyone connected with me, lol. I love it. I have gotten them to loose focus on all their old lies and put them all on me… DOPES! Liars all of them… stupid yes, crazy, also yes… but they are still liars, no way around it. They may not like being called dishonest… but shoes be fitting all over the place.

      • so let’s see (once again) if anyone wants to get to some truth.

        You bet they know the damn truth…and yes, im tempering myself, for more than one reason…You know who you are, just remember, i could give too shits about kissing ass, or being accepted in a secret group!! I COULD CARE LESS WHERE THE CHIPS FALL at this point, TRUST THAT

  1. LOL Nan is now imagining the Clintons have her dog…and that the shoes match. Wowser Bowser, they are cloning or even shape shifting. You don’t need to make anything up, her reality (fed and encouraged by DPH) is really that twisted.

    Waves and sand splashing your way Z and Linda 🙂

    • hey Oceans, did you Dorothy’s latest post… has the joey blog, mentions me of course, but it also turns on her old friend BW… made my day… I was just in the middle of a post discusing these very things and Dorothy hands me the ending… love these crazy ones, they eventually turn on each other, and that is when the fun starts… this should be good! gonna try to post today so i can get this all out… hate to brodcast it here, but the post was so great. Dorothy, if you are reading… read the next post very carefully

      • I was just in the middle of a post discusing these very things and Dorothy hands me the ending…

        Aren’t they just THE BEST when they hand it over, almost too easy…Linda
        LOVES IT TOO

      • gonna cut my post short just to get this latest dorothy comment out… plus it sits like a crown on my words and discoveries… thank you Dot girl…

    • Hey Oceans, missed you..its always brighter when you’re around…YEP, shape-shifting and MY BOY BILL (Yes, i got a little crush..hee)….Gets better every day..

      Seems nan (the racist) has a new online love interest..thats hot!

  2. 10/27, 9:41pm
    Nancy Evans
    Btw. You will be very surprized someday. To meet some of the most beautiful, kind, talented, goodlooking. People that are hidden within you.
    They contact me every single day.
    All telling me. “I Miss You”.
    Want me to tell them something good. Of course, I oblige.
    Fathy is from Egypt. What a painter. Beyond words. Sends me gorgous paintings of us. Or just me. With my cat. In a field full of Sunflowers.
    Calls me his Queen.
    Then there are you guys. Who really are in dire need of love and understanding too.
    Hurt people hurt people. I feel your pain.
    The Godfather is bringing tears to my eyes. That’s ok. I can feel pain noe. No longer numb. Can also feel the good feelings. Love and Joy.
    Wont die having not lived.

    that FATHY’S ONE LUCKY GUY…HOT BABY…The rest of my conversation with nan is on Zeros FB, before i blocked her again ..if you wanna see some wacky crap..

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