Just Getting Started

I keep saying this, and truth is, I haven’t really gotten started yet. Back after I ended the “Red & Black” Prophet Blog and concentrated on the LISK blog for a third and final time, many of the “Nut Team” accused me of also playing games  and confusing the issues. This was totally untrue and a little hurtful, because I think I took that blog and all I wrote there very seriously. I think from that third disclaimer on, I really got to the truth of what went on at LISK.com. I got to the connections of all these bad apples and showed that NONE of their slanderous tales held water when fully examined.

But still I got accused of games and was told by a few that I was as bad as all the other gamers. I commented back then, and those who have been reading from the beginning will remember, “you’ll know when I start playing games.”

Well, I think the creation of “Zero’s World” was the announcement that I was ready to play. But still many of you didn’t get it. Yes, this blog is an exaggeration of what is really happening… duh, I’ve said that many times, even put it in the title. But this blog has many faces and many agendas, just like all of you. It was used to pull more readers into the LISK blog, top priority was to get as many as possible to see what some of you have done to that case. It was also a place to poke at the hypo-crites out there… something I enjoy doing (do I think I’m better than other people, I’ll answer that with a question to all of you, when you turn on the news, or see a true crime show,or a commercial for hungry or abused children or see how people are fighting and hurting each other out there in the world, do you think you are better than that?).

Yes, many reasons for “Zero’s World” and there are many more waiting for it, I designed it that way, you know.

But one of the reasons that might be harder to grasp is how I hide the truth behind the satire and exaggeration. A cool trick to get the truth out there to be seen. It’s kind of the complete opposite of what the rest of you are doing. This of course has made a lot more people see me as one of the game players, and that is too bad. The truth is right there… it’s just waiting to be seen. Those who got together and stirred lies in with google searches. Names still being connected without any real reasearch, and the people involved goes right up to Mari Gilbert (we all know that, but just pussyfoot around it).

I’ve thought about making a more serious blog about all of this again, in hopes that helpful info can be taken from all the crap. But again, most of the people who had helpful info don’t want to be involved any more due to the lies and slander the “TEAM” did.

I’ll name the “team” again for those of you who still don’t see it:

Joey Scalise Jr. aka Flukeyou

Cristin aka Mysterymom7

Jen aka jjj

Dorothy aka evil cunt

Candyce aka anything with “Brooklyn”

Susie S. aka  Mockingbird Killer

We’ll call them team 6… none of them want to admit working together, but we have them admitting it so many times, that to still try to deny it is just so silly.  So this is “TEAM 6”, together and separate they have caused heartache and sorrow to many, but especially in the LISK case. And those of you who worked with any of these people, well your hands are dirty as well. Some of you have tried to make it right, only to be cast into the fire. Some of you have used games yourself to get at “Team 6” and in the process have helped them create this madness.

And then there is me… that zero guy who decided it was time to start blogging again… found the whole thing and got sucked right up in it.

I’ve met Too Close and Linda, two people who have been screaming common sense at these gamers for a long time. And there were others along the way, most wanting to be left out of the circus now, but they too saw through “Team 6” and the lies they were spreading. So I wasn’t alone… there were lots of good people to help me along this asylum of pretenders.

What I did, what others before me did, it didn’t stop them, not all of them at least. But the truth about all of them is there for those who seek it, and there is more truth to come.

This blog is to seperate these liars and trolls from the real cases they feed off of and in some ways hurt. But I know that becasue a few of these players are very close to the LISK case that there are REAL questions about WHY some of them have done what they have done.

Will I start another blog to look at the LISK case in-depth and not just the games played by some nuts squirming their way through LI and Oak Beach? Part of me thinks I should and that it may be helpful… but then I look at “Team 6” and all those who help them, listen to them, hide from them, and just basically let them get away with what they have done, I don’t know if anyone out there is of any real help.

Again, time will tell. But no matter what, “Zero’s World” is going nowhere. And “Team 6” will always be on the agenda here!

In fact… I’m just getting started!

4 thoughts on “Just Getting Started

  1. Ah, Zero’s pissed, in case you’re new here……………..Im proud of you ZERO, YES, no more ‘pussyfooting’ around…wow..UH OHHH

    • it’s time to get it all out there… and this starts with nancy, believe it or not. at least that’s where we gotta go first… and besides I said i would start with her… man of my word you know… but nancy’s story is an interesting one… stay tooned…

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