Nancy’s Story

This is Nancy’s story as I see it. If anyone would like to correct it anywhere please do so. And when I say anyone I mean any Figats, Evans, Olivias, or others who actually know Nancy. This does not include Nancy herself, because right now, she doesn’t know who any one is at the moment, let alone herself. And ixnay on orothyday as well, that slimy snake knows nothing but lies. So speak up if you feel there is something to add or if I have something wrong…

The year 2000 is where this all starts, I guess. It seems all was good up till then. But 2 things happen in Nancy’s life that will change it forever and start the dominoes falling. First as most of us know, her marriage to her husband and father of her children ended. The other thing that only some of you may know about involves a neighbor:

I know, another JB… if I didn’t know better, I’d think all of this is scripted… but I’m not FOTM yet. Still the coincidences and false connections in all of this read like the Da Vince Code some times. Anyways, Nancy claims to have been good friends with the Balate family and the loss of them in her life at a time where her marriage was coming to an end may have sent her over the edge. Or at least sent her on the way. At least that was my way of thinking when I started this post the other day… now though, I think we have to go to 2011, over 10 years later, to see where the trouble started. Let me try to explain:

I’ve had a few people come to me claiming to know Nancy. Some (old neighbors) did not have the nicest things to say about her. One calling themselves Yoga Jones (yes another Jones, that’s 3 from my count, all quite helpful, yet a little mysterious) Yoga says they are an old friend of Nancy, well here see the start on the conversation yourself:

yoga jones1

I get a lot of fake accounts “Friend” requesting and IMing me, so I’m quick to call them out. And Yoga did not play games, they were straight forward with their answers:

yoga jones2

We discussed a few things, funny how everyone wonders if Dorothy is real at first. I know I did as well. I was curious about Mike, both of them. On Mike Sr. Yoga said this:

yj mike

yj mike2

And on Mike Jr. Yoga said this:

yj mike jr

But I think the most useful info came when I asked why those around her don’t get Nancy the help she needs, Yoga replied:

yj nancy

yg nancy

As you can see, this was back in July. And I would dare to say, this is what most of us thought about Nancy at that point, she needed help, but was refusing those who really cared about her, someone had gotten her to reject those around her who cared and continue down a passage of self-destruction… and I think we all knew who that was… but it wasn’t till right now, that I really got it. I mean REALLY got it! But first let’s finnish with Yoga Jones and move onto the neighbors.

Yoga and I corresponded for a few days, then they said this and were gone:

yoga jones12

Which is sad because I really wanted to talk more with Yoga in hoping to get more people motivated about stopping Dorothy, I know I’m getting ahead of myself as usual, but pay attention, those of you who need to, will get all this, I’m sure.

Anyways, I totally agree with all Yoga had to say, and hopefully putting this out there does not upset them with me, they never asked me not to post anything, and I sat on it for a while, only bringing it up now, because it is needed to show… well what it is I’m trying to show everyone. But my concern then, is still the same now, just more so… hindsight, my friends.

Most of mine and Yoga’s discussion were about Dorothy. Yoga’s thoughts and worries echoed mine and others who were contacting me at the time:

yg dph

yj nancy2

yoga jones9

These concerns were exactly what I had been trying to say to everyone. Dorothy was truly messing with Nancy’s state of well-being and hurting her chances at a life of happiness that we are all entitled to. Too much? Wait… I’m not done. But first let’s leave Yoga, friend of Nancy back in the summer where they remain, but hopefully with those around them who also care and will step in and help, before it is too late.

Right before Yoga I got a tip from an old neighbor of The Figats that led me on to another side of Nancy. This will be another tricky part, so please continue to pay attention and understand.

We are going back to 2000 again, and the death of one of Nancy’s neighbors. It seems that at some point, Nancy took to the idea that the people who moved into that house had killed the original owner. This is shown in a flyer Nancy hung around her then old neighborhood (from what I have looked up, this comes after Nancy no longer lived in the house in this neighborhood  due to her divorce, but exactly when the note was posted I am still unsure due to not a whole lot of communication with the neighbors and none with anyone of Nancy’s side of this other than Yoga’s and Nancy’s. It wasn’t for lack of trying. Most people won’t talk to me of fear of becoming a post, I guess. Others only give me the info they want known, when my questions come, they are gone. I would have loved to have spoken with someone else to help clear a few things up about when Nancy’s harassment of the neighbors really started, I think I now get it though, confusing, I know… let’s go on and wrap this up with what I think I’ve come to understand about all of this… it isn’t much more than we already guessed… but still… we need to get there).

Here is the note an old neighbor of Nancy’s sent me, that was said to have been posted around the neighborhood by Nancy:

nan nan note

So, this shows some of what Nancy was capable of doing, and I learned she did more. I was told that Nancy stole the mail from this house, which now had people in it she did not know, and I must say, though I hope I don’t need to, had nothing to do with the deaths of anyone who lived in the house before them. They were just the unlucky ones to buy the house and therefore fit into Nancy’s delusions and break with reality. I actually spoke to the family via email and was assured that their experience with Nancy has been a nightmare. Anyone who has followed Nancy’s circles on the web will know the trouble they went through and why it wasn’t easy to get them to comment on any of this. They did  however confirmed a court case against Nancy for paying her credit card bills with their information… yes credit theft, identity theft… circles… circles.

So I have all this info, and I chased what I could to figure things out, and confirm people were who they said they were, but their wasn’t a whole lot of communication with any neighbors, I don’t think they wanted to be involved in all of this, and I do apologise, but this has to be put out there to proceed with Dorothy and “Team 6”, yes, we are getting there.

So with no more from Yoga or any of the neighbors, I couldn’t get timelines correct, and had no idea when Nancy  hung this sign or played identity treif. But there was something one of the neighbors said to me (well wrote) that puzzled me, it was that they “didn’t understand why she started up after all these years”. I tried to get an understanding on that, but no one is replying any more, as I already mentioned, and I’m sure it’s ’cause they don’t want it ending up in a post like this. But really, what do ALL of you want me to do with ALL this information?

Alright, let’s see if I can get to that light at the end of this tunnel…

When I decided to write a post closing Nancy’s chapter in this story, I did not plan all that has been written here or where the post has led me in my feelings… but as I said, maybe all of Nancy’s trouble didn’t start in 2000…  maybe it really began over 10 years later. And maybe she had a lot of help, right from the get go.

nancy brandon

Anyone who looked into Nancy’s internet rants (I’m being nice here) knows about Brandon and what Nancy say’s happened back in 2012…

nancy cop block

Again, without any other side than Nancy’s, I think I could guess what went on here. It is known that Brandon was of age, meaning 18 years old, at the time of the so-called abduction. My guess is that this Brandon may have needed police to help him remove his things. Just my educated guess, but I don’t believe anyone can be forced to live somewhere they don’t want to at 18 years of age.

Now when I started this post, I knew the post would lead to this time in Nancy’s life… it is the obvious “break” in reality (not meaning to be funny or crude, I truly feel this is important, and this is probably close to what happened, again, anyone other than Nancy or Dorothy want to correct me, please do). Not only did Brandon move out, but Nancy also says during this time period that her mother passed away. A time in someone’s life where friends and family are needed, but instead Nancy got OPA. Other People’s Agendas! I knew that people had used Nancy for their own goals, anyone reading all this can see that, but the timing of it all, I now think the when of it all is the key to understanding the kinds of evil that went on, the acts of cruelty done to Nancy during the year 2012, destroying Nancy’s chance at getting through the things she needed to get through. It all hit at once, never giving Nancy much of a chance. But this understanding has just come to me, as I have been  saying, it was a neighbors comment that always had me puzzled, how they didn’t understand why it all started up so many years later, meaning it did not all happen in 2000. Maybe Nancy had dealt with her divorce and the death of her old neighbors the best she could and moved on. That’s my bet now. Only the neighbors who say they were harassed by Nancy can clear that up, and I hope they read this and do so. But I’m betting it all happened in the year 2012, that’s when Nancy got outside help. But not the kind she needed. I really had thought Nancy had years of problems, like 15 years of it. But something was telling me it ad started much more recent. So I decided to take a look at Nancy’s Facebook…. back at the first posts. I should have done it a long time ago… cleared quite a bit up…

What ever happened in Nancy’s life at this time that caused Brandon to move in with dad, the end results are obvious… but there were some other things that happened right at this time that made sure it would go the way it did. Let’s take a look at Nancy’s Facebook around this time.

Things must have been alright in Nancy’s world after the  divorce (something I think I had different in my mind, I just figured the break up caused the problems and all of this had been going on for years and years, but I now think things were not so bad till Nancy got involved in some internet activity that many of the rest of us did as well, which brought us all together eventually) because Nancy’s Facebook seems all good, tell a specific part:

nancy lisk1

nancy lisk

nancy lisk3

Nancy LISK4

nancy lisk5

nancy LISK6

Seems Nancy got involved in And we all know what was going on there at this time. So did she find it like some of us and get sucked in or did someone bring her there? It may not matter, because once she found it, things quickly went from bad to worse for Nancy. Her first posts about the site were right at the end of 2011. And then in 2012 it all seemed to fall apart. Her posts about her ex husband started up:

nan fb mike first

Her problems with her family started to evolve:

nan fb fam history

I don’t think it helped that Nancy was looking so much into her own family’s history when she got involved with Add those that this must have put her in connection with and I think we all can see what happened. But it was the introduction to at least 2 people with agenda willing to use Nancy to achieve them, that really doomed Nancy to the life of lies and slander it has become. Who? You ask, like we don’t all know:

dph la

Yes Bill and Dorothy did a number on Nancy right when she was at her lowest. We are only gonna go into Bill a little bit for the moment. But I’m sure we will be discussing him much more in the near future. I have been staying away from this subject due to the warnings I have received about Billy Boy. Seems he is relentless in his games and lies, I hear he will use anyone for his agenda and go after anyone who speaks out against him. Sounds a lot like Dorothy to me. They don’t like people showing them their evil deeds. So anyone who speaks out against them becomes the demons they are hunting. It’s a trick as old as time.

So from what I gathered, Bill and his Lawless America (love the child labor used for the mockamentry Bill was making) seemed to use people for his agenda, which was to throw rocks at our court system, which is indeed in need of change, but from what I can see, Bill picked some questionable cases to put out there, including Nancy’s newly made up nonsense. Yes people get screwed in the courts, but picking out every crazy person with a story against the system does not help the true cases of injustice out there. I will get into all of this in more detail, I’m sure, because it does have importance on what I think is going on out there in some of these internet agendas and the preying on weak and mentally unstable people to help with some sort of personal vendettas and agendas. (I know I say AGENDAS a lot, I want it to sink in) But for now we are gonna leave Bill where he is… BUSTED!

See, when it started to backfire on Bill he dropped those he promised to help and went on his own strange journey of stalking and slandering those he claims stalk and slander him. It’s a game all these players are good at, but Bill seems to be a wizard at it. He caused many problems for people and they caused problems back. You can read about most of this in the Joeyisalittlekid Blog. And as I have wrote about before, the whole thing got Nancy and Dorothy caught up in all sorts of people’s internet lives, accusing all of them of things that both Nancy and Dorothy made up in their heads. And now it seems Dorothy will once again try to flip her own script to fit  her own AGENDA:


LMFAO… just scroll up to Dorothy’s first post about Bill and Lawless America on Nancy’s Facebook back in September of 2012 and her new post now that Bill’s ship is sinking (it’s had a slow leak all along from what I can tell). Bill is now The Drifter?!? This is just from a few days ago!?!

WOW BOB WOW! Has the season of reaping finally come? I hope so.

Funny stuff there about me being so angry about Mr. Windsor… damn, you guys keep me entertained.

Alright so what have we learned?

Take a look at some of Dorothy’s first comments on Nancy’s Facebook:

DPH nan fb son

dph nan fb fishing

Seems Flukeyou isn’t the only fisher out there, Dorothy enters Nancy’s world all nice like, coaxing and grooming Nancy like she was a 6-year-old kid and Dorothy was, well one of Dorothy’s relatives (sorry for the bad joke, but Dorothy’s actions have just sicken me so, and yes, I am stooping… fuck you Dorothy, it’s only you who angers me… only you Dorothy, my BFF!). And Dorothy sent others after Nancy as well:

nan fb todd

And as I showed above, Nancy was deep into including the chat stuff. And we know Joe/Fluke was there. Cristin was there, Candyce was there, Jen was there, Dorothy of course was there… yea there was lot’s going on at that would not have been good for someone going through what Nancy was going through.

But no matter who all was involved, how it all spilled over into Websleauths and Catching LISK, or why any one did what they did (wouldn’t we all like that question answered once and for all, breathe people, don’t hold your breath, most are to afraid to even be connected to Dorothy any more let alone tell the truth of why and what they did while “working” with her), all we have to do is look at the things Dorothy posted over these last few years on Nancy’s Facebook to see who has had the main hand in Nancy’s demise:

dph nancy FB

DPH nan fb1

DPH nan fb2

dph nancy mike's work

dph nancy pr6

nan fb dph3

Nan fb dph2

dph nan nan fb1

dph nan nan fb2

dph nan fb zero2

dph nan fb websleuths

dph nan fb zero mike1

DPH nan fb zero mike2

dot on nan fb

DPH and nan nan  fb

dph nancy PR1

And they go on and on . Dorothy has pushed Nancy further and further from those who really want to help Nancy. All taunting and leading Nancy.  And Dorothy hits the whole family still to this day:

dph fb nans son in law

So there you have it… confusing? I’ll make it simple. I thought I was gonna write a long telling story of Nancy, but seems all of Nancy’s troubles can be summed up with one screen shot:

dph nancy friends

From the moment Dorothy got her hooks into Nancy, Dorothy took advantage of Nancy’s bad year and well…do as I have said, google Dorothy Price Hill and Nancy Evans Figat see the shit they both put out there, together and with others, “TEAM 6”!

I’m not sure I’m done with this post… it still seems garbled a little, but it’s so long, and I have to get it out there… so let’s sum it up in three specific comments:

To Nancy’s friends and family: There you go! If you still want to help Nancy… go after Dorothy! It’s as simple as that! This goes for neighbors and anyone else wronged by Nancy… Dorothy is behind it all, I’m sure of it. She is encouraging and leading Nancy in all sorts of ways. All BAD! Help Nancy, help yourselves… GO AFTER DOROTHY… so many of you should link together to get this lady (Dorothy) her day in court for all she has done. And all she is still doing.

To Nancy: IGNORE ALL CONTACT WITHY DOROTHY! Some think that when I say this, it only makes you listen to her more, but I can’t play games here. She is evil and is a poison to your well-being! Your life can be good again…. just rid it of Dorothy!

And to Dorothy: It doesn’t matter what anyone else does about you. Not to me anyways. They can be scared or confused. They can ignore or engage. But I’m always gonna be here. Exposing you for the evil you are! Exposing all who work with you, all who empower you, all that help you with your EVIL DEEDS! I’m here… every day, waiting to see you reap Dorothy! And you will REAP!

243 thoughts on “Nancy’s Story

  1. YOU DIRTY Cunt DOROTHY PRICE HILL…Just wow bob wow for now!!!!!!!!! JUST……I need a joint!!!!!! SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING!!!

  2. Z, you know nan was committed BY THE COURT??!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE Pleaded for dph to visit or help in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS Insane..dorothy you fuckin pig…I GOTTA GO PUKE..holy FUCK

    • I kinda did, but so many are afraide to come out, But it’s all gotta come out… all of it. And again anyone is welcome to correct me or help get to the truth… but it seems no one is talking right now…

    • hit my email… gonna read my stuff there today. I know there is much more to add to that story, it grows with each day… Nancy actually posted a Fright Dome link the other day. yea, the more they figure out I’m unbreakable, I have nothing to hide, and I am a Goonie to the heart and soul, the quieter they become… can you imagine the comments I would have got a year ago with these posts? But none of them from Joey to NERD have much to say anymore. Well, we got lots more for them, don’t we. REAP IT BITCHES!

      • yes saw it, also IM’D u my last ditch effort to talk some sense into her..says she now believes us…please…

  3. So there you have it… confusing? I’ll make it simple. I thought I was gonna write a long telling story of Nancy, but seems all of Nancy’s troubles can be summed up with one screen shot:

    dph nancy friends

    • the light can be blinding… but besides all that spiritual understandings you are striving for, and yes, the world is evil but it’s also good, besides all of that… the reality of the situation is much more simple… DOROTHY=LIAR
      simple fluke equation there.

      • hope everyone cam follow this IM exchange, sigh…:

        One thing I know for certain. Between God and I. I have done in my lifetime much more good. Than I have bad.

        YES YOU DO Mention YOUR ‘Goodness QUITE Often..DAILY

        When I leave this world. It will not be a worse place because I walked this earth. With that I find peace.


        Are you asking for me to repeat my apoligy? Ok. I will do that. LINDA I APOLIGIZE FOR ANY WRONG THAT I HAVE DONE TO YOU OR YOUR FAMILY.

        God is good. Great teacher too.


        Is Zero family?

        My mistake Damn. Thought you two were family.

        USUALLY One need not Constantly Remind OTHERS OF THEIR GOODNESS…dph does the same…soooooo
        bye nan..keep playing

        I still find you cute. Fiesty like myself a Warrior.
        whre will u be without the games….sad

        Jesus I hear his voice sometimes.It is a soft voice.

        He just whispered to me. He said. NANCY please tell LINDA. “COME ON OVER TO MY BOAT”. Funny, not my words HIS. GO FIGURE!
        Chat Conversation End
        Sent from Messenger
        Chat Conversation End

      • yea, nancy is gone now… only profesional help will benifit. II don’t know how many can follow this, since I have simular IMs, it’s prety easy for me… thought we were family, huh? lol. We are now… I’m building my own Team! And Jesus whispering to her that you should come over to his boat… is nancy sure that ain’t Fluke? Just saying…

  4. I think that Nan has mor healing and learning to do. A lot of recovery from a lot of damage to her.
    Lighten up. Nan is only human like the rest of us.
    Somehow others as said PWA. Have taken unprovoked stabs at Nancy. Ovet her lifetime. Took unfair advantage of her.
    Her strengths were pointed out to her.As weaknesses. Way too often.
    She is strong . Yet ret ained pieces of a broken little girl inside of her.
    That caused her at times. To question her own worthiness.
    That was fed by her oldest sister, then came her own daugter. As was her sister Pat. Very bad for her to have had to revisit the dark, painful places.
    That she had THOUGHGT she had left behind her. So many years ago.
    Lighten up on her. Give her the time to complete the purging of her pain. Then to complete the healing process.
    No more. No less than anyone would ask of friends and family.

  5. Nancy needs to step away from the keyboard. Looking at the links she posted about George Bush makes me think she is spinning in a new direction, albeit another deluded one.

    Nancy, there is help out there, but it is not online, and not from doing ‘research’. You girl need a life outside the Interwebz pages, especially since you are not able to recognize what is true and what is not. Move on, unplug, and enjoy your life. Cut the cord with people who are using you, delete Dorothy from your existence. She has never looked out for you. Heck I care more about you than she does. Life is so much more, and peace is a wonderful feeling. Start fresh today…

    • see how good the world can be Nancy, all these people still want to see you happy after all the things you said about them… but the time for well wishing and hope for a peaceful end to all of this is pretty much gone… sides are chosen (as you have said) and war is on the horizon. maybe…
      some think everyone will remain in hiding, afraid to face the reality of what they have done… me… I’m just being entertained by some really messed up people, and helping out some good ones when I can… but EVERYONE get this clear… I am not trying to save any of you… save yourself, or better yet, accept what comes with the games you played (not to you nancy, but those in that “team 6” gang) Reap what you sowed… it’s the natural order of things…

  6. Nan, families are made of things other than blood. Not everyone who is family to me is really related to me. Families are made of love and respect and time together. When you apologize to people, you do it one at a time. So yeah, you owe some people apologies. JMO

    • Yes I do. The hardest person to forgive. Is often ones self. For the errors made. That have often , effected those that you love.
      Not made with malice. But misinformation, given by ones you once trusted. Who in reality were not trustworthy at all.
      I wanted and I expected much more of myself. Than realistically
      , I was ever able to give.

    • NOW HEAR THIS.Linda wants me to state right here on the blog. That moo of course. Nobody has been charged in LISK case. Because the f..king murders. NEVER HAPPENED! Same with ZODIAC 1960S in California.
      Please let this through Z. My crediblity with Linda hangs in the balance.

      • I wont slander anyone on a blog including dph
        . If I have an opinion concerning any of you. Will private message you.
        Is between two people. Dont triangulate.

      • there ya go… but keep in mind, no one but people associated to Dorothy really slanders anyone. Those storys are made up… the stuff posted here are just clips of the things you guys make up…go now in peace Nancy, let me move on to the bigger fish… keep reading, both back and forward, maybe you will catch up someday. But trust me… we got this. It’s fireworks time!

      • I wont slander anyone on a blog including dph



      • there is still a rip off report out there with quite a bit of personal info on it, including my brother’s name, yes, But nancy doesn’t remeber it so it’s ok ythat it’s there. let’s all remember all the crap put out there by nancy, Dorothy, Cristin, Joey, and the rest… because it’s all about to come back at them all in 3fold…

      • Is it me, or does this sound like Kristen and joey, only the Names have changed..
        ‘Meet the New boss, same as the old boss..’

      • very true… and very sad. Why do people still listen to these jackasses? I mean, people are still writing out there that Dorothy is being harrased by people… are they for real? get ready everyone… my dot connecting is getting pretty good… good stuff to read, really, really soon! Stay Tooned!

    • yea, i know you think linda is my protector… you will never see the truth before you… the simplicity of how the internet works is lost in your generation added with your break. people who don’t know each other coming together to experiance, well what ever is on the internet menu. and a few of us have experianced quite a bit together. dare i say “team zero” lol, I jest.

      • yes, we know, I think it was part of TCTH’s point. But what you don’t get Nancy, is Dorothy is Mike… not the man you were once married to who has remarried and moved on and taking care of thye kids their crazy mom can no longer help with… but the Evil online one you have played this game with. Dorothy is Mike, Wolff. Joey, and all the rest… she’s the lone who keeps thgis going, she’s the one behind most of the lies that others have ran from now… but no need to explain anymore to you Nancy… you say you get this now… doesn’t really matter to me anymore… but enough people do GET this now… that’s enough for me… who’s ready to talk about Joey and Jen?

      • good for you. Now go find what you need, you know what it is. if you just turn away from all of this, the blogs, the emails, and especialy Dorothy… you will get closer to that!

      • UGH, anything but wasting more time on the nanster!!!! ITS SOOOO PLAYED out……………………………………

        now: KARMA

      • yea, i can’t reply anymore… gotta go fix up the last post… it was a mess and needs to be better since it deals with the death of my alter ego… then finish this other post i’m working on just another teaser mixed with explanations (never thought I’d be explaining so much on this blog, really thought it would be a confuser blog and a fuck you if you don’t get it blog… but i just keep explaining myself, is that a narcisitic as well?) and then this blog is wide open again… got to get ready to move into a new year! so much to do before then though… so i better get started… oh by the way…

      • yes, interesting or a trick…lol “holly trap set, batman?” lmao, hope it’s real… would love to see DPH’s friend’s all start to see the light… but somehow, i am now against anyone fighting coruption. do they even read the blogs they condem from atop their horses, high on righteousness? the coruption eats us from both sides people. I am insprired once again! tick-tock…

      • there we go… back to the front… listen I will explain and then I done for a little while… i can’t keep explaining to everyone what they already know…
        No one here loves you much Nancy, you can be mean, stupid, and flat out crazy. You are like dealing with a child and you are older than most of us here, so that’s very frstrating. But people do like you. And people do feel sorry for you. And people do want to help you. But it’s just pointless to continue to go back n forth with you and come back to the same place, nancy needs a man, nancy wishes her ex was still with her, nancy projects her ex onto us so that she can feel still conected to him, to basicaly what it all comes down to when you read between the lines… nancy just needs to get laid… i know… very crude… but very true and is the bottom line there right? You hooking up with the egyptians now, your sex posts, the other day didn’t you pick Make up Sex as the best sex in your little Facebook quiz. I get it! But we are not here to help Nancy get laid. We are not here to help Nancy find love again. We are here dealing with games. We are here dealing with liars. Never forget that… anyone… want to know zero… what really motivates him… learn how he feels about the world of lies.
        Ugh… I’m rambling… what was I saying… oh yea… bye nancy.

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