Three, Two, One

My best posts consist of 3 steps… first I get the bulk of it written all at once getting my general idea going… I then take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes, correct and make easier to read (yes, I know my stuff can be hard to read sometimes, you should try my IMs and emails), then I come back to it a third time, find any links I was searching for (finding old clips of things I’m talking about is not always very easy) and give it an ending, what some call my “ta-da”. I then give it the proper Categories and Tags and hit that “PUBLISH” button.

But sometimes I write and post very quickly and then have to come back to edit and fix up. Those are usually very short ones. And to be honest I go back and fix up almost all my posts as I reread them, some of you may have noticed this. It’s always good to read my posts as soon as they go up and then check them out again a few days later.

Now there is another type of post that I make… one I slave over for days, sometimes months. And due to the time I take on them, they change from their original idea… I’m not always fond of these posts, because I usually feel I’m not fully explaining everything right… there is so much more to see and read to understand what I’m trying to get out there, or at least that’s how it feels to me.

Take these posts for example:

Devils in the Details:

devil 3

And Nan’s Story:

zw nan story

A lot of time went into these 2 posts, but they are not what I wanted them to be… or at least not what I intended them to be. They grew, shrunk, they changed. In the long run, it will be alright, they change because that’s what things do. Real Life and Internet Life change every day, so the longer I sit on a post, the more it goes through. Like us. Get it? But still, these kinds of posts sit with me differently than the others… there are reasons why I struggle with some of them. There’s just so much there to get out.

The post I recently started will fall into this style as well. It’s called “Who Is Dorothy Price Part 2”, which is  related to a post I did back in March, obviously titled, “Who Is Dorothy Price Hill ?”. It might take me a moment to finish… and it will not have all I want in it, I’m sure. And the longer it takes me to write it, the more that might end up in it… plus I can’t even post it, till I post an internet fable I think needs to be read first… it helps set the mood.

So as I slave over these next posts, take some time… click on DPH in my categories… read or reread some of her madness. Let’s see if I can’t make some sense of it.

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