OSI: An Internet Fable

Many of my new readers find me after coming across Dorothy and Nancy’s internet debauchery and start hitting that Google themselves to see more… and well, as many of you know, you can’t Google many of them anymore without finding Zero’s World, and I like that. No Scratch that… I LOVE that!

So one of those Nan & Dot finders who than became a reader, sent me some information about an internet group: https://www.facebook.com/OrganizedStalkingInformers

Now my long time readers know I have come across many so-called organizations on the net that claim to be against bullying, or cyber stalking, etc. that turn out to be a place for someone to use the  techniques the organization claims to be against to get even with others on the internet. Anonymous is a great example of this… look at what they have become, now any racist with internet connection and a Guy Fawkes mask can be part of Anonymous, and all they seem to do anymore  is DOX each other and post crap for the lulz… which can be very entertaining… but far from the hacker-do-gooders that were gonna expose the evils of the world they once seemed to be.

And there are so many others… anti-bully sites, bullying those who speak out against them… and so on and so forth… you get it, and if you don’t, you are part of the problem… so please keep reading.

OSI seems to be ran by one person, not really a group, but someone with agenda. And this of course meant people would speak out against it:


Go ahead and read around that blog… it’s an interesting story. I’m not gonna get into too much here, both sides can get a little out there, read for yourself.

To me it looks like another game of back-n-forth, where the lines are blurred and you wonder if any stalking or bullying is really going on. More like head butting and world’s colliding. I have tried to contact some of those involved in this internet story… is that what I should call it? They are all so entertaining to read, mysteries and feuds forever there on the never-ending internet. Entertaining, yes, but as many of us have seen, confusing and destructive as well. And as in the Murt internet stories, (yes, I am gonna call them internet stories for now, because they are more than feuds, they are internet entertainment… some thing you can watch each time you click on, and each story leads you to another, some will not like that… because most of the stories deal with people’s real lives as well… yes… you are starting to get it now) they can go on for years!

Well regardless, maybe we will get more insight to what went on here and what may still be going on there, if any of them respond. The reason it was shown to me and the reason I’m bringing it up here before my next post? Read this part of the story:


Did you see any familiar names in that list of OSI followers?  I did.

So, the moral to this fable?

Connections, both real and imagined, when put together, can show a very scary picture!

But you all know this, don’t you?

22 thoughts on “OSI: An Internet Fable

  1. Today is the day most of you will join the side against me… many will see me for the villain that others are calling me… yes I’m about to cross lines, yes I will cross more in the future… I can’t help it, it’s reaping time! and it must be done.
    for a short time this morning a sneak peak of my next post will be up, so catch it if you can. The whole post will be done sometime tonight and published shortly after.

  2. Zero, I often wonder what would have ‘ become’ of me, if at first, wasn’t guided by Cheryl and Rice, supported by TCTH, and saved by you..I was as naive as nan, as many of you know..are u feelin me?…scary shit!!!

    how close was i to becoming ‘groomed’…????? Thank goodness i realized there was nothing there i saw relevant….nothing ‘good’ i should say..

    • you saw the same as everyone… those of us who saw through the crap… we saw through it. many read all of this and still do not see. and those whowere/ are groomed… well most of them share something…

  3. Suffice to say, whichever PS149 (ha), led me to JGs FB to “introduce” me to DPHs slander (which i has no clue was being done, none..haha)..REGRETS it now…boo freakin who..

  4. funny how quiet they all are lately huh? linda I would see you start believing their shit and had to stay to counter their lies; you are one of the reasons I never left. I was glad when you were able to see through the shit, even as thick as it was. thank you.

    • I also bought into some of it in a way at first, and then i thought you all were crazy, but you TCTH came to my blog and saw i was patient enough to see through it. you and linda quickly won me over (it helped that common sense was on your side and Joey was on the other) even before Jen came out with all her inside info, the 2 of you saw I was the right one to try to explain it to, remember at first I was harsh on all of you. So we can just keep patting each other on the backs… but we know how important it was for us to come together at that point. and that stuff is still happening.

    • I coulda easily been led by JG, BUT SHE WAS TOO COO COO, Even FOR ME…I STAY FOR YOU, And the anonymous readers, who may of thought i meat them harm

  5. you know, i did warn them, time and again, to stop their lies. i did.
    oh and dotty, nice try, but no cigar, you fucking cunt, no i think cunt is too nice for you, you are just the cunt slop. lol

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