Who Is Dorothy Price Hill? Part 2

It was back in March when I published the first part to this post: https://zerodinh.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/who-is-dorothy-price-hill/

And I’m still not sure the answer to that question… but we are gonna examine it in more detail and I will give you my opinion of who Dorothy is. But first let’s talk more about that last post.

There are all sorts of strange things happening on the web, and it’s because so many world’s can collide here. In real life, world’s collide, but not so often, and not as many that can do so here online. This is the bigger picture though, the fact that so much is coming together in one place, we will get to that some day, but right now we aren’t even looking at the smaller picture of how many groups and anti-groups are out there now confusing the sides of some very serious issues. No, we are looking at an even smaller picture: How many of these groups does Dorothy Price Hill have her dirty little fingers in?

And they are dirty Dorothy, smell ’em. Gross right?

I know there are those out there who believe that I’m a bully or stalker or something along these lines. But I’m not, just some guy writing about the things he see’s on the internet. It’s just there are a few of you who took a liking to my attention and the back-n-forth began. Much like all these other places I talk about, yes, it happens here and it helps explain and show by example… get that? Some of you probably won’t… but we are getting closer, right?

So anyways, some out there think I’m a villain:


Remember MandamusSeven, she use to insult me like this, and then when we talked on the phone, she agreed with just about everything I said…

Friends of those I write about sometimes feel the need to stick up for their buddies. I get that, but come on, these people are crazy and really screwing with others… plus all the BS makes light of the real cases out there… real DV, real stalking, real cyber bullying (which happens to kids not adults… you adults are wrapped up in games, and you know it, both sides feeding the fire usually), real crimes and real victims… you internet trolls and mentally unstable, dealing with personal demons and questionable accusations are hurting the REAL cases out there.

But some of you still don’t get that, some of you actually think people like Dorothy are courageous and stupidly encourage them to further destruction.

Want an example? Of course you do…

I came across something the other day while reading over at Bill’s Facebook.  Lots of Bill’s friends speaking about his arrest. It’s funny how they relate to our friends over at the Joey blog as “The Joeys”… I like that… it’s better than “The Mikes” which is what nan nan called them. Now I don’t know everyone at the Joey blog, but from what I have read there and from those who I have chatted with, as well as those like Oceans, who actually stops by here regularly, I can tell you, I like them, and they seem to be a kindred blog, showing the stupid the errors of their ways. I’m just joking of course, that’s not what our blogs are about, it’s just a perk of being on the side of common sense. But really, our 2 blogs definitely travel along parallel lines sometimes.

Anyways, while reading through some of the things said on Bill’s Facebook I saw this:

DPH insults

It seems like Julia might be talking about Zero’s World (More of those worlds colliding). Although no one here has said much about Lori, I just mentioned the story because of Dorothy’s involvement in it, all in part 1 to this post if you need to read or reread it to see exactly what I wrote. I stayed clear of any judgement on what was really going on in that case. Still, that word “cyber-stalked” pops up again… man you people are so dense… you are not children… you should know the difference between the internet feuds going on between people looking for attention and actual people being stalked… all of it BS and pulls from real cases of such things. I have cyber-stalked no one and no one has cyber-stalked me… that I know of at least.  And as for the insults and bad language… sue me. LOL.

But seriously, Julia, you did read what Dorothy said about your fallen comrade, right?


Or what was written under it in a comment by one of Dorothy’s friends:

dph friend

Yes, this eventually happens when world’s collide…

So Julia, who is the bad guy here? Think it through before you answer. Being a Bill fan, it may be hard for you to see through to what is really going on… let’s see if I can’t once again shed some light on things.

Now before I do this and everyone is all like “That Zero is such an asshole”, remember, Dorothy has posted numerous lies and slander online against many, many, people. She slanders her own family and families of people she does not even know. She helped convince Nancy her family (who just want to help her) was against her. She has called me a child pornographer and accused my mom of molesting me, both stories she likes to tell about everyone! She posts these things online where everyone can see them, and it has taken years to see it for what it really is… but everyone can see it now, right? I mean Dorothy once posted Linda’s father’s orbituary online for everyone to see. There seemed to be no reason for the post other than to mess with Linda. It had all of Linda’s relatives mentioned, and it took quite some time and many complaints from different people before the site that it was posted on finally removed it. It was one of the more messed up things, in a long line of messed up things, that Dorothy has done. Remember that? Good, because here’s exactly how “reaping what we sow” works:


Seems Dorothy’s father has passed, and before everyone starts yelling at me, calling me names, and saying things like “2 wrongs don’t make a right”, I must defend myself, though at this point, you are gonna think of me as you will, and I’m good with that.

I do not want to cause any type of pain to the Price family, who I’m sure are going through a tough time right now. I did not have any way of knowing this would happen as I started writing this post. I had every intention of posting an obituary in this post, but not that one, and the only reason I even post it, is so that the 2 can be compared.

Here’s the other one and with it I seal my fate in hell with the rest of ya:


Though this is sadly ironic, it is not done simply as payback or to make Dorothy feel the pain she has caused others… all of that comes automatic, and that has nothing to do with morals or decency… simple physics, cause and effect.

Now if I was playing this with Dorothy logic, I would point out a couple of things in the second orbit.

The first would be this:

He was born in Exeter the son of Arthur and Elizabeth (Evans) Batchelder and was a veteran of World War II.

Seems Dorothy has a step grandma with a familiar last name.

The second thing I would point out if I was about name games and spreading misinformation like Dot and the others, would be this:

He was a friend of Bill W. for 30 years

But I’m not posting any of this to play games, just to try to figure out the truth behind Dorothy and all her lies. Comparing these 2 orbits you can see that Dorothy was a part of 2 families. The Price family and the Batchelder family. Her mother and father were divorced (from what I can tell before the 70’s began, which must have had Dorothy and her sisters at a very young age). Dorothy’s mother’s name was Lilla Wade before it became Price and then Batchelder. Finding this information led me to Dorothy’s family tree, and since I had thought Dorothy was adopted, I found the whole thing eye-opening:


Now I looked through quite a bit of it, finding it very interesting, but I’ll help ya find the parts that relate to Dorothy:

dph family

There’s Dorothy’s family line right there. And here is the immediate family:

price tree

Now maybe I’m wrong, but in all I have found, nothing shows Dorothy as being adopted like she claims:

dph adopted

Again, I’m sure many will think I am being childish here, posting Dorothy’s family up because she did/does so to me an my family and many others as well. But this is not a revenge post, Dorothy has no problem trashing her own family right along with everyone else, anyone else. I am just trying to point out that Dorothy seems to have only one person’s preservation in mind no matter what she is doing, her own. Might mean something, no?

Besides the adoption thing, Dorothy also claims two of her sisters were abused:

dph 3 sisters

So if I look at what I have found as far as Dorothy’s family tree and the things Dorothy has posted online, it seems that after the divorce of Dorothy’s mom and dad, something happened and the four Price girls went through some family situations. Did someone in the step-family abuse them? What did their mother have to do with it? And did their natural father and his new wife save them?

This is definitely the story I seem to piece together. And if so, could Dorothy be leaving out the fact that these things happened to her as well. Something so tragic may account for how messed up Dorothy is, and how her marriages were doomed to fail, and her to see men as the evil things she does.

Yes, a dark secret in Dorothy’s childhood could explain it all. But does it? Dorothy has this to say about two of her sisters as well:

dph sisters2

Could she just be making things up about her sisters, because they had “fall-outs” of some sorts.

Yes, Dorothy, like some of the others in her circle of “friends”, has some bad things to say about her families:

dph ps3

DPH sg fb3a

DPH zero linda1

DPH zero linda2

But most of it seems like the same type of crap she writes about everyone. She spins all of us into the tale.

So did something happen to Dorothy when she was a kid. Did she and her sisters experience any type of abuse or just a divorce that sat badly with Dorothy waiting to come out once mental illness set in.

Because that’s the only thing I really see any proof of. Dorothy has the same issues as her friend Nancy. And I’m guessing, other than professional help, nothing will help her.

I mean it’s easy to think, there must be some dark secret in Dorothy’s family that has caused her to say and do the things she does. Child abuse and molestation of some sort, causing her to dive into other such cases, and accuse those around her of the things that have haunted her whole life. But as I showed with Nancy, I think things were fine, until illness set in. Please, again, anyone correct me if I’m wrong.

I mean if Dorothy can make up all that stuff about all of us, who says she isn’t making it all up?

I’m torn as to which may be correct. I’ve seen comments from one of Dorothy’s sisters online that are quite questionable and I’m guessing this is the sister who Dorothy gets along with. If Dorothy and one of her sisters have some sort of mental  health issues than again, why aren’t people helping them and keeping them off the internet and involved in stalking groups or anti stalking groups or murder cases or lies and slander about people? Is the big story that there is no story? Just delusions of the mad online?

I had planned on going more into Dorothy’s sisters and family, but the timing of this all is just not right.

But Dorothy, mourning or not, crazy or not, we are a long way from done here. Because no mater what the truth is of your past, you are wrapped up in way too many lies in the present. So let’s look to the future, where it all can be reconciled.

18 thoughts on “Who Is Dorothy Price Hill? Part 2

    • yes, but it had to stop right there, things that have happened in RL have once again changed a post… and it changes it right there… but i’m going to finish it now, which means this will no longer be “PUBLISHED”. when it returns, I may lose some of you, I hope not, because this is the begining…

  1. OH BOY…i guess there’s no reason to hide the fact that DPH thinks her birth mother is MITT ROMNEYS WIFE..SIGH…

    On one hand she literally GLOWS speaking of her idyllic childhood, on the other, she claims she was adopted and her and her sisters suffered horrific circumstances..FANTASIES OF CIA Training, FEDERAL Connections ECT…
    no proof of that either…

    Know what im thikin..a diagnoses of D.ID. IS SO RARE, yet she accuses hundreds of this disorder…I think DPH SUFFERS THIS RARE DISEASE..she could still wear a ‘mask of sanity’, and survive (college, career, marriage), but it would’t be long before her metal illness manifest itself, probably triggered by Abandonment, destroying and decaying all she touches!! My guess is her family rifts are over her lack of self awareness, therefore making it impossible for her to seek treatment…SHE ALSO SEETHES WITH RAGE AND JEALOUSY, HER WRITING IS QUITE TRANSPARENT…She NEEDS to manufacture this ‘superwoman’ persona, because inside she’s an empty shell…She also seams to derive actual pleasure from causing misery…DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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