So, while looking up Dorothy stuff I came across this:

dph fluke2

Seems Dorothy is the only one in Flukes circles. LMFAO!

Yea, I think I’ve shown enough to prove both Nancy and Dorothy have mental issues and those around them are hurting by encouraging them in their delusions, rather than helping them to get through them. We will get to all their friends and families eventually, after all I know a lot of them read here, dontcha?

But before I get to the Dot & Nan enablers out there, we have to talk about the rest of the team that keeps this going. So the next stop for me is the Js!  That’s, right Jen and Joey. Don’t worry we still have plenty to go over on the other 3 players, Cristin, Candyce, and Sussie… but Flukeboy Joey and his pretend accuser Jen are where we go next.

You see, I feel the need to show the connection between them all, but mainly how they all work or have worked with Dorothy on this. That’s the key, right? So again, I’ll get to all of them, but the J’s are calling me.

I think they know it too. Take a look at Jen’s latest post on her FB:

Jen blog1

jen blog2

Yea, I’d say they know it’s coming.

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